MSNBC Refuses To Fire Joy Reid Despite Anti-Semitic Blog Posts And 2017 Endorsement Of Nazi Website

MSNBC has refused to fire host Joy Reid for writing "hateful" and anti-Semitic blog posts written on her old website The Reid Report, despite new reports offensive content and Reid's promotion of a Nazi website

Some of the things written by Joy on her old blog are obviously hateful and hurtful,” reads a statement from MSNBC. “They are not reflective of the colleague and friend we have known at MSNBC for the past seven years. Joy has apologized publicly and privately and said she has grown and evolved in the many years since, and we know this to be true.”

What's more, MSNBC failed to address the fact that Reid lied about homophobic blog posts she made, blaming them on hackers - only to find that the original posts were archived by and the library of Congress.

Reid issued an apology for her old posts, which included a photoshopped image of Sen. John McCain's head over the Virginia Tech gunman

"To be clear, I have the highest respect for Sen. McCain as a public servant and patriot and wish him and his family the best," said Reid. "I have reached out to Meghan McCain and will continue to do so. She is a former on-air colleague and I feel deeply for her and her family. I’ve also spoken openly about my evolution on many issues and know that I’m a better person today than I was over a decade ago. I am the daughter of immigrants and have worked to be a strong ally of these communities. There is no question in my mind that Al Qaeda perpetrated the 9/11 attacks or about Israel’s right to its sovereignty."

As The Federalist reported on Thursday, Reid attacked CNN's Wolf Blitzer for being "too nice to Jews," and noted that Reid said then-President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was "really onto something when he suggested that the "Zionist regime" of Israel should just relocate to Europe." 

Adding to the mounting body of evidence of Reid's anti-Semitic and otherwise bigoted blog posts was a Friday report by the Daily Wire following a tip by Fox News reporter Brian Flood. 

Embattled MSNBC host Joy Reid’s now-defunct blog published multiple blog posts that promoted vicious attacks on the McCain family, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, nasty personal attacks on people, doctored images, and more, according to several newly discovered posts reviewed by The Daily Wire. -Daily Wire

And in a Friday report first noted by last July, IJR's Caleb Hull reports that Reid "shared a conspiracy theory on Twitter about Jared Kushner," which came "from an anime Nazi news website, whose staff openly supports Hitler and posts extremist articles to this day.

On July 12, 2017, MSNBC host Joy Reid shared a conspiracy theory on Twitter about Jared Kushner and his relationship with the Trump administration and a company called Genie Energy.

However, the article she shared is from an anime Nazi news website, whose staff openly supports Hitler and posts extremist articles to this day.

The tweet, as well as the original article on, have now been deleted, but thanks to the Internet archive Wayback Machine, they've been saved.

In 2017, Reid posted the link, adding that “Jared Kushner is close to @NYPost publisher Rupert Murdoch.” -IJR

As Josh Caplan of Breitbart points out, "Reid also fails to provide an update on the FBI investigation that her lawyer claimed would take place back when she was scrambling to deny that she wrote blog entries full of anti-gay statements."

So to be clear: 

Joy Ann Reid made homophobic, anti-Semitic blog posts, lied about it, got the FBI involved, and then promoted a Nazi website over Twitter, and somehow keeps her job. 

Samantha Bee calls Ivanka Trump a "Feckless c*nt" on TBS - a comment which would have been approved by TBS management, and keeps her job despite two advertisers bailing. 

Bill Maher compared President Trump to an orangutan and kept his job. 

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah has made a ton of anti-Semitic tweets and kept his job. 

Roseanne Barr compares former Obama admin official Valerie Jarrett to an ape and loses her show within 24 hours. 

The message is clear; if you're going to be a bigot, just make sure you're a liberal first. And while it's perhaps notable to point out the glaring hypocrisy over the way controversial comments are dealt with depending on political affiliation, maybe everyone can just chill out over words - which unlike sticks and stones, don't actually harm anyone.


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It all conjoins to the old question: "Cui Bono?"

So long as whitey is portrayed as evil and domineering... all other labels are okay.  The ultimate goal of those who ideate our thoughts is the total destruction of the white race and all of its accomplishments and potentialities. Every possible conniving tools, words, images, etc... to accomplish this purpose are acceptable.  It's so obvious to those with caucasoidal optic nerves to see and neurons to think.

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This is great. I had to look it up.


(accurate) term of abuse/contempt/description for an unthinkingly reflexive and personally unpleasant leftist shit-thrower. A diagnostic term, to distinguish the over-medicated NPR-listener, the slobbering burn-out druggie, the perpetual undergraduate, and other leftist menagerie members from their most vocal exemplar.

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greenskeeper carl VideoEng_NC Fri, 06/01/2018 - 21:08 Permalink

It is surprising that she can get away with this. We all know famous liberals frequently get away with saying and doing things that would get a conservative fired on he spot, thats a given.  Obviously its encouraged for everyone, especially female dindu's, to bash white people, too. But it actually IS surprising that she can say anything negative about jews and keep her job. They are usually the one group thats off limits for everyone.

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Kagemusho Bondo Sat, 06/02/2018 - 12:12 Permalink

Actually, it's been my experience over the decades to see that whenever the Blacks got out of line by insulting Jews, they immediately paid a price. Many years ago Jesse Jackson Senior referred to Jews as "Hymies" and New York as "Hymietown"  and was made to grovel for his effrontery:…

Not much has actually changed. 


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Endgame Napoleon Twatter Sun, 06/03/2018 - 08:08 Permalink

Given the round-the-clock grandstanding about kids on MSNBC and CNN——the sob stories about the children of illegal border crossers and endless pitches for free stuff for working moms——-does Reid get paid to set a bad example for kids? 

When not dishing out bullying to the non culture fits in mom-dominated workplaces, white & Black moms often complain about the harsh bullying their kids endure at school and on social media.

Is it a good example for the schoolyard bullies in America and their targets when famous TV reporters sing the praises of bloggers who instruct journalists to kill themselves?…

When dealing with a bully who will say anything to put you down, it might be a good tactic to fight fire with fire, but most kids lack Ann Coulter’s chutzpah in responding to Reid. Most kids lack the ability to endure the chanting hallway mockery that would ensue if they tried to dish it back out.…

It is bad enough when leftists use race like a weapon and a career-ladder rung, while claiming to be victims of racism. It is bad enough when leftists claim to be feminists, while monetizing sex & womb productivity through the courts, workplaces and government.

But with so much school violence in this country—likely exacerbated by kids trying to humiliate each other in public spaces—it is worse when news anchors praise anyone who calls for a journalist to kill herself.

It sets a horrible example for kids.

So much for the left’s syrupy concern about kids.

It is about as sincere as the non-reaction from the anti-homophobic left when a journalist is accused of not being heterosexual, or of being transsexual, because she does not have children.

The silence from the anti-gay-bashing left on this matter is deafening. When the person is heterosexual, leftist reporters think it is okay to deliver homophobic taunts, including telling the person to commit suicide.

Good example for the kiddos.

From a legal standpoint—much less from a moral standpoint—that type of thing did not work out too well when two Syracuse University students took it to an extreme, prompting a young violinist who was actually homosexual to kill himself. 

Concern for the children from the MSM——-oh ya...right.

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