Pelosi Pans "Strong" Jobs Numbers As "Meaningless... Bad For Middle-Class"

Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi seems to have reached peak cognitive dissonance this morning.

Following the better than expected jobs data pushed the unemployment rate to its lowest in almost 50 years, the California politician issued a statement seemingly proclaiming that all of this is bad news for US workers.


In March of last year - after a 235k job gain, Pelosi was more excited about the strong jobs number, proudly proclaiming that the strong jobs number was due to Obama:

February’s jobs numbers indicate the enduring power of President Obama’s economic leadership.

The firm foundation for growth created under the Obama Administration continues to deliver, but President Trump is taking dangerous steps that will hollow out our economy and weaken working families."

Which is odd, because in fact, Americans' confidence in the economy has almost never been higher and it is the lowest income Americans that have seen the biggest rise in confidence...

She added

"After 50 days in office, President Trump still has not put forward a single significant jobs bill... it will destroy millions of jobs and create chaos throughout the economy."

Which is odd, because in fact, since that March statement, Trump's administration has added 1.821 million jobs to the US economy based on BLS data.

So given her extreme disappointment in the fact that her predictions of doom and gloom did not work out, perhaps it is little wonder that following today's strong jobs numbers, she felt the need to go full Orwell - "war is peace, love is hate, jobs are bad"...

In a statement on the May Jobs reports, Pelosi explained that:

"May’s jobs report shows that strong employment numbers mean little to the families hit with soaring new costs under the Republicans’ watch."

Seemingly doubling-down on her elitist "crumbs" remarks over Trump's tax-cuts, Pelosi then whined:

“... the President’s reckless policies are exploding gas prices, wiping out the few meager gains that some families should have received from the GOP tax scam, as wages remain stagnant.

Which is odd, because in fact, wage growth is near its best (admittedly slow) since June 2009...

And which is also odd, because in fact, while gas prices are up notably, they are just back to Nov 2014 levels, well below the wallet-crushing levels during President Obama's reign...and in fact perfectly in line with the average gas price at the pump during Obama's entire 8 years...

Pelosi ends with her pitch for what The Democrats plan is - aside from being "not Trump" that is...

Democrats know that the American people deserve A Better Deal, with Better Jobs, Better Wages and a Better Future. 

We are committed to creating millions of new good-paying jobs and raising wages, lowering the soaring cost of living for families and giving every American the tools to succeed in the 21st Century economy.  Democrats will never stop fighting for the hard-working middle class families who are the backbone of our nation.”

Which is odd, because in fact, the biggest driver of soaring cost of living is her glorious leader's Obamacare scheme...

So, the Democrats want to fight The Fed's reflationary credit-creating ways, and at the same time create faster wage growth in already reportedly 'overheating and tight' labor market?

We wonder what she thinks about record low black unemployment rates?

Though we are sure that is a terrible thing!!!


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Resistance Royalty: Pelosi, Soros Headline Left’s Biggest Dark Money Conference…

The Democracy Alliance, a donor club of deep-pocketed liberal donors that each pledge to direct hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding to approved left-wing groups, descended on California's posh La Costa Resort on Wednesday morning for its fall donor summit. The group continued its tradition of secrecy, promising all members and guests of the summit their participation would "remain confidential."

I think it is a plot by the hate America first crowd to disarm Americans and make sure all of them are trapped in a plantation like in Venezuela.

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She is also proof that "Ding Bat" is a name that still needs to be applied to people.  That old Ding Bat needs to retire and enjoy her Millions upon Millions of dollars she has amassed and stop pretending to be able to relate to regular people.

I have no issue with her being filthy rich, I have issue with her pretending she's not and has actually done her own Grocery shopping in the last 30 years.

You know she pops large quantities of Pills at that age, I wonder if it affects her thinking. 

One thing I have concern with is it looks like every time unemployment gets this low something bad happens, now are the numbers true?  I don't know I think the labor participation rate is still pretty terrible and that is the number I watch

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She is obviously a member of the hate america first cult, her hate America first deity is Soros a Nazi war criminal, while Nancy babbles she also supports abortion and planned parenthood (Eugenics), plantation politics, undermining the 2ndA, and of course anything that might allow someone an escape from her plantation like a job requires that she import yet more 3rd world serfs into her and Soros hell.

Plantation theory holds that African Americans support the Democratic party in exchange for welfare benefits and other handouts, that the Democratic party cultivates black welfare dependency in order to keep black voters firmly in their camp, and that the liberal establishment through either  incompetence or cynical calculation frustrates the aspirations of black Americans in critical areas such as education, family life, crime, and economic mobility.

Soros wants the dearth camps and Nancy is assisting him by maintaining the plantation.  

What really scares the democrats is blacks who have escaped the plantation and are more Harriet Tubman than jesse jackson.

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This is the way liberals and the MSM reason:

1. Trump = bad 

2. Trump = more jobs

3. Therefore, more jobs = bad.

Or else they just doublethink:

Doublethink is the ability to accept two conflicting beliefs, opinions, or facts as valid and correct, simultaneously. This acceptance might be deliberate or unconscious, and is often a result of political indoctrination. Doublethink may happen because of someone being willfully perverse or as a result of faulty logic. 

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I'm not convinced she's alive.  There's a good chance, we're watching a remake of Weekend at Bernie's.

If I weren't sane, all her twitches, her long pauses, would convince me, we really are living in a matrix, and like Neo, I see the glitch...

But then reality is simply, These really are duplicitous Psychopaths running the country.

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Pelosi will go down in history along with skinny socialist Obama and beat up Reid as responsible for destroying their own middle class support.

The DNC now represents far out violent and delusional people. Odd they are supported by the Billionaires in Seattle and Cali, but my guess is they do it for the cheap labor and keeping the poor people ignorant and on the plantation.

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