The US Added A Record 904,000 Full-Time Jobs Last Month

Shortly after Trump tweeted his controversial payrolls report preview, in which he hinted today's payrolls number would be a strong beat, saying "Looking forward to seeing the employment numbers at 8:30 this morning"...

... and which prompted a solid bid in the US dollar ahead of the payrolls number...

... we got the May payrolls report which, indeed, was a beat, but not nearly as substantial as some, even hyperbolically, had expected:


Or perhaps it was, because while looking at the headline Establishment Survey print showed a +223K jump in total jobs, looking at the Household Survey showed one stunning outlier print: in May the number of full-time jobs rose from 127.753 million to 128.657 million, a 904K increase in one month, offset by a 625 plunge in low-quality, part-time jobs.

Putting this surge in full-time jobs in context, it was the biggest monthly increase this century, and also on record if one excludes a few data revision prints recorded in the 1990s.

So when Trump said "Looking forward to seeing the employment numbers at 8:30 this morning", while the headline print did indeed beat, it was nothing to write home about, the surge in full-time jobs, offset by a plunge in part-time jobs, was certainly historic.

Finally, going back to Trump's tweet, White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow said that President Trump did indeed know about the jobs numbers last night, "but his tweet earlier this morning wasn’t meant to send a signal."  One wonder if the regulators will share that view.


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Putting this surge in full-time jobs in context, it was the biggest monthly increase this century, and also on record if one excludes a few data revision prints recorded in the 1990s.


Just one more reason to Hate Trump

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Trump Has Cut Federal Payroll by 24,000 Jobs…


Just one more reason to Hate Trump

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Those buildings were designed to withstand aircraft impacts.

The Israelis took pictures and posted them on the internet - it is no secret unless you are willfully being ignorant (having just been made aware right here no less).

And then there were the dancing Israelis who, on video, stated they were there to document the event.  This demonstrates foreknowledge and participation in the conspiracy.

It is very sad when people like you ignore all of the evidence of the real conspiracy and defend the indefensible conspiracy theory put forward by the very people who benefited the most from those events.

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good point,

cause every day steel buildings fall like gravity due to fire,

every day building owners say "pull it" but swear they meant something else

every day NORAD can't down a plane in an hour and a half - unless you're a golfer

every day big jets vaporize into the pentagon

every day, the government gives China physical evidence from large crime scenes to destroy

and every day lots of firemen hear and see multiple explosions in buildings but must be idiots

every day is a miracle isn't it


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Not every day. Only when government drops the ball, and ignores the reality that Islam is a cult and needs to be destroyed. But that job has now started. It will take some time to do it, decades by the way they are going. But wars create jobs, and advancements in technology. And hopefully it pushes a lot of money towards new energy sources like Fusion so we (and other countries) can stop financing Islamic conquest.

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Falling at free fall speed is gravity but it ignores all other resistances in the way. ???    Makes no sense to me.

 There is no resistance when falling other than the atmosphere. However when a building or actually 2 buildings that are 1368ft tall collapse the debris field is considerable and will damage other structures in the area. 

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You are very good with your imaginative powers I will say that. When supporting beams melt from fire it will cause a high-rise building to collapse. Proof is in the pudding and the footage which has been viewed by experts.

"Using videos, photographs and building design documents, the investigators at the National Institute spent the last three years building an elaborate computer model of 7 World Trade Center that they used to test various chains of events to figure out what caused the collapse, Dr. Sunder said.

The investigators determined that debris from the falling twin towers damaged structural columns and ignited fires on at least 10 floors at 7 World Trade Center, which stood about 400 feet north of the twin towers."

Sorry Muhammad you lose.

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 1.the statistics advertised are "seasonally adjusted" (often subsequently revised)

2. the statistics are presented monthly. The possibility then exists for the

job totals for some months to be "shaved" lower and then the "shaving" added to later

months (preferably added to monthly totals just preceding elections).

Couple that with an inflated monthly total (to be later revised downward), and


any particular monthly total can easily be made to look great by using inflated revised, seasonal, and "shaved" statistical adjustments.

Annual statistics would have somewhat more reliability in showing whether the total number of full-time jobs is actually increasing or not.

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And to your point J C

with the $14 + per hour salary... Why did GM demand a bailout TOO in 2008 if they knew that salary - pension(s) 10 years later... was inevitably going to come?!!!

I look at the GM employee the same way I do the 98% of the families that lost their "loved ones" on 9/11 that took the Larry Silverstein insurance plan "payout" instead of signing this ( which might have made the 2008 bailout NEVER HAPPEN if we had demanded a real investigation after the "whitewash" and the Bush Administration had gone to jail the way they were supposed to!...

As long as you PUT UP and SHUT UP by obediently paying your taxes we're ALL IN ON IT!!!

Just sayin


+100 to your Cannabis cleansing project.  Safest drug on the planet!

Hope you make a fortune if you are growing it for profit!!!

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