Welcome To Bitcointopia: A Group Of Cryto-Nerds Are Trying To Secede From America

Authored by Drew Millard via TheOutline.com,

Have you heard of Bitcointopia, the capital of the United States of Bitcoin?

Of course not, because you have better things to do, and also it doesn’t exist yet. But also, oh my god, people are trying to make Bitcointopia and the United States of Bitcoin exist, and the whole thing sounds just as zany as you’d assume a town called Bitcointopia that’s the capital of a made-up country called the United States of Bitcoin would be.

If all goes according to its creators’ extremely, uh, “ambitious” plan, Bitcointopia will be a town in the middle of the Nevada desert that will serve as the capital of a new country that will be called the United States of Bitcoin, which you can buy into for the low, low price of half a Bitcoin - about $3750, given today’s Bitcoin price of approximately $7,555 - per acre.

The Bitcointopia website claims that the United States of Bitcoin will derive its sovereignty from the Treason Act of 1495, which is a British medieval common law that says you can be immune from prosecution if you declare yourself to be fighting on the side of a rightful ruler. I am not a lawyer, but I am almost certain that this does not qualify as grounds for the United States of Bitcoin to legally secede from America.

On Medium, the United States of Bitcoin has begun posting a series of articles called “The Blockchainist Papers,” the first two of which are live and need to be read to be believed. In the first, the USoB declares their intent to create a new town in the middle of Nevada — aka, Bitcointopia — which will “officially demand and file for Independence” within 90 days. It also pledges that the “militia of Bitcoin” will draft a “Treaty of Military Cooperation” with the United States.

The second Blockchainist Paper offers a vision for the city of Bitcointopia that seems slightly more realistic than wanting to start an entire new country, because Bitcoin. Bitcointopia’s parent company, Bitcointopia Inc., has secured some land in Nevada, and they have a page where you can give them Bitcoin and potentially receive a plot of land in return.

The point of selling the plots of land, the Blockchainist Papers explain, is to “raise funding, establish citizens of the city & help gather laborers to build the needed infrastructure of the city from the ground up.”

According to Bitcointopia’s city plan, the new town’s government “will be designed to function on AI, automation, [and the] blockchain,” and all the cops will be drones. Bitcoin Inc., the company behind Bitcointopia and the United States of Bitcoin, also wants to put the city’s citizens (bitizens?) to work by employing them in a Bitcoin Inc.-owned Bitcoin mine, which seems sketchy to me, but probably wouldn’t faze someone who’s already on board with the idea of buying their way into a Bitcoin-themed city.

I urge you to look at the websites for both Bitcointopia and the United States of Bitcoin, because there’s just way too much going on with them for me to do a comprehensive job of explaining. While there’s the definite possibility that this is all an elaborate joke, or a high-fallutin art project, these two deeds registered to Bitcointopia on file with Elko County, Nevada, are definitely not a joke. And neither is the fact that Bitcoin Inc. is an active Nevada corporation. The timetable listed on Bitcointopia’s city plan states that today was supposed to be the day they broke ground on the United States of Bitcoin embassy, but as of now, neither Bitcointopia’s Twitter or Instagram accounts indicate any ground has, in fact, been broken.

Last week, however, Bitcointopia’s first City Hall was erected. It’s a tent.


Coinista Nuclear Winter Fri, 06/01/2018 - 18:58 Permalink

BWAAAAAAA!!!!!  HHHHAAAAAA!!!!!!  HHHHAAAAAaaaa!!!!!!  HHHHaaaaaaaaa!!!  Haaaaa!!!  haaaaa!  ha!

Us bitcoin geniuses will RULE THE WORLD, jealous, loser, anti-science, no-coiners.

Now go back to your wheel chairs and roll on over to your oxygen tanks for a little breathing help, old-bugs. 

"nurse... NURSE!!!  I think this is the BIG ONE!!!"

BUY BITCOIN!!! Losers.

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LiteBeeer T-NUTZ Fri, 06/01/2018 - 23:53 Permalink

Satan whispers and they blindly follow. Seeking freedom in hell.

Gold/Silver is reality based money on earth. Not dept based out of air generated IOU bills, nor plastic, nor digital-age cryptos.

Technology is paving the way to death. God created horses with brains knowing where they walk and aware of the rider. Satanic technology has managed to build self driving cars with death sitting in the passenger seat.

Jesus is the truth. Sadly, the grace period is coming to an end very soon.


Watch the muscles twitch, for a brand new switch.

They're dying to switch.

Too late to switch.

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nekten lazarusturtle Fri, 06/01/2018 - 18:57 Permalink

The concept reminds me of a plan some libertarians had to move together to a state they'd remake into a libertarian utopia. They called it the "Free State Project," with a porcupine as its logo.

They signed a commitment to move to a place that the committed voted on.

The majority, being Easterners, voted for NH. A minority, being Westerners, voted for WY. These were henceforth called "Splitters."

I don't know how it all turned out. I see at Wikipedia, they finally, in 2016, got the 20000 people committed to the move they'd wanted from the beginning.


We'll see, I guess.

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Jack's Raging … SILVERGEDDON Sat, 06/02/2018 - 11:16 Permalink

The FSP is the only credible liberty movement in the USA right now. Almost 1/4 of the pledges have moved there. There are many people that never pledged, but have moved there for The FSP all the same. New Hampshire has all of the right conditions for such an endeavor. Also consider that the NH State Constitution codifies the natural right of violent/armed rebellion. Food for thought.

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HRClinton brucyy Fri, 06/01/2018 - 18:50 Permalink

FYI, 'bitchez', this is also why city-states were creates: to create a "Tax Friendly Jurisdiction" (TFJ), aka Tax Havens for the elite.

E.g. Monaco, Singapore...

I simply left the ZUSA for an existing TFJ: United Kantons of Switzerland, aka Switzerland.

They like BTC and Cryptos here, as well as hard AU, and high quality guns. They also like to keep out the dumb, the poor, the unstable and the dangerous. The ZUSA loves to take those human dregs.

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