"Real" Assassin Arrested In Staged Kiev Hit Linked To Ukrainian Intelligence As Official Story Unravels

The Ukrainian government's staged assassination of anti-Putin journalist Arkady Babachenko has taken an even stranger turn, as evidence has emerged that his would-be "Russia-ordered" assassin and the man who supposedly hired him, both say they worked for Ukrainian counterintelligence, casting serious doubt on the official story.

To review, Ukrainian authorities announced last Tuesday that Babachenko had been assassinated after returning home from the store. On Wednesday, Babachenko appeared at a press conference with Ukrainian authorities who said that the faked assassination was an elaborate sting to bust an actual hit planned by Russia

Only now we find that the hitman, Oleksiy Tsimbalyuk, is an outspoken critic of Russia who says he worked for Ukrainian counterintelligence - a claim Ukraine initially denied but later admitted to be true. Meanwhile the guy who supposedly hired Tsimbalyuk, Boris L. German, 50, also says he worked for Ukrainian counter-intelligence, a claim Ukraine denies as its immediately destroys the carefully scripted, if rapidly imploding, Ukrainian narrative meant to scapegoat Russia for what has been a "fake news" story of epic proportions, emerging from the one nation that not only was the biggest foreign donor to the Clinton foundation, but has made fake news propaganda into an art form.

Supposed "hitman" Oleksiy Tsimbalyuk


Boris German, suspected of organizing an attempted hit on anti-Putin Russian journalist Arkady Babachenko sits in a cage during trial in Kiev, Ukraine

The New York Times reports that Tsimbalyuk - a former Russia-hating priest was featured in a 10-minute documentary in January 2017 in which "he called killing members of the Russian-backed militias in eastern Ukraine "an act of mercy", further calling into question why Russia would hire him for the supposed assassination in the first place. 

Facebook pictures also reveal Tsimbalyuk wearing a Ukrainian ultranationalist uniform from "Right Sector," a group deemed to be neo-Nazis.

As even the Russophobic NY Times puts it: 

Given such strong and publicly avowed enmity toward Russia, it is odd to say the least that Mr. Tsimbalyuk would be selected to carry out the contract killing of a prominent Kremlin critic.

German claims he took orders from Moscow businessman Vyacheslav Pivovarnik - who he says works for one of Putin's personal foundations. 

Ukrainian officials also claim that German has a list of another 30 targets which Moscow wants to wipe out - something he claims he has since passed onto Kyiv.

Prosecutors claimed German had been given a down payment of $15,000, half what he was promised for carrying out the hit.

German said: 'I got a call from a longtime acquaintance who lives in Moscow, and in the process of communicating with him it turned out that he works for a Putin foundation precisely to orchestrate destabilization in Ukraine.' -Daily Mail

"Six months ago, my old acquaintance contacted me, an ex-citizen of Ukraine, now living in Moscow," German told a Ukrainian court, adding "He works in a personal foundation of Putin's - and is in charge of organizing riots in Ukraine and planned acts of terror at the next presidential elections. He is called Vyacheslav Pivovarnik. This is not a fairy tale, there's nothing mystical here, everything has been proved."

German's lawyer Eugene Solodko wrote on Facebook that his client was an executive director of Ukrainian-German firm Schmeisser - the only non-state owned arms producer in the country. 

Russia has denied German's claim, with a Putin spokesman saying "No such foundation exists in Russia. Any allegations about Russia's possible complicity in this staging is just mudslinging. They do not correspond to reality."

Meanwhile, senior Ukraine officials have been on the defensive since Wednesday, when the head of security services announced they had staged the death of Babchenko so they could track his would-be killers to Russian intelligence, a story the International Federation of Journalists slammed as idiotic, nonsensical and completely undermining Ukraine's credibility.


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I think that the Ukonazis must have been inspired by their friends at MI6's and their brilliant execution of the Skripal father and daughter hit.  They needed Jihadi John Brennan to organize things for them, but he seems to be tied up at the moment.  And the Thai Torturer is still getting comfortable in her new saddle.  But I am confident that she will be able to execute both fake and real assassinations shortly.

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Just when you thought that the US had become a banana republic. The Ukrainian government, screws shit up as a US puppet that is beyond belief. Putin is laughing so hard that he won't sleep for days. Your right about Britain, they have been so influenced by Soros that they screw everything up as well.


Is this the year that the left falls into the bottomless pit? How can you screw everything up so bad and still live. Look at the left in the US, failure upon failure. Their media proclaims victory, yet know one believes them about anything. The corporations are keeping them afloat. Not for long!

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Yes.  Linen tunic style 8th to 12th century with a hand-twisted cord tie -- demonstrates that the maker was avoiding any visible machine or "non-period" closure.  Hand embroidered swastika embellished with atta blatta ros motifs, sacred to Sun/Fire.  The embroidery is definitely NOT period to the 8-12th centuries, but is widely believed to be among Ukrainian nationalists. Overall, strongly suggests a practitioner of Rodnovery, or Slavic pagan reconstructionism.  If not, then that's where the wife/girlfriend has studied needle arts.

Most pagan reconstructions involve substantial amounts of highly spiritual imbibing, often punctuated by shouted invocations to the Gods.  To the non-initiate this can pass as very heavy partying.

Seriously.  Druidism is a slightly different flavor, but I've been to most of the other cults at least once or twice.  Main difference is in the embroidery designs on the tunic and the language you shout in. 

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What’s so great about all this is that the whole thing could readily be a disinformation circus set up by Vlad to discredit all those who accuse him of the murders he boasts about committing.

But, seems more likely he just got caught with his fingers on the trigger and is pulling out the stops to cover it up with feces.

Putin. Kills. The. Opposition.

It is his holy Russian right and duty. Vlad the Redeemer. Vlad the perfect white Christian strongman. 

There is no Ukraine. There is only Russia. One perfect entity that existed before history and will endure past the end of history. Russia the sole vestige of what the universe was before Satan brought forth man to sully his perfect realm. Led by the only perfect man. 

Read his philosophy. Ilyin and the perfection of Fascism. Dead Journalists? You ain’t seen nothin yet!

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Look at the glorious Russian occupation of Crimea... the torture squads, the disappearances, the end of human rights and oppression of a once independent people. Vlad takes what Vlad wants, no matter how many Russians must suffer and die.

Vlad secures “invitations” from his puppets to march in and kill the opposition. The White Christian tyrant.

Vlad’s Russia came before history began, and will be the end of history. So it is written. His trolls are too stupid even to understand the man whose money they take. They are too stupid and illiterate to read the foundational works that inform his psychosis. Read the works of Ilyin. A cult of death. Your future is bleak, my troll friend.

And remember, always Blame the Joos™

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You need to be programmed with more original content!

Vlad must be shorting your pay packet. Turn on the lights in your momma’s basement, trollboys.

Look at the upvotes for that genius post! Is it not glorious to see the trolls come out, like picking up a rock and watching the termites slither in the ooze beneath.

Your philosophy is one of death and misery. Your leader is a demented killer. Russia moves ever backwards, never forwards following the strongman and believing Ilyin’s bilge.

I need not fuck off, neither a kike nor a troll. I just watch the dungbeetles swarm And. I. Laugh.

I am the Laugher, after all.

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Let’s face it - if you had a head like Babachenko’s - you would feel like dying every time you looked in the FUCKING mirror !!

GERMAN claims he took orders from a RUSSIAN businessman - who had taken his orders from US Police commissioner ISRAEL - who was in cahoots with HAWAII five O !! 

So much more believable than the official Ukrainian narrative !!! 


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