White House Planning Summit Between Trump And Putin

Almost two years after Trump's shocking election, which supposedly only happened because a troll farm of a few dozen pimply Russian teenagers in St. Petersburg brainwashed America's middle class into voting against Hillary Clinton, Trump and his alleged puppetmaster, Vladimir Putin, have yet to hold a formal summit, even as Trump prepares to sit down in ten days with America's sworn enemy, North Korea's Kim Jong-Un, in what is set to be a historic meeting. But that may be about to change because according to the WSJ, the White House is planning for a potential summit between President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin of Russia, "a meeting that would bring to the international stage one of the world’s most enigmatic political relationships."

Citing sources, the WSJ reports that Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, and current US ambassador to Russia, has been on the front end of talks to bring the world leaders together, an official said.

“This has been an ongoing project of Ambassador Huntsman, stretching back months, of getting a formal meeting between Putin and Trump,” the official said.

Among the numerous potential topics for discussion, any meeting between the two presidents would bring up Syria, Ukraine and nuclear-arms control, with the stated purpose of the summit would be "to resolve longstanding differences."

While the two presidents have met informally on two previous occasions, once holding discussions on the sidelines of two international meetings in 2017—one at the Group of 20 summit in Germany last July and at a November summit in Vietnam, the summit would be the first official, formal meeting between the two nuclear nations at a time when diplomatic relations between the US and Russia are at rock bottom.

Back in April, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a Russian news agency in late April that “President Putin is ready for such a meeting" with preparations apparently rather advanced, although the second US military strikes on Syria derailed the planning:

In April, Yuri Ushakov, a former Russian ambassador to the U.S. and now an aide to Mr. Putin, said Mr. Trump had invited Mr. Putin to Washington during a March 20 phone call. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, responding to questions about Mr. Ushakov’s revelation, confirmed the invitation. “The two had discussed a bilateral meeting in the ‘not-too-distant future’ at a number of potential venues, including the White House,” Ms. Sanders said at the time.

Preparations for the summit are taking place at a time when special counsel Robert Mueller continues to investigate alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and whether associates of Mr. Trump colluded with Moscow. According to some press outlets, Mueller's final report is expected as soon as next month.

Asked about a summit taking place amid Mr. Mueller’s investigation, another administration official said, “Of course there are discussions of the political perception.”

The Russia summit “will be focused on specifics, not grand bargaining,” the official said. “Those things need to be negotiated.”

However, before any summit takes place, a he meeting is likely to occur between Gen. Joe Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Gen. Valery Gerasimov, the chief of the Russian General Staff, the official said. These talks would focus on de-escalation of the conflict in Syria.

Incidentally, both presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, each held summits with Putin within six months of taking office. So far, the "deep state" has managed to withhold Trump from doing the same 16 months into his tenure.



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What are they talking about...after watching the MSM...Vladimir and Donald have been talking for years.  Putin I thought ran the Trump campaign from afar.


Dems will never quit...idiots.

The US meddles more in elections than any other country. We over throw governments or bomb the shit out of them for fals reasons if they don't comply.

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It's hilarious to me that there are Republicans becoming disillusioned with their party because of Pussy Grabber. You don't recognize your party anymore? Well cry me a river numbnuts, because the rest of us sure do. When you base your entire philosophy on what "feels" right/safe, where the hell did you think it was going to lead? Trump's insanity and egotism are inevitable when you keep twisting and omitting facts to suit your own agenda. Sooner or later you'll have to invent a separate reality just to keep the lies going.



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   ... at this early stage, the summit agenda has not been set, however, some news tidbits might give a clue ...

   ... “ ... Referring to "key figures" in the Trump administration who see the sanctions as "an increasingly likely option," one of the sources said that "they will stop at nothing to block Nord Stream." ...

   ... “ ... Everything is on the table. … The [Trump] administration is taking a whole of government approach to stopping the Nord Stream project," the source pointed out. ... “ ...

source: “US on Verge of Sanctioning EU Firms Involved in Russia's Nord Stream 2 – Sources “ >>> https://sputniknews.com/world/201806021065035086-russia-nord-stream-2-us-sanctions/ ...

   ... “ ... The Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which is due to annually deliver 55 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas to the EU across the Baltic Sea, has already been approved by Germany and Finland. The US, in turn, has claimed that the pipeline will allegedly increase Europe's dependence on Russian fuel. ... “ ... 

... looks like someone is getting left behind from the EU deals and getting sanction-happy ... 


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I know little about Vlad the impaler but I do know who he is. Maybe he played a part at the Gates of Vienna in 1683, I don't know,  but in that case he helped to save Europe from that foreign invasion. John Sobieski, King of Poland and Duke of Lithuania was involved also, no? This time, we can't attach a one-word identity to the foreign invaders; there are several and they are often hostile to one another but they have it in common that they are foreign invaders. If Europe is to avoid a sudden collapse of its culture, then it has to unite in commerce and defense of human rights, not with the other side of the world, not trans-oceanically - Europe is not an oceanic power - it has to cooperate territorially (except for Airstrip One) up to the Urals at least. The immediate short-term danger to Europe is not muslim any more, that has changed.

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Follow the money, especially with Trump, pardon me, private power.

Steve Doll, works at Credit Suisse

So, I’ve got a theory. The most dangerous thing the US has over Putin is the Magnintsky Act, which Obama passed in 2014 and Hillary reluctantly affirmed. I'm gonna massively oversimplify here - but, at the core, the Magnintsky Act allows the US to freeze the assets and visa for any of the people involved with the torture and killing of Sergei Magnintsky (read Red Notice, by Bill Browder for a great story about it)

The single highest priority for Russia is eliminating the Magnintsky Act. They spent millions to defeat it in 2014 and it was a topic of the recent summit at the G20.

Right now 27 people are sanctioned - all of them are either senior FSB officials, Soviet Army officers or Russian oligarchs.

According to the NYT, 20 of the people on this list are close to Putin. There is no question Putin was complicit in Magnintsky’s death. But, he’s not on the sanction list… yet. Putin is widely believed to be the worlds richest man. No one really knows, but likely multiples of Buffet. A lot of those assets are in the US.

If the US enforced the Magnintsky Act, Putin and his family would personally lose billions… it matters

NOW, let’s switch to DT…. Trump’s organization has an existential problem. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is a monster of a law. In the past, Trump has bragged about violating the Act in former Soviet countries. Unclear who goes to jail, but if he crossed the line here, it’s a problem.

So, why is the FBI digging around? Why did Trump say, he’d fire Mueller if he started to look at his finances? Why was Russia so interested in the election? Why did they bribe Flynn? Why did the loan Manifort so much money?

Russia is trying to get Magnintsky Act neutered. What if they have proof that Trump or Flynn or Manifort violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? It’s the most direct way to tie all of this together. It explains why he fired Comey. It explains why he called looking into finances the “bright line” Mueller couldn't cross. It explains why Russian adoptions were the topic of the meeting with Don Jr (in retaliation, Putin made US adoptions of Russian babies illegal after Magnintsky was passed). It explains why Flynn had to resign. It explains why Sally Yates said there were “"serious concerns” about Flynn. It explains why Trump dismissed her concerns.

I'm not a ‘conspiracy guy’. But, none of it made sense to me until I learned that we’re only one jump away from Putin on the Magnintsky Act sanctions.

Just an idea…



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no-one gives a shit about what one-dimensional checker game the naked ape played in trying to steal russian assets held in the US.

uranium one much?

move on, chump, there is a new deal in town - minimal government but a big stick to use on cheaters, obfuscaters, virtue signallers and trans gender projecting libtards that over think whilst delivering nothing of substance to anyone.

i am guessing you like sbux.

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You forgot to tell the reader that the arrest warrant was a sham.

On 30 May 2018, Browder was arrested by Spanish police in Madrid on a Russian Interpol arrest warrant. He was freed soon after, when the General Secretary of Interpol warned the Spanish police not to follow the Russian arrest warrant. Browder had come to Spain to brief anti-mafia prosecutor José Grinda. After briefing him, Browder returned to Great Britain.


Now answer this question:

Before Russia open up its market to capitalism, large-scale privatization of Russia's state-owned assets, particularly in the industrial, energy, and financial sectors was there any Russia billionaire?

Looking forward for your clarification of how in less than 30 years so many oligarchies in Russia became billionaires while the unemployment rose.


By the way, most here know these answers but I wonder if you do know.


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RationalLuddite Escrava Isaura Sat, 06/02/2018 - 12:48 Permalink

Jesus ... Theorize less. Read more.  You may find the 386 pages of under oath cross examination alone,  examined in chapter 5 of the Killing of William Browder will somewhat reverse your view of whom Magnintsky was (a two bit accountant that set up a tax scam WITH Browder, not his nor anyone else's 'lawyer'), who killed him (give ya a guess - the serial lier needed a fall guy) and what it was all about. https://www.sott.net/article/373799-Bill-Browder-Criminal-con-man-liar-…

Link within to download the book in PDF format.

Seems like a man comfortable with the truth ? https://youtu.be/ryVavTF6hR0

You literally are the opposite of understanding. Sorry but read more facts, use sound logic based on these facts.

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dexterfarmer Escrava Isaura Sat, 06/02/2018 - 14:13 Permalink

I did read Browder's book and saw that he was a westerner who figured out how to rape Russian's of their assets for pennies on the dollar.   And then Browder didn't like it when Putin shut his activities down.   Having said that, I like that the Magnintsy Act has been expanded under DJT to go after ill gotten assets of criminals that have been raping THIS country for a very long while.

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What facts did I omit?

Let me see...

#1 Russia did NOTHING in regards to our election...Oh, unless you cry the Dem idiotic narrative like (Cry baby voice)  "Oh they placed some Facebook ads."  or  "Donald and his people had meetings"  BULLSHIT.  Hillary sold 20% of our Uranium to the Russians and got $140,000,000 in back door bribes.  That is collusion.

#2 The United states REALLY meddles in elections, and over throws governments as it sees necessary.

So what facts are omitted?  

You say "Trumps Insanity".....what a joke.  This man is who I voted for, he is doing what he said he was going to do...and I am so happy that you will have 7 more years of TORMENT.


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Russia has been driven into closer economic and military unity with China precisely by the inaine Rothschild bankster & Western oilster interests which control and direct US-UK-Israeli foreign policy. Regardless of anything Trump may have wanted regarding better relations with Russia before the election, once elected that was not to be. US foreign policy has always been US military force at the behest of its financial and business interests all the way back to the 1950's when the US demolished Guatemala at the behest of the US United Fruit Company.

The best the US can hope for now is some deal regarding Iran's oil which is about 1/5 of the world's reserves. Puppet Trump may agree to back off its aggression against Iran for Russia agreeing to a hands off policy regarding Venezuela which has more oil than any other nation. Or he (the US) may propose carving up Syria and to let the fate of Iran (which is presently the subject of a massive Western funded destabilization operation) to be decided later, in exchange for relaxation of US sanctions and allowing closer economic relations between the two nations and Europe.    

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Poor Cassie Herpes... economy booming, unemployment way down, trade negotiations doing great, NK under control, illegal immigration way down, Trump approval ratings way better than Lord Barry Obongo's and climbing...

Small wonder you sit and weep, your XXXL pantsuit full of liar's mud, your naked pics of Hillary scattered on the floor and your wine bottles all empty.  You are one pathetic porker.

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Expendable Container Cassandra.Hermes Sat, 06/02/2018 - 11:13 Permalink

These 2 White world leaders don't give a damn about the ongoing genocide of White South Africans through torture/murder terrorism. They both are masonic members - all members' first allegiance is to the Order which is controlled by the Aristocracy. (Giveaways - handsigns, tie symbols etc check out Texe Marr's book of evidence)

There is a War Against the ethnic-European race so we are being given false information ie Black South Africans say 'Whites stole our Land'. Caught out lying!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA_Ko_Ddc44 Here SA Communist leader Julius Malema admits ALL BLACK SOUTH AFRICANS ARE FOREIGNERS FROM THE NORTH!

Malema ADMITS ALL Blacks are foreigners to South Africa from the Malawi lakes region, that the non-Black KOI-KOI and SAN Bushmen (and Whites actually) were there when they arrived. Its historical fact that the BANTU (including ZULUS) genocided the Koi-Koi and Bushmen as they moved in.

Putin and Trump - "SILENCE means CONSENT"!

Yesterday White Rhodesians (gone), today White South Africans (going), tomorrow the rest of the White West.....

first they came for the....and I did nothing....then they came for the ....and still I kept silent....and then they came for ME and there was no one left to speak out for me"

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The Rhodesians and Afrikaners fought for their spot just like the Bantus did. Thats how it has always worked for everyone. Now the Afrikaners have turned into pussies and the Bantus have not. So guess who is going to get their asses kicked right off the continent? And why is it Putin's job to rescue a bunch of losers who refuse to defend themselves or their families?

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I don't listen to Dems at all anymore, they are unhinged violent Bolsheviks now.

They are enemies of the state and enemies of all white people, white liberals just haven't accepted that yet.

The Yuri the former KGB defector said in the 80s "When the Marxist military boot comes down they will be the first to turn against it, they are useful idiots that will lined up in front of a ditch and shot. I can take them to the Soviet Union and show them the gulags and still they won't believe it. They think when Marxist/Leninism comes to power they themselves will come to power. They won't and they won't understand until they get a swift kick in the butt."

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Donald, read up on Ivan Ilyin, Vlad’s guiding light. The most morally bankrupt, anti-humanist far right political philosopher in Russian history.

Ilyin the fascist sees his apotheosis in Vladimir Vladinirovich Putin. The blood sacrifice of white Christianity’s “enemy” is the heart of Vladimir’s politics of the philosopher king. 

DO NOT give in. Read a book, Donald.

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