"The Good Times For Illegals Is Over, Get Ready To Pack Your Bags": Italy's New Interior Minister Promises Mass Deportations

Italy's new interior minister Matteo Salvini said in a Saturday rally that "the good times for illegals is over - get ready to pack your bags," adding "Countries need to start doing their job and no more smugglers should be docking in Italian ports," a not-so veiled jab at NGOs organizing rescues at sea. 

"The free ride is over"

Salvini, the leader of the conservative League party, assumed his role as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior on Friday. He is currently on the road to rally support for his party's candidates in the south of Italy, attending a Sunday rally in Sicily - a prime destination for most of the hundreds of thousands of migrants which have poured into Italy in recent years, mostly from Libya. 

A controversial agreement between Italy's former centre left government and authorities and militias in Libya has triggered a fall in overall arrivals of some 75 percent since the summer of 2017. But since the start of this year, Italian authorities have registered more than 13,500 arrivals.

The latest came late Friday, just hours after Salvini took his oath of office, with some 158 people, including nine children, landing in Pozzallo after being rescued by a humanitarian boat in an operation coordinated by the Italian coast guard. -France24

After being sworn in, Salvini said that he would ask experts within his ministry "how to reduce the number of arriving migrants and increase the number of expulsions." 

In order to boost deportations - of which there were only 6,500 in 2017, Salvini will need to increase the number of detention centers while signing agreements with countries which migrants originate from - most of which are not excited to have their citizens returned. 

And in order to pay for his plan, Salvini is eyeing the billions of euros earmarked every year to help deal with the demands of the asylum seekers. 

In 2017, the former government announced a budget of some 4.2 billion euros for migrants, of which 18 percent is for rescues at sea, 13 percent for health care, and 65 percent for migrant reception centres, which host some 170,000 people. -France24

Salvini is no fan of the migrant reception centers - which are run by cooperatives or NGO's who are paid 25-35 euros per day for each migrant they provide lodging, clothes and other services - including psychological support and legal aid. 

On Tuesday, Salvini will meet with EU interior ministers in Luxembourg to discuss the EU's controversial "Dublin" rule, which requires that would-be refugees file for asylum in the first bloc member-state they arrive at. The rule heavily penalizes Italy, which has accepted over 700,000 refugees since 2013. 

While the vast majority of migrants used to continue to northern Europe, the introduction of EU-backed processing centers in order to ensure proper identification, along with tighter border controls from France, Austria and Switzerland, have forced the migrants to remain in southern EU nations such as Greece and Italy. 

But, as we tweeted prophetically last week - given Salvini's comments - those refugees may soon find themselves "displaced" once again...

All of which prompted the messiah of migrants - billionaire George Soros - to play his 'blame the Russians card once again, this time accusing Salvini of being a puppet of Putin.

Corriere Della Sera reports that the financier took to the stage of the Trento Festival of Economics to launch a strong message of criticism to the new government.

Soros said he was "very worried" about the proximity of the new government to Russia, for which the two parties that support the new executive have called for the abolition of sanctions.

Putin, "seeks to dominate Europe: it does not want to destroy it but exploit it because it has production capacity, while the Russian economy under Putin can only exploit raw materials and people".

Then Soros doubled-down:

In a passage destined to cause controversy, Soros also asked himself whether "Putin actually finances" the League: "Italian public opinion has the right to know whether Salvini is in Putin's paycheck".

The Northern League member Claudio Borghi, one of the creators of the economic program of the Carroccio, replied saying that "the wind has changed for [Soros] and for all those who have earned on the death of hundreds of people."

BUt of course, could not resist taking a swing at President Trump...calling him "a threat to the world, including America", and arguing that the US president "does not understand the basic elements of the economy."

The fact that Trump "got rid of all the consultants who could have prevented him from making mistakes in economics is very dangerous for the world and Europe will be the biggest victim": it would be good that Trump "would not last long".


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thinking now of moving to Italy...like one of my idols, Ezra Pound.

Italy leads the continent culturally.  France consciously forsook that role...shame on the gauls.

better climate in Italy, anyway.


btw, Soros-clan...probably not a good idea to make your presence known in the cradle of this Republic.

but, really, there is nowhere for you lads to hide.  the walls are closing in.



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Haus-Targaryen CuttingEdge Mon, 06/04/2018 - 05:08 Permalink

They will fold just like Tsipras did, just like the Irish did in 2012, just like the French and the Dutch did in 2005 and 2009, just like ITALIANS did in 2012 ... I could go on. 

We're talking about a very entrenched political establishment that completely controls the media with literally trillions of dollars on the line. 

Until politicians are literally hanging from bridges, nothing changes.  


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EuroPox Haus-Targaryen Mon, 06/04/2018 - 05:51 Permalink

Greece, Ireland, Cyprus - they were all small and took a knife to a gunfight with the EU.

Itlay IS different, it is the third biggest economy in the Euro and the fourth biggest in the EU.  The EU cannot afford to bailout Italy's banks and the Italians have no reason to conceed.  The next few months will be very interesting as Italy holds the cards and the EU does not have a compliant government to deal with.

Edit:  Italy is already winning!  Soros has a piece out this morning saying: "[Italy's problem with migrants can only be solved] by the EU financially compensating Italy for the migrants that land there.” lol!

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EuroPox Haus-Targaryen Mon, 06/04/2018 - 06:24 Permalink

The 'severed horses head in the bed trick' worked on Tsipras, which was why he and Varoufakis parted company.  From what I have heard, the threats were directly against Tsipras's family. 

Italy is a much tougher nut to crack because there is no one person who is calling the shots... the EU will need to get to Conte, Di Maio and Salvini - not sure that is doable.

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EuroPox Haus-Targaryen Mon, 06/04/2018 - 07:04 Permalink

Back at the time there were a few places that carried the story but like all such things, the internet gets 'cleaned up' pretty quickly afterwards.

So the story goes, Tsipras and Varoufakis were a team and held out initially.  Varoufakis was absolutely determined to push ahead with a parallel currency.  It was then 'explained' to Tsipras that this was not going to happen and that he had better get rid of Varoufakis - which he did.  With Varoufakis gone, Tsipras duly did a 180 and 'folded' like your cheap suit.

That is why I think Italy could be different - Conte will probably do as he is told but you need to get to both Di Maio and Salvini.  It isn't a #1 and #2 like Tsipras and Varoufakis - this time it is equal #1s.  Each of them can say "In that case I am walking" which would push Italy into another crisis.  Not so easy.

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the enemy of the people in Europe is a transnationally connected dominance class that controls the media, corporations and all transnational institutions - and which cannot be voted out.

Too many people in Europe have been successfully brainwashed into believing that the EU is a benevolent kumbaya show to prevent another world war.

Italy will turn out as another example where the transnational dominance class will simply void the will of the people without the people looking through the game.

It must get significantly worse before people will not only vote for a new leadership but will be ready to accept the initially potentially painful consequences of leaving EU, the Euro-system, Nato, WTO.

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foreignlander Haus-Targaryen Mon, 06/04/2018 - 07:54 Permalink

Having been disappointed so many times I'm not getting too excited about the spaghetti guys bringing down the roof on Brussels.  Just wait and see.

BTW Haus-T.  Pray tell again about that time you (was it you?) went to London and read first hand from the public records of the British Parliament the MP's statements circa 1860's about the need to stop the rise of Germany at the tip of a cannon.  It's a piece of info that I'd like to add to my history puzzle.  I searched online about that and found nothing.  Thanks.  

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Not so nice anymore. George Clooney sold his palatial home on the lake when he decided that swarming, black as Coalie's ass African migrants made the situation "dangerous" for his Muslim attorney wife and twin daughters. Clooney thought that open borders were great until the open borders folks showed up in his own neighborhood. NIMBY. The hypocrisy of the left is breathtaking in its audacity!

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Quantify Haus-Targaryen Mon, 06/04/2018 - 08:02 Permalink

I lived there 3.5 years. Yes nice weather, great food, great wine, roads suck along with traffic, attitudes are cie la vive. It has its issues, I saw a lot of Africa hookers, almost ran one over once as they lined a road I drove on regularly, just outside of Naples. Naples is basically the ass of Italy, lots of petty crime there. I was up in Vicenza for a few months liked it better there. North of Italy is financially better off than the South. It's almost like 2 different countries.

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Gunter Haus-Targaryen Mon, 06/04/2018 - 14:48 Permalink

Haus, check the Gallipoli area on the heel of Italy. Cheap, no migrants, friendly people, perfect climate, I couldn't think of anything negative except they throw their rubbish along the road as everywhere in Italy. English won't help you down there, but for a German Italian is much easier to learn than English anyway. I have contacts there, just ask if interested.

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The Italians do not seem to like Americans too much. Look at what their justice system did to that college girl who idealized Italy, traveling there to study linguistics. They blamed a heinous crime on her, even though they had mounds of evidence that all pointed to a migrant. It also did not make an ounce of sense that this girl would have any motive to commit that crime—zero sense—and yet, they were so determined that a migrant not be blamed. It sounds like Italy has as much lock-step, virtue-signaling political correctness as America, or either, they just do not like Americans. The art generated in Italy at certain historical periods is as fine as it gets, though. I still think France takes the prize on visual art for Europe, especially if you include applied arts, not just painting. I am not sure that Italy beats Spain for second prize, but I guess that would be a good contest. 

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Arrow4Truth Endgame Napoleon Mon, 06/04/2018 - 09:33 Permalink

You were almost there, but ran in a different direction. While it is possible that "the Italians do not seem to like Americans too much" it has nothing to do with their "justice system". Same as is present within the imaginary world of the U.S., the so-called justice system is what drives the beast and is in place to extort value from the unsuspecting people. See the similarities? In the alleged system of checks and balances, what is in place to bring the justice system to heel? Exactly who is "the court"?

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Sigh, people who didn’t pay attention in civil studies are so exasperating. While they mean well, their lack of knowledge has them running off in directions that foster a lot of complaining without offering any solutions. FYI, in large part the check for the judicial branch is the legislative branch. To ignorantly assume there is no check for the judicial branch is hand over all power to them as you sit and whine about their rulings. While the executive branch packs its innards it is the legislative branch that is supposed to curtail its power through “legislation.”


That’s why when ALL of us allow the legislative branch to do nothing, run nothing, oversee nothing and only gouge itself at the trough of lobbiests, pacs, party loyalties and foreign interests the system of “checks and balances” starts to break down. I thought that’s what this “revolution” was supposed to be all about. We the People are supposed to be the legislative branch and we’re supposedly taking it back from the corrupted “parties” with the installation of Trump. Sometimes I worry my vote towards this effort gets lost in the conservative vs liberal ideologies when we instead should be focused on saving the American constitutional system.

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God intervened end of 2012. NWO started cracking.

The Rock Jesus hit the clay toes of the statue of Nebakanezer.

Obama canceled bombing Syria.

Egypt rid sharia and muslim brotherhood.

UK exited EU.

Trump got elected.

Soros cries out in pain (with ever increasing intensity).

Jerusalem is crowned.

Papal Europe is crumbling (IT and SP are Catholic).

<...events still to unfold...>

Jesus' 2nd coming.

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Polynik3s LiteBeeer Mon, 06/04/2018 - 05:45 Permalink

Christian Zionists believe that they must rebuild the temple for Christ to come back.

We all know that level of Zionist fervour.

Do you understand that Jewish Zionists have an equal fervour for their messiah's arrival? Their messiah will arrive when Christianity is erased from Europe.

Now, who is ready to push Islam and Judaism out of Europe?

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So the NGO get 25-30/day EU's for every rapefugee, plus smuggling money, plus Soros and other bucks, UN, old grey hair cat ladys..

So a single, illiterate , unskilled male is worth 15-20,000 euros, minimum, per year to NCO Industrial Leftist Complex.  Per year. Minimum.  Not included State, Fed, Local leftist government mouth breathing welfare jobs.  I'm gonna say all in a male rapefugee is running 100,000EU/yr from tax raped to the Leftist Job Complex.

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