Illinois Taxpayers Face $172 Million Bill For 'Obama-land'

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A day of phone calls by Barack Obama to his Hollywood buddies.

Obamaland rendering, coming to Chicago

That’s probably all it would have taken to find enough of them anxious to have their names on one of the rooms, hallways or whatever in the Obama Center being built in Chicago.

Instead, Illinois taxpayers from Cairo to Galena will pay $172 million towards construction. It’s in the new budget just passed, to be signed shortly by Governor Rauner.

Remember when we were told, “Construction and maintenance will be funded by private donations and no taxpayer money will go to the foundation”? That’s what an Obama Foundation spokesperson said. Oh, I guess that didn’t mean re-configuring roadways around the center, which apparently is what the state money will go towards.

It’s not a presidential library, by the way, since the archives for his papers and such will be somewhere else.

It’s Obamaland, as the Chicago Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet predicted it would be known.

It’s real purpose is teaching Obama’s politics, courtesy of taxpayers. From the Chicago Tribune: “As he’s long maintained, Obama said he envisions his center as a place where young people from around the world can meet each other, get training and prepare to become the next generation of leaders.”

Actually, it seems appropriate somehow for Illinois taxpayers to get whacked for this. Think of it as a monument of sorts to decades of Obama-style government in Illinois. The black unemployment rate in Illinois is the worst in the nation and almost twice the rate for whites. The national economy is booming while Illinois races deeper into insolvency.

That’s all the consolation I can offer. You’ll be funding a monument.


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Instead, Illinois taxpayers from Cairo to Galena will pay $172 million towards construction. It’s in the new budget just passed, to be signed shortly by Governor Rauner.



Classic text book deceitful Democrat shell game to fleece the nameless, faceless tax payer in an elaborate scheme to line their pockets and lying about it.


... someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.

           -- Michelle Obama


“I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”
 — Barack Obama



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Protect Our Parks group sues to block 'con game' allowing Obama museum in Chicago's Jackson Park

May 14, 2018, 

On May 14, the group Protect Our Parks Inc., with named plaintiffs Charlotte Adelman, Maria Valencia and Jeremiah Jurvis, filed suit in Chicago federal court, asking the judge to slap an injunction on the city and park district’s plan to transfer 20 acres of Jackson Park land to the Obama Foundation, the private nonprofit organization that will oversee the construction and operation of the proposed Barack Obama Presidential Center.


Rather, the structure will instead be essentially a museum and monument focused on Barack Obama himself, and operated by the Obama Foundation, with no formal association with or external control from the federal government.

The complaint characterized this decision as “an institutional bait-and-switch,” designed to grant legal cover for the transfer of control over a large chunk of prime Chicago public park land to a private organization, essentially at the expense of the taxpayers of Chicago and the state of Illinois.

“The City and the Park District clearly realize and fully understand that this established law precludes the Park District from arbitrarily transferring possession, use and control of this dedicated ‘open, clear and free’ public parkland in Jackson Park to a private nongovernmental private entity’s self-determined use,” the complaint said. “Defendants have chosen to deal with it in a classic Chicago political way, known as a short con shell game, a corrupt scheme to deceive and seemingly legitimize an illegal land grab, 

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Where the words of a half white half black half wit Nobel winning (cos he was black) world leader with a zero from eight years achievement record (unless you believe in bollocks) will inspire you to:


Create racial divides and tensions in your country.

Bring back book burning and erase your history.

Destroy your middle class.

Islamify your country.

Willfully Import third world filth radical barbarian filth.

Use the full power of your government agencies to spy and entrap your political opponents.


I could go on.




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What in fuck's name is going to be in there anyway? A memorial to foreign policy "achievements"? An Obamacare exhibit? Spygate will probably not feature and anything else of any possible interest is classified. So what's the point?

IMHO, no public/taxpayer funds should be used for this narcissistic monument to epic failure, especially by bankrupt Illinois, although it would be entirely appropriate for the Clinton "Foundation" to fund it?

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Be of good cheer.

Obama was President of this country in name only. Because he was not an American citizen, and inelligible to hold the office of President, everything he did was illegal and will have to be undone. This will take some time, and no small amount of angst and legal maneuvering, but it is already underway...

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Yes, I live in Indonesia where Obama went to schools as a boy. The fact is, ONLY Indonesian citizens may attend Indonesian public schools (as did Obama) and Indonesia does not recognize dual nationality. So the fact is, Obama must have had to surrender (if he ever had it) his US nationality to become Indonesian to qualify to attenf an Indonesian public school. These are facts not conjecture.

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Obama Foundation is another fraudulent charity as exposed by the world's greatest charity fraud expert Charles Ortel who's spent years dissecting the Clintons and their various charities who just can't seem to file proper legal papers, who were protected by CIA and FBI and IRS from all scrutiny -- the purpose of the Clinton Foundation in exchange for multi-millions is to provide small children to wealthy globalist pedophiles and cannibals with full protection from all laws. What was that $65,000 of tax money Obama spent for pizza and hotdogs brought into the White House? Who was that guy Larry Sinclair who testified Obama was a cocaine dealing homosexual in Chicago?

My greatest fear is Trump not draining the swamp. Because if he doesn't, the leftists will taking away 2nd Amendment protections, free speech protections as we're seeing all across FINTECH and social media platforms. And we're surveilled. And our police are trained by Mossad to beat down hard or outright kill acting as judge, jury and executioner.

Oh. And the Obama Foundation is a complete fraud. Did I mention this already...?

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I wonder what kind of rides they're going to have there.  The Neobigotry Hall Of Mirrors, for sure.  The Patriarchal Plunge, the highest water slide in the United States.  The Propaganda Roller Coaster where you will be told that there are no ups and downs the whole time it's happening.  And, of course, Corruption Corn Dogs and White Privilege Water for refreshments.

Obviously, "safe spaces" will be plentiful throughout the park where you can relax and read some Marx or Sartre, maybe do some finger-painting or just have a good cry about all the injustice in the world with specially trained park counselors.

Thank God.  The longer this asshole is out of office, the happier I get.


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It's on HBO. Some moral compass.

It's about synths, AI, androids, et al, becoming more than humans.

Propaganda. Psy Op.

When the stories were confined to the fringe Science Fiction crowd, they were interesting visions of a possible future.

Mainstream now, it is full on propaganda and psychological operation.

Are you not entertained?

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Actually I buy a few tens of thousands of Magnesium plate from a plant near East Saint Louis. ESL was one of the hellholes of the USA from sixty years ago when I was amazed at just how bad it was then. Of course leaving Union Station and going through Southside Chicago wasn't better.

 Those folks can feck up anything.

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CIA was Obama's "father" and midwife.

Stanley (Lord Stanley) Ann Dunham (Dunham). Two old line family lines. Daughter of the elites used for Intel.

Patty Hearst. Sold a lot of Hearst newspapers. And promoted fear of blacks.

The CIA did not pick Mena, AK, because of it's location. They owned Clinton, both of them. Rockefeller family owns the Clintons and the CIA.

The primary story is always a lie. The second and third stories are also lies.

Focus on D/R divide, white/black divide, socialist/capitalist divide.

Never on the "extremely wealthy few"/"everyone else" divide.

The Occupy movement was a distraction and a blackwash of protesters.

Wall Street is a distraction.

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