Reports Of "Active Shooter" Halts San Diego's Rock'n'Roll Marathon; Shooter In Custody

San Diego police officials have responded to reports of an active shooter in downtown San Diego, near that “Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon” is underway. Four people and 1 police officer were reportedly shot before the shooter was taken into custody.

Preliminary reports are that the shooter was on a rooftop overlooking the finish line at City Parkade on C street, according to NBC San Diego.

According to initial reports, an armed person - who is supposedly female - was firing from a rooftop. At least four people were reportedly shot, although their current conditions is unknown. The suspect is said to be in custody, and one police officer reportedly accidentally shot himself in the confusion.

Minutes later, police told City News Service in San Diego that the situation "had been contained."

In a surprising twist, according to scanner traffic, the suspect is a female.