NATO Deploys 30,000 Troops To Eastern Europe, Launches Massive Drill To Confront "Russian Threat"

A massive U.S.-led military war drill with more than 18,000 soldiers from 19 NATO member states, has begun across Poland and the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

The U.S. Army Europe said Monday that Saber Strike 18 exercise has commenced, and "brings full-scale battle simulations for the service members involved to enhance their real-world military occupations and deployment logistics strategies.

The war drill will take place in the Baltic states from June 03-15 as “a demonstration of the commitment and solidarity of the Alliance" at a time when Russia’s military is "increasingly threatening NATO members."

The report stressed, however, that Saber Strike 18 “is not a provocation of Russia" even though Russia says, year after year, that it is.

U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt IIs, from the 127th Wing, Michigan Air National Guard, Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Michigan, sit on the tarmac at RAF Mildenhall, England, June 01, 2018. These A-10s were headed to support the U.S. Army Europe-led exercise Saber Strike 2018.

The U.S. 2d Cavalry Regiment performed ammo distribution training in Polan, on their way to support the U.S. Army Europe-led exercise Saber Strike 2018.

The U.S. 2d Cavalry Regiment is rolling through small towns in the Czech Republic, on their way to Lithuania for Saber Strike 2018.

The U.S. deployed 28 F-16 jets to the exercise.

Simultaneously, Lithuania’s defense ministry announced the start of the country’s largest-ever war drill, dubbed “Thunder Storm”, with more than 9,000 troops.

Meanwhile, Russia has once again expressed concerns about NATO’s colossal war drill next to its borders. Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday that Moscow is closely observing NATO’s exercise and is taking precautionary measures to ensure Russia’s safety. As he emphasized, “Moscow always closely tracks all NATO maneuvers, especially those drills that have a certain degree of proximity to our borders.”

“Naturally, all the relevant ministries have taken all the required measures to ensure our country’s security amid such maneuvers,” Peskov stressed.

Russia has traditionally criticized NATO for performing military drills in immediate proximity to Russian broders, as well as the ongoing army buildup. Speaking at the Munich Security Conference in February, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov explained that “nothing NATO is doing right now is increasing anyone’s security.

Meanwhile, tensions between Moscow and NATO could escalated further as NATO prepares to increase troop reserves even more. Citing diplomatic sources in Brussels, Die Welt reported that NATO is preparing to deploy a 30,000-strong reserve force, plus hundreds of warplanes and vessels for quick deployment in the event of an invasion by Russia.

The report which was quoted by Sputnik said the reserve force would be added to the 20,000-strong NATO response force in Europe, which can be deployed within a month.

According to Die Welt, Washington is reportedly behind the increased military buildup with Germany assigned a “leading role in the creation of new combat formation." The German publication also said NATO wants to improve its “combat mobility” by rapidly transporting tanks and heavy machinery to hot zones around the Russian border.

As usual, the only question worth asking here is "what will Russia’s response be"?


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And at least 30-50 other suspected logins, slowly being “upgraded” to the list of infamy.

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Goin' home, late last night
Suddenly, I got a fright
Yeah, I looked at a TV and surprised what I saw
Fairies with boots marching through Latvia
Alright, now!

Yeah, fairies wear boots and you gotta believe me
Yeah I saw it, I saw it, I tell you no lies
Yeah, fairies wear boots and you gotta believe me
I saw it, I saw it with my own two eyes
Alright, now!

At the NATO parade in Narva, Estonia, a spectator waves the Russian flag and sings the anthem of the USSR.

Czech war veteran in dress uniform came to "welcome" US military convoy during its transit of Vyskov. Towards the passing convoy several times showed his bare ass. Later the police arrested him.

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So true. If Russia really feels threatened (which the should since the military threat on their border is by land, sea and air and includes economic warfare in the form of sanctions as well) they will respond asymmetrically with tactical nukes. They can't possibly match the US/NATO tank for tank, bullet for bullet.


Likely this will escalate to strategic weapons... and then it's over for just about everyone.

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Russia doesn't have to go "tank for tank".


And they do have some pretty nifty antitank weapons.


Anyhow, Russia can smash into Eastern Europe and take it. And if USNATO so much as touched the Russian Motherland, it will unleash holy hell.


Shit! The CIA just whispered into my head, "The Russian soldiers are just a bunch of Vodka drunks with Soviet era weapons."

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Though you will never hear it in the MSM or within the govt. Negev in Dimona gets hit with thousands of attempted hacks every week. At some point a bunch of kids knocking back Mountain Dews and shrooming are going to get one of those codes to bite. I dream every night of waking up to a headline that reads "Jerusalem is now a 100 mile wide smoking hole"!!

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This is a smoke screen...EU members like Germany/France/Belgium/Netherlands/Sweden, know the real threat is within their bullshit "mywayorthehighway" union. The impending collapse as members throughout the Eastern EU and Italy eventually exit, (who cares what the hopeless Brits do)... plus the Muslim immigrant contagion = the Brussel Pin Head's unavoidable FUBAR moment. That is the real threat.

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hmmm. By invading parts of Europe, Crimea by military force and taking it from Ukraine. they started war in Ukraine on two fronts and are still activly arming and helping . And dont give me BS about how Crimea is Russian from like always cause at that moment you can be sure it was by all international laws Ukrainian. And btw there is no living Russian that doesn't hate USA and wish it burn. SO i dont understand where this zerohedge Russia love comes from. I guess Russian trolls.

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Let’s see. US troop strength in Europe is down 75% in the past 25 years. Where the were 300,000 troops there are now 60,000 anywhere near Russia’s borders. At the same time, Russia has invaded Ukraine and Crimea, with Putin stating there “is no Ukraine, only Russia” denying even the existence of a sovereign state.

Putin’s adoption of Ilyin’s mindgames is transparent. To place blame for the utter failure to produce prosperity, growth, freedom or ant semblance of democracy, Putin engages in the rhetoric of fascism. It is the “other” the outsider, the degenerate forces who he must always claim are the perpetual threat to “his” nation who are to blame. His speeches express it, as his buttboy Medveydev put it, the opposition are “cocksucking sheep” - the homosexual west seeking to violate the pure body of virginal, perfect mother Russia.

And yet, no western power would dream of invading Russia, or even attacking her. It is not until Putin denies the existence of borders, claims all is Russia that any threat arises. So, NATO’s defensive exercises are characterized as “provocations” when they are meant as expressions of solidarity against the threat of RUSSIAN invasion. Always cast the outsider as threat, to distract while you conduct fraudulent elections, become President for Life, steal hundreds of billions for your elite clan of oligarch barons, denying the existence of individuals, so there are only vassals who must show obeisance through the meaningless ritual of “voting” in elections that make African warlords look like Thomas Jefferson.

Let the trolls roll!

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And... thereeee it is!

The classic Russian statement:

”The vassal states WANT us there. They LOVE us.”

That is why they took their leave in the first place.

Please, do you guys think anyone actually believes or gives a crap about your propaganda any more. “97% of Crimeans.” Yes, and Vlad got 80% of the vote! Of course, 148% of the population voted in most provinces! LMFAO. 

You get to take what you want because you have bigger stronger military. But that doesn’t mean anyone BELIEVES your bullshit.

Why, why why does Vlad state what he is going to do explicitly, and then when he does it, DENY that he just did it? Is it because the Russian people are sheep? 

When Trump wants to visit our Georgia, he doesn’t need an invasion force to precede him. When Vlad goes to yours, he does.


Nuf said.

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And so Vlad took the jewel, Crimea, for it's strategic location. So what? Why hasn't he taken Kiev, or any of the Baltic shitholes. Oh, wait, I know. There's nothing fucking there except for assholes like you. Flea-ridden, poverty slavs waiting for the gallant west to save them. Fuck you. The balts and Eastern Euros don't have shit: no hydrocarbs, no minerals, no gold, no silver, no rare earths, no coal, no natty, not jack fucking squat. Yeah, the land would be a small plus to have if there weren't a bunch of useless human beings on it. So you have to create a villain, like the 55 year-old hag who's always pursued by stalkers and rapists. Yeah, right!

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