US Ambassador To Serbia: If You Want Peace, Give Kosovo Islamists Their Own State

Authored by Aleksandar Pavic via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

On May 29th, a group of Serbs displaced from the Kosovo village of Petrich by Albanian violence attempted to visit the remains of the demolished village church and the village cemetery to mark Holy Trinity holiday (according to the Julian calendar). However, as is usual in most of NATO-occupied Kosovo, they were met by a violent Albanian mob who blocked the road leading to the church and hurled stones at them, injuring three, one seriously. In addition, another Serb participating in a holiday ritual was arrested inside the church yard by Kosovo Albanian police on dubious charges, only to be released a few hours later.

Marko Djurich, Director of the Serbian Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija, condemned this latest act of violence, referring to it as “anti-civilizational,” charging that displaced Kosovo Serbs have been “systematically prevented from marking Christian holidays in their villages” for years and that Albanian extremists “want to completely eradicate and suppress every memory related to the Serb existence” in that part of Serbia’s breakaway province.

Dalibor Jevtich, one of the Serbs still living in Kosovo who has tried to work with the majority Albanian authorities, but who recently resigned as Kosovo Minister for Communities and Return, reacted similarly:

“This is not just preventing the displaced from visiting the church and to preach their faith, this is a blockade of everything we are trying to do in terms of the return and survival of Serbs in Kosovo,” said Jevtich Just a day before, a clinic in the Serbian village of Suvi Do was stoned as well, with several windows being broken. Director of the Kosovska Mitrovica medical center, Dr. Milan Ivanovich, said that this was not the first time that the clinic had been attacked.

“The surgery in the village of Suvi Do was stoned twice in 24 hours and before that scores of times,” he said, adding that the purpose of the stoning was to demonstrate that Albanians “do not want to co-exist with Serbs,” and that Kosovo government institutions “have shown no will to prevent similar attacks or find the perpetrators.”

Earlier in May, the 14th century Serbian Orthodox Dechani Monastery, the endowment of Serbian King Stefan Urosh III (1322-1331), was imperiled by an illegal road being built by the so-called Kosovo government. According to a communique of the Diocese of Rashka and Prizren of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the government initiated illegal construction works on the transit road within the Special protected zone around the Monastery, which is “severely prohibited by the Law on Special protected zones which was adopted by Kosovo Parliament.” However, as the Monastery is on the UNESCO List of World Heritage in Danger, enough dust was raised to force the government to back down and “suspend” the roadworks. Still, that seems like nothing more than a temporary reprieve, as majority Muslim Albanian pressure on the remaining Orthodox Christian population and its holy sites shows no prospects of abating. Fr. Sava Janjich, Abbot of the Dechani Monastery, has concluded as much, posting a photo of the monastery’s walls topped by barbed wire on his Twitter page, “which says more than many words.” Indeed, practically all Christian holy sites in NATO and EU supervised Kosovo still need protection from attack, after almost 20 years of presence and billions spent by these two Western military and political blocs.

In fact, since tens of thousands of NATO troops arrived in Serbia’s southern Kosovo province in June 1999, following NATO’s illegal bombing of Serbia and Montenegro (at that time known as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), on the basis of UN Security Council Resolution 1244, the lot of the local Christians – and all non-Albanians for that matter – has grown progressively worse. More than 250.000 of them have been expelled and almost none allowed to return, and over 150 churches, monasteries and holy sites, many of them irreplaceable medieval treasures, have been severely damaged or destroyed. More than 1,000 Serbs have been murdered in this period, but the crimes have gone unpunished.

This, of course, did not deter the U.S. and other “liberal democracy” flag-waivers from recognizing so-called Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence of February 2008, and from pressuring other countries, including Serbia itself, to follow suit. It is no wonder that the culture of impunity has taken such firm hold among Kosovo Albanian politicians and, especially, the Islamists among them. According to a 2016 Deutsche Welle report, 50,000 Kosovo Albanians (out of a population of about 1 million) are now members of “conservative Islamic groups,” with the former relatively liberal form of Islam that had been practiced there for centuries increasingly being replaced by strict forms of the Saudi Wahhabism, and Kosovo Albanian society increasingly shifting to a “religious-ethnic society.” In addition, Kosovo has become the largest per capita supplier of ISIS fighters in Europe. All on NATO’s and the EU’s watch. Democracy at its finest on display.

However, all is not lost: this horrible reality could, apparently, quite easily end, if Serbia were to heed the advice of the U.S. Ambassador to Serbia, one Kyle Scott. This was Scott’s reaction to the stoning of the displaced Serbs mentioned at the beginning of this article:

“Yesterday’s incident in Petric further emphasizes the need for working on an agreement on a comprehensive normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, which must ensure the Serbian population the freedom to participate in the political, social and religious life of Kosovo without fear for their own security,” Scott wrote in his Twitteraccount after the brutal attack on Christian churchgoers.

There it is. No condemnation, no call for mobilization, international action or arrest, and certainly no call for any sort of “humanitarian bombing,” the pathetic, false excuse used by Bill Clinton to attack a sovereign country for 78 days in order to snatch away 15% of its territory and its holiest Christian sites. Instead, according to the U.S. ambassador, Kosovo’s former (?) terrorist leadership and associated Islamist thugs should to be rewarded yet again, through a “comprehensive normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia,” which is State Department newspeak for Serbia acquiescing to so-called Kosovo’s formal independence through diplomatic recognition and consent for Kosovo’s being granted a seat in the UN.

In other words, following the American ambassador’s logic (sic!), the anti-Serbian and anti-Christian violence in Kosovo is perfectly understandable and expected, and the only cure is to reward the perpetrators – with formal recognition of statehood. That would, naturally, be followed by the formation of a real army, something that Western governments, (naturally) led by the U.S., have been quietly aiding and abetting for years, thus violating UN SC Resolution 1244, which, among other things, provides for “demilitarizing the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and other armed Kosovo Albanian groups.” If armed former terrorists and present future Islamists don’t bring peace to the Balkans – nothing will! Since the Syrian recipe has worked so well, let’s apply it to the Balkans. Or is it that the Balkan recipe was (un)successfully applied in Syria… Either way, the master chef sits in Washington.

Memo to Mike Pompeo, the “very devout Christian” now in charge of the U.S. Department of State, with several questions:

1. Is it your State Department’s policy to continue to reward violent Islamist violence against Christian peoples and holy sites?

2. Is this a new interpretation of Christianity, unknown to the rest of fallen humanity?

3. How is your Kosovo and general Balkans policy different from that of the Clintons, who spearheaded the destabilization and Islamization of the region during the 1990s?


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Another provocation for Russia.  Don't mess with their cousins the Serbs.  

So what happens?  ZOG deliberately messes with them.

fleur de lis boattrash Tue, 06/05/2018 - 09:25 Permalink

The Albanians are probably the most culturally stunted indigenous group roaming Europe.

They never had any right to Kosovo, they only got it because their DC pimps needed a transit point for narcotics out of Afghanistan.

The Albanians are cut in on the racket and have a flourishing drug business that is destroying any European city where they nest.

Despite their quaint appearances their is an undercurrent of violence which makes them valuable to Swamp dwellers.

During the Balkan war, they captured and killed Serbs for the organ trade.

They smuggle humans, weapons, organs, drugs, etc., anywhere there is a deal to be made.

In the end they have no loyalty but to their own.

The Swamp dwellers think they have the Albanians managed but they don't -- it is the opposite.

The Albanians allow the Swamp dwellers to think they are the bosses because it serves their purposes of consolidating local power.

When the Swamp dwellers eventually become annoying the Albanians will turn on them like vipers before they have time to react.

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Max UK fleur de lis Tue, 06/05/2018 - 09:40 Permalink

@ fleur,

I don't think the swamp is too worried about that. It is a marriage of convenience that has a long way to run. 

The point is, like another well known tribe, so I am told, they cannot thrive within their own land, because they are a parasite that needs a host. Albanians cannot thrive selling weapons, human organs, drugs, human slaves and mafia hits to themselves, they need paying customers. That'll be our kids, transplant clinics in Tel Aviv, and so on.

All parasitic cultures will continue to do very well, until the host wakes up. Looking at Sweden, what are the hopes of that?

This isn't just about winning or losing, it's about being on the right side; humanity vs criminality.

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fleur de lis Max UK Tue, 06/05/2018 - 21:02 Permalink

Agree that the Swampites and Kosovo hoodlums are part of the same bordello.

But since they are so cooperative with the Swamp they are allowed to commit all kinds of crimes with no fear of being rolled up.

They organize around vices and torment whatever population gets stuck with them.

Yes, there are many who simply want to form good lives and advance themselves, but there are too many of the savages tying up police resources. 

But as long as they cooperate with the Swamp dwellers they are safe.

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Fleur de lis, paranoid much? haha

Get a little perspective my man, 

Isn't Kosovo still 90% populated with folks of Albanian heritage? Tito during ex-Yugoslavia failed miserably at integrating them into Serbian society. He forced only Serbian language in schools to disseminate their tradition and as a reaction Kosovars refused to send their kids there. So i give you the stunted growth, it was self inflicted from pride and hate. No wonder you see many young of them roaming Europe working in the black market and worse. What recourse does a youth have without education and prospects. 

You give Albanians too much credit and there's a high possiblity you are right about Albania being a jumping pad for drug trafficking. A friend recently visited there and said most ppl worked 9am-2pm and all the cafe's and bars were full. An apt in a decent part of the capital but not immediate center is going for 200k for a 3bed2bath new with a $50 monthly tax as the only expense after lol.
That's higher then Florida prices, but without the benefit of a nice paying job. Most ppl make $500-900/month not sure where the money is coming from to eat out. Maybe immigration sending money back? or maybe you are right, could be drugs.

Anyway why are you worried about 2 million Kosovars and 3 million Albanians? At least Albanians from within the borders are not religious, 50 years under communism took care of that and Europe has much bigger issues.
Trump is about to f@#k European Union hard.

The the main economies holding that abomination you call EU together are falling appart.
England already turned its back on you. France has been importing North African Muslims for ages to fill their low birth rates.
As for Germany, worse demographics in all of EU, no surprise you have a million Syrians coincidentally vacationing in Europe as i type this, all at the same time, go figure the luck. Also Germany happens to export half its GDP. Do you know what happens to a country during trade wars when you depend on others to buy your sh@t?
Last time Germany had double digit unemployment we learned fun new words like "blitzkrieg". 
Anyway, Europe is about to feel depleted worse then a two dollar whore when navy comes to town.

Two million indigenous Albanians should be the least of your worries.

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USSA, the anglozionazi empire of carnage has recreated a mad dog I$I$ human organ snatching shithole in the middle of Urupp that looks more and more like the abomination in occupied, apartheid Palestine aka (jew only state of Israhell) by the day. Whatever USSA touches turns to shit and the Europeons haven't even grasped the tragedy that awaits them.…

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Max UK Antifaschistische Tue, 06/05/2018 - 07:00 Permalink

They don't need to go that far.

Next door is their own country, Albania. Most of them were either born there, or their parents were. Most are also citizens of Macedonia and Albania anyway; they vote wherever they can, to secure greater political representation. Half the young males are now effectively expats, selling drugs on Europe's streets.

The alleged size of Kosovo's Albanian population is largely due to migration under Tito who let them in, for the same reason that Democrats want to open the borders, they will be Dem voters, with special rights. 

However, once in, their demands just kept growing, and now (with the help of ZATO) Albanians stole an entire region from the host country. Any indigenous Christians who complained, were beaten or killed, and the host Christian country was bombed by ZATO for daring to complain.

The lesson here is stark; it is not about the intentions of migrants per se, but the intentions of our imperial masters, who always used divide and conquer to attack any group capable of standing up to them. 'Diversification' is their means of machination. It matters not the arguably sincere motives of the majority of migrants; they bring with them the means for Zog to pull levers.

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I would just like to add that Blair was the prime minister responsible for this.

Additionally,  the muzzie Albanians started attacking the Serbs in Kosovo once their numbers grew large enough. No one paid any attention to it. Only after Serbia sent in additional resources there to deal with the problem did NATO get outraged and attacked Serbia.

I guarantee that if one could dig deeper they would find MI6 filthy fingerprints all over the affair.  They were probably down in Kosovo, "advising" the Albanians. 


As a side note, I know someone whose ex-husband got attacked by a horde of Albanians in Croatia and put in a hospital.  They were running some sort of a small time extortion scam. A muzzie woman walked into him in the market and that cause her bag of groceries to dump onto the street.

She demanded that he pay her.  When he refused, she maced him and once blinded about 6 men attacked and beat him severely,  breaking bones and injuring him to the point that the police said that they were trying to kill him. Then police refused to do anything about it. Apparently the Croatian police are either corrupt or a bunch of treasonous cunts. He was going to pursue it further but was warned to dropped it as the Albanian mob would probably kill him. He dropped it.

I did not know Croats were such pussies.

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bahian BarkingCat Tue, 06/05/2018 - 10:31 Permalink

The Croats were not pussies when it came to kicking out the Serbs from the Krajina and the other Serb enclaves to the north. I never understood why Milosevic did not annex the Serbian areas of Bosnia and Croatia and send the Serbian army to defend them. Now these Serbs who lived in Croatia are refugees. Today, Serbia has to absorb Kosovan-Serb refugees as well. Milo could have cut a deal with Zagreb to put Croats in Croatia and Serbs in Serbia and join forces against the muzzies. I voted for Dole in 96 principally cause i was furious with the Clinton/Nato beat up on Serbia policy, while the others (Croats, Muslims etc) were ethnic cleansing as well. 

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Serbs had the NATO pistol pressed against their head from the start. Any suggestion that they had options as such, isn't right.

NATO had enough muscle to get what they wanted much sooner and easier than they did, but by that route, there was not enough chaos and blood for the liking of (((whoever))) is really in charge. On that note, does anybody remember, that the 1990's was saturation coverage of the Balkans in the MSM? It was a purposely and luridly prolonged saga, to hide whatever the other hand of our masters was doing. 

Croats did jack shit to kick out the Serbs. NATO was right behind the Croats, politically, economically and militarily. It was more like a hurried evacuation, for a multitude of reasons, and the Croats ran in to fill the vacuum proclaiming some kind of military victory, when it was a political one delivered by their backers, and nothing more. 

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Max please cut the crap.

You look down on Albanians, but look at the condition Europe is in. Some Albanians bad seeds might be pushing drugs but young Italians are now migrants in UK/Germany flipping pizzas and serving coffee, I see a lot higher numbers of Brits and Germans here in the US migrating for work, driving Uber (danke for the lift =)  And no one is in their own country to try to make it better.

France has imported so many Muslims throughout the last decade, they even made it illegal to create and census statistics to check ethnicity. Germany is going to absorb all those Syrians to inflate their population and probably destroy their culture as we know it. UK dodged a bullet by passing Brexit but only if it does a hard brexit. Maybe Theresa may not pull through tho. Maybe she gonna get as soft as I do when I see that smile on those brit chicks, those teeth, please do something about it, for the love of god ...floss

Oh and Albanians are more racist then most Europeans. Do you see migrants going there? Absolutely not, because Albania does not provide welfare for refugees. I'm assuming you are from the UK. Maybe you guys should be more like Albania... huh. Try it.

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parts Max UK Wed, 06/06/2018 - 21:25 Permalink

My point is you're delusional. The example in the article of dirty Albanians imposing unfairly on the holy Serbians is bull crap.
One could come up with similar examples of the opposite. its this type of hate that has kept the Balkans suppressed economically for ages. Kosovars are too muslim even for Native Albanians. So don't go spewing your hate on everyone. You just show your own ignorance. You should learn the history and background of the cultures if you are going to comment on it. 

My family is Catholic Albanian, we were a minority but nothing bad ever happens to my relatives in Albania. Before the Ottoman empire most Albanians were Catholic. Of course that changed. And before that most of that area was called Illyria. To claim that Albanians immigrated in Yugoslavia and took over the land is idiotic. You can't have 90% Albanian heritage in a region and claim they relocated there. How dumb do you assume the readers here are? 

You sound like Wasp Americans here in NYC when Italians came fresh from the boat.. Dirty Italian Mafia boo hoo hoo. Before the ginnies, you had complains of the Irish. 

Grow up dude. Once you realise that its your government officials fucking you over. You'll feel a lot more relaxed.
How you enjoying your taxes? NHS giving you a good return on your forced investments lol??  Idiot.

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Max UK parts Thu, 06/07/2018 - 11:15 Permalink

Don't put words in my mouth.

My objections to Albanian culture is not their religion, but their territorial expansionism, and their deeply embedded tendency to CRIMINALITY. 

Who outside of Albania wants to live in Albania? Nobody, literally nobody.  

One last thing; an Albanian population explosion in Kosovo is not 'Heritage.' That's a word for you to look up. Heritage will be all those Serbian Orthodox churches that you are all busy trying to blow up. 

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parts Max UK Wed, 06/06/2018 - 21:40 Permalink

And if you want to stay on topic. Max

The statement by US ambassador is meant to foster EU division. 

The US has nothing to gain from a United Europe, and neither does Russia. So you EU will eventually break apart.
Its not an Israel and Jewy conspiracy or Albanian for that matter. Its pure geo-political will of the two nuclear powers.
And in many respects, the EU can't unite. Different cultures collide. 
UK/GER/FRANCE have benefited by Euro while the SOUTH EU is in a deeper DEPRESSION then the US was in the early 1900s

You need context sir, and im' tired of giving clues to you. go do your own research. 
Also, if you gonna complain about Albanians selling drugs in Europe, why don't you look inwardly at your culture and questions why and who's buying them???

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Max UK parts Thu, 06/07/2018 - 11:09 Permalink

Too much crap to respond to, but your last comment was just gold.

"Also, if you gonna complain about Albanians selling drugs in Europe, why don't you look inwardly at your culture and questions why and who's buying them???"

Are you just being an apologist there, for your narco state, or are you even going further, and showing pride in your ability to meet 'market forces'? 

What a comment. Unbelievable.

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Remember the Serbia war where America intervened to protect Muslims?  Yeah, that was awesome.  Go to 3 months, 1 day in.  There's a chick who lifts her burka over her face in thanks.


Seriously.  But then they stoned her, but still.  Pretty awesome.