France’s "Fake News" Law Will Be Used To Silence Critics, Win Elections

Submitted by Intellihub

There is arguably one main reason a law would be put into place to stifle so-called "fake news" and that is so the real purveyors of fake news, like CNN, can continue to push theirs according to critics of what is happening right now in France.

The people at the top of the pyramid who are actually running the entire show appear to have it all figured out: in a world where down is up and up is down fake news appears almost everywhere but the real fact of the matter is that most of it comes from mainstream sources, like CNN. So I have to ask: Will the new laws be used to crackdown on sources like CNN that publish garbage or will the powers-that-be let agencies like CNN roll with whatever smut they like while other smaller outlets get targeted over "fake news"? Will the powers-that-be use the law as a weapon to remove controversial reports?

French AFP reports:

France is the latest country attempting to fight the scourge of fake news with legislation — but opponents say the law won’t work and could even be used to silence critics.

The draft law, designed to stop what the government calls “manipulation of information” in the run-up to elections, will be debated in parliament Thursday with a view to it being put into action during next year’s European parliamentary polls.

The idea for the bill came straight from President Emmanuel Macron, who was himself targeted during his 2017 campaign by online rumors that he was gay and had a secret bank account in the Bahamas.

Under the law, French authorities would be able to immediately halt the publication of information deemed to be false ahead of elections.

Absent some dramatic last minute reversal, it looks like French information will soon be fully controlled. The question is how long until this Orwellian trend is adopted in America as the "establishment" tightens its restraints on the general populace.



I Am Jack's Ma… NoDebt Tue, 06/05/2018 - 09:32 Permalink

Effectively, doesn’t the ADL now get go decide what’s ‘fake or hate’ on Farcebook and Google?

Fake or hate....  hmmm.

How much does the ADL really fear fake news or the unhinged ranting of Stormfags?


Now, how much do they fear truths?


Same in France.  In France, where we have ADL and AIPAC they have CRIF

This is about 9 minutes, worth watching when you have the time:


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bshirley1968 JRobby Tue, 06/05/2018 - 10:19 Permalink

In my "circle" the biggest promoters of the "fake news" meme are Trumptards. It was Trump that made the phrase famous and it was he that uses it to label anything that makes him look bad as "fake". Tell a Trumptard something they don't want to hear or like and they immediately scream, "FAKE NEWS!" Trump revealed his strategy to Leslie Stahl here.…

I don't need the government or their Ministry of Truth telling me what is real and what is fake. We all know how that works. "Fake News" is being used by the "right" to set precedence on free speech. Then the left comes in and takes it to the goal line. Two teams moving the ball in the same direction.

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FBaggins bshirley1968 Tue, 06/05/2018 - 11:06 Permalink

The people controlling things always have their stooges working both sides of the barriers. They create divisions to keep people fighting each other, polarizing and deflecting attention away from themselves, and they always profit from the conflicts they create. It is called "divide and conquer". The world was kept divided for about 100 years over the conflict between two "isms" which were created and controlled by the same ruling oligarchs of the West - communism vrs. capitalism. It is no accident that the Rothschild's fostered the work of Karl Marx in England after he was booted out of Germany. The attempted communist revolution of 1905 in Russia was supported and directed by the same cabal which started the successful one in 1917. Mao was educated at Yale. The bankster-controlled West (the US) betrayed Chiang Kai Shek to ensure Mao took power. Right now the ordinary people in the middle, populists, are waking up, and the establishment does not like it.


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A child in the crowd yells out, "Look! The Emperor has no clothes."  The people begin to wake up from their media-induced trance and say, "Oh my God! The kid is right. The Emperor is completely nude and what an ugly bugger he is." The Emperor is greatly embarrassed and ministers yell out orders, "Arrest that kid." Alas, it is too late. Too many people in the crowd have seen the Emperor and all his retinue as they truly are. The Emperor and his supporters are thrown out of the kingdom and the people live happily ever after. The end.  

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el buitre Adolfsteinbergovitch Tue, 06/05/2018 - 09:56 Permalink

I see the increasing tendency toward totalitarian media control by the western pseudo republics as a positive sign.  More and more people are taking the red pill and the Cabal is increasingly losing the narrative.  The Owners are so few in number compared to the population that the only way they can maintain their power is through controlling the perceptions of reality of the masses.  Since their traditional methods such as the CIA's Project Mockingbird are rapidly losing effectiveness as to the choice that many people choose to inform themselves, they are now being forced as a last resort to use legal control and the threat of imprisonment to control the narrative under the guise of "fake news" and "hate speech."  Of course it is the Owners who are emitting constant fake news, but this is a traditional Orwellian strategy.  Freedom is Slavery, War is Peace, etc.  In the end this always backfires.

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