Mass-Migration Should Be Accepted By Western Nations, UN SecGen

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UN member states should prepare for great migratory movements, said UN Secretary General António Guterres on 11th of January 2018 during the presentation of the report on the management of migration processes. And this is not a joke: The UN, led by António Guterres, wants to manage and influence migration. All this, of course, is dressed up in pretty words about the need to provide humanitarian aid, and also justified by the benefits that resettlement of the population is to give to the economies of particular countries. However, in fact, this means only one thing: Europe and the entire Western World must prepare for the flood of Africans.

Currently, nearly 1,3 billion people live in Africa, and by the end of this century there will be 350% more, or 4,4 billion.1) It is obvious that the continent, whose inhabitants are not able to feed themselves, let alone achieve an adequate level of urbanization and industrialization, cannot cope with such a sharp demographic increase. The UN therefore came up with the idea of resettling Africans to Europe and highly developed countries on other continents.

At the end of 2016, just after his election as UN Secretary General, António Guterres said: “We must convince Europeans that migration is inevitable and that multiethnic and multireligious societies create wealth”.2) It can be assumed here that the goal set by the former UN commissioner for refugees (A. Gutters served this function from June to December 2015), is to promote migration, give it a legal framework and manage it globally.

The first major step towards formalization of this phenomenon was the creation of the “Making Migration Work for All” report, which says in no uncertain terms that nation-states are to cease to exist. The document says that migration would be beneficial to everyone. And it is beneficial… to migrants alone (who apart from being accommodated in apartments live on undeserved entitlements) rather than to the average European who has to work to make a living for himself and his family, pay for his home and, additionally, provide for millions more newcomers.

The position expressed by Gutters during the presentation of this report makes our hair stand on end.3) The analysis of the speech of the UN secretary implies a simple conclusion: migration will still be bigger, we (UN) will manage it, and you (Western countries and societies) have to adapt:

„The fundamental challenge is to maximize the benefits of this orderly, productive form of migration while stamping out the abuses and prejudice that make life hell for a minority of migrants.”


„States need to strengthen the rule of law underpinning how they manage and protect migrants — for the benefit of their economies, their societies and migrants themselves.”

The propaganda statement that migration brings social and economic benefits has become so deeply rooted in the media and political rhetoric that some people have begun to believe in it. It is a pity that theses statements are not supported by any calculations or analyses.

„Migration is a positive global phenomenon. It powers economic growth, reduces inequalities, connects diverse societies and helps us ride the demographic waves of population growth and decline.”

According to a research4) conducted by the Hungarian Századvég foundation, mass migration is perceived by the citizens of all 28 European Union countries as a threat to the EU economy, the heritage of the member states and the presence of Third World aliens is believed to undermine security. The vast majority, as many as 68%, are afraid of the inflow of migrants from North Africa. For 70% of the inhabitants of the Old Continent, the growing number of Muslims is a serious threat, while only 8% say that this issue is not a problem. Citizens of European countries are afraid of increased crime and subsequent terrorist attacks. More than half of the pollees think that immigrants come to Europe mainly for economic reasons, that is, they are attracted by a high level of social benefits. 57% of respondents believe that the influx of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East will change the culture of their country, and 73% state that financial support for migrants will be a serious burden on state budgets. 61% believe that the influx of people from the Third World will weaken the EU economy.

Negative processes accompanying the resettlement of people were, however, completely ignored by the UN and transferred to countries which are not able to cope with this phenomenon:

„Migration (…), which powers economic growth, reduces inequalities, connects diverse societies (…) remains poorly managed.”


„The best way to end the stigma of illegality and abuse around migrants is, in fact, for Governments to put in place more legal pathways for migration.”

The report completely distorts the nature of threats to Western civilization, and also underestimates the importance of homogeneity, rejecting entirely the advantage that national states offer. The United Nations points out that shrinking populations is a danger for Europe, and Antonio Guterres suggests that the demographic collapse can be remedied by resettling the population surplus from Africa. By the end of this century, the number of indigenous Europeans will amount to fewer than a quarter of a billion, whereas there will be almost 4.4 billion Africans. The host society, according to the UN Secretary General, has no right to think that migrations are a negative phenomenon:

„It can be seen, too, in the political impact of public perception that wrongly sees migration as out of control. The consequences include increased mistrust and policies aimed more at stopping than facilitating human movement.”

Also, the International Migration Organization, which participated in the work on this report, states on its Twitter account that „Migration is inevitable, desirable and necessary”.5) The question arises: who wants migration and who thinks it is necessary? Certainly not the inhabitants of the countries to which the alleged refugees are streaming.

The report states that:

  • migration is inevitable, therefore it must be properly organized and the UN provides guidance on how to manage it;
  • nation states must adapt to the admission of migrants in accordance with the guidelines;
  • the societies of developed countries must become accustomed to having their countries flooded with masses of migrants.

The powers that be are trying to convince us of the alleged benefits of mass migration and the resettlement of Africans into Europe. Reality contradicts wishful thinking. Increasingly, citizens of host countries are afraid to leave their homes not to mention that an increased part of their earnings, is used to provide for the newcomers. We have also come to the point where negation of positive aspects of migration is regarded as racism and xenophobia, and to the fact that if someone wants to live in a one-nation state, he is labelled as a nationalist, with the word being unjustifiably negatively charged.

A mass inflow of the so-called “refugees” on the Old Continent is not perceived by its inhabitants as a phenomenon that h culturally enriches and will also have a positive impact on the economy. However, global organizations do not take this into account and enforce their own plan to create a nationally and religiously heterogeneous society, where tradition and cultural identity are not desirable. António Guterres and the UN better know what is good for western nations, ignoring the data presented by many organizations, including the Gefira Foundation, which underline a number of negative phenomena caused by the mass flooding of Europe by Third World populations.


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Mass-Migration Should Be Accepted………

Nurture vs. Nature.

What could possible go wrong?

Dolph: When I speak about race I am merely mentioning the unmentionable, and tying it in with collapse.
Here in the United States, for example, we are already seeing more white Americans coalescing around their favored tropes (corporatism, white American men rule the world, etc.) as a result to decline, influx of competitive immigrants, and the fact that they just can’t put blacks down anymore. White Americans reliably side with the devil they know, their corporate masters, rather than outsiders. They really do think a billionaire real estate man is going to deport immigrants and bring back jobs which will make them all rich like him!

There are simply no words for such widespread delusion.

Moreover, anyone with two eyes can see how financially and culturally successful the hebrews have become, and history does show that no society survives such concentration of Hebraic power.

What’s my point? My point is that race is a part of collapse. Even forgetting energy for a moment, all of the elements for internal race and class struggle are already present in the United States. Peak oil is just the fuse.


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How did Western governments in sync commit to mass (Islamic?) demographic shifts to the detriment of their indigenous peoples? Kalergi's vision enacted? And this has been going on an awful lot longer that since Merkel gave it a huge shot in the arm a couple of years back. Progressives have been moving the bar for decades.

And when did it all start in earnest, and with co-ordination? The indoctrination of the masses to the extent where they placidly take it up the arse over bullshit like multiculturalism and diversity?

Circa 1985 sound about right? Giving the vermin a decade to infiltrate every sphere of society? By the time Blair came along in the UK in 97 it was in full swing.


Explain much?

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It seems such a coincidence that we would be pushing for depopulation of Western nations while spending billions on saving Africans largely from themselves, ensuring their population is growing off the charts, only to discover... mysteriously, at this late date, that our depopulation combined with progressive public entitlements is bankrupting us, with the only solution the wholesale replacement of our culture and population with that of the prolific if retarded African culture and population.

The coincidence that all these disparate factors would coincide is simply incredible.

Thankfully we have these incredibly smart people looking out for us!

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~... The best way to end the stigma of illegality and abuse around migrants is, in fact, for Governments to put in place more legal pathways for migration.”~

Qui bono? (To whose benefit?)

Certainly not those in countries being overrun by the Muslim horde. Which brings up the next point:

~“We must convince Europeans that migration is inevitable and that multiethnic and multireligious societies create wealth”.~

Apart from the fact that Europe may have already lost the culture war, what this is telling them is that Europeans MUST surrender their culture to that of foreigners. And if "multireligious societies" created wealth, then explain the dire fiscal situations faced by so many European states.

So that part is an obvious lie. The fact that you have Guterres, an avowed Marxist saying it, and then adding that this migration is "inevitable", then one can only conclude that this is about eliminating the rights of ethnic Europeans.

Here's the fly in the ointment. Using Guterres's logic, why is western colonialism in Africa seen as such a bad thing and that such colonialism a "destroyer of African culture"? Is not what is good for the goose not as fine for the gander? Should this not be the survival of the fittest culture?

There you have it, the Marxist's lies laid bare.



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António Guterres, the Secretary General of The United Nations: asshole, let them camp out in your back yard, on YOUR street! Let them live in YOUR fucking house!!

You are the same hypocrite that we have in the ussa who says - let the illegals jump the border and enter the country - just not in my street, not in my neighborhood, not in my house - they go to YOUR fucking house, your neighborhood, your street!!

You and your kind are extreme hypocrites and need to be jailed for your actions - OR stuff all of the "refugees" into your own home. See how YOU like it!

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Ironically, what is necessary is that Trump tell the Zionists to FO and that he actually start colluding with Putin, in order to protect borders and save the real sovereignty of every nation in the world. Otherwise the way things are going migrants, despite how wacky the cultures they come from, will just feel entitled to move in anywhere they want to, overrunning national borders, constitutions, civil rights, properties, and pushing the citizens of the host nations aside, or obliterating them all together.

No doubt to save the US economy, jobs and its integrity as a nation, tariffs are needed to balance trade deficits, and its borders have to be protected.  But the US taking the lead and doing the dirty work for the Anglo-Zionist globalist-end-game to completely control the Levant with continued regime-change operations, and continued efforts to bankrupt and control Russia, only serves the globalist ends of the (Anglo-Zio) Western bankster cabal and the multinationals pulling the strings.

In this link we see interesting and helpful comments, but there has to be some alternative to globalism and the insane movement for more centralized government control to deconstruct the integrity and sel-determination of nations. The only real alternative to UN Agendas 2021 and 2030, to the insidious Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, to cultural Marxism, and to every other crazy scheme afoot for foreign cultures to wipe out Western civilization, is a sovereignty movement where international laws protect all nations including weaker ones from foreign exploitation and encroachment, and that the UN is used mainly to ensure that backward nations are given assistance to become more enlightened, self-sufficient, and responsible, and not a sense of entitlement just because they are poor or backward. In such a climate of security and peace, charity can do the rest.


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Exactly, bigkahuna.  Why doesn't ol' Antonio let his daughter(s) (if he has any) walk freely throughout Europe?  Hell, Tony, your daughters qualify for rape and degradation just as much as any other European freakin' asshole.  Maybe we can get Tony to walk those streets in case any of the immigrant morons would like to use a broom handle as they physically assert their "religious rights."

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it's like telling you  - you must accept (in your house) 8 Africans you have never met, who don't speak your language, with their 3 wives and 10 kids. Even though you are already unemployed, you hardly make ends meet. 

This kind of fraud and lies only builds on much older forms of psychophatic totalitarian enforcement of fraud: 

you must believe in imaginary masters, that they are coming back to 'save' you  - so just sit there like passive sheep, remain fearful and if you are a real 'christian' - you must believe that the imaginary master will fix all the problems - you just remain slavish, pay us your money and do everything we tell you slave. 

the same masters of fraud/psychopathic 'culture' have invented both these predatory frameworks 


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the only thing that is going to work in upcoming war is bringing back the iron curtain in east europe
to stop the invading armies ("migrants", "refugees") already taking over western europe
(they will be eventually fully armed and form so-called "european army", all this paid for
by idiot taxpayers who voted the zionazis into their governments.
the western europe will be eliminated and turned into third-world shithole euro-caliphate,
with native white population holocausted and raped out of existence)

iron curtain will be established by a ten thousand meter wide border killzone
guarded 24/7 by fully automated miniguns and sniperguns
inside borders, mandatory dna checks and verification to root out the infiltrators and saboteurs,
foreign dna expelled back outside the border

response to any military assaults on the iron curtain will be tactical nuclear strikes
directed at aggressor sources of origin, because this kind of evil recognizes only one thing
and thats an iron fist.

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Well the programming of the population in the UK via programs like On the buses, rising damp and Love thy neighbour, where immigrant people were portrayed as of better class and character to the white actors, that started in the early seventies.

By the early eighties pretty much all corner shops were being run by minorities, whilst my peer group fell over itself to say that anyone who expressed concern was RAYCIIIST!!!

In the mid eighties anyone who was anyone HAD to conspicuously have BLACK FRIENDS, although that didn't really take off as black people as a rule aint that keen to have white friends really when it comes down to it.

In the late eighties / early nineties then you had to have homosexuals in your social circle...

By the mid nineties I had given up making any attempt to be "social", as my experience was that it didn't work well for me at all. A lot of human bonding involves identifying, then vilifying the "freak" and I neither enjoyed being the "freak" nor did I enjoy watching some other poor sod being cast in the role either, let alone feel any need to join in the braying disrespect & bullying which is such an integral part of being in a human social grouping.

Plus the fucking TV/social media/alcohol driven conversations are so FUCKING BANAL they make my feet itch..

I do get sucked into the occasional night out at a pub quiz, as I did the other day, and I watched some poor bloke new to the group trying to say "there's been an abrupt increase in the number brown faces in my neighbourhood, and I don't know what to make of it", but visibly struggling to find the right politically correct words, so as not to be labeled as RAYCIIIIST.. 

Meanwhile the replacement population pours in, as rows of new houses go up on formerly greenbelt and to accomodate the new populations needs, one wonders how they can afford it coming here as they do with nothing to offer. It's a fucking different kettle of fish if you want to move here from a first world country, of indeed if I want to move to a different first world country, THEN (((they))) want to know how many hundreds of thousands of pounds you bring with you...


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I'd say it started a lot earlier bearing in mind that it was a multi-faceted attack. WW 2 was used to demonize Western civilization, our culture, history, Christian religion and racial solidarity. This was waged mainly in 'entertainment', 'news' media and academia. The Frankfurt School brought the whole thing together as a cohesive (but bogus) intellectual framework. Net result we're easy meat now for the globalist nation-wreckers.

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"... increases the population of an area making the indiginious pop. a minority with a new badly educated majority. "

Problem is, there is no need for the indigenous population to become a minority first; problem lies in the 'minority rule': A tiny part of the population actually dictates the course of action, mostly via a handful of vocal/aggressive participants. Gender neutral toilets and not being able to say "merry christmas" anymore are the most obvious examples. 

In my opinion the problems of mass immigration are much worse because the silent majority will not spring into real action (not just some mumbling among friends) until it is too late. As always, taking away a problem is much harder/more expensive than to keep it at bay in the first place. 

A good (and short) piece on the Minority Rule by Taleb:…

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