Merkel Backs Macron's European Army Initiative

German Chancellor Angela Merkel removed one of the biggest barriers to the creation of a European Army on Tuesday when she told a German newspaper that she supported the idea "in principle," according to RT.

"I am in favor of President Macron’s proposal for an intervention initiative," the German chancellor told Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper on Sunday.

The topic has been under discussion since September, when French President Emmanuel Macron laid out his vision for a pan-European "military intervention force" with a shared military budget funded by aggregated tax receipts and supervised by a single finance minister. Macron's vision - which is central to his integrationist message - was similar to a proposal laid out during a speech last summer by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who declared at the time that "soft power alone is not powerful enough."


In his speech, Macron described a European military that could protect the continent by deploying to hotspots around the globe, just like NATO does. But why can't Europe just rely on NATO? Because, as Merkel has pointed out, NATO is de facto controlled by the US, and the US "can no longer be relied on to protect us."

Whatever form it eventually takes, the European defense force must "fit into the structure of defense cooperation," Merkel said.

"However, such an intervention force with a common military-strategic culture must fit into the structure of defense cooperation," she said.

She added that the Bundeswehr "must, in principle, be part of such an initiative," but that it "doesn’t mean that we are to be involved in every mission."

"European defense cooperation is very important. Of the 180 weapon systems that currently co-exist in Europe, we must move to a situation like the United States, which has only about 30 weapons systems," Merkel said.

Until now, talks about creating a defense force have been complicated by Berlin's cautious approach to the initiative. EU leaders signed off on a scaled-down version of Macron's EU Army in December when they signed the harmless-sounding Permanent Structured Cooperation - or PESCO - pact.



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The financial collapse cannot happen soon enough. 

It's interesting though, the world in which we live has inverted. According to the left, which controls the culture and media at the moment -- what is good and wholesome is bigoted and evil and what is degenerate and depraved is valuable and the future. 

I still have the feeling things get much worse before getting better. 

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'the Russians were coming'

They did come and are right now well embedded in all bureaucratic institutions in the US. What your father didn't know (due to US media censorship) was that the Russian Bolshevik Revolution was a Jewish revolution  against Christian Russia by international Jewry and funded by Zionist international bankers such as Jacob Schiff. The Soviet Union was run by Jews and the gulags were Jewish led death camps. Millions of these communists emigrated into America.

But communism into America was done by stealth - Fabian Socialism - by immigration and infiltration into all levels of government, education and by controlling all the media as he who control the media guides the belief system of the citizens.

The Jewish Frankfurt School selected Cultural Marxism as the communist weapon against Christian America and Christian Europe. Destroy all the pillars of the civilization (history, education, Christianity, morals, traditions, family structure etc) All done already. Look at California, at the forefront of this assault.

Its the Diane Fiensteins of the US (using their puppet front the Presidents) who are pushing to disarm the American people so that the next step, a bolshevik style revolution against them and selection of dissenters into FEMA Camps, can commence.

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B.S. Germany committed no genocide - that was just WWII propaganda totally disproved scientifically (necessitating imprisonment in Germany to censor this) but now useful as Ca$h Chamber$ and to deter criticism of genocide against the Palestinian peoples. How's the weather in Tel Aviv by the way? :-

Head of British Psychological Warfare Executive (Propaganda), Victor Cavendish-Bentick in a hand written note, wrote on Aug 27th, 1943,

"We have had a good run for our money with this gas chamber story we have been putting about, but don't we run the risk eventually we are going to be FOUND OUT AND WHEN WE ARE FOUND OUT THE COLLAPSE OF THAT LIE is going to bring the whole of our psychological warfare with it? So isn't it rather time now to let it drift off by itself and concentrate on other lines that we are running."

In Public Record Office Document F0371/34551 (I got this information from the book "Inside the South African Reserve Bank" by Stephen Mitford Goodson)


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I have heard many who profess to the story that the German genocide was BS. I'm 72 and as a young buck had the opportunity to talk to many former German soldiers. Further I had the opportunity to talk to people who had the tattoos that were placed on them when they arrived at the camps. The most revealing conversations were with a former Russian soldier who at 14 years old was conscripted and lasted about 2 minutes in his first battle. He awoke in a German field hospital and was sent to Auschwitz and was used for slave labor until the camp was liberated. He recounted the trains of Jewish people he saw arrive and how they were segregated to work or be immediately gassed. There is no question in my mind that the Germans committed genocide during WW-2

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 "French President Emmanuel Macron laid out his vision for a pan-European "military intervention force" with a shared military budget funded by aggregated tax receipts and supervised by a single finance minister."  Holy shit, Batmman.

Germany with few Eurofighters operational and about the same with the Leopards and France whose last conquest was Libya, a functioning African nation with the best standard of living, with NATOs help.  I am sure the Russians are quaking in their boots. Rather it should be the rest of Europe that is fearing this force, to do what?  Force more immigrants upon them?

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The empire is collapsing at an increasing rate, Turkey should not be allowed to buy military logistics from a country of their liking, neither India, because US wants to maintain its MIC sales monopoly regardless of their product quality. On the other hand these countries are already abandoning petrodollars in oil trade. It does not look so good for US, when "an inferior Chinese technology", presented recently a hypersonic fighter, which MIC´s air superioty F-35 fighter, never is a match with. Long before its "last best before date" 2030 the F- 35 project is already a premonition of F-104, where bribes spred the wings .

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Spend literally five minutes researching what is happening in South Africa.

The conflict is inevitable. You can either intellectually accept it or deny it and abdicate your responsibility to live in reality. 

If there is to be a conflict, I'd have one sooner rather than later? Why? Simple numbers and demographics. 

You all can keep downvoting away.  

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The Blacks in South Africa are given false history using the meme against original White settlers "You stole our land so we can 'take it back' without any compensation".

Ha! S.African communist leaders Julius Malema ADMITS here that BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT NATIVE TO SOUTH AFRICA! They moved in from the north from the Malawi lake region AFTER Whites:

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I've been thinking more in terms of a planetary pogrom to cut them off from the internet.  Take away their ability to squeal and kvetch.   Boycott and sanction all the jews the way they always boycott goyim, until the goyim finally get their way.

Just think how much more enjoyable ZH would be if we didn't constantly have to filter through their never ending lies.

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An EU centralized military will be as efficient as Stalin's centralized economy.  Hopefully its killing efficiency will be closer to the mismanaged US .mil - spray and pray while CO calls in arty seems to be the MO.  Returning to base with unspent ordinance will not get you rank.   

edit: EU force will be brought to bear on active enemy after 20-30 levels of bureaucratic approval including carbon credit cost-benefit analysis and enough other bullshit to allow the "bad guys" to be evacuated or delivered to the target site. 

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Pretty sure Smedley Butler understood the true purpose.....

Bitchez get some copies and spread them around.....War is a Racket and None Dare Call it Conspiracy are goodness.....

War is a Racket-->

None Dare Call it Conspiracy-->


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  Mandatory Military/National Service...The NWO's "Gateway", to Our Enslavement!


Do Not Comply EVER, with Mandatory Military/National Service Draft here in the United States...EVER!!!


Mandatory Military/National service, is the NWO's gateway to Socialism and Enslavement of a population!

This Enslavement is achieved during Basic Training, by Microchipping and Vaccinating the unsuspecting recruits under False Pretenses.


Once Microchipped, the Globalist have microchipping technology, that allows the NWO to both Torture and Murder you, electronically from a distance.


 Vaccinations during Basic Training, allows for your being injected with "Time Bomb" Maladies and illnesses, which will Kill you over time.


Also, your elimination can also be achieved during Basic Training, by transporting you miles away to a FEMA Concentration Camp on the same Military reservation and "Doing Away" with you, if your name comes up on the FBI Death List.


   Do Not Comply!!!

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Europeans didnt kill enough of each other in ww1 and ww2, so next time it really must be bloody.

IMAGINE a Timeline where all over Europe, bankers and bureaucrats, Bilderbergers and billionaires are arrested and tried by militia, and where well-fed, healthy, fighting age men were sent back to their countries to unfuck them.


It’s easy if you try...

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So Merkel supports Macron's idea of a European army "in principal"?  Think about what everyone's reaction would be if Merkel had proposed the idea in the first place.  We'd all immediately assume that Adolph Hitler himself had come to her in a dream to suggest it.  No, this wasn't Macron's idea.  It was hers (here we go again).

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Germany has been under occupation since WWII. Its leaders are treasonous traitors against the German people.

Germany is the most censored nation on earth. The people are not allowed to know that the holohoax has scientifically and historically been disproven and that they have been slandered and lied about since WWII since which there has been a GIANT SUCKING SOUND STEALING THEIR Resources by Isra hell-occupied America who use NATO military useful idiots to continue to control Germany.

ZYKLON B permanently absorbs into the walls and stains BLUE. There is NONE in the rigged ca$h Chamber$. There is PLENTY in the very small clothes de-lousing chambers to SAVE LIVES from the war killer Typhus.

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Imagine that, the Europeans finally are going to pay for their own defense ! And that twit Merkel, whose country is one again only due to the hundreds of billions of dollars the US spent on defending the free part for 50+ years, has the nerve to say that they cannot depend on the US to defend them.

She's a horse's ass, but my guess is that the Americans could not be happier to be rid of that burden. 

The question that now looms is how will the Europeans pay for this new armed force. Their southern flank is on the verge of insolvency, their Central Bank has had to buy up every European bond in sight in order to keep the EU from collapsing economically, and now they claim they can afford to pay for a military to defend themselves ?

This should be quite interesting...when they send the apportionment of the expense to Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece, how long will it be before those countries bail out of the EU ? Will the French and German taxpayers agree to start paying huge sums of their taxes for a military defense ? Or will they just float more bonds for the EU to underwrite and monetize their army with fake money ?

In the 1980s, the US President hoodwinked the Soviets into an arms war that the Bolsheviks could not afford, leading to the dissolution of the Soviet bloc. Is Trump now doing the same to the EU by forcing their hands on defending themselves ? If so, its a masterful play...anyone have any lira or d-marks or French Francs left in their drawers ? They may be useful again soon.

One of these days the Germans are going to wake up and get rid of that battle ax who is doing everything she can to destroy Germany. For a country with such strong economic factors of production, its banking system is a mess...and this is before they figure out how they are going to bail out Deutchebank without it looking like a bailout. Merkel has single-handedly tried to accomplish economically what Germany's military failed to achive in countless wars - the domination of Europe. But after the Greeks called her bluff, she was exposed for the paper tigress that she is. Having not found enough ways to waste German money and destroy any semblance of European economic unity, she wants to build a military the bill for which she undoubtedly will try to pawn off on the other EU countries, of which only the French are stupid enough to bite. Its really becoming comical...

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Your information is Way Off. The US were the criminals who mass murdered ordinary POW German soldiers AFTER the war by deliberate starvation and deprivation of millions of souls.

A picture tells thousands (over one million died in US hands) of stories right HERE:

"BURIED ALIVE SCREAMING IN THE NIGHT: German POW Survivors Describe Eisenhower's Extermination Camps After WWII Had Ended"…

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I posted links to Frontex a few days ago. Not going to post them again. FFS they have a Twatter account, a Google plus account, and a wiki page. These fucks are going to protect Europe? From what? Themselves? It's a joke. Nothing more than glorified security guards.

Take a look at their website and make up your own mind, for once:

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Thats the point. Thats the plan - flood in young male non-White (brown and black) Muslims into all ethnic-European nations, promote interbreeding, allow rape and welfare advantages that encourage them to breed up, first step - carried out now, so that Whites become a minority population in their own ancestral lands.

Set Christian Europeans and Muslims against one another, next step. The Rothschild Zionist international bankers' World Dictatorship always uses the system of 'divide & conquer' to further its ambitious goal. They caused the World Wars (see Benjamin Freedman's "Facts Are Facts" etc free online) and used divide & conquer - White brother against White brother. There is a War Against Whites.

In 1910 the ethnic-European race were 36% of the world population.

In 2018 the ethnic-European race is under 9% of the world population and still falling.


The goyim know!

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The REMAINERS during the BREXIT campaign stated that this European army was a lie told by the LEAVErs.....  Somehow, I don't think that they'll apologise for that lie....