Cambridge Analytica Director Met With Assange To "Discuss US Election"

Just ahead of what would be Alexander Nix's second appearance before the the Commons digital, culture, media and sport (DCMS) select committee, The Guardian reports that a senior executive at Cambridge Analytica had visited Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in person, raising new questions about the connection between the two firms. 

According to the report, which WikiLeaks denies, Brittany Kaiser, who had served as a director at Cambridge until earlier this year, said she had been in close contact with Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange, even traveling to see him inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London and funneling money to Wikileaks' bank accounts using cryptocurrency. 

Brittany Kaiser

Both Cambridge and Wikileaks are already part of Robert Mueller's investigation.

The connection between the two firms wasn't publicly known until October last year, when it was revealed that Cambridge had "reached out" to Assange and Wikileaks and offered to help them index the missing 33,000 Hillary Clinton emails. Assange said in a statement that he had turned down Cambridge's offer.

Kaiser had been a director at the firm until earlier this year. She visited Assange on Feb. 17, 2017 under the pretext of discussing the outcome of the US election, and reportedly referred to Wikileaks as her "favorite charity." Reports about her activities eventually reached investigators, who sought to make it public.

When Kaiser appeared before MPs in April, she acknowledged that some employees at the company had contact with lawyers who also represented Assange. During his first appearance before the committee, Nix had said that "we have no relationship with Wikileaks. We have never spoken to anyone at Wikileaks. We have never done any business with Wikileaks. We have no relationship with them, period."

In fact, Nix said he only attempted to reach out to Assange after hearing about Hillary Clinton's missing emails in the news. Nix said he got in contact with Assange via a speaking agency that represented Wikileaks.

The other side of the coin: 

As journalist Caitlin Johnstone notes, Wikileaks has completely denied this account by "lying war propaganda firm @guardian." 


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I see. Hmmmm, very interesting ...

"Meanwhile, as we noted overnight, Nix faces serious questions from his investors also as they claim he stole over $8 million from the firm before its collapse."

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These stories are starting to get a bit too ridiculous. This, and the other on about Papadopoulos, sound like retarded spy movies/books.


With these types of BS leaks/stories/whatever, being so incredibly unbelievable, no one is going to believe anyone when/if something actually starts to happen to Hussein, Clintons, FB, etc.


Well played, Tribe, well played.

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If they paid a visit to Assange that can only mean they love him... or that they wanted to cross check with his sources about the potential outcome of the election, i.e.: whether they had to switch camps early or not, or contract a life insurance. 

With a warm cup of milk and a blowjob as a payment, they could then pocket these pesky 8mio without anyone noticing anything. 

Stormy bullshit. 

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Brittany: Hi, Julian.
Julian: How’d you get in here?
Brittany: What do you think of my new bra?
Julian: Huh?
Brittany: Let me remove my blouse so you can see it better.
Julian: OK. Yea. Nice bra.
Brittany: Want to touch it.
Julian: OK.
Brittany: Tell me something.
Julian: OK
Brittany: Was Seth Rich your contact for the DNC emails.
Julian: Fuck off bitch!  Get out!

Cambridge Analytica Director Met With Assange To "Discuss US Election"
Brittany Kaiser, who had served as a director at Cambridge until earlier this year, said she had been in close contact with Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange, even traveling to see him inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London




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" The rabbit hole runs deep .. "


Yep.  It sure does my friend.



"Is this a great country or what!?"


Punky & I finally think so.  Ive never felt so good about the prospects of America & being an American before in my entire life.  Never.  Not like I do today.   It's crazy a scene too, isn't it?  I never expected to see anything like this.  Ever.

Thanks Trump!  {smile}  Pam&Punky



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Oh the plot thickens, everything they've accused Trump and the Trump campaign of are the very crimes the Clinton side is guilty of. When do we start building the gallows on the National Mall.

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No one ever discusses the fact that those lost, hacked, stolen, "Seth Riched" Hillary emails would not be a story if Hillary had used the .gov email servers as the law requires. 

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PSYOPS: More Obscure Little People to Blame for the United States Election.

United States Lawyers Expectations for the United States Presidency were not met.

Thomas Jefferson knew Representative Government eventually becomes corrupt; a New Tyranny of Laws/Lawyers is formed. Result:

The United States Government has evolved into
the Corrupt House of Representatives,
the Corrupt U.S. Senate,
the Corrupt U.S. Judicial,
the Corrupt U.S. Military and Corrupt 17 Intelligence Agencies,
the Corrupt U.S. media (except for the 5 Independent newspapers that did support U.S. President Trump),
the Corrupt For Sale Ivy League "there is a tailored study proving. . .for payment . . . " Universities,
the Corrupt Republican Political Party, and
the Corrupt Democrat Political Party.

Representative Government Corrupts; Absolute Representative Governments Corrupts Absolutely.

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"Cambridge Analytica's proprietary Behavioral Microtargeting uses our dataset (up to 5,000 data points on over 240 million Americans) to grow your audience, customers and voter base. I help commercial and political clients use data insights to solve problems and achieve campaign goals."

Her words, not mine.

To surmise, it's not a stretch to assume those Americans who were unaccounted for have been identified and cataloged into the database by now.

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Does anyone remember the various & sundry rabbit holes that opened up during Billy Jeff's reign - on a daily basis as seems to be the case again here?    And does anyone remember what all came of it after (8) years of wasted time and $Taxpayer dollars...?  

It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day drama of this criminal charade, but that in itself one could argue, is part of the overall plan.   Remember this phrase from back then:

- Delay, Deny, Obfuscate.

They have this down to a science.

Call it what you will, but at nearly 2 years into Trump's administration, we are no closer to bringing that Witch and her cadre of evil-doers to justice than on Nov. 8th, 2016.

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"Brittany Kaiser, who had served as a director at Cambridge until earlier this year, said she had been in close contact with Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange, even traveling to see him inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London and FUNNELING MONEY to Wikileaks' bank accounts USING CRYPTOCURRENCY."

Funneling money using cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is the only way to pay wikileaks because the Deep State has disallowed them from being paid the normal way.  Why mention cryptos when that is the case?  The way the article says it hints at attempted secrecy on Kaiser's and Wikileaks's part.

Secondly using the term 'funneling' is also misleading.  It intimates a deeper connection or even criminal conspiracy.  Normally when that turn of phrase is used it is in the context of money laundering and secret payouts for criminal activity.

Omissions matter.  Word choices matter.  This is a steaming pile of propaganda, not so much for what it says, but HOW it says it.

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still no move by those federal officials paid millions, if not billions, of dollars to pursue crimes, against the people of the USA and instead pursue non-crimes that are actually a front for a Israeli influence, nor Russian.

Israeli influence that, no doubt, the islamic world attempted to counteract via the Awan brothers stealing of secrets from deep within, primarily, the DNC, but also deep within the House of Reps and the Senate.

the semitic peoples have been fucking over the US and rather than "cleaning house" (of representatives), the US justice system prefers to stonewall, obfuscate, distract the need of the people for a political system that is free from the interests of foreign (in this case semitic) governments.



noun: Semite; (plural noun: Semites) a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language, including in particular the Jews and Arabs.


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Probably just one of a million attempts at set up.  All they have to do is have somebody give him money or meet him and the media does the rest.  I love watching this shit fall apart. 

Why don't you plant five more cases of child porn on enemies of the state in quick secession so that even those with the IQ of grapefruit can see it, idiots.  Why don't you try and bungle a Vegas or Skripral style poisoning again.

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The Guardian is the UK's CNN.  Wikileaks as a publisher has never been caught peddling fake news.  If they were ever accused--which they were--they've been able to corroborate their defense with documents.  Wikileaks has gone after everyone that has attempted to smear them as a publisher and has corrected every record.  The Guardian has been caught fabricating documents and backstories, 'fake news'.  The Guardian is fake news and has no credibility, so I'm with wikileaks on this one. 


Keep in mind--and this important--Brittany what's her head works for an oppo-research company that was spying on americans thru facebook and bragging about it (dupers delight).  Assange is a publication outlet for verifiable proof of egregious abuses of power by governments on citizens, worldwide


Which do you want to side with--the word of a person who works for a company that spies on US citizens, or with teh guy who lets YOU know that YOU have been spied on illegally or improperly by an entity--the government--that you trust with your very life?


My choice is extremely simple.  It will always be Wikileaks.  I don't care if they are white hats in NSA, they're letting us know what's going in as quasi-legal manner as they can.  I am very thankful for Julian Assange's sacrifice and the work of Wikileaks.

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As many point out, we have a nice stalinist situation there: it was somehow revealed what a total piece of shit Hillary is, running basically an organized crime operation called Clinton Foundation... but the result is that everyone is investigated but clinton mafia, tons of cover-ups, fake accusations, not talking about brutal media shitstorm propaganda... where did we see this before? Yeah, the usual "You, bolsheviks, have millions of your citizens enslaved in GULAGs!"... "But you were enslaving the Blacks before!"