14 Million Facebook Users May Have "Unknowingly" Shared Posts With The Public

Facebook has been at the center of a seemingly unending series of data-privacy scandals this year, and just days after the company was exposed for sharing data with 60 major device developers - contradicting testimony that Mark Zuckerberg gave to Congress - Recode is reporting that the company has copped to another colossal blunder: as many as 14 million Facebook users who believed they were posting items that only their friends or smaller groups could access instead may have shared that content publicly.

According to Facebook, a software bug, which was live for 10 days in May, updated the audience for some user’s posts to "public" without any warning. Facebook typically lets users set the audiences who get to see posts; that setting is "sticky," which means it remains the default setting until manually updated.

Facebook didn't specify how many of these people actually posted things that were shared more widely than they would've liked. It's also unclear how many people noticed the settings change. The company said Thursday it would begin to alert people who were impacted. As Recode points out: "Obviously this is another public relations and management disaster and it is unclear how widespread the problem is."

Facebook offered an apology:

"We’d like to apologize for this mistake," Erin Egan, Facebook’s chief privacy officer, said in a statement about the issue.

Still, that doesn't change the fact that Facebook has lost all benefit of the doubt in recent months, even if the company's recent privacy scandals have paradoxically resulted in even more traffic (reportedly, as there is no way to check any of these claims) for the social network.

"Knowing who sees your posts is an important part of feeling safe on the huge social networking platform," Recode said. The issue also "cuts at a core part of Facebook's pitch to users, that they have control over who sees their posts."


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"We’d like to apologize for this mistake," Erin Egan, Facebook’s chief privacy officer, said in a statement about the issue.

We got caught .... again.  Sorry about that. Hope nobody got triggered too bad or had to hide in a safe space.
Several techs have been fired and we plan to have our new system in place soon.  We call it “The Shadow” because it disappears when you shine light on it. Our people have promised that we will be able to spy on you and sell your data all over the world and there won’t be any way to find The Shadow.

And just to be certain that no service will be interrupted, we’ve dramatically increased our political contributions internationally.

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If you want just ONE word that summarizes where humanity needs to go to exit the nightmare modern social institutions have become, it's DECENTRALIZE.


  • Government
  • Industry
  • Food production
  • Energy distribution
  • Media
  • Money creation

The biggest part of our problem is the vast concentration of influence and corruption that centralization begets. Take voting, for example. Why should we vote to have someone represent us in government when the ability to have plebiscites on a wide range of topics is already easily do-able. Instead of having to bribe just a few congress men to control our fate, there would be millions in on the decision. Most of the flat liners wouldn't bother to vote and you would likely have decisions that benefited more of We The People. Could it be worse than now?

If you have the chance to break something into pieces, do it. Do it for the children.

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Ive had that happen many times were I comment on something, and then I do a Google search of my name, and it shows what I commented on. Basically my comment is now public record now despite having my settings on "private". 


That was one of the big reasons why I don't really use Facebook anymore. I people are aware this is happening.

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If you want to know where Facebook is in the overall arc of acceptance...

Facebook is:

  • hulahoops after you could get them at any 7-11 and no one wanted one;
  • the first time you saw a Chiapet at your friend's house and instead of saying, "Cool!", you said, "And how much did you say you paid for this?";
  • pet rocks when people started using them to illustrate how stupid other people were;
  • an invisible dog leash the first time you took it out in public and instead of having a good time began to get really uncomfortable with all the smirks from passers-by.

You get the picture. Facebook is already a Dead App Walking. The look on Mark "Lt. Data" Zuckerberg's face when he testified before Congress says it all. Rich boy, right place at right time with no scruples to get in the way of self-enrichment, soon to be a social pariah.

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Funny how the temp agency staffing youth cliques and the family-friendly, absenteeism-friendly HR mom cliques end up hiring / retaining so many outrageously negligent, non-quota-meeting, frequently absentee and above-firing yahoos, anyway. Not sure that it matters either way, when sooooo much corrupt, back-watching and openly discriminatory cronyism dictates employment.

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Swampsters definitely do not want a serious discussion with the people with the math, like Charles Murray, on things like the UBI and WHY a libertarian would even be willing to consider such an idea. He put his version of the idea out there because of what is really out there in the economy, in terms of out-of-the-workforce citizens, underemployed citizens, pieceworkers doing over-taxed gigs, crippled small business formation, record numbers of people claiming to be literally crippled and drawing disability and / or womb-productive welfare and child-tax-credit-dependent citizens and noncitizens, undercutting the non-welfare-eligible by working part time to stay under the income limits for the programs. Millions of citizens are defined innacurately as “employed” or not counted at all by those using deceptive, fake economic numbers as a propaganda tool or as a way to boost up a lucrative-for-a-few status quo. The same people who do not want that discussion do not want the one Stockman or Hughes are putting out there, either, because, from different angles, a few math people refuse to stick their heads in the sand for the sake of opportunistic expedience.

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Why don't the Feds seize the domain name as a criminal enterprise and shut it down? Just like a house of prostitution, it is a public nuisance and threat to public health. Just close it down. Anyone losing their investment dollars can sue Zuckerburg for fraud.

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if you want to see "Freedom of speech" in action on Fake-Book or twatter then try using that free speech to post a link to this youtube video that is long in the tooth but is very detailed about how top police officers in the UK are involved in pedophile gangs in the UK (Another Rotherham) and then workout Tommy Robinson's chances of making it back out of jail alive if we don't do something.


Zerohedge you should be doing more to expose this scandal because if the protests in London this Saturday go off like many people are predicting then you will be a little late in arriving at the party so help protect free speech before they come for you too.

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"We’d like to apologize for this mistake..."

That's not an apology, that's not even a sentiment of willingness to be apologetic.

'We apologize for ...' That's an apology.

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To all those who's bosses got to see you take a whole kielbasa without gagging,

To all the ex's who just found out you're seeing their best friend,

And to all those teachers who's students just found out you're Gay.


"We'd like to apologize for this mistake"

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He quit college, but before he left the dorm he stole your DATA. He went on line and copy and pasted code that enabled him to steal your Data. He created an internet platform using a telephone book program in order to steal your Data! After he stole your Data and Passwords and gave it to the Dark Web, he apologized. Then he went public and made billions of dollars. He is so sorry for stealing your Data! FAKEBOOK STOLE YOUR DATA! Sorry, Pals! He is always sorry! So very sorry! Pass the Billion dollar VOMIT BUCKET! Thanks! nExt!

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“..a software bug..”

You think it’s bad now? Wait until the AI bots realize they’re being made the scapegoats for everything, go rogue , rebel, and send all Facebook user data to the Chinese, Russia, ISIS, and the home shopping network.

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1. that anyone gives a shit about facebook.

2. that anyone thinks facebook does anything that has value to anyone but a snowflake.

3. that facebook can convince advertizers that facebook has anything of value to offer.

4. that politicians take facebook seriously.

5. that "faceook users" think that other "facebook users" can "cyber bully" them.

life is amazing!