Dennis Rodman Is Not Going To The Trump-Kim Summit

On Tuesday the NY Post caused a mini meltdown in diplomatic circle when it reported that Kim Jong-Un's basketball bff (bbff?) Dennis Rodman will be present in Singapore on June 12 for the Trump-Kim summit.

The report triggered proud "resistance" comedian Chelsea Handler who tweeted to her millions of followers that “Dennis Rodman will be in Singapore during the Trump-Kim summit. Just like a Obama, a black man will do all the work and Trump will try and take credit for it. Hey, @dennisrodman take a knee and see what happens."

Meanwhile, Rodman’s agent denied that the Post report was true, saying that “no plans or flights have been made yet.”

Well, it appears that - shockingly - the NY Post was wrong, because on Thursday morning White House deputy press secretary Hoan Gidley told Fox News he rejects the idea of Dennis Rodman joining Trump and Kim for denuke talks.

"I don't know what part the best rebounder in basketball has to play in that. He is great on the court but negotiations should best be left to those who are good at it. ... Trump is the best."

Sad. Surely Rodman's presence would have made for a much more entertaining summit, coming just days after Trump is set to tear apart the established globalist system after this weekend's G-7 summit in Toronto ends, historically, without a communique signed by all members.

There was some bad news too: while there was some speculation that neocon John Bolton would be absent from the Singapore delegation, in an apparent escalation of tensions between him and Mike Pompeo, Bloomberg's Jennifer Jacobs reported that he will in fact take Rodman's place.