How To Reduce Your Risk Of Death By Gun Violence

Authored by Jim Cox via The Foundation for Economic Education,

Do you want to reduce your risk of death by gun violence?

If so, consider these 10 common sense ways to do so. These are things one can implement fully and immediately with no permission or agreement from anyone else but are entirely in the control of any individual.

Marching to persuade politicians is a very indirect way of reducing anyone’s risk from gun violence. And considering their track record on so many issues, politicians may end up putting us all at further risk when all is said and done.

  1. Don’t commit suicide. This is the most common gun-related death, being about 63% of all firearm deaths in the US.

  2. Adopt a policy of not escalating any road rage situations. If someone does something offensive on the highways have it pre-settled in your mind to react by de-escalating the situation (refrain from responding in kind) and back off to allow the heat of the moment to cool.

  3. Do not join a gang. Violence is the accepted norm among gang members, resulting in many becoming victims of gun violence.

  4. Do not buy or sell illegal drugs. Yes, I do know that it’s the drug laws more than the drugs themselves that leads to gun violence among drug buyers and sellers. But, people already on the wrong side of the law are more likely to commit gun violence than the law-abiding population.

  5. Do not get involved with abusive people. Someone who previously has physically abused a partner is more likely to do so than are those who have never engaged in such abuse.

  6. Implement a personal curfew. The safest place anyone can be at 2am is at home in bed. Roaming the streets in the middle of the night exposes one to gangs, drug sellers, and other dangerous people.

  7. Stay away from Gun-Free Zones. One study showed that 98% of all mass shootings happen in these places. Gun Free Zone signs tell violent people this is a spot where the picking will be easy. As for everywhere else, these predators may be deterred since they have to wonder if there’s already a good guy with a gun on the property.

  8. Do not associate with convicted criminals. Like the abuser, violent criminals out of prison are likely to continue their habits.

  9. Be aware of your surroundings. Make it a habit to look around and assess any situation you are in. Most victims of gun violence have no warning of the impending danger, the old saying “to be forewarned is to be forearmed” is pertinent here. So, no staring at your cell phone!

  10. Avoid people who handle guns in an irresponsible manner. Anyone who casually or even unknowingly points a gun at someone or who does not exercise good gun safety such as carefully checking to see that a gun is unloaded is someone to be avoided.

  11. Bonus Suggestion: Do not be a predator. A significant number (about 700 each year) of gun deaths are justifiable homicide wherein a victim successfully defends themselves from criminal assault.

Thankfully, the odds of anyone in the U.S. dying from gun violence each year is exceedingly low. Implementing the suggestions here will reduce those odds even further.


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Ah, Bigly!!  Truer words were never spoken.  Indeed, we see the tip of the iceberg called horror; one can barely conceptualize the true reality...which is much, much worse.  Just die and go on to the next life.  Hopefully, one of those places Dolores Cannon always talked about where you just relax and rest up.  Pina coladas.  Steak off the barbie!!  And the best gelato off world.

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I can give the only true and accurate answer so far. Emigrate from the USA to a country with more reasonable gun control laws, an example Australia and your risk shrinks by an order of magnitude. What else do you have to do besides moving to Australia to be safer from gun crimes, nothing, except don't go back to the US for any reason, else your risk goes through the roof again.

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css1971 cheka Fri, 06/08/2018 - 02:58 Permalink

The averages are designed to hide the real sources within the entire population. They make it seem like you have the same chances everywhere.

But yes. When you plot them geographically, gun violence, along with other forms of violence, happens in very small areas. Skewing the average.

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   Do as the police say and talk to the judge. 
   1) Do not attack sworn officers or cops
   2) Do not point a gun at a cop nor threaten them. 
   3) Do not be the first to pull or brandish a firearm. 
   4) Guns do not solve problems. They can save your life, but the outcome is bad and messy. 
   5) Do the opposite of what you see in movies.
   6) Take a gun safety course. Know what gun safety is. Follow it. It is simple.  

      Be it a spear or a gun, handle life with care. For unless you have a spare - be aware, be aware. 

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The article didn't mean it as a way to reduce suicide. It meant if you don't commit suicide, you avoided death by gun violence. You took it out of context obviously. 

Anyone that is going to off themselves will do so, in some manner or other. I mean, that lady that hung herself with a scarf? What a fucked up and prolonged way to start pushin up daisies. 

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It does seem to be a feature that mass casualty events produce grainy images, when available.  There also appears to be an inverse square law in effect, where the more likely it is that CCTV will clarify what actually happened, it is exponentially  less likely that it  will be seen and released.

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Stan the man, tells the truth. Freedom must be trained and prepared for. 

And there is more. It is called attitude. I wonder, does Zero Hedge have the courage to print a real and final article on this topic of guns and what is really behind the downfall of America? For here it is. JB Wells of Caravan to Midnight wants to talk about this on his show. Get rid of the Satanic Zionists, and gun violence will vanish. For they have to go now, the evil ones who have infected America's innocent through evil media manipulation. Every Zionist and every sold out political acolyte who supported them will be blasted off not just the American Stage but the World Stage. Permanently. The time is at hand.

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