China To Send Fighter Jet Escort For Kim When He Arrives In Singapore On Sunday

In the latest sign that the Singapore summit between the US and North Korea wouldn't be happening without China's permission, China's leaders are reportedly considering whether to send fighter jets to escort North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as he travels through Chinese airspace during his trip to the island city-state, according to the South China Morning Post, a Hong Kong-based newspaper with close ties to the regime.

"Escorting [a head of state] with jets is one of the highest security protocols that the air force can provide," a South Korean source told SCMP.

Other high-ranking South Korea sources reportedly speculated that China is looking to send a clear message: This summit wouldn't be possible without our explicit approval. "If China does provide the escort, it may be a message directed at the US-ROK alliance that China is strongly backing up the Kim regime," the source said, referring to South Korea’s official name, the Republic of Korea.


Kim Jong Un is famously paranoid about his security. In his first documented trip outside North Korea since ascending to the position of head of state, Kim traveled to China in secret aboard an armored private train. Details of Kim's route as he travels to Singapore will be handled with the utmost secrecy (Singapore is roughly 4,000 km - or 2,490 miles - from Pyongyang). The regime is taking "extra care" to ensure that the 34-year-old leader makes it to the summit in one piece.

"The number of guards and Kim’s travel routes will be North Korea’s biggest security concern in Singapore," said Lee Yun-keol, who worked in a North Korean Supreme Guard Command unit – the personal bodyguard force tasked with protecting the Kim family – before defecting to South Korea in 2005.

"Kim is also likely to fly to Singapore through China’s airspace to ensure his security, so that he gets China’s protection on his way to Singapore," Lee said.

Meanwhile, as preparations for the summit continue, Singapore's Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan is traveling to Pyongyang for a brief meeting with the North Korean leadership. Balakrishnan will meet with Ri Yong-ho and Kim Yong-nam, NK's foreign minister and the president of the Supreme People's Assembly. The two sides will likely finalize security preparations during the meeting.

While it's common for foreign leaders to be escorted by air force jets, it's unusual for those jets to belong to a third-party country, said Hong Kong-based analyst Song Zhongping

"Usually, a leader’s plane will have a close escort by air force fighter jets before they arrive at the border, and usually the host country will send fighters to wait for them at the border – it’s like a relay in the air," Song said.

"So theoretically it will be the duty of the Singaporean government to escort Kim’s plane when it enters Singaporean airspace," Song said.

Despite Beijing taking the issue under serious consideration, it's unlikely that Chinese jets will be able to escort Kim all the way to his destination. While China controls most of the South China Sea, once the jets enter Singaporean air space, it will become the duty of the Singaporean government to safeguard KJU. Though one analyst pointed out that the presence of the jets likely wouldn't be a contentious issue since they will be unarmed, according to Yue Gang, a retired People’s Liberation Army colonel who is now a military analyst.

During Kim's first overseas flight when he visited the Chinese coastal city of Dalian, he rode aboard what the SCMP referred to as "North Korea's Air Force One" - a four-engine modified Soviet jet Ilyushin Il-62M.

In a sign of just how seriously authorities in Singapore are taking security ahead of the summit, the Daily Beast is reporting that police in Singapore have arrested a Hong Kong-based entertainer who's known for his impersonation of Kim Jong Un.

Indeed, the resemblance is striking:


The impersonator was detained at Changi Airport on Tuesday. "They asked me about what my political views were and if I had been involved with protests or riots in other countries. I feel they were trying to intimidate me, but if I got deported it would have been big news." Howard said he was released after two hours. For those keeping track at home, that's the same airport that Kim is expected to fly into on Sunday ahead of the summit. The US has Paya Lebar air base nearby, which includes white-topped helicopters commonly used for transporting high-ranking officials. But it's unclear what security protocols Trump will be using, according to Reuters.



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Isn't he right after all? 

Anyway more than any escort this is a signal for Trump that they mean business. Who was it who thought this would be quick? With Chinese negotiations are never quick. And you better get accustomed to drinking a lot and staying up late to increase your guanxi...

Cognitive Dissonance pods Fri, 06/08/2018 - 09:35 Permalink

So will Lil Kim leave someone behind in an undisclosed location (a la Dick Cheney) to push the button if something were to dear leader?

@pods - The fact this tiny little backward nation has the mighty Empire jumping and jiggling is actually something to behold.

Might it just be those missiles and nukes...real or imagined? Perception is reality for all intents and purposes.

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Please.  NK does not have an "independent" Central Bank.  It is "state run," which means that it is wholly controlled by the Kim family.  If you think this a great advantage, I recommend you take your life savings in cash money and convert it to NK Won at the KN "Central Bank." Just don't ever try to re-convert your NK money into any other currencies because there will be NO takers.  While you are at it you can do some research about the "currency reform" undertaken by this "independent Central Bank" about 10 years ago.  See how that worked out.  By the way, if their central bank is so wonderful, why would the NK government have people working overseas to obtain "hard currency" such as Yen, Euros, Dollars, Pounds, Swiss Franks, SK Won, Yuan and the rest?  Why does NK counterfeit $100 bills if their independent central bank is so great?  Why do NK citizens attempt to obtain foreign currency at every opportunity?  Why does NK send workers overseas and confiscate much of their earnings paid in foreign currency?  

By the way, other states such as China have state-run central banks that are not privately owned like the Fed or ECB.  

We have enough problems with the (((Federal Reserve))), but the NK central bank is the worst of the worst.  Our western (((Central Banks))) are slowly converting our currencies to toilet paper.  The NK currency has been toilet paper from day 1. 

Yes, I favor abolition of "privately owned" central banks that create money from thin air and then charge taxpayers interest for doing so.  The US Constitution made clear that issue of money is a government responsibility and made no mention of delegating this authority.  I want to end the Fed as much as anyone here, but do not confuse the issue by stating that the NK Central bank is a model for anyone to follow.


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One thing to shoot down a north korean dictator, another to try to do it when surrounded by Chinese pilots.  Its a ‘we have his back/we’re involved message.’  

But he’s safe as can be.  He and his batshit crazy regime represent a ton of money for the MIC.


And remember -  there is an Israeli angle to this operating with Benedict Orange - their puppet.


Edit:  here, junkdogs -

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veritas semper… I Am Jack's Ma… Fri, 06/08/2018 - 11:04 Permalink

This shows the following:

-China is the real player behind the scenes

-China is protecting Kim from the Evil Empire

-China is giving the birdie ,in a polite way ( an Asian birdie) to the Empire

-China is showing the world, indirectly, where the danger is coming from, and how the Zionist Empire operates

-This is just the final chapter : the play was written between China, Russia and NK and SK ( see the two visits done by Kim in China, Lavrov's visit not too long ago at Pyongyang, which did not sit well with the Donald, and the multiple meetings between SK and NK) ;

-both countries are in the process of being integrated in OBOR and China is protecting its investments


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One way NK could consider reducing its nukes is if it can enter some kind of protection treaty with China.  NK won't consider giving up nukes without some type of protection from the US.

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Agreed. Kim and the Chinese and Russians all know that what Washingtown ((really really)) wants is to get its boots and military hardware on the ground in NK because it has a land frontier with China and Russia, which it plans to war with.

Thus, there is no way in the world that Kim is gonna agree to disarm himself and allow US boots from SK to enter his country.

Seems like some sort of protection treaty with China is the best solution.

At the same time, Kim's had several good meetings with the SK President and they may have agreed to bury the Korean war and kick-out US boots as part of a merger deal.

That would explain why Washingtown continues to ratchet up the anti-NK rhetoric.

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Well this confirms that Fat boy is China's dog. If he bites anyone, China can be considered complicit. He manages to drop a nuke on the South or Japan, it can be considered coming from China.

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Quantify:  You hit it top dead center.  Many posters here seem to think China is the good guy holding the line against the US.  They fail to see that China is just as bad as the US in nearly every respect.  Currency manipulator, intellectual property thief par excellence, the hand controlling their puppet attack dog North Korea, regional bully that threatens Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Viet Nam and others.  The US has no monopoly on evil. 

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The Chinese are scared that they have lost control of NK. Intimidation is what they have left. The Chinese are done in NK and once the Koreas unite the level of Chinese control of NK activities will come out. It was CHINA that was creating all the problems for SK and Japan using NK as a proxy. China has for years played the victim and that will be turned on its head. Grab your popcorn as the Chinese reputation is gonna take a battering in the next few months. And that my friends couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of shitheads.

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"China" when translated means "center of the universe". The Chinese invented fiat currency for fucks sake and will continue to creep slowly towards world/universal domination.  They are not individuals, they are more like the borg...

Read "The Art of War" folks these are "interesting times"...