The Gloves Are Off: State Department Goes Nuclear On Leakers After Wolfe Arrest

It's open season on leakers... The State Department has launched a crackdown on unauthorized disclosures top the media - an investigation spearheaded by spokeswoman Heather Nauert, according to Axios.

The announcement comes one day after the longtime former director of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee, Jim Wolfe, was indicted and arrested  by the DOJ in connection with an investigation into leaks - while his ex-girlfriend, NYT reporter Ali Watkins, had several years worth of phone and email records seized by the DOJ. 

After appearing in federal court on Friday, Wolfe has been scheduled to appear on June 12 in US Disctrict Court for the District of Columbia. 

The State Department says it is crucial that they prevent sensitive information from leaking prematurely, an official tells Axios

“Leaks of internal deliberations on matters involving this most sensitive region have a debilitating effect on our prosecution of foreign policy,” the official said.

“Most diplomats working on these issues support any effort to ensure our messages are appropriately controlled and coordinated through official channels.”

Some staffers cry foul

That said, not everyone is pleased with the leak hunt - and some have complained that the State Department is handling things in a heavy-handed manner: 

It's not leaks; it's not classified info. It's reporters confirming what they got from overseas sources," a source familiar with the situation told Axios. "If you're going to do it, don't do it in a meeting about leaks that promptly leaks. They didn't learn their lesson when the White House did this?" -Axios

They’ve gotten diplomatic security involved in the leak investigation — the internal security of the State Department — which is bananas,” another source lamented to Axios.

“These are the people who stand outside diplomats’ doors when they sleep overseas.”

State Department hits back...

In response to the disgruntled employees, Nauert told Axios "The unauthorized release of information whether it's classified or not is always a concern of the State Department," adding "It can jeopardize ongoing operations and negotiations in which the State Department is involved."

"Also, Diplomatic Security doesn’t 'stand outside diplomat’s doors,'" Nauert added. "DS is the security and law enforcement bureau for the entire agency. Their mission is to provide a secure environment for the conduct of U.S. foreign policy."

A senior State Department official involved in Middle East policy tells Axios that "Leaks of internal deliberations on matters involving this most sensitive region have a debilitating effect on our prosecution of foreign policy," and that "Most diplomats working on these issues support any effort to ensure our messages are appropriately controlled and coordinated through official channels."


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“Bananas” !?!??!?

That’s RAIYSISS!!!


state is a very communist-top heavy department. From what I’ve heard, it’s been terrible since the 1970s. 

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Leaks come from leakers. They don’t just happen. Sessions had Huebber working for half a year complete with a grand jury and no one leaked it. The mockingbird media fouled their shorts when they found out. Not because it was happening but because they had no clue. What else were they missing? A lot. The storm is starting. Yes, Sessions is doing something. 

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...Yes, Sessions is doing something...

It'll be great if what you're suggesting is true. Pretty funny if there's actually an end to all this nonsense and our trust in the "press" is restored to where we will look back on all the "Rip Van Sessions" analysis for the last year and a half with a collective sigh of relief.

Hope springs eternal.

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fleur de lis Boxed Merlot Sat, 06/09/2018 - 12:26 Permalink

It should not be this difficult to find employees who can do their work and shut up.

So the current crop of troublemakers must have been hired purely on the basis of political loyalty.

There is no good reason for high level employees to be so comfortable with the MSM.

They must have been recommended by or associated with the MSM in the first place.


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I will believe "the gloves are off" when I see others indicted.

Typically governments nail a high profile person with a very harsh penalty to scare everyone else into compliance. Think Martha Stewart. She paid a heavy price while thousands of financial specialists did much worse and were never brought to justice.

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Wouldn't it be fun and fulfilling if Mr.Mifsud turned up in Russia?

That would let both the British government and the progs in America "off the hook"...well,

I mean, aside from the three re-ups on a FISA warrant granted on false evidence by federal officials, the felonies in unmasking innocents, the general abuse of authority from the IRS to the FBI/DoJ, Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS, the granting of visa waivers for a "Russian government lawyer" to have meet-and-greets at Trump Tower (LMMFAO!...thank you Lowrenta!) and of course covering up industrial & national espionage for profit schemes under a shell game of "special prosecutor".

Priestap will be like, a palate cleanser ;-)

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"The State Department says it is crucial that they prevent sensitive information from leaking prematurely, an official tells Axios. "

There are also information/data that are publicized too late or never. What's the deal with Anthony Weiner's laptop? What's taking so long?

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