Mueller Charges Manafort With Witness Tampering

Just weeks after a Virginia judge nearly dismissed some of the charges against former Trump campaign executive Paul Manafort, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has filed a superseding indictment of Manafort accusing him of witness tampering. He has also asked a federal judge to consider revoking Manafort's bail.

Prosecutors accused Manafort and a longtime associate - described only as "Person A" but, according to the Washington Post, is believed to be Konstantin Kilimnik, a Ukrainian associate of Manafort's - of repeatedly contacting two members of a public relations firm and asking them to testify falsely about secretive lobbying they did for Manafort.


The firm whose employees were allegedly the targets of Manafort's harassment is identified only as "the Habsburg Group," allegedly a nickname bestowed by Manafort. It was retained by Manafort in 2012 to help with his lobbying work on behalf of Ukraine. Which makes us wonder: Could this firm be the Podesta Group? After all, we know they did work with Manafort on that campaign. 

In court documents, prosecutors with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III allege that Manafort and his associate — referred to only as Person A — tried to contact the two witnesses by phone and through encrypted messaging apps. The description of Person A matches his longtime business colleague in Ukraine, Konstantin Kilimnik.

Manafort, 69, has been on home confinement pending trial.

FBI agent Brock W. Domin said that one of the public relations firm’s executives identified as Person D1 told the government he “understood Manafort’s outreach to be an effort to ‘suborn perjury’ ” by encouraging others to lie to federal investigators by concealing the firm’s work in the United States.

Spokesmen for Manafort and the special counsel’s office, who are under a court gag order in the case, declined to comment.

Instead of presenting an actual legal threat, the indictment reads like an attempt by Mueller to send a message to Manafort: If he continues to refuse cooperation, Mueller will try and take away his freedom for the duration of the trial. And as WaPo reminds us, this is the second time prosecutors have complained about Manafort's behavior while he awaits trial. Last year, investigators said they had intercepted emails showing Manafort had ghostwritten an editorial defending his actions that ran in a Ukrainian newspaper. The charges were filed as part of Manafort's Washington case, which involves charges of filing misleading lobbying disclosures.

As for Kilimnick, whose name popped up earlier in the investigation due to his connection to aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska, it's unlikely the special counsel will ever be able to make an arrest, seeing as he lives in Ukraine. The indictment is a gesture - like Mueller's indictment of 13 Russian nationals and three entities for their involvement in a "troll farm" that allegedly try to sway the election. Mueller just needs to remind the public that he's keeping busy, while justifying the expense of the investigation.

Read the full superseding indictment below:


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Stu Elsample Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:37 Permalink

""" the indictment reads like an attempt by Mueller to send a message to Manafort: If he continues to refuse cooperation...."""

Trump is a chump for not firing Meuller. He bitches about the baseless and phony witch hunt, but bitching is all that he has the balls to do. It's time for some deep state/swamp/establishment heads to roll.

. . . _ _ _ . . . A Sentinel Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:42 Permalink

"Which makes us wonder: Could this firm be the Podesta Group? After all, we know they did work with Manafort on that campaign."

Was Manafort a mole?
If Mr.T's own lawyer is implicated... !@#$%^

What was it someone once said about spiders weaving...?
I thought this was complex a few months ago; that wasn't a knife. This is a knife.
From Huma's mom all the way to Obama, this shit is deep.

It's not merely a swamp, it's a biological waste dumping ground.
Mr. T better get his hazmat shit together.
He needs some serious backup.

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nmewn Freeze These Fri, 06/08/2018 - 15:11 Permalink

Witness tampering?!

Mueller is the guy who sent a fake "witness" into a defense attorneys office in order to get a defense lawyer disbarred for bribery so he (Mueller) would have a better chance of convicting the client.

Mueller's response when the lawyer confronted him...good thing you didn't take the bait.

Mueller is industrial strength douchbagery, always has been.

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silverserfer Bay of Pigs Fri, 06/08/2018 - 16:24 Permalink

There are multiple equally valid leads of foreign governments influencing our government and elections. The focus on Russia alone and not israel or saudi arabia, Brittian, or even France is a deliberate attempt to use obama era deep state mechanisms to simply undermined a standing administration. 


They are just pissed because they are being exposed for their treachery and illegal tactics.  

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onewayticket2 nmewn Fri, 06/08/2018 - 15:16 Permalink

so, "Show me the man and I'll FIND you the crime" ??


There are plenty of liberals claiming that this witness tampering charge is "weak" and "a stretch"


Mueller needs to throw fresh meat to the rabid left (even if it's about a 2006 money laundering case and NOTHING to do with altering the 2016 Election) order to keep the heat on trump for the midterms (and his paychecks)

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Arctic Frost Freeze These Fri, 06/08/2018 - 15:55 Permalink


Manafort, Manafort, Manafort. It all comes down to Manafort for the left and Miss Freeze Tease. When in fact she and they have no comprehension of reality for either;


Manafort is guilty of everything Mueller insists he is and Manafort and his lawyers are so incredibly stupid and corrupt they can’t help themselves but do dumb shit that’s going to put Manafort into prison for the rest of his life.


Manafort is a ways to a means with enough improprieties that he’s a patsy for Mueller to threaten and intimidate his way to a conclusion that is irrelavant to the facts. Meaning Manafort will be accused of wrong doing that pretty much every other lobbyist in Washington is guilty of but at least it make Mueller look useful.


Either way, Miss Freeze Teats, that has nothing and will never have anything to do with Trump. Too bad for you.

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swmnguy Arctic Frost Fri, 06/08/2018 - 18:04 Permalink

When Trump first took Manafort on board, around March 2016 if I recall correctly, among the first things I read about him raised numerous concerns. I probably read it on ZH in fact; that was just before ZH became Trump's unofficial PR office.

It was publicly known then, right at the start, that Manafort had some shady connection to Russian banks and organized crime figures regarding Manhattan real estate.  And that the details of his business, consulting and lobbying connections with the since-ousted Russia-friendly Ukrainian regime were murky at best, and possibly shady.

Trump was utterly foolish to let a guy with such obviously questionable associations anywhere near him.  He was warned, loudly and often.  He probably took Manafort on just to be contrary.

One reason the smart man doesn't hang around with tainted people like Manafort is so they don't get caught up in the wash when tainted people like Manafort go down, which they very often do.

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I Am Jack's Ma… A Sentinel Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:55 Permalink

Order Sessions to set up a Special Counsel for Uranium 1, and FBI Spygate, and if he refuses, fire him and appoint Napolotano.

This is very far from the alleged purpose of this special counsel....  I presume its ‘legal’ but its clearly a fishing expedition.


Trump could simply say, enough is enough- give Mueller 90 days, then he’s fired and it goes back to DOJ.


I mentioned this before -  the *best* thing here would be for Trump to order a COMPLETE intel assessment of alleged Russian hacking, including Clapper/Brennan’s phony one -  Brennan is the original vampire here, and Clapper’s report was absolute horseshit.

A full intel community assessment boxes out the CIA/FBI fuckwits -  you may have other agencies explocitly saying coa/fbi/nsa claims were not only unsupported by evidence but irregular in their conduct... not a true intel assessment but clapper abusing the agencies (via handpicked green analysts) to arrive at a pre-determined conclusion.


BEST play he has.  

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I Am Jack's Ma… Stu Elsample Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:42 Permalink

whatever happened to Grassley's demands to see the letter from Rosenstein to Mueller in terms of the grant of power {or whatever}.  Frankly, I just can't remember if it came out...

I don't understand how Mueller's role is properly to be a Grand Fisherman - he's clearly trying to find anything to use simply to use against Trump.


I thought this was about Russia 'meddling' {cough cough Seth Rich} and 'collusion'. 


Time to shut this down.  When the Left loses their shit - let's lose ours back.  Fuck this.

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dl242424 Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:40 Permalink

Manafort did the same thing as the Podesta group.  Why hasn't Mueller charged them?  Oh right, they are Democrats so they can't commit crimes......

replaceme Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:47 Permalink

I believe this charge is what you call a stretch, maybe a desperation move. The breakdown I saw on it (from a Mueller fan) was that you had to read between the lines that Manafort was trying to get stories straight, that party 2 should get party 3 on board with the (accurate) story. In a month, this will be in a file next to the Russian Troll Farm case.

pparalegal Fri, 06/08/2018 - 14:58 Permalink

Looks like the IRS is getting free services from brother Mueller & his multi million dollar team for alleged 2007-2017 tax violations and a phone call made by Manfort.

This all has exactly what to do with electing a president? Nothing. Unless you consider railroading and stacking charges a valid investigative technique.

Al Huxley Fri, 06/08/2018 - 15:02 Permalink

Somebody remind me - what the fuck is Mueller supposed to be investigating?  Or is it just an open-ended 'see if you can dig something up on anybody in the current administration'?  Because I thought there were laws against that.