Trump Moves 1,600 Immigrant Detainees To Federal Prisons As ICE Scrambles To Find Space

President Trump is again demonstrating he doesn't need the cooperation of Congress to implement some of his core campaign promises, like securing America's borders. Case in point: Reuters reports today that US authorities are transferring roughly 1,600 ICE detainees to federal prisons over the objections of immigration advocates and human-rights groups. The move is the first large-scale use of federal prisons to crack down on people entering the country illegally. Meanwhile, immigrants rights advocates are furious because these same facilities typically house some of the justice system's most hardened criminals.


US Penitentiary in Victorville, Calif.

Five prisons will temporarily take in detainees who are awaiting civil immigration hearings - a group that could include asylum seekers - as ICE works on securing additional housing space. A prison in Victorville, Calif. will house 1,000 immigrants - the bulk of people being moved under the program. Other prisons include ones in Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Texas. The news comes after the Department of Homeland Security announced its contractors have started building the first section of Trump's planned border wall (among other features that make it superior to the rickety "fence" that had previously marked the border are special "anti-climbing plates" that make it difficult to scale).

Trump, of course, has promised to lock up people pending deportation, canceling President Obama's "catch and release" policy that allowed illegal immigrants without serious criminal records to roam free in the US. Others were housed in local jails, or other facilities.

Immigration advocates like Kevin Landy, a former ICE assistant director who helped run the agency under Obama, blasted the plan to "temporarily" use federal prisons as "highly unusual" adding that it raises "oversight concerns" - even though the immigrants are only expected to stay for about four months until ICE makes more space available.

"A large percent of ICE detainees have no criminal record and are more vulnerable in a prison setting – security staff and administrators at BOP facilities have spent their careers dealing with hardened criminals serving long sentences for serious felonies, and the procedures and staff training reflect that," he said. "This sudden mass transfer could result in some serious problems."


"Our federal prisons are set up to detain the worst of the worst. They should not be used for immigration purposes," said Ali Noorani, the executive director of the National Immigration Forum.

"Federal prisons are for hardened criminals. They are not physically set up for immigrant landscapers looking for a job or fleeing violence," Noorani said.

Meanwhile, representatives of prison workers unions complained that they'd been given little time to prepare for the influx of new detainees. ICE data shows the average daily population of detainees in its facilities as of May 26 was 41,134, up from 38,106 in March 2017.

Officials of a prison employees’ union said the influx of ICE detainees, who were arrested at the border or elsewhere in the United States by immigration officials, raises questions about prison staffing and safety.

Union leaders at prisons in California, Texas and Washington state who spoke to Reuters said they had little time to prepare for the large intake of detainees.

At Victorville, the prison getting the largest number of people, workers are moving about 500 inmates in a medium-security facility to make space, said John Kostelnik, local president for the American Federation of Government Employees Council of Prison Locals union.

"There is so much movement going on," said Kostelnik. "Everyone is running around like a chicken without their head."

After an initial "Trump lull" after the president defeated Hillary Clinton in an upset victory in November 2016, border crossings have surged again - presumably because immigrants are scrambling to get across before Trump builds the wall. ICE says it's "working to meet the demand for additional immigration detention space" as the surge overwhelms its current capacity.

"To meet this need, ICE is collaborating with the US Marshals Service, the Bureau of Prisons, private detention facilities operators and local government agencies," she said. Nearly 51,000 people were arrested crossing the southern border in April 2018 - up from just 16,000 in April 2017. Also, as is often the case, if these detainees end up staying in these federal prisons for more than four months, it'll likely be the fault of Democrats - not Republicans - for holding up funding that would provide ICE with the resources it needs to house all of its detainees.


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I'd like to know more about the "problem".  If the problem is that these folks are expensive to US Taxpayers then the root of that problem really isn't an immigrant.  It is the system of entitlements that we do nothing to roll back.  All they are doing is accelerating a problem that our posterity was going to inherit from our moral shortcomings.


If the problem is "jobs", I'd like to see the people who lost their job to a person who is uneducated and can't speak the language.  If you are losing your jobs to that then the problem again really isn't the immigrant.


As a libertarian, you should be for the free and unobstructed flow of resources and products in an economy.  These people are simply a resource (low skill labor).  To stand "shoot them at the border", economically speaking...not counting how sick that actually akin to sinking oil tankers at the port and blowing up rail cars full of aluminum at the border.

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Their countries would be fine if our 'Axis of Evil' wasn't playing imperial war games in their neighborhoods all the time. Why do you think they leave? Wouldn't you if the dominant world power was playing war in your hood? We like to test all kinds of weapons, toys and methods/practices/processes offshore... for better use at home when the time is ripe... and that seems to be now... one step at a time.

You want to ship them back? For our target practice? Why not just stop playing war? Of course, we do it at home too, but usually in the poorer parts of town, those that can't afford connected attorneys, can't complain to the controlled MSM... too weak to use those weapons they are encouraged to buy... why have them if you are afraid to use them? Rather ridiculous, no? Some of the sheep join groups and don't realize they are watched there, setup and played in the same way...  the imperial party just hasn't gone total war like in these immigrant's countries... look at the history books that the govt approved school officials don't want you to see.... which is why they continue to dumb down the schools... sheep are best maintained in an ignorant state... isn't that what Rockefeller and his friends in the House of Rothschilds said, long ago? and continue to encourage today?

Ignorance is bliss... so is death.

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The Donald pardoned this POS : "A rabbi charged with providing false identification to 389 illegal aliens so they could work in his kosher meat factory in Iowa—and who was convicted of 86 charges of financial fraud involving millions of dollars—has been freed by US President Donald Trump in yet another indication of his subservience to the right wing orthodox Jewish lobby in America. "…


The commuting of Sholom Rubashkin’s 27-year prison sentence proves the following two facts:

_the Donald is not a puppet for the zionist entity's interests( the Jerusalem f*ck up , the Iranian nuclear deal and multiple other smaller details prove this too)

-the Donald is fighting to stop illegal immigration


You can down vote it as much as you like, but this does not change the painful truth.

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Send 'em to Wal-mart. In April 2015 Walmarts in Pico Rivera, CA, Livingston, TX, Midland, TX, Brandon, FL, and Tulsa, OK, all suddenly closed their doors, with corporate announcing that some of those outlets would be shuttered for six months or more. We now know that at least one of those Walmarts is a detention center to house children of immigrant families.

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Bayer-Monsanto, aka IGFarben, has a new and improved, and WTO patented, "Zyklon-B" chemical.

Also available as an energy drink. "It's what foreign nationals that enter the USA illegally crave!"

The bleeding hearts should volunteer to reform conditions in those nations that are too dangerous for their citizens.

But then they would be exposed to the same dangers, far safer to be a humanitarian inside the USA.

"Never let a crisis go to waste."

"Make every issue into a crisis."

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Nothing stops you from opening your home to these 'immigrant's' that do not wish to follow the correct procedures to immigrate. You can sponsor and support them. 

Advocating no borders is the same as advocating no country, the same as advocating global governance. Like a bunch of nomads everyone just wanders around. Lawless anarchy prevails. We had that in the wild west. 

Tell you what,,, You and your family go to Mexico (or any other country) illegally.  Demand your children get schooled and demand taxpayer resources.

Let me know how it works out for you. 

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It is indeed true that when you have leeches coming across the border looking for a nice safety net to fall into, we cannot protect our own if we can't keep them out of it.  It means we have to simplify the welfare system, something the Dems will fight tooth and nail.  The problem is the leech, who is an immigrant.

There are lots of unemployed blacks that are competing with illegals (and hence losing) who need jobs.  These are manual jobs where language skills are not super important.  So the problem is indeed the immigrant.


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Your remedy is sound but will not work. california voters passed a resolution years ago in 1997 to do just what you propose. Proposition 187 which would have denied California illegals any jobs or benefits. An activist female judge, Judge Mariana R. Pfaelzer, declared the proposition unconstitutional after the voters passed the proposition and the governor refused to pursue it and thus ended the state of California.

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Here's an idea - start a crowdfunded company to purchase homes in the posh gated communities of all open-border politicians and set them up as "sanctuary homes" for illegals so they can experience the results of their policies up close.  Then watch these assholes go to court to drive the illegals from their own communities while they lecture the rest of us about compassion for "dreamers".

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Every leftist should be forced to have their home treated exactly as they have allowed the border to be treated and exactly how their sanctuary rhetoric translates!

They should never lock a single door in their home, especially the back door.  Any persons entering their home cannot be molested in any fashion.  They must give them all the food, shelter, care and money they demand.  There should be no repercussion of any transient who harms another in that household no matter the crime, including assualt, rape or murder. 

Failure to adhere to this directive is grounds for arrest and prosecution for crimes against humanity.

Let them choke on their own shit!

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Fun fact.

In the early 20th century, there were two wings of the extremely wealthy NY Roosevelt family. One in Long Island, the other in Hyde Park. The Long Island Roosevelts were Republicans. The Hyde Park Roosevelts were Democrats, FDR being the most well known of the Democrats.

Even in the early 20th century, voting for either party, the same wealthy group would be in power.

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They need to do what Hungary does, build a detention facility outside the wall but inside the US. Don't put bars around it, just move them outside a wall and allow them to leave of their own free will. If they are caught back in the US, then put them in a FED pen for a year, see how they like getting assfucked 24/7. That will change their minds about defrauding the American people.

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For some reason, that doesn't work for Spain and probably wouldn't work for us either.  Spain has an area of land in Morocco, surrounded by a fence, that is Spanish territory.  If what you say worked for them, they could declare it a transit zone and be done with the problem.  But instead it seems they have to bring ever African who gets over that wall, back to Spain.

Otherwise I totally agree with you, we could have transit zones and even hold the immigration trials and refugee hearings there.

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Hungary's "transit zone" allows the migrants to walk around the periphery of Hungary to more accommodating EU nations.

The USA equivalent cannot be built. Such as a fenced in trail from the southern border to the welcoming Canadian border.

Spain's Morocco problem is the Spaniards treated that zone as if it was the same as setting foot in real Spain then giving free passage to the mainland.

Everyone should be able to do as Israel does, and shoot people who try to get through the wire "illegally".

Don't we all have our own god given right to exist as a nation.

Notice how there are global rules for everyone else, and then there is Israel.

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Of course, they should not shoot them. They should just be sent out of an underemployed country, where 95 million American citizens are out of the workforce and undercut by womb-productive, welfare-consuming immigrants. 

Grandstanding about the mistreatment of immigrants is just smoke and mirrors from Democrats-in-name-only to distract from their support of wage-cutting, welfare-supported labor that contradicts everything that pro-labor Democrats used to believe in.

All of the dishonest MSMers chanting about the inhumanity of migrant children sleeping on the floor———deprived of mattresses———need to turn their scrutiny on the American parents who put their little, tiny children in daycare-detention facilities so that both parents can work, with the above-firing, married moms and the single moms leaving work all the time in their voted-best-for-moms jobs, back-watching in crony-absenteeism gangs even when it inconveniences paying customers. 

The married moms are often leaving their kids in daycare detention to add keeping-up-with-the-Jones’ luxury money to a spousal income that could support the household in middle-class style. 

Then there are the single moms who who leave their small children in government-subsidized daycare-detention facilities so that they can work part time to stay under the very low income limits for multiple welfare programs that cover their rent & groceries and refundable child tax credits up to $6,431. 

They drive wages & hours down to nothing for all of the single, childless women who must cover all household bills, including rent that soaks up more than half of their pay, on earned-only income, with no pay for non-womb-productive sex from government, i.e, with no free rent, no free food, no monthly cash assistance, no free electricity and no refundable child tax credits up to $6,431 or non-refundable child tax credits in the thousands.

Rather than sacrificing one of their multiple and excused yearly vacations for busy-working crony parents, rather than sacrificing a few $800 tattoos for momma’s arm and rather than sacrificing a fashionable house with kitchen renovations, those American parents let their little, bitty toddlers sleep on the floor on 1-inch-thick mats in daycare-detention facilities, day after day for years—raised by $9-per-hour daycare workers who cannot afford rent on their paltry pay, when those children are not raised by equally low-paid babysitters with NannyCams and under-the-table wages or by shoving the unpaid work off onto retired-in-name-only and elderly grandparents. 

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I’m fairly sure Trump has already met Hydra.   Congress is not calling the shots.  The bureaucracy is calling the shots.  The good news is that the many heads of this monster are in direct competition with each other.  The CIA and the FBI have both been outed by the NSA.  A turf war is going on between these agencies.

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