Striking UPS Workers Will Disrupt Business Nationwide With Largest US Walkout In Decades

UPS is facing its largest labor strike in decades - as over 90% of the shipping company's union members have voted to stop working if a deal can't be reached on the Teamsters' current labor contract which expires on August 1, according to CBS News

The tally released by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Tuesday night had 93 percent of UPS members endorsing the authorization and 91 percent of UPS freight employees backing the measure. A national pact with the union covers about 260,000 UPS workers, and the current contract expires July 31. -CBS

At issue is how employees will be compensated under a rumored plan to deliver packages seven days a week. UPS began delivering on Saturdays last year to keep up with demand. The company is now proposing a two-tier wage structure that would shift part-time workers making $15/hour to full-time at the same wage. Drivers currently make an average of $36 an hour, or around $75,000 per year. 

With UPS's roughly 19 million shipments per day accounting for roughly 6% of the nation's GDP, a labor dispute could disrupt the US economy. The company transports around 36% of deliveries between the top three logistics providers, while the U.S. Postal Service stands at 35% and FedEx comes in third at 17%. 

The vote "gives the negotiating committees bargaining leverage this week and during subsequent negotiations for the national contract and the supplements," said Teamsters director and co-chairman of the bargaining committee, Denis Taylor.

That said, the Teamsters are deeply divided on the proposal, making a deal more difficult to reach and a strike more likely. 

An opposition group within the union, UPS Teamsters United, argues that the delivery company, which posted a $5 billion profit in 2017, should pay new full time workers the same as existing workers. -CNN

"Most people understand in the world of Amazon (AMZN) and e-commerce, UPS isn't going to be Monday to Friday or even Monday to Saturday any more, it's going to be a seven-day operation," said David Levin, spokesman for UPS Teamsters United. "But they made record profits. They don't need concessions to do that."

While there is still plenty of time for the Teamsters and UPS to reach an agreement before August 1, the faction opposed to the deal may convince rank-and-file members to reject the proposal and move forward with the strike. 

"UPS is confident in our ability to reach an agreement," a company spokesperson told CBS News in an email. "Strike authorization votes do not mean a strike is imminent. The reality is that UPS and the Teamsters have already reached tentative agreements, subject to ratification, on a wide variety of non-economic issues."


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Me: I purchased an item and need it shipped.

Them: We ship UPS.

Me: Any others?

Them: No.

Me: I guess I don't have a choice.

Them: Do you want insurance?

Me: I'd better. UPS smashed everything they have delivered to me.

Some very long time later...

UPS: Delivery for you.

Me: Be right down.

UPS: Here it is.

Me: Can I open it to check that it wasn't damaged during shippng?

UPS: No. First you have to sign for it.

Me: What does signing for it mean?

UPS: It means that you received the package.

Me: Received it or received it in good condition?

UPS: Received it in good condition.

Me: How do I know if it's in good condition if I haven't opened it and inspected it?

UPS: You don't.

Me: If I sign and then open it and see that it is damaged, can I still file an insurance claim?

UPS: No. When you sign for it that indicates that you received it in good order and you give up the right to file an insurance claim.

I open the package and find it is damaged (beyond use, vintage, tube radio) and cannot file a claim.


Fuck UPS.


Fuck each and every UPS union lazy fucking slob, rip-off artist all the way to hell.

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I'm union too. I make an average of $39.75/hr. But the big difference is I'm in a Trade Union and not a Labor Union.

Two weeks ago I did a 3 day festival and they paid me $1000/day. I turn 50 in August too. So I decided to semi-retire. I won't make huge money this year but with an average of 15 hours per week I'll make around $36k/parttime.

Sounds like some of you guys are a little jealous of union thugs. *giggle*

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The biggest taxes on Americans are interest rates on the debt.

US Private debt: $49,746

US Public debt: $21,089

Total: $70 trillion dollars

Keep in mind that Americans pay about $1.5 trillion dollars in income taxes yearly.

The average interest rate Americans pay are about 4.4%, but let’s go with 3%.

70x3 = 2.1 trillion dollars in interest rates…………….On money that was created like religion, out of nothing.

Would like for me to repeat it for you?

I don’t mind.


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big fat union salaries and Cadillac pension plans

Wouldn’t it be nice if every American had it, security?

Or would you rather that they didn’t?

See, it is a yes or no……Depended on your morals………Which doesn’t seem very well established, as far as I can tell.  


Obviously by your post that you have been brainwashed by the propaganda. Social expenditures add to the economy. Your simplistic understand leads you to basic errors.


People to learn from:

Richard Wolff of Economic Update

Glen Ford of The Black Agenda Report

Noam Chomsky

Chris Hedges

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That would be socialism.


If everybody had great pay and pension a union job would not be a good job anymore. It would just be a job. We would reward all of the lazy in our society with equal pay to their hard working counterparts and we would achieve this by stealing from the rich. Eventually the rich would leave for more friendly environments and the massive ever increasing government would eventually eat our wealth until we are all eating out of trashcans and killing each other over toilet paper.


Venezuela already tried it, it didn't work.

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I hate corporate welfare as much as I hate union welfare. The answer to higher wages for all (not just union elitist) and less profits for corporations, is greatly reducing immigration........not government interference.

I want the government to stop interfering with the free market. I want the government to stop picking winners and losers based on who has the most lobbying power.

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I'm sure a bunch of illegals will drive those trucks and stand in the production line wearing their adult diapers for $9.00 an hour.  Unions are one of the reasons average people had a decent life in this country, at least until the globalists took over.  UPS making record profits and their stock is at record highs, guess what, you're going to have to share some of your money with your workers.  Oh the horror. 

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UPS workers making record profits.


Who do they share their record profits with when they need work done? That's right they hire illegal Mexicans for $9 an hour.


I'd have more respect for union guys if they practiced what they preach..... maybe share a little bit of their wealth with their fellow countrymen. You want to buy a brand new house with your record union profits? Demand that the home builder use union labor......picket your job site...... don't let those scabs cross the line to build your house.

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UPS has been raising rates 5-5.5% per year the last 8 years. Every since a fake bomb scare at London airport the Friday before their annual 3% rate increase was scheduled. This was as an excuse to raise rates 2% not for inflation but for “added security measures”.

They give hourly employees a 2.8% annual average raise over the life of the 4 to 6 year contract whereas the company now increases rates 5% the hourly gets the same 2.8%. Inflation is real and home prices reflect that. If union employees can not afford a home what does that say about our economy really?  


UPS has increased dividends several times over the last 10 years. Full time Fat cat management get stock awards mostly 20-50k worth of stock each year in addition to salary depending on level and number of employees overseen. Moan and groan about the hourly sweating and sometimes bleeding, getting knee and back surgeries, being harassed for driving 2 feet before clicking their seatbelt on as monitored by GPS and telematics but know the hourly are the backbone of the company. 

When temps are freezing outside or scorching hot over 100* do you think it’s fun to do that job? Weight limits up to 150 lbs and package dimensions getting larger every year so the company can increase revenue from larger and heavier pkgs while  their drivers are being expected to perform more stops per day than ever before  More work should equal more pay but corporate America wants to maintain cost while growing revenue and profits so they get ever larger stock awards and increases in dividends on their shares.  Happy workers are productive workers many studies have shown. 


So far as UPS policy regarding claims, you’re absolutely right they are MFers when trying to collect on insurance  Your claim may be approved once but after that fuhgetanoutit. Pack the crap out it and expect it will be dropped from head high level at least once. Package cars and trailers are loaded to beyond full capacity and the way they are loaded on shelves or stacked on top of each other is not secure to prevent accidental dropping. Hourly employees are nothing more than slaves and treated as such, providing labor for pay so the Union can pimp them out and collect 90/month in dues and control billions in a pension which they surely must have a finger or two in the pie. Management are the true recipients of the fruits of the hard labor as all profit is theirs and shareholders in form of dividends and stock awards.


At least in Egypt slaves had expenses for food and housing paid lol. Blame the guy doing the work and shame on him for wanting what’s fair from a company making record profits every year. Don’t forget the more you make the more Uncle Sam takes so that 75k is taxed at 35%. Tell me how do you feel about the average MLB player making 3.5 million a year for batting 210 and striking out 100 times a year let alone the guy making 35 million for starting 30 games a year? NBA, NFL etc you’re probably a kneeler yourself I’m guessing. 

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Well except for inflation and shrinkflation including medical costs, $75 is barely enough for a family to scrape by on and poverty level in most larger metro areas. I don't have the answers but I know the answer isn't to blame the workers that they get paid too much. This 75k worker by the way IS the middle class. Everyone here on ZH is so quick to bitch about the disappearance of the middle class yet so quick to approve that which is evaporating the middle class.  Executive compensation has to be factored into any salary negotiations for the lower level employees.

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Hedgers are so brainwashed that they think helping a blind lady cross the street is socialism.

Hedgers are so hypocritical and dishonest that they use Venezuela but not Norway or Denmark for their anti-socialism propaganda.

Hedgers are so dysfunctional that they believe Christians are better than Jews.


As the say goes:

To be stupid, selfish, and dysfunctional are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost.

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roddy6667 Escrava Isaura Sun, 06/10/2018 - 05:08 Permalink

ZH'ers have never been to VE or Denmark or Norway, so they have no inkling what they are talking about. They don't know enough to even have an opinion on the subject, yet they do. And a hugely emotional one at that. 

I would say that most of them worship the Magic Sky Daddy and his 2000 year old Jewish zombie son. That says a lot about what their critical thinking skills are.

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$75k is barely enough for a family to scrape by on and poverty level in most larger metro areas


The median family income is $59K.  A couple can "scrape by" with one person in a minimum wage job getting about $16,000 per year (not including the welfare they'd likely get).  It's all about living within one's means.  Apartments are available for $650/month.  And it doesn't cost a lot to own an older car (or use public transportation).  And you can eat on the cheap if you need to (beans and rice don't cost much).   Now if you want to live better, develop skills to get a better job, or start a business.

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My wife and I "scraped by" on $72K a year back before we retired 5 years ago. This was in CT, not exactly cheap. Our kids were grown and gone, so it was just us. We lived in a very decent 1BR apt in a rural area that cost $800/mo and included heat. Since we worked at the same place, we had one car, older but reliable and presentable. We seldom ate out, both of us being good cooks. We ate well. On weekends we would drive all over New England. Every two years we would visit her family in China. We sent thousands of dollars to her family in China for many reasons. And we saved $30,000 a year. After 8 years we bought a house for $120,000 cash. We never had any debt of any kind. It can be done. You don't have to live like a rat, but you have to live beneath your means.

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What good is making more money, if you work so many hours, you end up like one of those Japanese overworked people that either commit suicide or just fall over from total exhaustion? More of anything isn't really 'more'... it's just how the system/Man/SG/'Satan' sucks the soul out of you... .and they get you to volunteer for it... free will... the innate power of all consciousness... it is your true power.. and they get you to give it away for some fiat.... perfect herding.... until the herd gets upset, but by then, which is now, the SG are always a few steps ahead and waiting for the herd to jump off the cliff.... 'they know not what they do'.... which is how we all learn... the hard way, no pain,  no gain.

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No reason to increase wages. UPS union endorses democrats who import millions of very cheap labor peeples, many of whom can not only do their job, but do it easily 24/7, 7 days a week and love it. They'll send much of the money back home and ask their bossman if they can work overtime.

These union member should be vociferously supporting Trump, and screaming for The Wall to be built.

But they don't.

UPS union members have no one to blame but themselves for voting for the Wrong party. They cut their own throats.

Sp let them go on strike. Another shipping service will replace them (such as Amazon Shipping) with cheaper labor and/or machines (that don't throw the packages from the truck over the fence onto your doorstep from 50 feet away!).

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I haven’t really had many issues with them, and I get stuff delivered all the time. 


It will be interesting to see what happens if those Tesla tractors actually materialize and perform as promised. I doubt it, at least not soon, but if they do, those union diesel mechanics are going to be pissed. I have a family member in that industry. They are supposed to be nearly maintenance free compared to a diesel semi. Companies like UPS won’t need nearly as many mechanics. 

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