Trump Rage-Tweets That Trudeau Lied, Refuses To Endorse Final G-7 Communique, Threatens Canada With More Tariffs

Update: French Prime Minister Trudeau has responded to President Trump's tweets.  Trudeau spokeswoman Chantal Gagnon issues statement by email:

“We are focused on everything we accomplished here at the G-7 summit”

“The Prime Minister said nothing he hasn’t said before - both in public, and in private conversations with the President”

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Having been literally 'squeezed' by French President Macron while in Quebec for the G-7 Meetings, President Trump has lashed out at another French-speaking leader in a late-Saturday series of rage-tweets.

As The Hill reports, a handshake between President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday has gained widespread attention on social media...

for the imprint of Macron’s thumb the French leader left on Trump’s hand.

But after hours of to-ing and fro-ing among various representative of the G-7 nations, a final communique is yet to appear - and now, judging by Trump's tweet tirade - it will indeed be a G6+1, with the US historically refusing to endorse the communique for the first time.

US President Donald Trump said he will not endorse the final G7 communique and will look to impose tariffs on cars, potentially signalling a worsening of relations in a brewing trade war.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier said his country would move ahead with retaliatory measures against the recently imposed US tariffs on allies' steel and aluminum exports. He said the new tariffs on Canada were "insulting" and said he told Trump directly that Canadians "particularly did not take lightly the fact that it's based on a national security reason" and held firm to the government's threat of retaliation.

"Canadians are polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around."

Trump seemed particularly angered by Trudeau's apparent two-faced comments, tweeting:

"PM Justin Trudeau of Canada acted so meek and mild during our @G7 meetings only to give a news conference after I left saying that, 'US Tariffs were kind of insulting' and he 'will not be pushed around' Very dishonest & weak. Our Tariffs are in response to his of 270 per cent on dairy!" Trump posted in another tweet.

"Based on Justin's false statements at his news conference, and the fact that Canada is charging massive Tariffs to our U.S. farmers, workers and companies, I have instructed our U.S. Reps not to endorse the Communique as we look at Tariffs on automobiles flooding the U.S. Market!" Trump wrote on Twitter.

The trade wars just escalated as Trump appears to be shifting his attention to autos now.

It was not immediately clear where the new round of aggression would leave the two leaders and their mercurial attempts to find trade peace.

Earlier while still in Quebec, Trump said he wants to make a deal on NAFTA, and he's open to working with the current pact or striking separate agreements with Canada and Mexico -- as long as they agree to renegotiate every five years.


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Trump honeymoon is over. An economic crisis and a constitutional crisis are coming.

Hans-Werner Sinn: The fact is that retaliatory tariffs are extremely dangerous, as they risk provoking a broader trade war. And, contrary to Trump’s ill-informed claims, trade wars are not good for anyone, as they undermine the division of labor. Nor are they “easy to win.” Quite the opposite: like conventional wars, trade wars are impossible to win.

In any case, one should not throw stones when one lives in a glass house. And the EU’s house is fragile: it already taxes car imports from the US at 10%, compared to the 2.5% tariff the US has in place for car imports from the EU. While this asymmetry emerged because the US has received greater intellectual-property protections through the so-called TRIPS Agreement, the fact remains that tariffs undermine consumer interests, and are thus unjustifiable.


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It has been confirmed by a Secret Service insider that Trump did give Trudeau a "knees-on" blowjob (with swallow) Saturday morning. He confirmed that Canadian businesses will receive a $ 1.25 USD trillion break for allowing him to suck the Canadian PM's cock. Trudeau, a real man, didn't like the experience but sent a huge load down the USA president's throat. Story confirmed by CNN but will not be reported for national security reasons. 

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Cassandra.Hermes wadalt Sat, 06/09/2018 - 21:56 Permalink

The Assessment of Trump has not changed across the majority of Americans: he's immeasurably weak on the world stage, he's about to inflict hundreds of billions of dollars in lost trade and tens of thousands of American jobs - most of them concentrated throughout the Mid-west. So far we've enjoyed an Obama-ian economy of growth and stability - once those tariffs are applied the economic reality will have dramatically changed and then its all Trump. Trump has stripped America of its self-respect - Trump is forcing America on its knees to commit economic and political and diplomatic seppuku....unbelievable. There's only one thing that puts a stop to this: the American People, mobilizing, in every State and every county this November with a message at the ballot box to Congress and this despot-in-chief of Americas disapproval and the price upon Trump and his party, of incurring that disapproval. If not, the last mile of a 242-year old Union should be savored for as long as possible.



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I used to listen them and their forecasts, until it became clear that both of them prefer the sound of their own voices over providing facts... Don't get me started on JW as he is rather notorious in the expat crowd in Jan Jose... Both of them should be on CNN as often as they are correct... 

As for the G6+1, fuck them... All six of these "trading partners" impose stiff tariff on US goods, while the US takes it in the shorts... Level the playing field, zero tariffs between these countries... Much like the TPP and the Paris Climate Accord, the US is expected to take a fucking... No more, at least until 2024... 

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RU4Au Keyser Sun, 06/10/2018 - 00:13 Permalink

 "All six of these "trading partners" impose stiff tariff on US goods, while the US takes it in the shorts."


As it has been designed and implemented by the Soros globalist crowd.  Simply, this is wealth redistribution. Marxism on the global scale. Marxism can't progress without first knocking the USA down to size and how better to pull that off than to have the USA pay for it's own destruction by the mechanisms of NAFTA, TPP, etc.

In other words, we fund our destruction through trade deficits.

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What do you expect from ZHNN? 

This is the same shit-spew channel as the rest of the whore media.

And why this clown show permits these bible false fucking christian fucks to keep posting the same spew shit in every thread speaks loudly of their whoreish greed for advertising bucks.


I'm glad I'm old, ready to go!

Calling Mr. Yellowstone! Please pick up the courtesy


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PM Trudeau has been a weak fish and a national embarrassment in pretty much every way up to this point, but hopefully, this sort of discourse is waking him up to the threat that the USA poses to Canada's national security, and he'll understand the need for rapid and meaningful response.

Canada needs to start selling oil at world market prices.  The absurd NAFTA discount to US$30/bbl should never have happened.  Canadians have been ripped off to the tune of billions of dollars, and if there is one thing that Trudeau might do to redeem himself in the eyes of the nation, selling crude at world spot prices is that one thing. 

The Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project, expanding access to foreign (non-USA) markets for Canadian oil from the Port of Vancouver, has been resisted by foreign interests that have been funding an anti-pipeline lobby to the tune of tens of millions of known dollars, never mind what else has been spent in secret.  Those foreign interests need to have their funding FROZEN, and Canadian intelligence agencies need to find out where that money originates, and cut off the source. 

We all know that the "Climate Change" narrative is a smokescreen for declining EROEI.  (All the mad drilling for tight shale in places like Texas is to offset the exponential decline in production from mature formations.) 

America has enjoyed a virtual monopoly on Canadian energy for too long, and the Americans think they have a chokehold.  They think they "own" Canada, and when their economy collapses, they will strip whatever wealth can be taken from Canada on their way down.  For the sake of the people of Canada, PM Trudeau and his Liberal government need to find a better market for the God-given resources that we have available to sell AT REAL WORLD MARKET PRICES.


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The world average ERoEI for petroleum is now 8.3:1. It will fall to the "dead state" in eleven years. After that point no one, anywhere will be building anything! To keep Canada's tar sands in operation requires diluent, and the US has sunk $7.5 trillion into shale (which it will never even come close to getting back). Without US subsidized LTO Canada has very little oil industry remaining. Like the US, all of Canada's conventional fields are in steep decline. Canada has no choice but to play ball with the US. It is the end game for this civilization; it is the coming end of the oil age. Canada's best option is to stay with the last man standing, and the US, or Russia will be that man.

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bigkahuna Lore Sun, 06/10/2018 - 06:28 Permalink

Energy returned on energy invested

That sucks if that is the case. The only one nearby who can and will refine it only does so at a discount. I am sure they discount any heavy crude in the same way - regardless the origin.

I believe Canada will have to accept the price unless there is some way to get a refining operation together that would eventually return to scale and work better for your oilers.

In any case, thanks for the new (to me) acronym.

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Joe Trader Lore Sun, 06/10/2018 - 02:37 Permalink

All good points - but that doesn't resolve the fact eastern canada pushes Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba around.

Everyone in Alberta could get a $6,000 cheque per year from "equalization" payments. Alberta pays about $40 billion in total taxes to the feds - only $20 billion is spent in Alberta - $10 billion goes towards Quebec to in effect pay for their annual provincial debt payments of $11 billion per year. (Quebec could sell hydro quebec for $200 billion and pay off its debt but it's easier to steal from Alberta!)

So if Trudeau wants to insist that Trump doesn't "bully" him around - then Trudeau should look in the mirror first and put an end to his own bullying of Alberta. Trudeau's all about maintaining his political power and he's focused on appeasing the liberals in eastern canada - who can be blamed for the cancellation of pipelines and pyramid scheme tax system

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Lore Joe Trader Sun, 06/10/2018 - 16:17 Permalink

Agreed, and what you say presents a strong base of argument in favor of national DISunity.  I look forward to watching secession rise again to the level of public debate.  Smaller nations mean smaller pathocracies.

The USA was originally supposed to be nothing more than a confederation of 13 independent -- repeat, INDEPENDENT -- states. Patriots would do well to think on that.  What changed?

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