China Hacked US Navy Contractor, Stole 614GB Of Submarine Missile Secrets

The U.S. Navy and the FBI are investigating a massive cyber breach that compromised the network of an unidentified Navy contractor, as Chinese hackers allegedly stole large amounts of data related to undersea warfare, including top-secret programs to develop supersonic anti-ship missiles for submarines by 2020, according to American officials, The Washington Post reported.

The data breach occurred earlier this year as the investigation is still ongoing. The officials said that the contractor was working at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, a full-spectrum research, development, and testing arm of the Navy. The warfare center focuses on submarines, autonomous underwater systems, and offensive and defensive weapons systems associated with undersea warfare.

According to the WaPo, Chinese hackers stole a total of 614 gigabytes of plans for cutting-edge weapons relating to various undersea programs, as well as sensor data, submarine information about cryptographic systems, and an entire library of submarine electronic warfare data.

Since the cyber attack, this has been a nightmare for the Pentagon, as the Navy warned The Washington Post not to release further details about the secret submarine missile program, in their report. Meanwhile, Defense Secretary James Mattis ordered the Pentagon inspector general’s office Friday to investigate the massive data breach.

Bill Speaks, Director of Media Operations for the Navy said, “There are measures in place that require companies to notify the government when a ‘cyber incident’ has occurred that has actual or potential adverse effects on their networks that contain controlled unclassified information.”

Speaks added that “it would be inappropriate to discuss further details at this time.”

During Admiral Philip S. Davidson nomination hearing to lead U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, he mentioned that Beijing could not develop submarine technology on their own — they had to steal it through cyberspace.

“One of the main concerns that we have,” he told the Senate Armed Services Committee, “is ­cyber and penetration of the dot-com networks, exploiting technology from our defense contractors, in some instances.”

“It’s very disturbing,” said former senator James M. Talent (R-Mo.), who is a member of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

“But it’s of a piece with what the Chinese have been doing. They are completely focused on getting advanced weapons technology through all kinds of means. That includes stealing secrets from our defense contractors.” Talent had no independent knowledge of the breach.

Without breaching confidentiality, The Washington Post touch on the Sea Dragon project, which was one of the programs the Chinese were able to steal in the hack.

“The Sea Dragon project is an initiative of a special Pentagon office stood up in 2012 to adapt existing U.S. military technologies to new applications. The Defense Department, citing classification levels, has released little information about Sea Dragon other than to say that it will introduce a “disruptive offensive capability” by “integrating an existing weapon system with an existing Navy platform.” The Pentagon has requested or used more than $300 million for the project since late 2015 and has said it plans to start underwater testing by September.”

Western strategist already fear that China has rapidly expanded military capabilities through technological advancements and the militarization of artificial islands in the South China Sea, which could complicate the U.S. Navy’s ability to remain dominant in the East. Such hacks of latest US naval military technology will only make China an even greater competitor in the ongoing arms race between the two superpowers, which as the IMF and the Rand corporation forecast  will be won by China some time over the next 2 decades.

The report of a massive military data breach via Chinese hackers comes just as President Trump sits down with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un - who aligns himself with Beijing - in a historical summit in Beijing. How many more hacks will Washington tolerate until President Trump snaps and punishes Beijing with even harsher penalties while sending an even greater US military presence in the South China Sea? As a reminder, NATO recently declared that a major cyber attack on one of its members could be grounds for a declaration of war.


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Another event showing how intelligent it was to import as cheaper replacement or export the work to a nation radically different ethnically and culturally. Yeah greedy bitches, sell your social enclave prosperity and security to the lowest bidder.

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More like "another traitorous screwjob, courtesy of the Clinton Crime Family". Slick Willy was the big driver behind China getting MFN status in the WTO...Chinese got a military base in CA (Long Beach), and of course, this:…

These are all things that are what is UNKNOWN?

China's rapidly closing the tech gap, and we are likely to be in a hot war with them, at some point.

In closing, there's a reason I firmly believe that there are few pits in Hell that are deep enough to put the Clintons in their proper place, fucking traitors that they are.

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Doesn't matter if it's an electronic false flag.  TRADE EMBARGO NOW.

Send the chink economy back 40 years NOW unless they halt all tariffs, forced tech transfers, spying and get off those fake-assed islands.

I'm sure crapple can make their iShit right in the US cheaper and better.  So can all the other companies making shoes and cheap plastic toys.

Let's see if chairman xi can stay in power with 400 million starving slaves running around with machetes.

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"These are all things that are what is UNKNOWN?"

For clues, look for Clinton speaking engagements where he was WAY overpaid.

Then look at who he was meeting with in the previous month or so.

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In the past, I have spent many years working for the major defense contractors.

The security always was a joke. Nobody ever took it seriously. Everybody with a security clearance "Secret" could check out secret documents and make copies of them. Nobody controlled the process. Nobody.

Even before the push for "diversity", 5-10% of all engineers/scientists at "Secret" programs were Chinese.

Let us be honest: the US government and the Congress people only care about making money and the National Interests are no their priorities.

The USA is in a major crisis and, regardless of how much money they spend on defense, it will not help. The country is divided and is moving into a major civil unrest. America reminds me the South Africa where the Apartheid against blacks was transformed into the Apartheid against white people thanks to Marxist Jews and the Zionist Banking Mafia.


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@ Canconhma,


“Marxist “Fake” Jews and th Zionist Banking Mafia.”

Let’t pull back the veil more shall we?


All the Jews were killed in 70AD by the Romans as Jesus predicted.

They're all gone the current ones are impostors.


  'The New Jew Review' is composed of nomadic Turk's (Khazarians) who were residents of the Crimea region when they adopted Judaism on the orders of their King, who got his orders from the Russian Tsar at the time (around 700 AD.)


They are not Semites at all. Khazarian Jews are not Semites.


Sepharad was located in Mede where Iran is today (i.e., the land of the 3 wise Magi who paid homage to the infant Jesus). Therefore, people from Sepharad were not descendants of Abraham either, because the Medes of Northwest Iran were not Semites but Madaites, of Madai son of Japheth, uncle of Ashkenaz. Thus, the people from Sepharad, or the Madaites/Medes/Midianites, now known as Sephardic Jews, are Gentile JAPHETITES, not Semites.


Interestingly, when Modern Israel was founded in 1948 the only Muslim countries to have recognized it first were the non-Semitic, non-Arab countries of Turkey and Iran, because the people of these two countries share the same bloodline as both the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim.


Christ called the followers of the Talmud, the Pharisees, Sons of Satan.

So Christ will give Christian Palestinians their land back.

But Christ will not follow the dictates of the false Zionist Scoffield Bible Apocalypse.


The true Apocalypse (meaning unveiling) will be pulling back the curtain on the Wizards of Zion, the Lucifarian Rothschilds. Then will Humanity be free of their debt slavery.


The way I look at it as an ex catholic is a “Jew” Zionist is a person who is like Abraham. If you are ready to murder your own child then you understand what it takes to advance in this cult.


     ... in order to understand what the Talmud is about without reading the massive volumes, here’s a short summary excerpt from the book, The New Babylon, pp 61-62 ...


     ... “ ... Dr. Auguste Rohling, a professor at the University of Prague in the late 19th Century was a student of Hebrew and assembled a translation of the Talmud. This is what Rohling described as the basis of the Talmud:

1) The soul of the Jew is part of God Himself; the souls of the other peoples come from the Devil and resemble those of brutes;

2) Domination over other peoples is the right of Jews alone;

3) Awaiting the coming of the Messiah, the Jews live in a con- tinsel state of war with other peoples;

4) When the victory of the Jews is won, other peoples will accept the Jewish religion; however the Christians will not be given this privilege, but will be exterminated because they belong to the Devil.

5) The Jew is the substance of God; a Gentile who strikes him deserves death;

6) Non-Jews are created to serve Jews;

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10) If anyone returns to a Christian something he has lost, God will not pardon him;

11) God has ordained that the Jew shall take usury from the non-Jew in order to injure him;

12) The best of the non-Jews should be exterminated; the honest life of a Gentile should be the object of hate;

13) If a Jew can deceive a Gentile by pretending to be a non-Jew, he is permitted to do so. ... “ ...


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The Khazar hoax is easily disproved:  1- the Romans did not kill all Jews in 70 AD not even in Judea. There were more revolts there in the second century AD and Jews continued living in the Galilee.  The Jews were spread out in the Roman empire and beyond by AD 70. "Many of the Judaean Jews were sold into slavery[10] while others became citizens of other parts of the Roman Empire. The book of Acts in the New Testament, as well as other Pauline texts, make frequent reference to the large populations of Hellenised Jews in the cities of the Roman world."      The Jewish communities in Mesopotamia/Iraq/Iran date back to the destruction of the 1st temple.  2- Today's Jews range in complexion from blonde Nordic types to black Falasha Ethiopians and all shades in between. They could not all descend from one race or nation/tribe. Long before the alleged Khazar conversion there were Jews in many lands: Moorish Spain,  throughout the Middle East, in medieval Europe  Italy, France etc, Jews in Germany were slaughtered by Crusaders passing through, the Jews of England were expelled in 1290 and so on. The isolated Jews of Yemen were there long before the Khazar kingdom. Mohammed was slaughtering Jewish tribes in Arabia before the Khazar conversion  So all these Jews who were living in diverse lands came from Khazaria ??  Them Khazars must have been first class globetrotters to spread so widely and so fast. There is debate about whether the Khazar conversion reached to the grass roots or remained superficial, mainly among the nobility. In an age without anaesthesia, conversion to Judaism would always be limited by the painful circumcision requirement.  Of course today's Jews have few chromosomes from biblical times. The racial variety and different geographic origin of today's Jews implies great interbreeding with local peoples. Hate Jews if you like, but do it with genuine historical/scientific evidence and not ridiculous, easily refuted nonsense like the Khazar canard. As far as i know Sepharad refers to Iberia. There was no Russian tsar in 700 ad and no Russian nation.  "The traditional beginning of Russian history is 862 A.D. Kievan Rus', the first united Eastern Slavic state, was founded in 882."   Your Talmudic "excerpts" sound more like what Islam did to the Christians across the Middle East and large swathes of Europe and what Christians did to Jews: "The Jews in the diaspora were generally accepted into the Roman Empire, but with the rise of Christianity, restrictions grew. Forced expulsions and persecution resulted."    I know of few Christians that were conquered and living under Jewish rule historically. I would like to see where those "excerpts" were taken from and who translated.  I am an atheist and don't indulge much in religious research. If all the 3 "great' monotheistic religions were abolished i would lose no sleep.  

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Who gives a shit mother fucker, the Jews have done a number to our country.

Most of them are not Jews from Biblical times. They're a gypsies people and there are 124 different kinds of Jews.

Anyone who can't see the damage done, the use of the state to place draconian rules on us, isn't paying attention. We have been in an economic depression caused by the Jews. And a martial law control grid now controls every aspect of our lives.

All of this was done by the Jews and their groups, neocons and Zionist Christians. We are murdering people for no reason and everything is a lie.

Who controls the media, banking and the government, it's not the Jews? then you are willing to lie to yourself and others.


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...Ron Brown still cannot be reached for comment...

Maybe not, but Mr. and Ms. Pelosi, the treasury keepers of his beloved DNC may be able to retrieve the misappropriated data from their contacts in the PRC. I'm sure it was just a mistake and they'll gladly comply, especially if they ask nicely and say "please".

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Absolutely, defense contractors work with companies that are supposed to have firewalls to block Chinese Nationals. It's a joke. All code, designs are all viewable. The defense department never checks. Whatever is told to the public about tight security is all for show.
Key here is the defense department NEVER CHECKs the security between foreign contracting entities. It's a self-policing system.

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So why to we allow this type of data to be stored on networks that are connected to the internet. It is clear that the only safe place are those secured by lock and key with patriotic Americans standing at the door. We once understood that security was more important than convenience or efficiency. Time to bring in the old Area 51 security experts to learn how to do it right. 

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During the Clinton years, my old corporation hired an incompetent ChiComm's son before laying off a competent American engineer with four kids.  Turns out that the ChiComm gave a contract to my old corporation and was laundering embezzled money to the son. 

I contacted the Feds (ICE), and they would do absolutely nothing.  I contacted the Chinese embassy and within months the ChiComm and four others were arrested.  Some say the Chinese system is more corrupt than ours but not in my experience.

For those who see corruption by Chinese officials, don't contact the Feds, contact the Chinese embassy.

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A great point.  I grew up having great faith in the integrity and competence of the security agencies.  There was no question they were committed to protecting and advancing the interests of our nation.

Now, only a fool thinks that way.  The federal agencies are populated with thinly-veiled communists and ultra-leftists and they are more interested in pursuing vaporous political goals and repressing citizens.  Of old you'd be proud to assist the FBI but now who are the agents who populate the lower ranks?  The FBI murdered Lavoy Finnicum and Vicki Weaver, U.S. Marshals killed Weaver's son, and the loathsome ATF incinerated the Koresh clan.  The EPA will hound you and bankrupt you if you have an "illegal" stock pond that interferes with naval operations, and, as a commenter above noted, DOD doesn't bother to enforce security requirements.  To this day it seems DOD and the other federal agencies never heard of an air gap to help secure critical data.  Submarine data on the contractor's internet-connected network?  Ho hum.

Our guardians are more fixated on bogus dossiers from scumbag sources to use to obtain bogus warrants to surveil American citizens.  I'm sure as I write that there thousands of Chinese and Indian engineers working for defense contractors.  Why is that?  I'd be tarred and feathered as a politician if I said foreign born citizens and three generations below are ineligible for defense work.  No, we have to remain surgically attached to the idea that skin color and national origin mean nothing and that it's positively criminal to have strict security clearance clearances.  Nowadays, the only way a cross-dressing homosexual can be denied a security clearance is if its purse doesn't go with its dress.

Does the federal government take care of its core business?  It's STILL doing all it can to legalize illegal immigrants and bring in millions and millions more.  Hear of the massive drive to find and deport illegals?  Didn't think so. 

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It begs the very basic question....

Why is this kind of data EVEN LEFT ON FUCKING LINE?

I mean really, data this sensitive should never be left on a system that's net connected.

614gb is one hell of a lot of data. Unless... it was bait? Which, I highly doubt. The US and its personnel have become exceedingly sloppy. If this data breach is real, this is very VERY bad. Like nuclear info meltdown bad. All contractors mus be made to keep and store all data like this on completely offline systems with a more 1960's manual approach. This way if you're a state actor, you've got to put someone physically in a situation. This makes it very tough for anyone to get data out.

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