That Viral G-7 Photo As Seen From 'The Other Side'

While this morning's tirades by Trump's top advisors against Justin Trudeau have done nothing to dispel the G6+1 image that yesterday's viral photo from Quebec suggested...

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office released the now-iconic picture that showed her leaning over a table to confront a pouting Trump, with President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Theresa May beside her. with everything else in our new polarized normal, the photo did not tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

In fact, as Bloomberg reports, when viewed from 'alternative' angles, 'alternative' facts become possible - each released by various nations:

The White House released this photo showing Trump holding court in a more relaxed setting, arms crossed, with Trudeau, Bolton, and Abe laughing...



France's official release, unsurprisingly focused on Macron, with Trump barely visible...

And finally, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s take was released with a wider frame, making sure the host, absent from most other images, was also visible -- standing next to Trump, no less.

Something he probably regrets now.

As Bloomberg so poetically concluded, the G-7’s true power it seems, lies in the angle of the beholder.


Village-idiot Sun, 06/10/2018 - 20:21 Permalink

Personally I interpret the first picture very differently.

Trump, the master negotiator was the only one sitting. He is actually much taller than most of them (except Justin, Mr. Dressup, Trudeau).  He could very easily have simply stood up in order to shut them down; but he didn't.  This may have been an attempt to get them to play their cards, thinking they had the psychological upper hand.  Trump didn't have a lot of time to waste because he had to get to Singapore.  This trick made them attack him quickly so he got the meeting over with, ASAP.

I reckon it probably worked because he was out of there quickly, leaving behind a crowd of very pissed-off politicians.

Question: What was Trump thinking while this scene was playing out?

Answer: Angela, you're built just like Hillary. Do you also crap your pants?

. Canada needs it's own Trump, instead of the limp-wrist we have now.


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@wadalt "They only use their power to create more death to others." hard to argue with that, as it has been the pattern for centuries, but the juden managed to inject western govt killing machines with steroids. The ppl truly hate and despise wars. But the ruling class absolutely love them. And as long as there are military goons around to salute and say "Yes SIR!", we will have wars. As long as the ppl passively allow the govt to hijack their incomes to pay for it all, there will be wars.

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Tor is simple enough. Make one Gmail account per week with a very different name and it will be difficult to tell that it is the same person. I have a hobby project in the form of a browser extension for this, codenamed "shitbird removal system," that will use an AI to ferret out language that shows the same person is behind multiple sockpuppet accounts. That, and anyone with a 10:1 downvote ratio is likely posting crap anyway.

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I develop in Drupal, so thre's a few possibilities. The main one is, each user has their own rendering of the comments section, with certain users' comments replaced with something like [ blocked ] . You could also have a View in the admin panel showing your block list, and if someone is blocked by 50+ users, they are a likely candidate for the banhammer.

Same with up/down votes. If someone has racked up thousands of downvotes in a 10 down/1 up ratio, it is pretty clear the community doesn't want them.

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