Nunes Slams DOJ For "Obstruction" On FBI Spy Documents Related To Stefan Halper

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has accused the Department of Justice of "obstruction" and using "an array of tactics" to withhold key documents related to the FBI's use of a spy against the Trump campaign.

The spy in question is Stefan Halper, a 73-year-old Cambridge professor, former U.S. government official and longtime spook for the CIA and FBI - whose ex father-in-law was Ray Cline, former Deputy Director of the CIA

Halper was outed as the FBI informant who infiltrated the Trump campaign to conduct espionage after the Washington Post and the New York Times ran reports that corroborated a March report by the Daily CallerThe Caller detailed Halper's outreach to several low-level aides to the Trump campaign, including Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, and a cup of coffee he had with campaign co-chair Sam Clovis.

In a Friday letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Nunes accused the DOJ of refusing to turn over key documents concerning the agency's use of Halper. 

"DOJ continues to obfuscate and delay its production using an array of tactics, such as incorrectly categorizing the requested documents as Gang-of-Eight-level material in order to limit access," wrote Nunes, in reference to an April 30 subpoena for the documents. "Such conduct by DOJ is unacceptable because the Gang-of-Eight is a legal fiction that has no basis outside of the confines of Presidential approval and reporting of covert actions."

Nunes added "Your continued refusal to permit Members of Congress and designated staff to review the requested documents is obstruction of a lawful Congressional investigation."

Rosenstein appears nonplussed at the letter - with a DOJ official commenting to Fox News that the Deputy AG is busy with other matters, and will plan to respond during a previously scheduled briefing on Thursday.

“He, along with the FBI Director and DNI Coats, look forward to further briefing and again presenting responsive documents to Chairman Nunes and the rest of his colleagues in the Gang of 8 meeting scheduled for Thursday of this week,” the official said.

Nunes' letter was in response to an offer by the Justice Department and the FBI to brief the "Gang of Eight" in an effort to blunt criticism from the House conservatives who repeatedly have pressed for documents and questioned the department's conduct in the Russia investigation.

The Justice Department originally denied Congress access to any of the documents, citing national security concerns. But it later relented and held two high-level briefings last month in response to pressure from the White House, Nunes and House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis. -Fox News

The DOJ official said last week that the agency would provide new materials and that "the documents that were available for review but not inspected by the members at the previous briefing."

"Frankly the sooner the Department of Justice complies with all of our document requests, which are legitimate document requests, the better this is going to be for everybody, and had they complied with the document requests earlier when we made them, we probably could have spared the country of all of this drama," Ryan said Thursday.

"I will not relent in my duties on behalf of the American public to discover all the facts in this matter," Nunes concluded in his letter. "Any response falling short of this request will be considered an effort to conceal material information from Congress -- a dangerous precedent that threatens the core of our democracy."


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As long as Rosenstein is in there, the DOJ is going to do nothing but obstruct.


Rosenstein's strategy is "The Best Defense, is a Good Offense."

He is going to continue to press the Mueller Witch Hunt in a desperate attempt to shift the focus off of the many, many crimes that he, along with his other Deep State buddies, have committed.






MK ULTRA Alpha gatorengineer Mon, 06/11/2018 - 15:00 Permalink

The federal government refuses to answer the people's representative. Statist like the FOX military colonel, pitched a fit because FOX was telling it like it is. This is what the federal government is made up of, assholes who think they know better than the will of the people. He quit and made a big fuss over FOX telling on the Deep State. I believe his name was Peters.

Divide this country into smaller countries and destroy the federal government.

There is more bad than good in the United States. It must be destroyed. This nation must be divided up now before it is too late.

The federal government is made up of the lowest quality workers and it has proven it is a criminal enterprise. The political slant of the federal government is a communist fascist slave system in which we are held down and robbed.

Considering the political killings of the Clinton', I sometimes wonder why in other countries they would have been killed for it, if there was no justice, but not in the US. Why? it's because the people are no good and allow it.

Corruption is accepted all through the nation and government. A whistle blower is destroyed and it's allowed.

The watch dog media proves the level of corruption, the amoral culture is universal. The only hope or should I side out is a bloody kill off. It has to be done and the sooner the safer everyone will be in the long run.

If we don't have a kill off, particularly the hundreds of thousands of communist who perform the role of unelected dictators in an unconstitutional agency form of government which has reverted to it's main purpose, a Northern State martial law scheme instituted by the Northern States after the civil war. The only cure for this is a violent bloody civil war to free our nation and people from the totalitarian communism dictatorship.

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Paul Ryan has balls; but for the deep state, not the people.  They should impeach Rosenstein already. 


I'd bet the documents show Obama just made up the Russian collusion as an excuse to issue a national security letter to start spying on Trump.  And that eventually the made up crime as collusion isn't,  (as you know every presidential campaign is talking to most foreign nations - e.g. why did Obama go to Germany before he was elected - collusion there I'm sure) was further backed via simple contacts with Russians.  But there was no deal making going on.  It was all a coverup to spy on Trump, to help Hillary win.  Consider all the Russian collusion, Putin puppet allegations by Democrats.  It's simply lying dirty tricks, but criminal behavior by involving the government FBI, NSA, and CIA to do it.

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So what is Trump going to do if this executive order to release it all unredacted is ignored by Rosenstink?  And what happened to Reefer Madness?  He died and went to Reefer Heaven?  He recused himself from "supervising"  Mueller, but he could step in on this one as it doesn't relate to Mueller's prosecutions. What I am driving at is if Rosenstink disobeys his EO, Trump could can him in a fashion that would garner increased support of the American public if he plays his cards right.  The he could hire a real gunfighter acting Deputy AG and Sessions could just continue to stay in his coma.

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RumpleShitzkin j0nx Mon, 06/11/2018 - 17:14 Permalink

Get ready to eat those words.


They gang of 8 won’t have the final say to bury this.


They are already tangled up in this legally, too. They block, they obstruct...trump declass for the win.

Coats may even pull that trigger. 

7 of the 8 are fucked. Ryan cut a deal and was allowed to resign. The others dug in. McConnell didn’t duck out, so he’s fucked too.


National Security as an excuse to obstruct won’t cut it once the docs are declass and everyone gets a look.

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Congress has no enforcement power and neither to the courts.

The only person who has the authority to direct the DoJ to perform its obligation to Congress is the President.

He should directly order all documents be released with no redactions, forthwith.

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Contempt of Congress is a criminal offense. One month to one year in jail plus a fine. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, come on down!

Next up, Asst. Deputy AG's of which there are six plus the Acting Assistant AG, John Cronan, placeHolder for Trump appointee awaiting confirmation. Now wouldn't that be weird?

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Talk time should be over.  Commence impeachment proceedings against Sessions and Rosenswamp.




Good analysis of Korea here.  Trump, the puppet of Israel, is basically acting with Iran in mind and Israel’s wishes as his guiding light:

I doubt Israel would dare directly attack NK as the article at one point suggests.  

everything Trump does, with Syria, Iran...  Korea... is filtered through the Likudnik, Zionist prism.

He is putting Israel First, and he is absolutely willing to spend American blood and treasure so the Jewish State can destroy and fracture its neighborhood so it can grab lebensraum and stolen oil/gas/ will.

And because he is a puppet of Likud Zionist Jewry, there will be no conciliatory moves toward Russia

In fact America’s terror proxies are on the move into south central Russia according to Russian and Chinese sources.


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Scipio Africanuz I Am Jack's Ma… Mon, 06/11/2018 - 15:29 Permalink

I'm supporting Trump because the world needs peace, and since it's documented, and observed fact, that the USG is the biggest purveyor of injustice, the opposite of peace, it behooves all lovers of peace, to impress upon the USG the consequences of no peace.

Having said that, it's also prudent to inform that, the last thread holding the American Republic together, for all intents and purposes, is Iran. Skeptics will scoff, naturally, but some actions, no matter how well thought through with the most brilliant minds, often end in unforseen, and unpredictable outcomes, which tend to arouse deep regrets, and unrepairable catastrophe.

Now, mankind generally understands that there are four elements, namely air, water, earth, and fire. These elements, are balanced in nature, in a way that assures survival. Each is also the antidote of at least, one other element, so if one of the elements gets out of calibrated balance, and becomes a threat to any of the other elements, individually, or collectively, the threatened element signals the threat element's antidote, to neutralise the imbalance, and should the antidote not be capable, then all the threatened elements combine to restore calibrated balance.

What usually happens in the event of a recalibration, is that the out of balance element, is recalibrated to lower potency relative to its previous potency and why? The process of recalibration usually favors the most effective element in the restoration of calibrated balance, for a while.

Eventually, after recalibration, the elements gradually regain their intrinsic potency and begin recalibration to the balance required for survival. At this point, the cycle repeats. It is this cycle that must be broken hence, the need for constant calibration between the elements.

So what's the long story about?

First, it's about the calibrator of the four elements, GOLD!

Second, it's about understanding the antidote for each element, so in the event any element gets out of balance, it can be antidoted to calibrated balance.

Third, it's about the observation that every living thing, is allocated to one of the elements, having its nature.

And most importantly, it's about the fifth element, which comprises  the natures of all the four othrr elements known. This fifth element, is what the true nature of man is made from. So, what is the fifth element? Beats me!


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ZENDOG Mon, 06/11/2018 - 13:34 Permalink what's new?

Hillary in jail yet?

FBI Traitors still getting a paycheck and benefits?

The list grows longer by the day........