Chris Packham Warns An "Ecological Apocalypse" Looms For Great Britain

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Springwatch presenter Chris Packham is warning Great Britain of an “ecological apocalypse.” On this year’s Springwatch, Packham warns that we are presiding over “an ecological apocalypse” and Britain is increasingly becoming “a green and unpleasant land.”

According to The Guardian, Packham, who is a naturalist and broadcaster, is urging people to join him next month on a10-day “bioblitz.” This would involve visiting road verges, farmland, parks, allotments, and community nature reserves across the country to record what wildlife remains. The wildlife to be looked at would range from butterflies to bryophytes, linnets to lichens. Next week, Britain will become the first country in the world to dedicate a national week to helping swifts. The naturalist hopes his bioblitz will showcase their expertise and inspire newcomers to begin to understand and get involved in nature. Packham also wants to focus on farmers. “There are a lot of good farmers out there and we are going to celebrate their work as well,” he said.

Packham claims that the British people have normalized a “national catastrophe” and only see a wealth of wildlife in nature reserves, with the wider countryside completely devoid of any life. “Nature reserves are becoming natural art installations,” he said. “It’s just like looking at your favorite Constable or Rothko. We go there, muse over it, and feel good because we’ve seen a bittern or some avocets or orchids. But on the journey home there’s nothing – only wood pigeons and non-native pheasants and dead badgers on the side of the road. It’s catastrophic and that’s what we’ve forgotten – our generation is presiding over an ecological apocalypse and we’ve somehow or other normalized it,” added Packham.

“How many wildflowers can we see? None. Where’s the pink of ragged robin? Where’s the yellow of flag iris? The other colors are not there. It’s not green and pleasant – it’s green and unpleasant,” Packham says despairingly of looking at the rolling hills beyond this year’s setting for Springwatch on the National Trust’s Sherborne estate in the Cotswolds.

Packham has also posted recent tweets which have gone viral. He commented on the absence of insects during a weekend at his home in the middle of the New Forest national park. He claimed he did not see a single butterfly in his garden. He also said that he sleeps with his windows open but rarely finds craneflies or moths in his room in the morning whereas they were commonplace when he was a young boy.

The dying off insects has been noticed before, and scientists have feared that it could mean the earth is unbalanced ecologically and there could be serious implications for all life on the planet. Germany was revealed to have lost 76% of all flying insects since 1989 and Packham says the decades of losses were finally visible to humanity.

Three-quarters of flying insects in nature reserves across Germany have vanished in 25 years, with serious implications for all life on Earth, scientists say. According to The Guardian, insects are an integral part of life on Earth as both pollinators and prey for other wildlife. It was known that some species, such as butterflies, were declining. But the newly revealed scale of the losses to all insects has prompted warnings that the world is “on course for ecological Armageddon”, with profound impacts on human society. SHTFPlan

But Packham’s focus is on all animal life. Since he first became passionate about birds, in 1970, Britain has lost 90 million wild birds, with the turtle dove population down a whopping 95% since 1990.  The turtle doves are now hurtling towards extinction. The State of Nature 2016 report described Britain as being “among the most nature-depleted countries in the world.” The report contained scientific data and statistics from more than 50 conservation and research organizations. That data has revealed that 40% of all species are in moderate or steep decline.


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That's what happens to a country, Chris, when you force a non-respectful (of everything about that country) unassimilable horde of low IQ, uncivilized North African and Middle Eastern dross on it.

And that's not even mentioning the Romanians raping the river and lake fish stocks for food. Heard some seriously bad shit on the angling front.


One day the veil will be lifted from the masses.

On that day the hangings (for treason) may start.

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CuttingEdge Billy the Poet Tue, 06/12/2018 - 06:10 Permalink

When you can convince a population that the mass barbaric slaughter of livestock is OK (how much of supermarket meat in the UK is halaal?), it shows the people have already lost any empathy for "the countryside".


I don't recall Chris (BBC born and bred) ever raising that issue (as a lover of animals) or numerous others that would be "controversial". Isn't the done thing these days.


The root cause? Overpopulation. Caused by mass immigration.


Such a shame Bellamy was banished from the screens. For being honest, and calling out bullshit.

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DownWithYogaPants Billy the Poet Tue, 06/12/2018 - 06:21 Permalink

Well duh! UK is a small island with too many people. You might as well be looking for some densely populated Eastern US state to be full of "nature".  Not going to happen.

This is more incredibly moronic blather by the radical environ-mental cases.  And yes allowing unlimited number of hordes of rapefugees who reproduce like cockroaches while all the while living on the public dole does not help one bit.

"Bioblitz".  More Bernays style marketing. Why is this POS story on Zh?

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I have never encountered a more monomaniac bunch of people. Every bad thing on earth caused by Muslims.

Actually, reminds me of the most extreme anti-gay activists, often coming out as gay themselves. I really wonder what the psychology of the anti muslim horde is.

That said, I would stress a Muslim driving down the Autobahn with 200kmh is no better than a non Muslim doing the same thing.

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Grimaldus Teja Tue, 06/12/2018 - 07:56 Permalink

You have to be especially "progressive ignorant" to not be able to discern the weight of the bad things associated with Islam. You have the dhimmwit award of the day.

Check the Ramadan Bombathon scorecard for instance.

There is an elevated chance your Muslim driver is going to kill somebody verses the non Muslim.

The progressive stupid, it burns.







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Toxicosis Teja Tue, 06/12/2018 - 10:35 Permalink

I agree with you.  And how in the hell did anybody actually miss the premise of this article.  This has nothing to do with race or immigration but destruction of the natural environment in favor of its most narcissistic species aka "man".

What do most of you people live in your mother's basement, or drink or toke up so heavily that you've missed the changes in your environment that you rely on?  Getting food to your table isn't magic, and the loss of animals and birds ultimately is a loss of our pollinators, and then all of us.

Stupid and ignorant, next to arrogant and hubris ensconced doesn't begin to describe most self centered morons out there now.

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Ecclesia Militans NidStyles Tue, 06/12/2018 - 10:06 Permalink

WTF are you talking about Yoga?  When I'm stateside I split my time between New Jersey and Virginia (when I'm not forced to go to Texas for a few days of that mess) and I can't drive 5 feet without running into a bear or crushing a turtle.  I see bird shit all around my driveway, and if the mess on my windshield is any indication I don't think we are lacking for insects.

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lincolnsteffens DownWithYogaPants Tue, 06/12/2018 - 09:57 Permalink

It is not a moronic story. The British Isles have for centuries preferred order in their landscapes, bending nature to its sense of decorum. Add a bit of modern chemistry and a rising population and this is the result.

In the US we have an obsession with mowing lawns and spreading weed and insect killers that would mar a golf course type lawn and immaculate flower garden. The difference between the US and UK is the US has far more land per capita. In the US vast agri-businesses and uban/suburban spread produces the same results in regional "islands" of development.

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Greens threw in their lot with the communists after the wall came down in 1989.  They are still known as watermelons.  In reality they are useful idiots because they were so obsessed with a single issue that they were easily deceived and led astray.  It is the same story with colored's and feminists, single issue voters all the way.

So the greens sided with those willing to trash the environment in order to achieve power at all costs, against conservatives who basically want a sustainable culture and environment for their progeny, the rightful heirs to the island.

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Teja Heros Tue, 06/12/2018 - 07:33 Permalink

In reality they are useful idiots because they were so obsessed with a single issue that they were easily deceived and led astray.

I like that. Seems the uber rich elites liked the idea and now use the immigration issue as a lever to control the people. 

Regarding the Greens, fugget about the communists. "Modern" greens align with the car industry in order to cling to power. Look to the only state in Germany governed by the Greens, Baden-Wurttemberg, as a proof.

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Mercedes, Audi and Porsche are all in Schwabia, one good reason to buy BMW, aside from the fact that the Quandt family owners were accused of being National Socialists.

I don't follow the politics there, but I am certain the automobile industry has benefited from imported labor, so it would not surprise me if the elites were green and pro immigrant.  Just like the limousine liberals of the east and west coasts of the US who love their filipino nanny's, mexican garteners and portugese house cleaners.


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taketheredpill Heros Tue, 06/12/2018 - 08:58 Permalink


Non-Greens think that 2.5%-3.5% Real GDP forever is great.  They just disagree on who gets how much of a slice of that ever expanding pie.  And also maybe on who can carry guns or kill fetuses.

2.5%-3.5% Real GDP means we will consume as many resources over the next 25 years as we have used in all of history up until today. Really.

Greens have this wacky notion that infinite growth on a finite planet is something that should be addressed.

Fucking Nut-jobs.


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Heros taketheredpill Tue, 06/12/2018 - 10:58 Permalink

The planet is being destroyed before our eyes, true.  What the "sustainable" rate of growth is would be open to discussion.  The internet has allowed profound increases in GDP while reducing energy consumption, but the problem is that those productivity increases have been stolen.

But watermelons claim that we should put Christian hating and Christian genociding communists in charge because they promised the useful idiots that what they really cared about was the environment, not power.  And they promised to the feminists that what they really cared about was empowering women.  And the told the queers and tranny's that what they cared about was deviant sex.  And they swore to the blacks that they just wanted equal rights for them.  And on and on.

Yet none of these leftist constituents ever really get their one true desire because they are willing and stupid enough to give power to what are blatantly pathological liars.

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kellys_eye Heros Tue, 06/12/2018 - 11:48 Permalink

The planet is being destroyed before our eyes, true. 

Bullshit. Such a claim is as valid as those made claiming MMGW is going to cause catastrophe.  It's politically engineered shite and shame on you for falling for their line - a line which will make you 'happy' to be taxed until you bleed and/or have all you take for granted (heating, light, food, water etc) made into 'luxuries'.

Social media - Packham's 'hunting ground' i.e. your conscience - is responsible for creating mass hysteria over isolated environmental issues that are, by and large, 3rd world problems that we have little/no control over.  Indeed, if we weren't hamstrung by the eco-nazis we'd be self sufficient in the most valuable resource we have - energy - a result of which would be a cleaner, safer and more eco-friendly environment.

As usual, the ill's and problems of the world are 'relocated' to our collective conscience and guilt and, personally, I'm sick to fucking death of being labelled a 'polluter' a 'denier' an 'environmental terrorist' etc just to satisfy the jumped up wannabe world-saviour cunts like Packham.

He can fuck right off.

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Westerners were told that there was an over-population problem (remember Ehrlich?) and westerners have voluntarily chosen to limit their families.   So what do the western governments do?   They tell us that we need more people, and they import all the useless trash  they can find in Africa and Middle East and tax us to pay for them.

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As an avid motorcyclist for 27 years in the US and abroad, I dare to say insect population east coast UAssA has plummeted.

Cleaning of the helmet, headlight, and brushing insect carnage off of riding suit has almost become forgotten.

This spring there was a slight increase compared to previous two. However, since then there are none to be seen, or worn, or swerved to miss which was fun avoidance practice.

The frogs on the wet roads at night decline started 25 years ago. This year, I saw none.

Plenty of ticks though, gotta love US Govt spread, disease ridden, genetically modified, war tools; Lyme Disease. 

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AGuy SilverDOG Tue, 06/12/2018 - 11:00 Permalink

"As an avid motorcyclist for 27 years in the US and abroad, I dare to say insect population east coast"

The taxes and Liberals drove all the bugs away. Even Bugs can't stand to live there anymore!

However in the south there are plenty of bugs, turtles & frogs. At night I see hay fields lite up with fireflies. Lots of Grasshoppers, Crickets, beetles, spiders, Bees, Wasps, Hornets, moths, You name it. Nights are full of frogs croaking here. During the summer months its common to find a few frogs\toads hanging out on my porch at night.

"Plenty of ticks though, gotta love US Govt spread, disease ridden"

Yes on the tick growth, but not really to be blamed on the gov't. Its the deer that are spreading them. I remember back in the 1970's & 1980's, deer were hard to spot. Now its practically impossible to look anywhere without seeing a deer. I think that the deer population was kept in check when there were more deer hunters.

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OverTheHedge CuttingEdge Tue, 06/12/2018 - 05:43 Permalink

Bollocks. The darkies did NOT do this - Brits have been destroying their environment for generations. Firstly, the old forest is gone. 97% of the natural forest has been cut down. Why do you think everyone is so enthusiastic to have the Amazon not be cut down - the west has destroyed theirs long ago, so need the poor south Americans to keep some final vestage of greenery going.

Next, the UK is farmed by industrial farm practices on the cutting edge of productivity - non-productive farmers went bankrupt a generation ago, or more. The subsidy system is designed to promote chemical, industrial farming, despite nonsensical ideas such as set-asside (where a farmer is paid to NOT farm).

Finally, farmers are such a tiny minority of voters that their needs are irrelevant when compared to inner-city voters. Year after year the UK gives up farming benefits, as a quid-pro-quo for some other gain (normally banking). France, which has a huge farming vote (people who are 3rd generation city-dwellers identify as farmers -its a cultural thing), has gained hugely at the expense of the UK, ever since the UK joined the common market back in the day.

Blame Monsanto, blame Roundup, blame insecticides. Don't blame Muslims or Jews, because they are not the cause of the problem. God knows they are responsible for enough nonsense in the world, but claiming immigrants killed the bees just makes you look silly.

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