Enrollment Plummets At Evergreen College Over Anti-White Policies

Social justice policies appear to be backfiring at Evergreen State College.

As a reminder, in 2017, a 'no whites allowed' day of absence  was proclaimed, which included such useful protests as



“Whiteness is the most violent fuckin’ system to ever breathe!”

And it seems that, as LiveLeak reports as the faculty continues supporting an openly anti-white agenda, but, as One America’s Pearson Sharp explains, students aren’t happy with the school’s apparently policies - leading to a massive drop in enrollment...

Notably, in May, The Olympian reported that Evergreen State “will look to cut more than 10 percent from its operating budget for 2018-19 and raise student fees because of declining enrollment.”


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We would like to thank you Mr Jones for coming in for a job interview this morning... To begin, can you please tell us where you attended college and what was your major?

I attended Evergreen and my major was Social Justice in the White Man's World... 

Thank you for coming in Mr Jones, we will be in touch, in about 100 years... 

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look on the bright side folks -- pretty soon Evergreen will be added to the list of useless "universities" from which you can purchase your Ph.D. by mail order for $29.95 and two Cheerios box-tops.  I think they still have a color printer that works, so they can print up a real pretty diploma for you.



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no, since the federal government subsidizes minorities with "grants" and then student loans, they will be fine.  for the last 30 years you have had to educate your children with your money if you didn't have a scam or some inequality ticket to be punched. even the amount of a "full" scholarship is determined by your parents tax returns and some 40 page questionnaire asking questions that are absurd, but the amount of your money needed to educate your children is in competition with all that other free money so the cost goes up.  

over the past 20 years colleges and universities rival hospitals in expansion and growth, they don't care where the money comes from, just that it comes.

since the administration that allowed the outrages at evergreen, and the demographic that receives the most subsidies are the group they "champion", their numbers will not suffer long.

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Thanks pods, thanks a fucking lot.

I did not see the video, but I saw you mention it, so since you're someone who's on my ZH A-list, I had to go back and check what you were talking about.

Fuck, I don't think even midget porn will expunge what I saw from my mind. 

Oh damn, and I am going to bed in about an hour.  

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There was a period of a couple hundred years when whites went around fucking everyone up simply because they were way ahead in terms of technology.  But before and after, colored people were brutalizing the hell out of each other, just as bad or worse.  Tribal warfare was the norm, cannabalism and human sacrifice were regular too, also most of them treated their women and old people like crap.

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