Israeli Commando Trains White South African Farmers In "Krav Maga" As Violent Attacks Soar

South Africa has been freed from the death grip of former President Jacob Zuma, whose tenure at the head of the government was marred by years of corruption scandals and allegations of abuse of power. But the country's wealthy landowners might soon find themselves wishing for a return to the bad old days as Cyril Ramaphosa, the country's new president, moves ahead with his plan to heal "the original sin" from South Africa's colonial past by redistributing land (without compensation) from wealthy white farmers to poorer black farmers.

What's worse, the country's economic malaise has been exacerbated by a severe drought that until recently had left Cape Town, the country's largest city, only months away from "Day Zero" - the point at which the government would need to seriously intensify its water-rationing efforts as the city struggles with its worst drought in a century (fortunately, early rationing efforts have managed to push the crisis point back until 2019, though that could easily change).

Amid threats from government politicians that "the time for reconciliation is over", there were 74 farm murders and 638 attacks primarily on white farmers last year, according to minority rights group AfriForum.

"Current murder tendencies indicate that we will lose more people on farms than in the past three years," AfriForum's Ian Cameron recently wrote.

So with South Africa coming ever closer to resembling the dystopian hellscape from the popular sci-fi movie series "Mad Max", white South African farmers are faced with two unpalatable choices:

1) Give everything up and seek asylum in Australia

After those threats from Malema and Ramaphosa - and on the back of Australia's offer, RT reports this week that more than 200 farmers from South Africa have applied for humanitarian visas in Australia after allegedly suffering attacks for being white, according to the Australian Home Affairs Ministry.

“The type of criteria they of course have to meet – or the key one – is evidence of persecution, so that's exactly what we will be looking at,” Home Affairs Deputy Secretary Malisa Golightly said.

Home Affairs said 89 refugee visa applications relating to 213 people had been received, although they did not specify their ethnicity or any other details.


2) Stand and Fight!

Sky News is reporting that White South African farmers - who are facing the brunt of the president's "land redistribution" efforts amid a surge in violent attacks against them - are employing an Israeli self-defense expert to teach them survival techniques.

The training is being led by Idan Abolnik, a former Israeli special forces commando, who is teaching farmers hand-to-hand combat and weapons handling.


Abolnik's program costs about 20,000 rand (roughly $1,500) per person for an intensive two-week training course. During the course, Abolnik teaches the farmers Krav Maga, a self-defense system developed by the Israeli Defense Force that has become increasingly popular abroad.

"It's open to everyone and anyone who wants a specially designed system for farmers. We train them to deal with a variety of different attacks," Abolnik said during an interview with South Africa’s News24 TV channel.

Despite being a minority in South Africa, white farmers own upwards of 70% of the country's farmland. Simmering resentments over the country's Apartheid past have inspired the new government, led by President Cyril Ramaphosa, to announce a plan to redistribute land to more black farmers - a plan that bears a disturbing resemblance to neighboring Zimbabwe's actions in the late 1990s that plunged that country's economy into chaos.



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Great... the jew supremacists create the situation through years of intrigue & manipulations and now an ex mossad jew is profiting from the bloody mess the jew supremacists created. Same ole routine over and over again all throughout the world.

The jew supremacists agitate and push for wars, any kind of wars and then they profit from it- always the same, when will the people of the world wake up??????

Remove all jew supremacists from all positions of power throughout the entire world NOW!!…


"Against Our Better Judgement" By Alison Weir

" The jewish Revolutionary Spirit" By E. Michael Jones

" The jewish Onslaught" By Dr. Tony Martin

" MegaCaust" By Mike Walsh

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Krag MAGA? wtf is this stupid jew bullshit?

Basic Israeli tactic: shoot a child if it gets within a kilometer of you... and then run like fuck in the opposite direction. Applied to an actual fully grown, armed negro, about to take you out, this means basically nuking the entire nation then sit snivelling in a corner. So basically, this should read: Stupid, coward jews, arm white South African farmers, with nukes because they literally have no fucking idea how to fight...


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The vast majority of white farmers are as familiar around weaponry as any concealed carrier in Texas. Any farm will have an arsenal to be proud of, not just for vermin (four-legged) control - white South Africans love their guns. And most did military service back in the day. The Angolan border was a tough gig for a quarter of a century.


Tough, uncomplicated buggers.


But, like Rhodesia before, the writing is on the wall, and things are going down hill rapidly from here. And no arsenal will perpetually defend you from savages with a grudge.

Take what you can, and get the fuck out of Dodge. If you want to stay local - Zambia is the place (for now).

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i am getting a glimpse into the future here, there, and everywhere. 7.3 billion human atoms colliding.

it certainly paints a picture stained with blood over our grudges, difference of culture and skin color.

it is our beliefs that are at the core of this never ending strife of life.

enjoy the periods of calm before periods of kill or be killed become local.

just the way it is.

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No joke!
If the enemy, especially when outnumbered, has gotten close enough for hand to hand they have screwed up.
That girl is going to kick a machete out of the man's hand when all he wants to do is score a hit? Besides, the mobs who have been attacking farmers have been armed with rifles.

And this is war not self defense from a robber. They want to kill you. If the whites try to use pistols, they made a blunder.


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I've practiced hand to hand martial arts for most of my life now and a good 95%+ of it is total nonsense if you are looking for self defence.

Maybe 1 in 100 teachers understands their art, has experience of real life hand to hand violence, and practices in a realistic manner in the gym. You have to go to people who deal with confrontations regularly. I.e. Police, military, bouncers.

Most of the traditional martial artists don't understand their art in the first place, don't practice with resistance or realistic violence.

Most of the combat sports don't practice realistic violence and teach suicidal strategies giving you bad instincts for when shit happens.

BJJ is a niche system which is great at what it's designed for. Just don't be too surprised when you get your throat cut by the best mate of the guy you are trying to submit.

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And your "instructor" was the ghost of Bruce Lee too, eh? Do you have any inkling what sane people are making of these psychotic lies and fantasies you are concocting? Seriously? Is his ghost also going to tell how to lie your way out of being exposed as a


You had best fire "MK Ultra Alpha" as your script writer, he's running out of material!



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HA HA! Yeah, and now you have taken the place of Master Po right? Teaching the next generation of "Liars Club" how to dazzle, amaze, completely incapacitate and overcome opponents by baffling them with bogus, ludicrous bullshit! No physical contact required!

"Grasshopper... the next is always better than the last!"

Hilarious! I can't buy entertainment like this!

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If the SA dindus are anything like American dindus, they cower unless they grossly outnumber their victim.  Hence gangs.  Get most gang members one on one and its yes sir thank you sir (but don't let them know where you live!)

I don't understand how the new leader feels that letting the lab rats run the laboratory is going to come up with anything but disaster.  If the black folk where smart enough to farm large tracts if land and get the goods to market, the white folks would never have been able to buy the farms in the first place.

I've learned that unless you pay for something with something you value (time, money, effort), the gift you are given has no value.  The blacks will run the industry into the ground then give up as it didn't cost them anything in the first place.  People will starve within a few short years.  Sure you can slap a #12 on them and put them under center, but these dindus just aren't smart enough to QB something as important as the countries food crop.  The minute something "ain't easy", they be gone!

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