Ron Paul: Singapore Summit Shows Value Of Policy Over Poilitics

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

When President Reagan met with Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavik, Iceland, on October 11, 1987, it helped put into motion events that would dramatically change the global system. A line of communication was fully opened with an enemy of decades and substantive issues were on the table. Though the summit was initially reported as a failure, with the two sides unable to sign a final agreement, history now shows us that it was actually a great success that paved the way to the eventual end of the Cold War and a reduction in the threat of a nuclear war.

A year later Gorbachev and Reagan met in Washington to continue the dialogue that had been started and the rest is history. Success began as a “failure.”

We are now facing a similar situation with President Trump’s historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore. As with the Reagan/Gorbachev meetings, detractors on all sides seem determined to undermine and belittle the opening of a door to diplomacy and peace.

The neocons demand that North Korea give up all its bargaining chips up front in return for vague promises of better relations with the US. Yet in the post-Libya era no serious person would jump at such an offer. Their biggest fear is that peace may break out and they are doing everything to prevent that from happening. Conflict is their livelihood.

I also find it disheartening that many Democrat opponents of President Trump who rightly cheered President Obama’s efforts to reach a deal with Iran are now condemning Trump for opening the door to diplomacy with North Korea. Did they genuinely support President Obama’s diplomatic efforts with Iran, or did they just prefer the person who happened to occupy the Oval Office at the time?

The issue is about policy versus politics and I am afraid too many Americans of all political stripes are confusing the two. Many Americans, it seems, would prefer that we continue down the path to a potentially nuclear conflict on the Korean peninsula because they do not like the current US president.

Does that make any sense? Has politics come to over-rule our common sense to the point we would go against our own interests and even our own lives? Let’s hope not!

The truth is, talking is always better than threatening. Just like trading is always better than sanctioning. Detractors on both sides miss the point while they desperately try to make political points. The current thaw with North Korea began with that country’s participation in the Olympic games in South Korea. From that point, North and South Korea came to see each other as neighbors rather than enemies. That process will continue regardless of what comes from the Trump/Kim summit and it is a process we should cheer.

Hopefully this historic Trump/Kim meeting is the beginning of a dialogue that will continue to dial back the tensions. Hopefully we can soon remove the 30,000 US troops that have been stationed in South Korea for seven decades. One thing Washington must do, however: stay out of the way as much as possible so as to allow the two Koreas to continue their peace process.



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During the first one-on-one, Trump and Kim will try to charm the shit out of each other.

If I were Trump, I’d use the “grab her by the pussy” icebreaker . I don’t think the Norks have been poisoned by the political correctness. Not yet, anyway…

AND… If I were Little Kim, I’d perform the K-Pop Psy-op Gangnam Style.   ;-)


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Dr. Paul- still the best president we never had.

His take on this is very similar to my own.  Let them talk.  Expect no miracles at the bargaining table but things are definitely moving underneath.  This is a GOOD thing.  This is how it SHOULD have been done with Iran, but, well, just look who was running the show on our side at the time.


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Ron, the threat of nuclear war is much greater than the cold war. The United States said it wouldn't move NATO to the Russian border. The US broke the agreement by planning and funding a coup in the Ukraine to install a Jewish leader who demanded the genocide of ethnic Russians in the Ukraine(Victoria Nuland and Kagan, two Khazar Russian Jews working in Clinton state department) NATO is now on Russia's border with military drills which if I was Russia, I would launch a surprise nuclear attack against the US. And that has been planned and can be triggered now.

Russia and China are building not just a political and trading bloc, but a partnership for war.

We have tin horn leaders like Mattis spreading US military power thin all over the world, there hasn't been deployments of US forces on this scale since world war two even though the strength is much lower. Look at the deployments, it's all over the world without the strength.

We pick fights with weaker nations and get bogged down, when it hits the fan, there will be no time for a draft and I doubt many would go for a draft these days, there would be massive riots, and the federal government statist would fight the wars without a draft. That means nuclear war.

Ron is sadly mistaken about the US, it's much worse than he has ever stated, the truth is, there is far more bad in the US than good. Identity politics always looks for a good guy for leader, but it's always some bad guy. In the case of Trump, the statist want to kill him, proving the federal government is an enemy of the people.

Ron the only hope for a better America is a bloody civil war dividing this nation up into smaller nations. The federal government is not accountable to anyone but itself. There is far more evil in this nation than when we grew up, the 50's and 60's when the wealth of America spawned a great percentage of the nation as a  middle class culture, yes, back then it was wonderful, wealth had been achieved and the proper manners and being good was the hallmark of the American people. That has been destroyed by a media system controlled by the Jews that poured immoral poison into the nation for two generations.

Ron it's evil today and has to be destroyed.

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Do you support more wars for Israel? Do you believe the governments version of 9/11? Do you believe the lies you're told?

Are you a Zionist Christian in a racial caste system of Jew on top, then whites with blacks on the bottom and because the Jews are God's chosen people it is authorized by God to murder innocent children all over the world?

America is evil. You've been made into a liar to believe in this, it's brainwashing and you're too afraid to question the made up reality you're told to believe.

There are those who stand to be free men, then there are others who cower and grovel at the feet of the Jews for money and power. All you get is a roiled economy, no mobility, stagnation and national robberies, it's stupid to support the Zionist when they have done so much destruction to you. But because of the Jew control of your racial hate using their media system, you side with the Jews even though it is destructive to the nation and yourself.

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It is really just common decency.  I would have gladly applauded the Iran deal had Obama taken the same steps as Trump and been transparent to the public.  So what is really on the table.  Instead it was all secret and the terms were horrendous.  Really, unbelievable.  All that happened was kicking the can down the road.  Why, just why?  Trump would,love to make this happen, but concedes he may have to walk away.  Obama never entertained the idea of walking from a terrible deal.

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I agree about Dr. Paul.   Things will happen, because Kim's soldiers are starving (look at a video of them marching).  In my mind, the question is whether Kim will be able to make sufficient changes in time before the military takes over.   Claiming they destroyed a nuclear facility as a fig leaf, when they destroyed it via testing, won't be enough IMHO.  I expect Trump will try to persuade Kim to free up his country (which will take time), but to actually get something will take more effort on his part. 

It's similar to the USSR.  They're collapsing because socialists/communists always run out of other peoples money. 

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Lots of people think Ron Paul was the best President US never had, can't help wondering if the elections were rigged against him.  After discovering the dead voting, and unregistered voters being shipped all over the pace to vote in triplicate during the 2016 elections, I guess we know the answer.  Obama was the Worse President that the US should never have had.

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don't fart above your asshole; you are LOONEY, aka the expression, à la expresso of cawfee quick made; of AMERICAN dystopia.

You have no mantra other than bring everybody down to my level of "what this shit is all about"....

Some reductionist mantra !

What Amerika can't do it "undoes" like a mad Nero !

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Fuck you Ron Paul.  North Korea is at the table because their government policies no longer work.  Just like when the Soviet Bloc fell apart.

You have one side of the DMZ in Korea where the government policies are one way.  On the other side of the DMZ the policies are the exact opposite.  Both governments say that their policies are the best.  However the citizenry are experiencing very different realities depending on which side of the DMZ they are.

Let's leave it at this.  North Koreans won the "police action" and prevented the "evils of democracy" from invading above the 38th parallel.  The citizens of North Korean have been experiencing their "victory" ever since.

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Now that the raft is in the Class three rapids... I can't hear ya. I would have had Chuck in Fort Leavenworth talking to the Secret Service the first time he made his threats about Deep state getting back at you....

Yeah I would have SORTED that one with you Chuck.

And Pelosi, how about those IT systems admin, BOFH, spy, thief and much much more than the plea deal from that corrupt ChutKin person I won't CALL a judge anymore

So also not on today's list Baccerra, I would SORT the FAKE SERVER IMAGE out with him in Supermax next door to Pelosi.

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Chief, allow me to further summarize, as George Washington, POTUS numero uno prophetically warned the nation of the many threats the young Republic should be ever on guard against in his final address. Among the threats he identified were the inherent corruptibility of political parties. That ship has long sailed and we the people are left with this juvenile self serving, double dealing, grifting, conniving tyrannical lawless two party racket. We are way past it FUBAR'd.

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North Korea has some sort of all girl rock band that little Kim likes, I believe a team event of grabbing them by their pussies would be a great team-building exercise, as well as bring Trump and Kim together.  I know I sure as heck would LOVE to grab those pussies!  Hey, you need to find common ground!

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"When President Reagan met with Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavik, Iceland, on October 11, 1987..."

Yeah, except this time (you can write it down), Kim Jong Un is Reagan, and Donald Trump is Gorbachev. Lol. I know who holds the deck of cards, most people don't know, but I do. Let's see here hmm...1987 to 1991 the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was 4 years to the collapse of the Soviet Union, well so in around 2022 the U.S will collapse. Which is interesting because Ben Bernanke implied the U.S will go off the cliff in 2020. And the U.S empire will be no more, but on a good note, "America will be great again." Of course all the Stuart Smalley Americans will look in the mirror giving themselves daily affirmations, so they don't know what's coming.

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>> A year later [1988] Gorbachev and Reagan met in Washington to continue the dialogue that had been started and the rest is history. Success began as a “failure.”

Yes but look how long success took!

Soviet Union went into a downward spiral that proved terminal.

Russia went from bad to worse year after year for another 12 years with healing only starting in 2000.

Another ten years before Russia was anything that you could really call a success.

Success began as a "failure" yes, but it was a 22 year failure!

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I've stated the same in the past as Dr. Paul. In layman's term: This shit isn't rocket science. We've spent 50 years arguing over nothing. 

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NK faces a bright future united with its economic powerhouse other half. The Kims are the mafia going into legitimate business. I do not expect them to last any more than has the mafia. DT is correct to point out that his predecessors could have acted.