Russian Military Prepares For WW3 By Creating "Giant War Cloud"

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The Russian military is building a massive cloud which will serve as backup internet in the event of a war. The cloud will be ready in two years and will allow Russia to survive in wartime, even they are totally disconnected...

This new move is part of the country’s ongoing modernization drivereported The Daily Mail The intent is for Russia to survive during a major world war, one in which they’d be cut off from everyone else. The “war cloud” will connect to the Russian military’s vast internal network.

President Vladimir Putin’s top IT adviser Herman Klimenko has previously stated that during wartime the country could run on the military’s pre-existing internal network – called the Closed Transfer Segment. “Technically, we are ready for any action now,” he told Russian TV station NTV back in March.

It was first revealed the country was creating an “independent internet” at the end of last year, which would operate separately from the Domain Name System (DNS) used worldwide. During a meeting of the Russian Security Council, officials discussed an initiative to create an alternative to the DNS, claiming the move could protect Russia and a handful of other nations in the event of a large-scale cyber attack. However, there is some speculation that this “war cloud” could be a way for Russia to launch its own malicious operations, Defense One reported at the time.

According to a new report, the country could run commercial traffic using its own internal network aptly dubbed the “war cloud.”  The war cloud, which is being built at a cost of 390 million rubles ($6 million/ £4.5 million), will rely on data centers all over the country and the first one has purportedly already been completed in the military’s Southern District.  The creation of this first center increased Russian power and influence in the area as well. According to a report by Defence One, this is an area that includes the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula as well as parts of eastern Ukraine.

According to Sam Bendett, an associate research analyst at non-profit research organization CNA, Russia sees this as key to helping protect its data from Western interference. “Russia is investing in military high-tech development, and especially in domestically produced software and hardware,” he told Defence One. The data centers working with this cloud are all made with ‘Russian components,”  said Bendett, who is also a fellow in Russia studies at the American Foreign Policy Council.  “Until recently, many IT components in the military and civilian sectors were Western – that is starting to change,” he said.

“There is a deep irony in Russia citing the increased capabilities of Western nations going attacks in the informational space,” technologist Peter Singer told DefenseOne. 

“It is like the fake social media account of the pot calling the kettle fake.”


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6 million is an understatement. Either its the Jewish lucky number or it's 1000 times less than the original article. Was the translation done by these happy MEMRI guys again? 

MEMRI pops up to mind upon reading the usual bullshit about Crimea, along with the possibility that Russia could use their network to attack the others. 

This article is of the same caliber as the novichock story. In fine it really worries the bankers that Russia is better prepared to the coming war than their fukusil army of imbeciles. That's probably why  the last hot war hasn't started yet. 

P.s. I hope they don't waste resources backing up Amazon and the other useless garbage made in USSA. 


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   ... perhaps Russia is preparing to protect their cyberspace against these guys ...


                featured here ... >>> ... “ ... The Secret Wars of Unit 8200 and U.S. Cyber Command ... “ ...

               >>> ...

         .... “ ... Israel’s Unit 8200 may be small but pushes others around like the diminutive younger brother of a giant- picking fights it would not pick without the security of knowing that the giant has it’s back. Sources in the US government have pointed to Israeli aggression as an unnecessary nuisance that compromises U.S. safety – particularly their aggressive Military Intelligence unit known simply as Unit 8200. What you may not know about the brash, bold and aggressive Unit 8200 is that they are equally responsible for creating tools of destruction as they are for the cool new outfit your new style app picked out for you.   ...


In 2010 a cyber security firm known as Symantec discovered a virus that had almost 15,000 lines of code, no bugs and utilized four zero day exploits. The programming time and skill including undiscovered zero day exploits in the virus were appraised by Symantec to be worth over a million USD. A “million dollar virus” copying and spreading all over the world is a far cry from the usual bug laden viruses from the usual suspects of Chinese or Russian teenagers.

Symantec dubbed the super virus  “STUXNET” based on the combination of two words STUB and XNET, but is referred to as Operation Olympic Games amongst the US Cyber Command & NSA. Stuxnet was never intended to become the global phenomenon that it did, but largely due to Unit 8200’s aggressive short-sighted alterations it spread wider and further than ever initially intended. ... .....“ ... 


       or  here >>> “ ... Unit 8200: Israel’s cyber spy agency ... “ ... 

               >>> ...

... or described here ...

          >>>    ... “ ... Unit 8200: How NSA of Israel Has One Of The Most Powerful Cyber Armies In The World ... “ ...

                 >>> ... 


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There is a deep irony in Russia citing the increased capabilities of Western nations going attacks in the informational space,” technologist Peter Singer told DefenseOne. 

Only a US Deep State asshat propagandist would see any irony in that. It is a fact that ALL major nations are constantly engaged in cyber operations and have the capability (and experience) to deploy cyber attacks at will. The snarky implication that it is only Russia (probably also an indirect reference to "Russiagate") is on the one hand puerile and on the other hand full of the usual shit.

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Exactly. Or as "The Saker" put it:

"As a rule, western weapon systems tend to be more tech-heavy, that is true, but that is not due to a lack of Russian capabilities, but to a fundamental difference in design. In the West, weapon systems are designed by engineers who cobble together the latest technologies and then design a mission around them. In Russia, the military defines a mission and then seeks the simplest and cheapest technologies which can be used to accomplish it. This is why the Russian MiG-29 (1982) was not a “fly-by-wire” like the US F-16 (1978) but operated by “old” mechanical flight controls. I would add here that a more advanced airframe and two engines instead of one for the F-16, gave the MiG-29 a superior flight envelope. When needed, however, the Russians did use fly-by-wire, for example, on the Su-27 (1985). "

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The US could do it almost as cheaply if they desired. The issues is that every swinging leach wants his cut on the ride to doing so, so they cut corners where they shouldn’t and end up with over priced non- secured piles of garbage like The Obamacare website. They basically play the, “I know a guy”, game and rip off tax payers, and then call themselves the backbone of the economy. Sounds like Union bosses and whatnot.


Jokes on you, I am actually left eye dominant.

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Nid - You nailed it but give me a break on the $6m pricetag for upgrades as the article claims.

 A KGB agent of high caliber like Putin knows the value of information. The guy plays a good game of poker and should be respected by his prowess. But I dont cheerlead for governments they kill more people than plagues. A shitty necessary evil but smaller .gov is better. 

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It may not be an understatement.   See, the Russians know how to concentrate their forces, and aren't aroused by circle jerks such as western style business meetings and effeminate consensus-style management.

I have what-was-once supercomputing power under my desk.  You probably carry more computing power in your pocket than NASA had cumulatively from 1950 through to 1972.  The technological requirements are not expensive.

So if we take out the legions of project managers and coordinators, the useless HR bitches , the change manglers in black skirts who parrot policy manuals in the hope of having control of something, and the inevitable western hierarchy of senior manglers and VP's , all smug, smile-fucking MBA-qualified wankers, and all of which serve to obstruct productivity, capability and discipline, we are left with a team of 5 to 7 capable and disciplined arch-generalist technologists who could, in the space of 3 months, have spun up an alternative DNS system which cover the entire Russian landmass, and that would cope with 300+ million name-search requests / second, and would be constructed with OTS hardware and open-source (albeit customised) OS's.  All installed in existing gateways and exchanges. and probably with QoS features so that critical govt/military traffic is prioritised (over encrypted links).

The most difficult part of such a project is policy decisions about routing and forwarding.  but as the russians have already analysed their traffic, it's a doddle.

the figures are on point.   in new zealand, this would be a 60 million dollar project lasting 3 years and would involve 3 layers of ineffective 'service providers'. 90% of the allocated resource would spend its time troubleshooting the vendor-delegated work. approximately 49,500 coffees (total cost $247,500) would be ordered and consumed for the purposes of destabilising the cognition of the project team.  after completion of the project term, "further work is required" and another 15 to 20 million will be allocated for shit-fuck navel gazing and self-congratulatory bottom patting, done in the most splendid uncomfortable-straight-guy-hugging tradition, leading to a total project term of 4.5 years.  4 project managers will have died from heart attacks(funerary expenses ca. $10,000) , or had stents inserted at a cost of $1500 each, and a further four will require angioplasties at a cost of around $9000 each.  8 technicians will quit in disgust over the course of the project, taking lower paying jobs in the private sector.  the most irresponsible, smile-fucky, conflict avoidant managers involved in the project will be shoulder tapped for projects at customs, the ministry of justice and the ministry of primary industries.  the password on the NAS will still be password1.  if you want to know the overseer password for Active Directory, just ask Richard or Ben.*

Somebody please, please, save me from this hell.


*not real names, or real scenario...but i've seen worse

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You probably didn't forget, but understandably too weary, to lay out the suffocating health and safety overhead from high-vis vests to ladder lessons that would add another 20% to project costs and timescales. God help anyone trying to get something done under that web of red tape.

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How about a metal First Aid cabinet located  head-hight on a pillar in a high foot-traffic zone in the cafeteria, and every time someone bends down to look at the printed material thereunder, they smack their head on the corner of the cabinet?   And NO-ONE fills out the accident register.

Forgive me if i've mentioned this one before:   a cardboard cutout, crayoned fire extinguisher on a fire-extinguisher hook outside a computer room in a telephone exchange with a sign above it saying "In case of fire, request real fire extinguisher from building manager".  it was there for over 6 years.



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     Soviet begin with Lenin patched together so called Ukraine

     From 1917 was never Russians in control

     You know nothing about these peoples.

     Search Malorossiya  1911  British Encyclopedia

     Ukraine A History  -Orest Subtelny

     Crimea now has success.


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Crimea was always Russian, even after Kruschev gifted it to uKraine on the condition it will remain an independent state , however when the soviets collapsed, the ukrainians grabbed Crimea illegally.

Once the us conducted an illegal coup, Crimea voted to rejoin the motherland by over 95%, case closed, it's part of the Russian Federation and there is no turning back.

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