Treasury Department Sanctions Another 5 Russian Firms For Cyberattacks, Aiding Espionage

In the first round of sanctions since President Trump walked back Nikki Haley's hint back in April, and as the White House is reportedly planning a summit between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Trump administration on Monday slapped sanctions on five Russian firms and three of their executives on allegations of engaging in cyberattacks and assisting Russia's military and intelligence services.

According to the Associated Press, the companies affected by the Treasury Department sanctions are: Digital Security and its subsidiaries ERPScan and Embedi; the Kvant Scientific Research Institute; and Divetechnoservices. The men impacted include Aleksandr Lvovich Tribun; Oleg Sergeyevich Chirikov; and Vladimir Yakovlevich Kaganskiy; all of whom work for Divetechnoservices. The sanctions were passed under legislation passed last year by Congress about punishing efforts to hack into US computer networks. The sanctions will freeze any assets the targets have in US jurisdictions and bar American firms from doing business with them.


The sanctions followed the Treasury Department's decision in early April to punish seven Russian oligarchs and 17 top Russian government officials, as well as 14 entities including private and state-owned firms.

Digital Security allegedly provided material and technological support to Russia’s Federal Security Services (FSB), while Divetechnoservices purportedly procured a variety of underwater equipment and diving systems, including a submarine, for Russian government agencies.

The decision to slap more sanctions on powerful Russians was notably made while President Trump is out of the country. Putin recently praised Trump as "courageous and mature" for going ahead with the meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.



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   ... well, it looks like the “Atlantic Council” is fast-moving ... I just posted this on another thread ... 


... meanwhile, on another front, more Russia-bashing, ... “... US Think Tank Gathers 23 Top Orgs. to Tackle Alleged Russian Disinformation ... “ ... >>> ... 

   ... “ ... Dozens of organizations and experts have come together to launch a new online portal that tracks what they call Russian 'disinformation' campaigns around the globe, the Atlantic Council said in a press release on Wednesday.

"Today the Atlantic Council launched, an interactive online guide to track the Kremlin’s disinformation campaigns abroad," the release said.  "The portal brings together 23 top organizations and more than 80 experts fighting Russian disinformation in the United States and Europe, and is an initiative of the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center."

The portal is meant to be used by journalists, governments and policymakers who need information about Russia's ongoing influence operations, the release said. ... “ ...


   ... and here’s VT’s take about this “Atlantic Council” ... 

    ... “ ... Their newest incarnation, fronted through the Atlantic Council, Israel’s mechanism for controlling the Pentagon and State Dept., is called, made up of 23 mostly former CIA, Eastern European, Black Propaganda fronts now aptly renamed as anti-Fake or anti-Disinfo, borrowing dime store hipster jargon. ...

   ... The European end of this is controlled by Donald Tusk – Israel’s man at the heart of the EU. According to our sources, Tusk rose to prominence when the Mossad blew up an airliner, killing the entire Polish government; immediately thereafter, as the anti-Russia smear campaign went into high gear, Tusk showed up on the scene, reminiscent of Rudy Giuliani in the ashes of the WTC.

A reminder, our FBI source, back in 2014, informed us that it was Giuliani who lead the American portion of the team, including Israeli and Saudi terror groups that nuked the WTC and hit the Pentagon with a cruise missile.

The Atlantic Council organisation, tasked with scapegoating Russia, is fully engaged with partner organisations deeply involved in real acts, terror bombings, assassinations, plane crashes, poisonings, gas attacks and the smear campaigns and helped them get away with it. ... “ ...

... >>> ... 


   ... ever wonder who’s making the puppets dance? ...


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all those cameras around the Pentagon...  where is the footage the FBI took?


And how about the film taken from the Dancing Israelis on 9/11?  Why is that memory-holed?


If I were Putin... I’d bring these things up.

Since Trump won’t.


Just like he neglected the 50th anniversary of the Jewish State’s effort to sink a us ship and blame it on Egypt.



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Oh, yes. The USG owes you PROOF. Lol

Pure, clean, beautiful Russia would do no such thing. Zionist LIES!!

Dude, your government has been engaged in covert cyberfuckery since day 1 of the internet. Three startups I was involved with ALL had to deal with endless, relentless intrusions from Russia state proxies trying to steal our code, our protocols... it added a solid 25% to costs JUST to STOP little Rooskie gnomes from trying to take our biscuits.

You guys just need to stop with the fake protests, and OWN your deeds. It’s OK. If your succeed, it’s OUR fault. Anyone stoopid enuf to have national security issues on an open network deserves what they get, I suppose. BUt this denial shit is unseemly

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   ... ((( @laughernyc ))) ... >>> ... “ ... Dude, your government has been engaged in covert cyberfuckery since day 1 of the internet. Three startups I was involved with ALL had to deal with endless, relentless intrusions from Russia state proxies trying to steal our code, our protocols.. ... “ ...


   ... are you sure ... or you’re just confused and what you mean is “cyberfuckery” like what these guys do? >>> ...

        featured here ... >>> ... “ ... The Secret Wars of Unit 8200 and U.S. Cyber Command ... “ ...

               >>> ...

         .... “ ... Israel’s Unit 8200 may be small but pushes others around like the diminutive younger brother of a giant- picking fights it would not pick without the security of knowing that the giant has it’s back. Sources in the US government have pointed to Israeli aggression as an unnecessary nuisance that compromises U.S. safety – particularly their aggressive Military Intelligence unit known simply as Unit 8200. What you may not know about the brash, bold and aggressive Unit 8200 is that they are equally responsible for creating tools of destruction as they are for the cool new outfit your new style app picked out for you.   ...


In 2010 a cyber security firm known as Symantec discovered a virus that had almost 15,000 lines of code, no bugs and utilized four zero day exploits. The programming time and skill including undiscovered zero day exploits in the virus were appraised by Symantec to be worth over a million USD. A “million dollar virus” copying and spreading all over the world is a far cry from the usual bug laden viruses from the usual suspects of Chinese or Russian teenagers.

Symantec dubbed the super virus  “STUXNET” based on the combination of two words STUB and XNET, but is referred to as Operation Olympic Games amongst the US Cyber Command & NSA. Stuxnet was never intended to become the global phenomenon that it did, but largely due to Unit 8200’s aggressive short-sighted alterations it spread wider and further than ever initially intended. ... .....“ ... 


       or  here >>> “ ... Unit 8200: Israel’s cyber spy agency ... “ ... 

               >>> ...

... or described here ...

          >>>    ... “ ... Unit 8200: How NSA of Israel Has One Of The Most Powerful Cyber Armies In The World ... “ ...

                  >>> ...


   ... and if you haphazardly lay down comments like “endless, relentless intrusions from Russia state proxies”, could you at least provide some link or links even from sites favorable to your (((tribe mates))) ... this way, we would be able to understand your delusionary tactics ...


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Of course we won't say that we tapped the Soviet's comm cables in the 60's.  

Blind Man's Bluff documents it quite well.

No doubt the US still has the capability to cut undersea fiber, as there have been several odd "outages" right before we attack somebody.

Fuck the Treasury Department, they are just a handmaiden of the private cartel that is the Federal Reserve. Doesn't the Treas secretary get paid by the IMF or some shit anyways?


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It won't be long after the Sanction and Tariff Show gains a bit more steam, and it will, that no country will wish to do business with us.

And that goes for our best friend and largest trading partner Canada too.

What a fuckup this Administration and their top minions have turned out to be.

LaugherNYC RubberJohnny Mon, 06/11/2018 - 14:00 Permalink

They may not WISH to, but they HAVE to.

The US GNP is larger than the entire G6. We are the top market for every single European producer, and without us, the European market will shrink 7-10% in 24 months. Not exactly good for their people.

Trump is right. This is THE moment to stick it to everyone who has taken advantage of our criminal congress giving in to every foreign lobby and domestic producer looking to export jobs and production. Time to return the favor, while the dollar is strong, our markets are high, and our economy is cooking. I would rather see trade policy cool off the overheating economy and set us up for far better long-term results than a series of rate hikes that do nothing but constrain capital.

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Let me get this straight. Russia firms helping the Russian military. Who else are they going to help? The Nepalese military? Russian tit for tat would be to sanction the FANGs. They help the American military, right?

RevIdahoSpud3 ThorAss Mon, 06/11/2018 - 22:20 Permalink

Yeah, I saw that as well. Maybe other countries should consider sanctioning Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrop, United Technologies....after all, these are the companies that make possible bombing, burning, shooting of men, women, children, weddings, hospitals...all of the evil shit that is so offensive to our freedoms, our institutions, our values, our principles...but I digress.

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lucky that Russia isn't able to reciprocate by banning the activities of all american banks that operate bank acounts for the alphabet spy soup.

mind you, maybe those american banks should not be supporting the activities of alphabet soup and should close down their bank accounts.


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We are a dying empire in fast decline. A wounded and dying animal can only lash out. Sanctions are 100% useless and in the end they will be a boomerang knocking out our teeth. The SCO's economies (half the world's population) is with Russia!! 

The SCO gathering concluded just shortly after the G7 summit, and Russia enjoys the format of the now-eight-member organization after India and Pakistan joined. Putin believes the SCO trumps the G7 in certain aspects. For example, the member states have already overtaken the G7 in purchasing-power parity, the Russian leader said, citing IMF data.

“If we calculate… per capita, the seven countries are wealthier, but the size of the SCO economies [combined] is larger. And the population is of course much bigger – half of the planet,” Putin told reporters.

JibjeResearch Mike Masr Mon, 06/11/2018 - 13:47 Permalink


~ 3.5 Billions people...

~ 15 Trillions USD economy

With support from ASEAN (~ $2.5 Trillions Econ) , East Europe (~ $3 Trillions Econ), Africa (~ $1 Trillion Econ), and S.America (~ $3 Trillions Econ)

The best thing is to take advantage of SCO and other supporters.

Our MAGA are taking a slow death march (Rome's style).

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