Dennis Rodman Has Emotional Breakdown, Weeps With Joy Over Summit In Live Interview

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman, one of only a handful of people who had met both President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un before this week's summit, had an on-camera emotional breakdown during a longwinded 20-minute interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo from Singapore.

The interview began just minutes after Trump and Kim shared their historic handshake; an always "hard-hitting" CNN then went live with former Hall of Famer, Rodman, who traveled to Singapore under a sponsorship from Potcoin, to get his take on the events even though he wasn't attending the summit in any official capacity whatsoever.

Rodman, clad in his promotional Potcoin t-shirt and "Make America Great Again" hat, started talking about his relationship with Kim and his expectations for the historic summit, insisting once again that Kim is someone "who wants to enjoy his life, who wants his people to enjoy this life."

About halfway through the interview, Rodman began to cry as he recounted the abuse he received at the hands of both Obama and the public back in 2013, when his trips to North Korea at the invitation of the young new dictator drew widespread scorn. According to Rodman, after his return from North Korea, he couldn't go back to his house, and instead had to go into hiding for 30 days because of death threats. Despite the harsh reception, he insisted that Kim Jong Un was a benevolent leader who wanted the best for his people, but had been "misunderstood" by the international community.

As a reminder, during a visit to North Korea last  June, Rodman reportedly gave Kim  a copy of Trump's "Art of the Deal."

"I knew things were gonna change...but I took those bullets...everybody came at me and I am still standing," Rodman said, his face covered in large sunglasses - though tears could still be seen streaming down his face. "And today is a great day for Singapore, Tokyo, China everybody. For you to see it - I'm so happy."

Rodman said he encouraged President Trump to "show his heart" to Kim, whom Rodman described as a "big kid" who just wants to have fun. The basketball player also revealed that Trump reached out to him through a secretary before the summit to say that he is "very proud" of him.