Macron Snaps At Italy Over Stranded Migrant Ship, Rome Hits Back At "Hypocritical" France

French President Emmanuel Macron says that Italy "playing politics" with a boat full of shipwrecked Libyan refugees denied entry to Italy, and the Italian government has displayed "cynicism and irresponsibility" for closing its ports. 

Mr Macron's spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said the French president recalled that "in cases of distress, those with the nearest coastline have a responsibility to respond".

"There is a degree of cynicism and irresponsibility in the Italian government's behaviour," he quoted President Macron as saying.

Most migrants who survive the perilous voyages from North Africa end up in overcrowded Italian camps, and Italy says its EU partners must ease the burden. -BBC

The French scolding comes after Italy's new Interior Minister of less than two weeks, Matteo Salvini, made good on his warning last weekend that "the good times for illegals are over" after years of unchecked migration primarily from North Africa.

In response to Macron's comments, Italian Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte hit back - accusing Paris of being hypocritical, cynical and rigid. 

"The statements around the Aquarius affair that come from France are surprising and show a serious lack of knowledge about what is really happening. Italy can not accept hypocritical lessons from countries that have always preferred to turn their backs when it comes to immigration," Conte's office said.

After Malta refused to accept the 629 shipwrecked migrants over the weekend, Spain agreed to take in the refugees - a group which includes 123 unaccompanied minors, 11 other children (though we're guessing nobody is checking birth certificates) and seven pregnant women. 

As we reported earlier Tuesday, the refugees will be escorted to Valencia, Spain after SOS Mediterranee said that they had run out of food and would not be able to make it on their own.  

Non-governmental organization (NGO) ship MV Aquarius, run by the group SOS Mediterranee, picked up 629 shipwrecked sub-Saharan Africans who were stranded in inflatable boats last weekend with the intention of bringing them to Sicily. The group includes 123 unaccompanied minors, 11 other children and seven pregnant women. 


The minors are aged between 13 and 17 and come from Eritrea, Ghana, Nigeria and Sudan, according to Anelise Borges - a journalist on the ship. 

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said that France is ready to help Spain receive the migrants - though apparently sending a naval vessel to provide the transport currently being footed by Italian taxpayers isn't something France is doing. 

This isn't the first time Italy and France have traded barbs over how to handle Sub-Saharan migrants. Nearly one year ago, Italy slammed France for excluding them from negotiations with Libyan leaders on a political power-sharing deal to reunite the fractured North African country. 

“There are too many open formats in Libya, too many mediators, too many initiatives,” Italy’s foreign minister, Angelino Alfano, told the Italian newspaper La Stampa.

As VoA noted last year, Macron’s Libya diplomacy is just one irritant in increasingly tension-filled Franco-Italian relations, in which Macron has been also accused of duplicity and hypocrisy in his diplomatic conduct with Italy. In May, after meeting Gentiloni in Paris, Macron announced: “we have not listened enough to Italy’s cry for help on the migration crisis.” But Macron’s position since hasn’t changed much from Francois Hollande, his predecessor in the Elysee Palace, to the Italian government’s rising anger.


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Macron must have been eating some protein instead of drinking soy lattes, because he's having a helluva week... First attacking Trump on behalf of the G6 and now Italy for refusing to take more immigrants from Africa... Next thing you know he'll be clearing out the no-go zones in France... /sarc 

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Singelguy Keyser Wed, 06/13/2018 - 06:28 Permalink

Italy should just process them all and put them all on a train to Paris or Berlin. Merkel created this problem and Macron supports Merkel. Let them deal with the mess they created. My apologies to the French and German people but you had the opportunity to get rid of these idiots who are destroying your country. You now suffer the consequences.

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The ship MV Aquarius is actually run by "doctors without borders" (MSF).  These guys are always portrayed as heroes in the (((MSM))), but clearly they are up to nefarious purposes:

"The 40-year-old MV Aquarius is one such rescue ship. But the former fishery protection vessel built in Bremen, Germany, is robust enough to face the torrid waves. It is jointly operated by SOS Mediterranee and Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders)"…

If these doctors are so concerned about human life, then why did they not simply take these Africans back to the closest port, in Africa?  Because MSF is a sham front organization for communists and cultural marxists intent on the genocide of whites and Christianity.  Just like Bourdain said.

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I have an idea.

Obviously Europe is a magical land where people are prosperous simply by being there.

Africa on the other hand is a cursed land that only can ever have misery. 


So I propose that we make a swap.

Every negro moves to Europe and every caucasian moves to Africa. 

The negros can bring anything that they want with them.

The caucasians can only take their personal belongings and small tools.

Both will live isolated from the rest of the world for 100 years.

Then after 100 years let's see how each is doing.

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France, UK, and Germany did something that human history hasn't endorsed, literally hundreds of thousands of years of human history and these "globalists" invited an invasion.  Sure they called it humanitarian, they also call Soros a holocaust "victim."  And Bill Clinton is now saying that consent is time-sensitive and historical, hmmm 

Let me say this and I have been consistent on two themes here: 

  1. That too many debts chasing too few dollars is deflation, it is mathematical fact.
  2. That the greatest blunder in western civilization was Germany and the EU promoting immigration. 

If it is Ok for Soros to look into the camera and say: I have no regrets for assisting the confiscation of property from "holocaust victims" because somebody else would had I not, and that he was merely an observer, then let those two obsevations or themes stand as a more factual observation minus the self-rationalization of George Soros and Bill Clinton.

Only the EU could make such a decision, and that was the death of the EU.

It goes to show that these psychopaths and power hungry elite had as their last concern the welfare of the people in their traditional and cultural nations.

Stick a fork in the EU, it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.. their stewardship a debacle and a footnote in human history that will be widely understood to be the litmus of failure.  It has been only 3 years since common sense was abandoned and already the damage is indelible and complete.   And funniest of all.. and to underscore my observation? 

Soros complaining about Al Franken.. priceless.. I'm awaiting the Bill Cosby and Me Too on Soros for his war crimes. 

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That is stupid.. I work with a group of women, DBA's, analysts, developers.. I find that they are more cooperative and better communicators much more often than men who get stuck on their testosterone building up in the base of their brains.. You said that on my team.. I'd look to exit you from the project, sincerely card carrying NRA and registered Republican!  You'd be gone!  

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Aww. That's so special.

You just put your finger on it, Dilluminati. More cooperative. Males understand you look at interests clearly and that your first step is not to harmonize interests but to identify them and rank them. Then you improve and defend the best. You don't harmonize good and bad approaches. You ruthlessly get rid of junk and keep the gold.

You're as feminized as your subordinates. Great that you enjoy working with those ladies but you've been Swedenized. You look down on the male strengths and trivialize them as being marred by, wait for it, testosterone.

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You hit the nail right on the head.

I too work with a bunch of wonen. Lots of decision by committee and people being afraid to say things directly. 


He has been feminized. By the way, first time I heard the opinion that women should not be allowed to vote was about 20 years ago from a woman who was in her mid/late 20s.

I thought she was nuts at the time. She was right.

I would also not allow government workers to vote nor those that receive government assistance. 

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That's interesting. My expectation is, too, beware the feminist landmine. It's never inconvient to detonate that one. 

Sweden is the classic example of out-of-control women. Very little good has come from female suffrage, just lots of drama and a draining off of common sense from public life. Our immigration catastrophe drips with moronic, misplaced compassion.

Expansion of the franchuse is the holiest of holies. Thus voting rights for foreigners. Stupid people and oeople with no stake in the productive process - no vote.  The problems caused by liberalism can only be solved by illiberal neans.

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Take in the immigrants.

Destroy the ship.

Jail the owner of the ship for human trafficing.

That's about 450 times 5 years in jail... 2250 years of jail to be devided by those working for the organisation.

Confiscation of all funds of the organisation.

Political investigation into those who are involved in the human trafficing. 

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"The fact that they are not being sent back to Libya"...

The NGO`s are not allowed to send refugees to an unsafe country which would put them in danger.

I like the bit where the French representative says they (the French) would help out Spain..... not Italy!??

I wonder what response Macron would get if the boat offloaded them in Corsica?

 Macron is wrong anyway,...the nearest port of call is Malta, and possibly Tunisia.


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Obligatory Gadaffi video - he knew what it was all about - destroying states. Corporations turn people off their small plots of land to create monolithic megafarms. The landless destitute people are then provided with an escape route to a 'better world', creating strife in their destination areas. The best part - the destitute have to pay their way to the people traffickers. Kaching.




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