UK's May Avoids Mutiny: Accepts Watered-Down Brexit Amendment

Update: UK PM Theresa May has won a watered-down vote that leaves her cabinet in control of the Brexit negotiations for now... but in order to avert mutiny, she had to accept a considerable concession.


Sky's Political Editor Faisal Islam explained in a tweet: "Government indicating that it will use 5a and 5b but not 5c of the Grieve Amendment as basis for a discussion on meaningful vote..."

The "Grieve amendment" is a slightly watered-down version of the original "meaningful vote" amendment, that The Sun reports means that the House of Commons will be able to direct Brexit negotiations if there's no deal by the end of November; and lawmakers will have a veto on how it goes from there.

As Citi notes, by agreeing to this, the government has made big concessions towards the Tory rebels lobbying for a softer Brexit (or at least a more measured approach). This puts huge pressure on May’s cabinet to sort itself out and conclude a deal, with the October EU summit now looking like a big crunch date. If Brexit returns to Parliament, it is likely to adopt a softer approach.

For now Cable is holding near the highs of the day...

And the same against EUR...

*  *  *

For months, headlines have crowed of failed parliamentary vote after failed parliamentary vote (most notably by The House of Lords) as (some members of) Theresa May's government attempt to navigate the path towards Brexit (that her nation democratically voted for).

While each had vote had its own impact, today's so-called "meaningful vote" amendment (once again inserted by an obstructionist House of Lords) is critical to the future of Brexit - and also to May's future - as she faces a rebellion among her own lawmakers ahead of a vote that could hand Parliament the power to direct negotiations if lawmakers don't like the divorce deal that May brings back from Brussels.

As Bloomberg reports, May hates this clause because she says it would tie her hands in negotiations.

Brexit backers hate it because they see it as a tool to thwart the divorce. If the amendment is accepted, it would be another reason for Brexiters to want to replace May with one of their own.

For pro-EU rebels, the stake are high. While the customs issue will come again, they might not get another chance to secure themselves a meaningful vote on the final divorce deal that May expects to secure later this year. The government wants lawmakers to be faced with the choice of this deal or no deal – something pro-EU rebels see as no choice at all. They want to be able to send May back to the negotiating table if they don’t like it.

Ahead of the vote, various rebellions have arisen inside her own party, most of which she has dodged, but as lawmakers debate the amendment, it is clear that the vote will be a knife-edge split with just two weeks until the EU summit.

As The Telegraph reports, four more ministers are prepared to quit over Brexit after Phillip Lee's "warning shot" resignation.

A source close to Dr Lee said his resignation is meant to "send a signal to the whips and the Prime Minister".

It is understood four more junior ministers have been talking privately with Dr Lee and each other about quitting, and that his resignation is designed to "show they are serious".

"We can't let the bullies continue to run our party," the source said, highlighting the Government's resistance to giving Parliament a meaningful vote on the final deal. "They have torn the party apart for years, and they still are."

Asked if the other four resignations could come today, the source said: "I would be surprised. Philip is the warning shot."

The ministers are concerned about the EU Withdrawal Bill passing the meaningful vote. "This is an unsafe piece of legislation for our country," the source said.

As a reminder, May bought off pro-European rebels on what would have been a largely symbolic vote on whether the U.K. should remain in a customs union with the European Union after Brexit. With a vaguely worded fudge that the whole party can get behind, that fight has been postponed until another showdown next month.

But today's vote - and the political infighting that appears to be tearing May's party apart - will be a game-changer and May knows it as she urged her lawmakers to think about the message they were sending to the EU and begged them not to tie her hands in negotiations.

Robert Buckland, the Remain-supporting solicitor-general, was more succinct as he stood alongside euroskeptic Brexit Minister Steve Baker:

“There is ongoing work happening. It’s emblematic of a real sense of common purpose in the party that we all hang together or we all hang separately.”

Moreover, some members of parliament have had death threats ahead of the vote.

“To my knowledge at least one honourable member on these benches will today and tomorrow not vote in accordance with their conscience because of threats to their personal safety, to members of their Parliamentary staff and members of their family,”

Leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom, who campaigned for Brexit, replied that such threats are “utterly unacceptable” and "the Government will absolutely uphold the right of every member to do as they believe is the right thing to do."

The vote is due to occur between 3pm and 4pm London Time (10am - 11am ET) and for now Cable cannot make its mind up...


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My dear Mrs May, what on earth is there to "negotiate?"  Your people voted overwhelmingly to exit an unfair (lopsided) and egregious surrender of national sovereignty. 

Simply tell the overpaid under-worked ministers in Brussells, "We're leaving and all current and future obligations to the EU are hereby rendered null and void.  Bye."  Any trade considerations with European countries can be subsequently negotiated bilaterally.  Stop pussy footing around and crack on.  It's been 2 years since your people told you what to do, which is glacial even by bureaucratic standards. 

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chubbar Withdrawn Sanction Tue, 06/12/2018 - 17:17 Permalink

This is a fucking joke. May is negotiating with the EU, the EU doesn't want the UK to Brexit therefore it is not negotiating in good faith. Now, if there is no formal agreement by a date certain, then the UK remainers get to decide how to "Brexit", which means that there is no Brexit. The EU is not going to agree to something when they know if they just delay then UK politicians who want to remain will regain control of Brexit. It's all a fucking lie to the people of the UK who are trying to regain their sovereignty. They are going to have to take it back with force, like always.

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The paedophiles were being sentenced. They were carrying bags as they knew they were going to jail. Tommy used previously published information. Tommy was just verbally harassing the criminals who responded with their own insults.

If that kind of thing, free speech on a public street, has an impact on the British justice system, then I would say the system has major flaws.

The manner in which Tommy was handled indicates that the government of UK had another agenda. An agenda completely separate from any specific trial.

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He was in breach of a contempt of court order to STFU regarding his comments about an on-going criminal trial, thus jeopardising said trial.

When found guilty, as they  should be, the Muzzie perverts would have a valid claim of unfair trial.

We have enough trouble with them already without giving them and their chicken shit supporters any encouragement.



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Americans do not understand how free speech can jeopardize a trial. The American perspective is that our British cousins are totalitarian douche bags!  

(Ironic, because the American "justice" system is also a sham. Un-Constitutional laws and legal precedents make the founding document irrelevant. Since the Constitution is void, the Justice system defined by it is also irrelevant! )

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@ BrownCoat,

It wasn't free speech. He was in contempt of a court order demanding that he didn't comment about an on-going trial.

That's why he was locked up.

Part of the problem is that if you give a lawyer an inch they think they are a fucking ruler and will use any ruse, scam, excuse, call it what you want, to get the bastards set free to continue their Paedo antics at our expense. 

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Time for more articles in Brit papers by ethnic Indians (busy colonizing the globe) lamenting that Brexit was really just about "anti-immigrant" {anti-displacement-level immivation, iow} sentiment...  a whine that’s really about demanding the native European population commit demographic suicide so more Indians and Chinese and Pakistanis can recreate their countries in neighborhoods all over England and Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Brexit is about immigration -  and is entirely valid as such - but also about having a (relatively) democratic government.

They will drag this out and what you’ll see is some ‘deal’ where immigrants continue to pour in.

Debt serfs, cannon fodder, and the Kalergi Plan.


(^some of this is nonsense, but most isnt and some of you may agree with the bits I deem nonsense anyway, eg that the black pope/vatican is controlling the rothschilds/global jewry -  but I think we need to agree on basic points and agree to disagree otherwise:  here, the plan is genocidal, irrespective of who you believe is at the top of the pyramid)


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I have seen this bit of disinfo more and more lately, that it is the Jesuits that control the Rothschilds.  It is pretty amusing, and I understand the reason for it, but it is patently untrue. 

Most of the early Jesuits were Marranos...  This is why in the classical paintings the important figures hold their hand in a M shape.  To signal to those that know.   Jesuits in turn were involved in the creation of the Bavarian Illuminati. 

What makes me think that?  Well, in 1773 the Pope at the time BANNED the Jesuits!  He knew they had become a power unto themselves.  But where were they not banned?  Protestant countries, such as Bavaria, and the province of Hesse  in particular!  And where/when is the Illuminati formed/rebranded/changed appearance?  Protestant Germany, 3 years later!

By 1820 not only were the Jesuits allowed back in the Church, their paymasters had taken over the Vatican's finances!  Why do you think the Pope is guarded by SWISS guards?  (((Swiss))) banksters...

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