Meet The "Dark Sword": China's Sixth Generation Stealth Fighter

Days before the Singapore summit, where the first-ever sitting between an American president and a North Korean leader occurred on Tuesday, Beijing released an image of what appears to be a prototype or scale model of the Chinese ‘Dark Sword’ unmanned stealth fighter, already dubbed a “nightmare for the U.S.,” which could be the world’s first “sixth generation” stealth jet.

Beijing has been making headlines for its rapid military modernization efforts while it attempts superpower status. As of recent, Beijing announced the deployment of fifth-generation fighter jetstesting of hypersonic aircraft and missiles, and even conducted live-fire war exercises in the South China Sea, which should not be taken lightly.

According to Jane’s Defence Weekly, an undated photograph shows a full-scale model or technology demonstrator of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC)’s An Jian (Dark Sword) unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) published on numerous Chinese online news sites on June 05.

An image showing what appears to be a full-scale Dark Sword UCAV model. (Source: Via

The recent picture is now “fueling a flurry of debate on its development status,” said Jane’s Defence Weekly.

Kelvin Wong, a Singapore-based defense analyst for Jane’s Defence Weekly, describes the supersonic and stealthy characteristics of Dark Sword:

“The photograph shows in the background a large, elongated, gunmetal-colored airframe with canard surfaces and a ventral engine air intake that adopts a diverterless supersonic inlet (DSI) design. The Chinese characters for ‘dark’ and ‘sword’ are clearly emblazoned on the platform along the air intake’s port side, although the image does not capture the rest of the airframe beyond its mid-section, except for a glimpse of a canted starboard vertical tail.

Additionally, saw-tooth edges can be seen on the Dark Sword’s port side landing gear door before the rest of the air vehicle is out of the frame.

Details of the UCAV’s physical dimensions and capabilities remain undisclosed, but visual estimation using the group of 19 unidentified persons in the foreground – presumably the Dark Sword’s engineering team – as markers suggest that the platform is at least 12 m in length.

The Dark Sword UCAV is understood to be an effort by AVIC’s Shenyang Aircraft Design Institute (also known as the 601 Aircraft Design Institute) to develop a highly maneuverable supersonic unmanned air superiority or deep-strike platform.”

Allegedly, a conceptual model of the aircraft was revealed at the Airshow China 2006 exhibition, which was more than 12-years ago. The streamlined design, coupled with a delta wing and twin slanted verticle stabilizers appear almost identical on the 2006 model versus the full-scale aircraft (shown below).

Justin Bronk, an air-combat strategist at the Royal United Services Institute, told Business Insider that the Dark Sword “represents a very different design philosophy” than the U.S. sixth-generation fighter jet plans.

Bronk examined the image of the Dark Sword and drew the conclusion that the jet was developed for supersonic flight rather than full stealth capabilities.

“The Chinese have gone with something that has a longer body, so it’s stable in pitch. It’s got these vertical, F-22 style vertical stabilizers,” which suggest it’s “geared towards supersonic performance and fighter-style capability.”

“Something like this could transit to areas very fast, and, if produced in large numbers without having to train pilots, could at the very least soak up missiles from US fighters, and at the very best be an effective fighter by itself,” said Bronk. “If you can produce lots of them, quantity has a quality all its own.”

Having deployed the Chengdu J-20, a stealth fifth-generation fighter aircraft developed by China’s Chengdu Aerospace Corporation for the People’s Liberation Army Air Force, it seems as Beijing is swiftly transferring these applications to unmanned platforms.

China could be ready to jump into the golden era of unmanned aircraft after it has spent years reverse-engineering Western design and technology. How will Washington respond?


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Neat.... China I think has some Big surprises in store for the Kick off of the next money gathering conflict.


I really like the stealthy way they hint at their prowess.... 


Did you hear the talk at the end of the bit about reverse engineering.... What about American FORWARD engineering???

Masher1 sheikurbootie Tue, 06/12/2018 - 18:47 Permalink

Yeah like you know a single thing about it....

Here think about this... What if the GPS system was knocked out and the next war had to do with out space based weapon systems like those so dependent on GPS, What if your targeting prowess was kicked in the ball like that?


Life is not a rosy as you Americans think in regards war and the waging thereof in light of new rocket and missile developments raging all around you in the world today.



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Shillinlikeavillan Masher1 Tue, 06/12/2018 - 18:59 Permalink

I always get a laugh out of this high tech propaganda that these lesser countries kick out.


In chinas case, whats the point?

Even if it was real its still garbage because theres a human behind that shit and that human works for the PLA, and the PLA doesn't work for china, it works for ITSELF. And what is the upper management of the PLA comprised of?

Rich chinese tycoons that decided they would also look good in a army uniform...

Totally corrupt to the bone and with zero experience in the art of war... china hasn't seen combat since the 80's dude and what little guys participated then are long gone since...


We will tear them to shreds....

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philipat Ms. Erable Tue, 06/12/2018 - 21:22 Permalink

"It's a fucking MODEL."

And how, precisely, can you be sure of that? Nobody believed that both Russia and China were already deploying hypersonic missiles when that was first made known?

And when do we stop all this pretense about "stealth" which is just an expensive distraction. Long wave (low frequency) radar can detect anything and is widely deployed by all major militaries  That said, in the case of hypersonic missiles, even if you can "see" them, you can't stop them, other than the latest Russian S-500 SAM system. But that's probably just a model so nothing to worry about...


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People in the USSA should know that China is simply a machine designed for the sole purpose of eating our lunch. You could "live" in China, but, relatively speaking, you would have very few rights.

It sucks, but they are going to rule. And it's all our own lazy fault for sending China nearly all of productional systems. They may be commies but they are on a mission that goes far beyond that. God help us.

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I worked in the USA for a while and was Project Manager for 14 college graduates in a pharma business.  Just like with the SEC, they spent a lot of time surfing the web, some for porn, some for the stock market and some on the facetweets.

I'd say that they were about 30% efficient, but smart.

Do you imagine that the Chinese or Russian Development Engineers have the same access to porn? 

I don't think anybody y in the SEC lost their job, though some of my staff did.

In the west, you clock in (or not) and you feel your entitled; not that the company is entitled to receive the benefit of your work.

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Masher1 Shillinlikeavillan Tue, 06/12/2018 - 19:04 Permalink

Nationalistic Bullshit.... Proof is in conflict, Not the warm up sessions like today... China is not as stupid as you think, Nor as disorganized.


Much was learned, Much was gained whilst you Americans fed at the cheap crap trough that allows this sort of rapid and educated development, Even if you think it is a mock up... What if you are completely wrong? Perhaps they might just have a serious ass whipping in store for the all talk and no show bunch blowing their own horn...

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WAR?  What planet you on? America has not stood toe to toe with any force it's equal since Germany, In my book that was a fuck of a long time ago... Shit even the Japanese were on the playing field in numbers and forces worthy of peer status, Then there was Viet Nam that was a bully operation and you had your ass handed to you on that one did you not?,  Iraq? Ha! Cuba? Korea? Iran? WTF dude... If punishment beatings are your idea of war, you are going to have a real fun time once the next real one comes to America to visit. 

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In that case, according to your own definitions, the PLA has NEVER been at war. Unless maybe you count machine gunning it's own people which is it's true purpose. Fuck me, they've never even managed to invade THEMSELVES and take Taiwan back. And you're exactly right in one way, the US hasn't achieved anything that an idiot like you would call "victory" since WW2, but that's because you're either too stupid or are too fucking dipshit pig ignorant to understand that the MIC doesn't desire "victory". They desire eternal war in which to consume US taxdollars and skim their huge profit margin. A task at which they've been hugely successful.

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Now who is talking DipShit... Once the reality of the real becomes a problem for the Yank than we will see the reality of the war going on right now under your snooty up turned noses... Much has been left to the propaganda to work out and that time is coming to a close, Nukes will not cover the many exposures America is sporting right now... Time change as do the power they turn on, America having given up on 'In God We Trust' will have real consequences in the battlefields of the coming conflict, Have you thought about the RIGHT path and it's travel? Or do you support the WRONG one to your peril?


Others not American are thinking along these paths and the things those travels will reap, They have a mind for right and wrong, i see a serious lack of this reflection in the USA today.

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Point is those conflicts only hurt USA. Cost USA, The men that started them came away very rich and powerful on those graves, the American population paid a vast sum to participate. The Chinese and the Korean lives meant very little to the men at the till for war goods, And the fact that nearly 50k Americans bought it whilst the registers were ringing mattered little, As will be the case in the next great big war toy sale.

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TheReplacement City_Of_Champyinz Tue, 06/12/2018 - 20:50 Permalink

Some things nobody mentioned.

China would quickly turn to Russia for additional weapons systems in the event of a serious conflict with the US. S-400, Armata, fighters, and so on.  China has been strategically stocking up on raw materials in order to maintain production during war time.  China has production facilities galore.  China has a HUGE population of military aged men.

The US can fall back on... Germany?  UK?  France?  for arms?  The US has lost most of its production facilities.  The US has a much smaller population of soyboys taking Women's Studies.

If a war between China and the US lasted a while I don't see anyone beating China without nukes.  I don't see anyone beating the US without nukes.  Perhaps it is best to just agree to disagree.

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NiggaPleeze TheReplacement Tue, 06/12/2018 - 22:22 Permalink

China has production facilities galore.  China has a HUGE population of military aged men.

China has about 1.6 million men too many due to the 1-child policy's effect on selective infanticide.  They'd be in better shape for losing 1.6 million men.  US doesn't have 1.6 million young men fit for duty.  US would send the women and trannies to do the fighting.

Some one wrote US has lots of "combat veterans". If you mean criminal bullies who love sacking people's homes, and hiding in their Humvees while shooting at innocents, yes, we have lots of mass murderers roaming the streets.  But fighting civilians who hate you and an experienced, well-armed army trying to destroy you are two quite different tasks.  Just because I can beat up on 200 earthworms doesn't mean I can take on 5 raptors.  US has no war experience to speak off aside from killing women and children, safely from afar.  An army of cunts and cowards.  Who pat themselves on the back when they rack up 100 children murdered with sniper rifles, bombs or drone missiles.

But an actual real war, with nukes, bio-weapons, massive AI cyber attacks, grid attacks (cyber, kinetic, etc.), water supply attacks (poisons, etc.), nuclear facility attacks, drone attacks, satellite knock-downs, tsunami waves, artificial earthquakes, etc. US has never fought a battle like that and is as inexperienced as anyone else.   US has lots of experience murdering babies, more than anyone by a long shot.

I don't see anyone beating the US without nukes.

Just take out the grid. No electric -> no water, no irrigation, no fuel pumps, no cars or trucks.  So no food, water, or medicine.  And how many know how to farm/survive?  And those who do will also kill each other.  Sure some Americans will survive but it won't be in what you call "America".  Will be more like 1750s.  But wait - there's all those nuclear power plants that might just spew their contents when the grid goes down.

Not that I think a real war will happen with China.  A controlled war, like Orwell's 1984 wars, sure.  Not even the cowards like Bolton will risk that as they might actually pay something themselves - they just love to murder, maim and destroy, personal sacrifice is not in their vocabulary.  They love to feel powerful by butchering and maiming the helpless but they will cower in fear before my fist (unfortunately the State protects those demonic scumbags).

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More typical US arrogance. The US has always underestimated the Chinese (which as a race, the Han Chinese have the highest IQ levels on earth: look it up) and do so at their own peril. The Chinese exploit that arrogance.

And how, precisely would the US occupy China, or is the plan just to eliminate all 1.5 Billion of them then forget it as a nuclear wasteland? Point of information: The jet stream runs from West to East. Put differently, across the Pacific from China to the West Coast of the US).

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One can search China on the internet using Google translator. I search Chinese military related sites. A new development started perhaps over the last ten years but only reported in the last two years, is the use of old fighters as drones. The supersonic Chinese version of the Mig-19 and Mig-21 are being packed with explosives to be used as drone Kamakazi on the US fleet.

It's the strategy which is adapted to the use of drone technology. The Chinese strategy is to flood the zone like in football with explosive laden supersonic drones. This is specifically for the US fleet, the Chinese believe they can overload the fleets air defense with hundreds of explosive laden drones. They believe they can use up advanced US munitions. This is similar to what happened in Vietnam, a US unit would be isolated, the enemy would force the US unit to expend munitions, then they would make the final assault.

Dark Sword is just one weapon system among many because of the advance of the AI robot software. The Chinese are integrating AI systems into every aspect of Chinese life.

The AI technology is right now controlling the Chinese masses. Already AI robot software security systems are being used to track, grade and punish Chinese slaves. The Bilderberg Groups latest meeting is all about AI technology and control. Control of what, the populist uprising, this is why they had their meeting in Italy. These are the one world government fanatics and the stupid Americans join in not realizing it's the very center of International Communism.

The Chinese security grid is the model for a global control grid. Drone AI technology will be common place, this is just the beginning.


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roddy6667 Shillinlikeavillan Tue, 06/12/2018 - 22:40 Permalink

And where do you get the "facts" you base your very emotional opinions on? Comic books? TV shows? Video games? You have no first hand observations or factual information. You have third hand rumors and wishful thinking. Have you ever been inside China, even as a tourist? Have you ever seen or met any Chinese military personnel?

Have you ever traveled anywhere?

I didn't think so.

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Battlefield USA Shillinlikeavillan Wed, 06/13/2018 - 01:15 Permalink

USA Bigly! Yeah, AmuriKa will throw it's red high heels at the Chinese too. And dildos. And pregnancy pretend pads. And trannies.


Hell USA Bigly Navy Juniors can't even pilot ships.


Putin and Xi's military are laughing at you. You have to be pretty stupid to think a major conflict with China and/or Russia will be some USA Bigly walk in the park.

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Washington will respond by handing out more student visas to Chinese spies to take advanced courses in STEM fields at US universities paid for by US taxpayer dollars thereby limiting the number of available slots for US natives.

Then upon graduation Washington will confer upon them open slots in our defence industries once again crowding out US natives. Giving them not only naturalization status but clearances and access to highly classified programs.

Either that or like Bill Clinton declassify specific programs and plaster them on the DOE website or just outright hand over technical information for campaign contributions.

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