Terrorism Cost The EU €180 Billion Between 2004 & 2016

Between 2004 and 2016, the European Union lost an estimated total of €180 billion ($212 billion) in GDP due to terrorist attacks according to a new RAND report.

Infographic: Terrorism Cost The EU €180 Billion Between 2004 & 2016 | Statista

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The United Kingdom suffered the largest financial loss during that period, an estimated €43.7 billion. In recent years, France has been particularly hard hit by terrorist attacks and it recorded an economic loss of €43 billion. Spain came third overall with losses of €40.8 billion.

The research gauged the impact of terrorism on GDP growth across Europe, using econometric modelling to estimate its potential economic impact. Even though consumer purchasing habits remained stable after attacks, investment fell and this was primarily due to people "living more for the moment" rather than saving for the future.