Tuesday Humor: True...Doh!

"Hey... what about my needs?"


However, not everything Trump-related is humorous...


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Now while this jew supremacist cucked trudeau clown show is happening:

Disabled for life” by Israel’s shoot-to-cripple policy

And the response by Western leaders to the wanton slaughter in Gaza and Israeli snipers' use of high velocity dum-dum rounds on civilians? Some are happy to leave the rogue state to investigate itself.



"Against Our Better Judgement" By Alison Weir

" The jewish Revolutionary Spirit" By E. Michael Jones

" The jewish Onslaught" By Dr. Tony Martin

" MegaCaust" By Mike Walsh

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If you defend you land or family I hope you well.

But defense or trying to gain others land?......Well, lets look at the reality.

Part of Palestinian's land was given to Israel by the UN. Now, they want it all.

Israel doesn't abide by the World Courts nor the UN.

Someone here on "Zerohedge" keeps saying

"The Jew screams in pain as he hits you"......There are two sides to an Argument. Keep repeating something and dumb people believe it as the Truth.......

That is called Propaganda.

NoBillsOfCredit........ "Joseph Goebbels - War Crimes - Biography"

My thought is Israel keeps it's strength by keeping the neighborhood fighting themselves..........Peace in the Area...not given a chance.

Hell, all the people in the Gaza are caged without any real hope, I hope there is a God and those that treat others that way are headed south. Personally I am a non believer but I was brought up with my families morals. When the war starts we could end up on opposing sides, I don't care. When I die, I feel I made the right choices.

My first targets will be agents from other countries in my country causing havoc.

Cia, Mossad, Private Corporations or those that fit that mold. 

Have a good day sir. 


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Go Trump Go.... but damn !

This is not 4th grade PAA meeting,

Pubescent Assault Anonymous.

Sometimes it is better to just be a quiet leader, not a doofus. So embarrassing to watch, like watching shy 4th grader classmates do stand-up book reports. 

Kim looks as though he is ready for a full circulatory system failure. We're talking heart explosion. 



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At this point does anyone even know at what level Kim Jong Un speaks or understands English? How can anybody be sure that he even heard or understood the joke? The left wing media sure seems to think they know the answers to both of these questions because they absolutely COULD NOT WAIT to run headline after headline about how "insulted" Kim Jong Un was by Donald Trump's failed attempt at humor.

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"Well, I think he understands bits and pieces. If you're talking about basketball, yes he understands that," replied Rodman, who is also in Singapore. Kim's ability to speak English has been a subject of debate. The Telegraph reported in 2012 that he got a poor, but passing grade in English while attending school in Switzerland.


How many of us who have received poor but passing grades in a foreign language could use it conversationally years later?

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Kim attended school in Switzerland so he might know more English than you'd think. However, I must ask: Did you watch the video? There is an interpreter standing next to Trump. She was speaking to Kim. He understood the words, but may not have understood the humor.

Either way, Trump is a doofus for saying stuff like that. He's such a narcissist that he thinks he must babble forth and fill every second of dead air.

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Kim may not be a rocket scientist but he knows English and basketball.  Good in Math.

How good is anyone's Korean here.  Kim flunked German, but was able to develop friendships in a private Swiss school by speaking English.

He was trained by his father in how to stay in power. All of us would be super good at controlling people is we had Stalin for a grandfather.

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Kim's inner monologue: 

"Wait...did he just call me fat!?  WTF!?  Now I'm going to have to chase half the food around my plate and not fill my belly!  Got dam it!  He's taller!  He's skinnier!  And he has a hot Wife!  Fuck!  Fuck!  That was so subtle and smooth!  No one dare do that to me at home!?  Frickin' racoon faced hang mao gui!"

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Personally, I'm having moar fun watching progs root for "no progress" in the talks and cheering on a known dictator playing around with nuclear weapons.

But hey! Thats jus me ;-)