"It Looks Like An Ascending Missile," Unidentified Object Photographed Over Washington State, Navy Denies

It’s time to get out that tinfoil hat. 

Greg Johnson of Skunk Bay Weather, a local weather website that runs camera enabled weather stations on the northern Kitsap Peninsula; Kitsap County, Washington, recorded a mysterious object early Sunday morning that has social media buzzing.

One of Johnson’s weather stations has a camera monitoring the Puget Sound at Whidbey Island from Skunk Bay, and at 3:56 a.m. Sunday by a high-resolution, 20-second exposure camera, snapped what looks like the impossible — a missile blasting off from what seems to be the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.

Johnson told KCPQ13 Washington, he was at first hesitant to release the photo into the public domain because he said it appears to be a missile launch from the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island across the bay.

“I feel strongly it was a missile launch,” Johnson said.

But Tom Mills, a spokesperson for NAS Whidbey Island, told KCPQ13 that “It wasn’t a missile launch from the facility. There are no missile launch capabilities on the Navy base at Whidbey Island.”

“There’s a lot of speculation around here,” Mills said, as he conveniently suggested to KCPQ13 that the image could be a lens flare. “But it’s definitely not a missile launch.”

Cliff Mass, a professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington, speculated that the object looks like a missile on his blog Monday.

“I’ve seen a lot of stuff,” Mass wrote. “But nothing like this.”

“It really looks like an ascending missile,” he added.

There was reportedly Alaska Flight 94 and a helicopter in the region of the northern Kitsap Peninsula at the same time the camera snapped the mysterious object.

In responding to speculation of various aircraft overhead, Johnson said, “For the record… My cams pick up airplanes all the time… I can guarantee this is NOT an airplane. They fly buy much higher and have a whole different signature….. I’ll grab a plane image and share it.”

Furthermore, The Drive points out that there are no rocket operations of any kind in the region. However, the “closest thing to something like that would be the Ohio class nuclear ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) based not too far away at Bangor Trident Base/Naval Submarine Base Bangor.”

While there are no official reports of an Ohio class nuclear ballistic missile submarine firing an apocalyptic Trident missile in the region, the comparison below certainly looks like Sunday’s mysterious object above Washington state could have been a secret missile test. At this point, it is anyone’s guess to what happened on Sunday.


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There was a large drop of helpful information last night ( Qproofs.com ) on how to decode previous posts.

For anyone wanting to play catch up, this is a good start.

For Neon Revolt's QAnon proofs: https://www.neonrevolt.com/2018/06/13/where-are-the-proofs-qanon-greatawakening/

Whoa.... look at all the down votes!

The world is full of narcissists and sociopaths, be careful who you follow.


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awright, ZH homies, maybe you can help Vato. 

see, Vato tends to be a believer in Q, while accepting that 1) Q isn't always right about timeframes because it's a fluid world and 2) there *has been* at least one fake Q before: when he told us that Merkel was secretly 'Hitler's daughter! frozen sperm!!' & that the russians were all ok with that. 

anyone who's ever read even just 1 book knows russians are not kindly disposed to helping a hitler progeny. not now, and *absolutely* not in the 50's-80's, when darling angie was getting her start.

OK. Here's the problem of the day: one of Q's bedrock theses is the CIA secretly runs NK, and has pretty much from the '50's. much use as an untouchable, un-oversightable home base, etc etc. and the NK's and china are all cool with this. maybe this makes sense, but ... since both the USSR and china were involved in combat actions in that war - and both countries had no problems whatsoever in sacrificing tens or even hundreds of thousands of troops to beat back the imperialist yankee running dogs - how exactly did the CIA manage to take NK for themselves? 

keeping in mind 1) the early '50's were the golden age for true believer commies, so they weren't likely to be bribed 2) the CIA wasn't Walmart back then. probably the max amount of covert, deniable troops they could have fielded would have been maybe a battalion - 800 or 1000 men tops 3) human nature teaches us that it's extremely unlikely that word of a 1000+-man combat/war fightin'/nation overthrowin' operation would not have leaked out

Yet Q says 'NK run by clowns, has been for decades'. this being the Q who had a pic of that missile launch earlier today. IF it's the real Q. IF Q  isn't just some oddball psyops LARP.

I'd like to believe Q's the real deal, but then how the fuck did the CIA take NK? how the fuck did they convince stalin and mao to let them do that? how fuckin' likely is it that S&M were gonna be cool with a secret American power state located a stones throw away from their little abattoir fiefdoms?

thoughts? (posts comment, awaits onslaught of the idiot chorus brigade singing their favorite song: 'it wuz da Jooooooz!!')

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Q said "you would laugh if you knew what/who runs NK".  CIA implication is your own.

Study some history, and you may find out who put Mao in power.  To help get your started, where did MAO receive his education?

I totally believe Q is a psy-op ran by insiders (could easily be Mossad).  Clearly, DJT is a Zionist (capital to Jerusalem, bombing Syria, buddies with SA).  I think this is simply a Zionist vs Marxist grudge match.  Remember, Bibi and Soros are not buddies and which candidate is favored by each? 

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Q is a counter psy op. The usefully idiotic demon fodder general populace have been weaponized. Q has to surf to counter balance. So Q is surfing.  Q is good at surfing. The Satan spawn are way too failsauce at memetic warfare to be Q. Being Q would be like pointing a loaded gun at their own heads. Who is Q? NFC, but my own Trumptardation predates him and my own speculations haven’t changed much at all.

Do you know who could steal the Navy intel and make it look like it was the Chinese? The Fisherman. He sold his soul so he could get a seat at the table with the other SatanSpawn cool kids. Just another feckless wanker in a position of power that wants 90% of you dead.

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oh look, more bitter cynical whip-smart guys on ZH being cynical and bitter & whip-smart. just like wall st guys in the movies do!

I don't pretend to know answers, like you guys do, I just see stuff and wonder why. stuff like this: why, after over 100 years of the Deep State/Banksta State ruthlessly & relentlessly selling a message of "Math is hard! you're powerless and stupid; best let your betters run things for you while you look at porn" ...

WHY would any standard sinister entity, even one running a 'counter psyop', start selling a message of hope and optimism and America First? encouraging folks to look closely at events; to ask uncomfortable questions; and above all to be unified as Americans? Hmmm? does that sound like a rothschild/soros/queen elizabeth/mossad agenda? goldman/morgan methods and tactics? because *I* have observed that when DS/Banksta scum get stymied, they double down. 

whoever & whatever Q is, 'he' seems to want Americans freed from their (sometimes invisible but still made of steel) chains. And if believing in that makes me a sucker or a patsy, well ... that's what all you bitter, cynical, whip-smart ZH guys said when you all predicted Trump was 1) a phony 2) tool of the eeebil Joooooz 3) secretly trying to fail 4) etc etc etc

and while it's true neither Trump nor Q is batting 1.000, they're doing pretty good. I'll take my chances with them. you guys can go back to jacking off to your Gordon Gekko posters

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You couldn’t have misunderstood me more dude. I am not at all saying that Q is a bad guy.  Counter psy op is necessary. The means are being exercised justly. Q is using you to exploit the nature of the matrix. This doesn’t mean Q has any ill intent whatsoever. Q doesn’t even need to lie to you to use you. Q doesn’t even need you to completely understand. But Q does need you. Sheeple gotta wake up. Critical mass must be reached.

The awareness, intent, thoughts, desires, words, actions, free will, of the people matters very much and have great power. Wicked people don’t want you to know that.  The power of just your awareness and prayer against wickedness is why baddies being Q would be like them holding a loaded gun to their own heads.  Q’s enemy is my enemy. I know how it is that Q is so good at surfing. Me, I am just surfing too.

When the sheeple have their blissful ignorance shattered, instead of people offing themselves, let’s sing Kumbaya instead ^^

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This has all the hallmarks of a political discreditation campaign.  It also serves the same "messiah syndrome" that placates every new generation of wide-eyed and bushy-tailed "freedom fighters" or "patriots".  It gets people either busy contributing and wasting their time and talents to these sterile fairy tales, or it gets people to sit back and do nothing and wait for the fireworks that never come--the "mass indictments".

This is pathetic folly.  I've tried to warn over and over that Q is a psyop and that it is dangerous because of the above reasons, and others, such as putting Trump on a pedestal, like he actually gives a shit about the people who support him.

They will just have to learn the hard way.  Like when Trump's term ends and Hillary is still walking free.

Bet on it.



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If you have a look at the history of China you will find that for a least one period in history the Empire was based in NK. I'd suggest that the familial structure is somewhat like Europe's - different families rise to ascendency at different times, and they inter-marry (mostly because they end up with drooling idiots (literally) for progeny if they don't. I'd suggest that this would be the basis of collusion b/w the Koreans and the Chinese, the CIA and the Norks (as a simplified competition between two groups.) The takeover is very rarely complete - it is more an indication that the struggle for ascendency continues and that necessity makes for strange bedfellows.

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I've been following Q since last November.  I can say without hesitation that "Q" truly is comprised of insiders.  Q has demonstrated knowledge of events before these are made public. 

However, the Q focus appears to be on Democrats, specifically those who gave Trump a hard time.  Q does not talk about the Bushes, 9/11 or Israel.  Apparently, it is Neo-Con Zionists vs Marxists.  That is probably the best way to describe it.  Note that Q likes to limit his scope to the previous administration's "8 years".  That should you tell you something.

I asked Q about the conflict regarding DJT's support of Israel vs Q's proclaimed disdain for the Rothchilds.  Eventually, Q wrote that "there is a very specific reason Israel has not been mentioned even once".  Later to be followed up with "Israel is being saved for last".  And now, the latest mention is that "Mossad failed". 

OK, I've got my popcorn and I'm enjoying the movie.  Let's see how this ends.

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Yep. This process has to be done just right, or it will fail. First get the FBI-DOJ roadblocks out of the way. (corruption mentioned in the Reddit FBI AMA back in 2016, confirmed by Q and others.).

Then, it's time for Hussein to be fully exposed for his massive treason and other crimes, along with the criminal Dems and the massive worldwide Pedo/human trafficking/satanist ring.
Then, other targets, probably including the Bushes, bankers etc. will be rounded up.

Israel will very likely try to trigger a nuclear war before they get exposed, hense the patriots have to be very, very careful.

One step at a time. It really drives the impatient ones nuts. Funny to watch them complain on the Q boards.

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