Martin Shkreli Still Owes The Feds $500,000

Martin Shkreli has started serving his seven-year sentence at a low-security federal prison at Federal Correctional Institution in Fort Dix, New Jersey, but while the former "most hated man in America" managed to avoid serving out his sentence in a high-security prison where his accommodations would be much less...accommodating...the federal government is still seeking another $500,000 that prosecutors say he still owes. As a result, they're seeking permission from Kiyo Matsumoto, the same Brooklyn judge who oversaw Shkreli's trial and sentencing, to forcefully liquidate some of the $5 million he reportedly has stashed in his E-trade brokerage account, according to the New York Post.

Prosecutors Tuesday asked Brooklyn federal judge Judge Kiyo Matsumoto to allow them access to Shkreli’s $5 million account to pay the remaining $464,894.13 he still owes in court fines and restitution.

Matsumoto has yet to rule on the motion. The government's request comes nearly a year after the 35-year-old former hedge fund manager and pharmaceutical entrepreneur was convicted on three out of eight counts of fraud.


Shkreli initially attracted widespread attention when then-candidate Hillary Clinton drew attention to companies like Shkreli's Turing Pharmaceuticals that were buying the rights to specialty drugs and hiking prices by astronomical margins. Turing in particular came under fire for jacking up the price of Daraprim - a drug meant to cure some complications sometimes developed by AIDS patients - by 5,000%. Clinton argued that these "outrageous" price hikes amounted to "price gouging" and also claimed that doctors were stockpiling the drug to give to poorer patients whose insurance might not cover it, or who - without insurance - would never be able to afford treatment.



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Tyler, are you ever going to grace us with a story on Q?


How about one on the citizen investigation taking place in AZ in regards to child sex trafficking?

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The Truth Is, Shkreli Is Part Of The Larger Jew Supremacist Machine:

"Understanding Jewish Power: Who has helped create a war-addicted America?"

By Philip Giraldi, Unz Review

So why do I think that we have to start talking about Jewish Power as opposed to the euphemism Israel Lobby? It is because the wars in the Middle East, which have done so much to damage the United States and were at least in part arranged to benefit Israel, have been largely driven by wealthy and powerful Jews.

If America goes to war with Iran, as is increasingly likely, it will be all about Israel and it will be arranged by the political and financial services Washington-Wall Street axis, make no mistake.

To my mind, Israel is America’s number one foreign policy problem in that it is able and willing to start potentially catastrophic wars with countries that it has demonized but that do not threaten the U.S. And those doing the manipulating are bipartisan Jewish oligarchs with deep pockets that support the multitude of pro-Israel organizations, think tanks and media outlets that have done so much to corrupt America’s political process.

Hollywood producer Haim Saban, a principal Democratic Party supporter, has said that he is a one issue guy and that issue is Israel. Principal GOP funder casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who served in the U.S. Army in World War 2, has said that he regrets that service and would have preferred to be in the Israel Defense Forces.

They as well as others, including fund manager Paul Singer and Home Depot’s Bernard Marcus, are Jews laboring on behalf of the self-proclaimed Jewish State while the neoconservatives, fiercely protective of Israel, are also nearly all Jewish.


Additional quality, fact filled & eye opening (red pill) reads are:

"The jewish Revolutionary Spirit" E. Michael Jones

"Against Our Better Judgement" Alison Weir

"The jewish Onslaught" Dr. Tony Martin

"MegaCaust" Mike Walsh 

"The Bad War" M.S. King

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Western Media And Mass Deception

Excerpt from the article by Hamid Dabashi

What today we call "Western Media" is the paramount example of Adorno and Horkheimer's insight, the production of "news" as perfect examples of commodity fetishism.

Such news outlets as BBC, CNN, New York Times are brands under which this commodity that calls itself "Western Media" manufactures both a truth to be reckoned with and in effect the normative consciousness of the person who consumes that news and thinks herself informed.

They may think themselves objective news outlets that occasionally feature or air a commercial for an airline or a washing detergent. But they are themselves a brand just like the other brands they advertise.

This "Western Media" has historically posited itself initially as the opposite of the news as used to be broadcast in the Soviet Bloc, or China, or "Third World" in general, which was branded as "state-controlled," "propaganda," and therefore false, and thereby posited itself as "independent", "objective", "fair" and "truthful."

Today, the BBC is integral to the propaganda machinery of Israel - and the evidence for this is out there for the whole world to see anytime Israelis go on a rampage slaughtering Palestinians as they have been doing since March 30, when people of Gaza began commemorating their Land Day.

The Israeli army began targeting and deliberately murdering Palestinians, as BBC and other specimen of the brand "Western Media" consistently softened the blow of this vicious massacre of defenseless people. The BBC made that crime against humanity - for which all the top politicians of the settler colony must be arrested and tried in a court of law - palatable, explainable, even justified.

BBC is not the only item in this brand of "Western Media." The New York Times is worse, the CNN worse than both of them together, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

Cartoon by Steve Bell censored by The Guardian UK

"Western Media" is a brand, a gimmick, a commodity fetishism at the service of systemic mass deception in "the West" itself and around the globe - and BBC is a paramount example of it.

The best and most formidable force against mass deception of the brand "Western Media" is simple truth-telling. Contrary to the liberal Zionist deceptive prose, the Palestinian predicament is not complicated at all. It is in fact very simple and it has a very simple solution. It is not the story of two peoples with two narratives. It is the story of one people with truth (Palestinians - Jews, Christians, or Muslims) and another European settler colony (Zionists - liberal or hardcore) with wanton cruelty and violence.

Israel is the last powerful remnant of European colonialism. With astonishing charlatanism it banks on an entire history of Jewish dispossession and Jewish suffering in order to dispossess and cause suffering on Palestinians, steal their land, build a garrison state and put it at the disposal of the continued colonial and imperial interest of Euro-American imperialism.

That is the simple fact, the simple truth, read it once a day and you are immune to all the mass deception of "Western Media".

The Zionists do whatever they damn please to Palestinians - stealing their land, bulldozing their homes, uprooting their olive trees, cold-bloodedly murdering them - and if anyone dares to utter a word against their war crimes and crimes against humanity they and their Zionist fifth columns in the US and Europe start screaming "anti-Semitism" at them.

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You should check out his youtube channel it is pretty good.  He really goes into details how a hedge fund guy works especially in regards to pharma industry.  Smart dude from Albanian lineage.  Chumbawamba might of had a chance to end up rich like him instead he is spamming ZH as 'ravolla' or 'mr hankey' or a multitude of other split personalities via multiple ZH accounts.  Not unlike what he did on ZH chat.  I guess some folks just dont adjust well to being immigrants from backwater countries and having to function in a modern society.

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He fits Chumbas modus operandi from way back in the days as well as ZH chat.  Its my little suspicion he is the cancer that has been running through the comments section all this time.  Kind of started when they didnt make him moderator on chat. He is very vindictive, hacked my login posted things as me and did it to others etc. He is like a cartman from south park than has come down with schizophrenia. He wants desperately to be an authority figure and goes ballistic when he doesnt get his way.

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Be a pharmaceutical CEO whom rapes the public with obscenely high drug prices but share those profits with hospitals, insurance companies, and the largest shareholders in the U.S. = HERO.

Be a pharmaceutical CEO whom rapes the public with obscenely high drug prices but keep most the profits to themselves - CRIMINAL.

The business world, much like the government, is run like a Mob organization. As long as you give the Mob bosses at the top a "piece of the action" you are allowed to continue successfully.

It's called protection money.

There is an established and definitive hierarchy of wealth and power in the US, and world.
As long as one understands that hierarchy, and complies with it's established order, one is allowed to be "successful".

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All this because the man brought undue attention to the pricing of pharmaceuticals. What he did with his drug and got attention for was simply what all Big Pharma does but in a way that nobody has to recognize it and "do something". The lobbyists brought him down before any more damage could be done, and they did so with the tacit cooperation of Congress and DoJ who are in it for the money the same as Big Pharma and couldn't have some punk pissing in their punch bowl.

Zuckerberg got caught the same way. Everyone is doing what FB does --- I mean EVERYONE -- but FB brought attention to a common industry-wide practice and are going down for it.

Do people want blood? This is easy to fix. Find a fall-guy, crucify him so the prols can have their vengeance, and then go back to doing the exact same shit.

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Many members of Congress, and the largest money management firms that are the largest shareholders of FB (and most other "public" companies) are allowed to profit from FB's illicit acts.
Ditto for the largest "public" pharmaceutical companies.

They weren't allowed to profit from Shkreli's scam.

It's what happens when you fail to pay your protection money to the US Mob.

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No argument.

As a nitpick, I take issue with the word "illicit" applied to what FB is doing with user data. I don't know where people get the idea that anything FB does with user data is illegal or regulated. It's not, and users explicitly allow FB and others to do anything they want with user data including share data with select third-parties and FB does the selecting with money being the criteria. That is starting to change in the EU, but not in the US and I doubt it ever will change here.

A lot of common business practices that Americans would say are illegal are in fact perfectly legal, including pricing of pharmaceuticals into the stratosphere, and selling user data to select third-parties. That anyone gets their undies in a bunch over this frankly baffles me, and only reinforces what I have long held as true, being that technology and the business thereof is for most end users magic and a total mystery.

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may be the only think Hillary did that I agree with. The pricing of medicine in the straight up criminal. If they want to price to the moon...then drop their patents! 

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This guy was totally raped by .gov; the same DOJ cant find their own dicks when it comes to putting a noose around the treasonous Obama era scumbags.