North Korea Claims Trump Folded To Kim Demands, Agreed To Lift Sanctions

Right around the time Air Force 1 returned back in the US from Trump's Singapore summit trip, just before 6am EDT, the president tweeted that "everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office. There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea." He added that the "meeting with Kim Jong Un was an interesting and very positive experience. North Korea has great potential for the future!"

He then followed up by taking aim at his predecessor, tweeting that "President Obama said that North Korea was our biggest and most dangerous problem. No longer - sleep well tonight!"

Trump's ongoing victory lap was marred, however, overnight when North Korean state media, KCNA, reported that Kim Jong Un said Donald Trump offered to lift sanctions against his regime when they met Tuesday in Singapore, a claim which contradicts Trump's previous statements that the economic strictures would remain.

The KCNA report which was published after Kim returned home from his meeting, noted Trump’s vow to suspend U.S. military drills in South Korea. It also said Trump committed to unspecified “security guarantees” for Pyongyang, and to “lift sanctions against it.”

As Bloomberg notes, the last point was noteworthy since it went further than Trump did in his public comments during and after the meeting. Specifically, while Trump said he would end "war games" with South Korea, the US president said sanctions would stay until the isolated nation moved to give up its nuclear arsenal. Speaking of the end to joint "war games", Trump also tweeted on Wednesday morning that "we save a fortune by not doing war games, as long as we are negotiating in good faith - which both sides are!"

Meanwhile there have been slight differences in recent comments among senior U.S. officials as to whether that means North Korea must first complete denuclearization - and have it verified - or if some goodwill steps would be enough.

Trump himself indicated some wiggle room, saying sanctions relief could come even before the “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula” -- however that’s ultimately defined by both sides -- is verified. “I hope it’s going to be soon,” he said Tuesday at an hour-long briefing. “At a certain point, I actually look forward to taking them off.”

Adding to the potential confusion, KCNA also portrayed Trump as having given in to Kim Jong-un’s “demand” of suspending military drills.

While clearly at least part propaganda, the statement could spell trouble for Trump if it is perceived that North Korea now has the upper hand in negotiations with the US. The White House has not yet responded to a Bloomberg request for comment on the KCNA report.

To be sure, there is the possibility that this is just a lost in translation moment:

Trump several times said there were things he and Kim talked about, and agreed on, that were not contained in the formal document. That included the U.S. decision to halt its drills, although it’s unclear which ones and for how long. Trump added that Kim told him separately that North Korea had dismantled a missile engine test site. So if any promises were made on sanctions, they were not made publicly.

Meanwhile, Trump faces Japanese pressure to keep sanctions in place, and a push by China to lift them. A Chinese official already signaled the country may ask the United Nations to lift or adjust the penalties, the basis for the “maximum pressure” campaign Trump has used to push Kim toward disarmament. China, as North Korea’s neighbor and most important trading partner, also could provide relief to Kim by throttling down sanctions enforcement on its own.

The main crossing point from China into North Korea is the city of Dandong. About 80 percent of North Korea’s international trade is with China, much of it through the frontier city filled with shopkeepers, smugglers and real-estate dealers whose fortunes rise and fall with the trade across the Yalu River.

The real question will be whether N. Korea suddenly feels empowered to boast about having "triumphed" over Trump, and now feels comfortable enough to declare that it is setting the tone of negotiations. If that is indeed the case, even with Chinese support, it is unlikely that Trump will play along too long, and there is the all too real risk that all the goodwill that was built up on Tuesday evaporates with just one angry Trump tweet as we revert back to square one.


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"North Korea Claims Trump Folded To Kim Demands, Agreed To Lift Sanctions"

no surprise ... obviously both sides are going to frame this as a victory 



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Sourced by South Korean Yonhap News Agency which, like other Western media, has been a source of fake news.

No doubt there are power factions in both North and South Korea, as there are in the US, which would find a normalization of relations unprofitable and are influential on their respective media.

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Exactly...the shift from a true Police State to an (even slightly) "Open Society" can get out of hand real fast...remember "Perestroika"?

If "Freedom" for the NK people gets 'out of hand'...Kim could literally lose his head...after meeting with Trump...I think Kim wants to be a real-estate mogul...maybe even a casino cool would that be...better than being incinerated in a nuke blast:)

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George W. Bush - dropped 70,000 bombs while in office on 5 different countries;

 - 24 bombs per day

Obama -  dropped 100,000 bombs while in office on 7 different countries;

 - 34 bombs per day

Trump - first year in office -  dropped

 - 121 bombs per day

Notice a trend? “everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office” Not if you live in one of these countries getting bombed every 12 minutes! Maybe MSM should focus on this!

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You have to put this into the context of domestic politics. As an oversimplification, he and his family are pretty close to having a "divine right of kings" to rule. Everything in the country must comport to this vision.  They have bombarded their people with anti-US and anti-Japanese propaganda for decades.  It doesn't matter what the state media reports.  In the end if NK will really get rid of nuclear and chemical weapons and in return the people get more freedom and more food it will be a good deal. 

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 I asked once and I’ll ask again. Do you REALLY want us to believe you’re this stupid? Or would you prefer we just taunt you unmercifully in a few years when Trump pulls this thing off? You and I both KNOW he’s going to make this happen and make you the fool, just like he’s done to every other belief you have about him. It must be tough on you to wake up every morning so angry at the world for not caving in to what you want it to be. 


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The sanctions arent coming off. Trump is no moron. This is his Yuuge moment, and what Kim tells his people is all about face,not reality. I would hardly be surprised if he told Trump he needs to tell his people good news.

And, the sanctions are coming off - the day he turns over his warheads and dismantles his labs.

I did a bunch of large deals with the man. He does not give you anything unless he has absolutely no choice. He has every choice with NoKo. Bolton is telling him to blow the place to kingdom come. But, he doesn’t want to, so he’s trying diplomacy first. Trump isn’t one of those Rapture freaks like Putin pretends to be. He loves life.

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Sanctions are STILL ON,never taken off, and will STAY ON.Also the current sanctions starving them to death, can be PUSHED 100%+ more,so say's Trumps admin.This meeting was PREEMPTED by Trump saying Lil Kim had ONE SHOT at doing a deal.If he shoots his wad, NO more meetings PERIOD. We shall see.

Trump is not one for Lil Kim to screw around with, he will learn the hard way.

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I just hope Trump doesn't start crying and run to the Twitter feed to protest these headlines----if he does, it may hurt his chances at building a hotel/casino in North Korea.  Now the only question for Trump will be how to squeeze live pigs and chickens into the high limit slots.  The quarter and penny machines can pay out in rice---that's not a big deal.

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Funny how the #notmypresident morons go full retard on everything...

Are you really this dumb.  Here are some other great non propoganda norko headlines:

North Korean archaeologists unearth a mythical unicorn lair.

North Korean scientists invent first kwaterproof liquid

Kim Jong-Un Climbs 2,744m Active Volcano to meet troops for photo op.

Leader Kim Jong-Il broke a world record at golf, shooting a 38-under par round on the state’s only course which saw him bag 11 hole-in-ones. THE FIRST TIME HE EVER PICKED UP A CLUB.


But you’re right - it’s just trump fanboys calling obvious trusted media sources propaganda, you shit for brains.

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