Rampant Drug Use On Obama's Air Force One Made "Awkward Hookups With Colleagues Funny And Bizarre"

"It was like summer camp on steroids"  

  • Former White House stenographer Beck Dorey-Stein has made salacious claims in her upcoming memoir, From the Corner of the Oval

  • Dorey-Stein says that drug-fueled flights aboard Air Force One made "awkward intimacy with colleagues suddenly just funny and bizarre

  • She and one of Obama's senior staffers, Jason Wolf, had hot sex in various hotel rooms before he broke her heart

  • Obama's traveling staff was comprised of mostly women, dubbed "the Vigiants" 

While we're way beyond debating whether or not Obama had a "scandal-free" administration as he claimed last January, the former President's stenographer, Beck Dorey-Stein, has come out of the woodwork with a new memoir, From the Corner of the Ovalwhich contains several shocking claims from her copious notes taken during her travel to over 60 countries over five years aboard Air Force One, reports the Daily Mail

After answering an Obama administration's Craigslist ad for a stenographer, the then-25-year-old Dorey-Stein quit her five part-time jobs after she was hired to work in the White House in 2012 - joining a pool of 13 reporters from the White House press corps to travel with the president, recording everything he said and then transcribing it for the press office and presidential archive. 

'Traveling with the president is like summer camp on steroids – a week on the road is like a year at home', Dorey-Stein writes.

The "steroids" in this case would be a steady supply of pharmaceuticals - which staffers were constantly taking while cheating on their significant others on the road - such as senior staffer Jason Wolf.

Boarding Air Force One for the first time with an overstuffed duffel because she didn't know what not to pack, she thought she saw actor Jim Carrey sitting near the front of the plane.

He turned out to be the man she fell hopelessly in love with, Jason Wolf - the man she left her hotel room door ajar for in foreign cities.


Wolf never talked about his serious relationship with his girlfriend Brooke back home in LA whose father was a famous producer.

She'd leave her hotel room door open for him so he could sneak in at night. 

They carried on across the globe while Beck tried to keep her boyfriend Sam out of her mind.

She describes experiencing 'the best sleepover party ever' where everyone took their drug of choice on long flights – Sonata, Xanax or Ambien – which made any 'awkward intimacy with colleagues suddenly just funny and bizarre,' she writes. -Daily Mail

Of course, Obama is no stranger to lude behavior on a plane, proudly displaying his erection during a flight in a #MeToo moment (we sure feel violated):

Beck recalls listening to "old-timer boozy party animals" regail each other with stories about the different administrations, presidents and international affairs - such as George H.W. Bush barfing on the Japanese prime minister, or Reagan falling asleep in front of the pope. 

'Pinch me because how is this scene my real life'? Beck writes.

She also notes in her book how, despite traveling to some of the most poverty-stricken countries in the world - the scene when the U.S. delegation arrived was always the same.

'We do not see the slums or hear the screams. No matter where we are in the world, Dar es Salaam or Indianapolis, the field always looks the same: red carpet, white tent, blue velvet drape'. -Daily Mail

Beck stayed on with the Trump administration - which she describes as the "insane clown posse," adding "What was once joy has become 'a waking nightmare. I'm now a stenographer in the Trump administration."

We're sure that can be fixed.


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While these putrid clowns de-soul themselves with jew pharma, the jew supremacists leap for joy:

"Earlier this week, the Anti-Defamation League – one of the most subversive, anti-American organizations operating with impunity on American soil – released an official memo praising both the House and Senate for introducing the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, a piece of legislation “which provides important guidance for the Department of Education and the Department of Justice for federal anti-discrimination investigations involving anti-Semitism, including on college campuses,” according to the press release.

It could not be more obvious that the United States federal government exists to serve the Jews and Israel, yet openly recognizing and stating this obvious fact is verboten in modern society."


Also: "Against Our Better Judgement-The hidden history of how the United States was used to create Israel" by Alison Weir

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Even the idiots in the Whitehouse...

This should not surprise us, they're just acting like the rest of America.  They're a microcosm of our reality. 

1/3 of all Americans are on psychotropic drugs, and not cheating on your wife is like being from another planet.

WE who do not pop pills, stay faithful to our spouse, and haven't covered our bodies in "skin art" are very rare folk.

When the SHTF, and they can no longer get their fix, there's going to be hell to pay.

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Any time you look just a bit more closely at these pathetic lefty characters you will find rot. They are just rotten to the core in every aspect. I'm not the least bit surprised at this report but I can't help but wonder how long it will take people to realize they are idolizing the wrong people. 

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One of these i… edotabin Thu, 06/14/2018 - 04:51 Permalink

They'll never work it out.

There's something about human nature that makes people exalt the shittiest amongst us.

Remember school? Unless you were one of them in which case you are in a "trying to see the wood for the trees situation", take a long hard look at the popular kids. Were they the nice caring types, who helped others, or were they something else entirely, almost without exception?


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So this skanky, cheating, leech on the taxpayer is upset with the Trump administration because of what? Because this administration put an end to the grand scam of partying at our expense? Talk about a clown show. 

She needs to be shown the door of wherever she's at.

Sounds like the kind of girl a father would kill himself over.

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Hey RIGHT WING MORONS!.....this is a perfect example of how your headlines are ridiculous and twist things into an absurd narrative.  "Rampant Drug Use"?!!?!?  It makes it sound like everyones taking ecstasy and blowing lines off each other ...... people took sleeping pills like Ambien or Xanax on a flight?!? That's almost the norm these days and has nothing to do with "drug use" in the way you're trying to make it look.  Check any long commercial flight and 


Just ABSURD!  Can't you see how you're being riled up and fooled by this nonsense?!?!

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