Trump Facing Renewed Pressure To Sit For Mueller Interview After Kim Summit

Now that President Donald Trump's historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has come and gone, his legal team's focus is shifting back toward Special Counsel Robert Mueller. And as Bloomberg reports, Mueller - who is pushing to wrap up the investigation as quickly as possible - is mounting one last push to convince Trump and his legal team to voluntarily sit for an interview. While Mueller has suffered the slings and arrows of Trump's wrath - Trump's allies have hurled vitriol at the special counsel on both twitter and cable news - his determination to interview the president remains unshaken.


So, now the two sides must either find common ground - or gear up for a legal battle that would likely need to be resolved by the Supreme Court.

Now, Mueller is intent on quickly resolving a central issue with Trump’s legal team: whether the president will sit voluntarily for an interview in the probe of Russian election meddling, according to current and former U.S. officials. After months of negotiations, the two sides must find common ground or gear up for an unprecedented legal fight likely to go all the way to the Supreme Court.

"It’s a little bit of a game," said Harry Sandick, a former federal prosecutor who’s now a partner with law firm Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler. "Mueller could subpoena the president but probably doesn’t want to. He faces some litigation risk. Trump could fight the subpoena, but he also faces a political risk."

During their push to turn public opinion against Mueller, Trump's lawyers, led by Jay Sekulow and Rudy Giuliani, have engaged in selective leaking, including back in early May when they leaked a list of 49 questions purportedly turned. As one lawyer who spoke with Bloomberg pointed out, the ongoing negotiations have turned into "a bit of a game." Others have claimed that the leak was intended to pressure Mueller into killing the interview (of course, we all know how that turned out).

"It’s a little bit of a game," said Harry Sandick, a former federal prosecutor who’s now a partner with law firm Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler. "Mueller could subpoena the president but probably doesn’t want to. He faces some litigation risk. Trump could fight the subpoena, but he also faces a political risk."

The interview is key to Mueller’s investigation into whether Trump or any of his associates helped Russia interfere in the 2016 U.S. election and whether Trump acted to obstruct the probe, one official said.

Meanwhile, Giuliani claimed late last month that he and Trump have already been rehearsing for an in-person interview with Mueller after the special counsel summarily rejected the Trump legal team's request to conduct some of the interview in a written format.

However, since FBI agents raided Trump attorney Michael Cohen's home, office and hotel room and are reportedly preparing to charge him with a crime, the president has grown increasingly wary of an interview.

One problem for Trump, though, is that if Mueller wins at the Supreme Court, he could compel Trump to sit for a Grand Jury for as long as he wants, and subject Trump to questions on a range of topics without providing any advanced warning.

"I think the Supreme Court will rule in Mueller’s favor, but we don’t really know," Sandick said. "If Mueller wins, he can actually put Trump in the grand jury without his lawyer for as long as he wants and ask about any subject he wants."

Furthermore, if Trump chooses the court battle route, Mueller's probe would encounter further delays, as the ruling likely wouldn't arrive until October at the earliest, after the Court returns from its summer recess. That would mean the investigation likely wouldn't wrap up until late this year - or early next year - at the very earliest. It also would open the Republican Party up to a high degree of political risk, because the Court's final ruling could arrive just before the midterms.

But since the beginning of the probe, the biggest obstacle to a direct interview is Trump. The president's legal team came within a hair's breadth of an agreement back in January. But as Trump got cold feet, his team sent Mueller a 20-page letter arguing that Trump isn't entitled to answer Mueller's questions as they invoked Trump's executive privilege.

Regardless of whether the interview happens, Mueller has told Trump's team that he will prepare a report summarizing his findings that will be turned over to the DOJ and, eventually, Congress. Then it will be up to Congress whether to release the report.

That will ultimately depend on the outcome of the midterm vote.



glenlloyd cankles' server Thu, 06/14/2018 - 00:25 Permalink

This is becoming the biggest shit show in the US. There is no evidence of Russian collusion at all Mueller has nothing. There's nothing to find but it drags on and wastes tax payer dollars.

You can't impeach a President for performing his duties as set out in the Constitution. Firing Comey was perfectly legitimate, especially now that the facts are coming out that the FBI needs to be completely purged from top to bottom.

Mueller needs to pack his bags and conclude this sucker and admit there was never anything to find, either that or arrest Hillary for the actual collusion with Russians plus go after her for the hacked email server.

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MK ULTRA Alpha glenlloyd Thu, 06/14/2018 - 00:43 Permalink

It's a civil war. The left is determined to destroy the white male. They have helpers, but overall it's a platform of the communist.

A man writing on the internet said he would kill Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, he's been indicted by a jury of extreme left and people of color by a Chinese federal prosecutor. There was never any federal indictments for all the people who said they would kill Trump and Republicans, but now the racist left are going after whites on the internet. This man is going away for a long time.…

This is just one dynamic of the race war instigated by the communist. The Democratic Party can be defined today as the Communist Party. The DNC platform has been repeatedly and openly calling for a race war to kill off whites, no one called them on it, no media out cry, no indictments from the federal justice system. The US federal justice system is biased, the judges are political to the point of not following the law.

It's corrupt to the point we no longer have a country.

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Keyser CuttingEdge Thu, 06/14/2018 - 07:10 Permalink

The POTUS has no need to sit for an interview with Mueller... Shut down the special counsel with one question... What crime are you investigating? They have nothing and want Trump to fall for the perjury trap, pure and simple... Enough already, the Dims only hope is to take back Congress in November and that is not going to happen... 

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Chris2 CuttingEdge Thu, 06/14/2018 - 07:10 Permalink

When the government accuses you.

My husband got a $10,000 bill from the IRS for having obamacare and making too much money (obamacare)

Up to us to prove he didn't have obamacare, we paid a fine to the IRS.

They don't present any evidence, they expect you to disprove their claims with evidence.

What they did is sign him up every year even though he never paid a premium, its made very clear if you don't pay by Jan. 1 you are cancelled. Done to pump up the obamacare enrollment numbers.

all a scam

This investigation will go away when they lose midterms and this fake Russia BS is one of the reasons why they will lose plus their unhinged violence and threats of violence.

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VideoEng_NC CuttingEdge Thu, 06/14/2018 - 08:11 Permalink

His derangement to me has always been clear.  Reread my post, "It'll be over quickly"...this isn't a reference to Mueller, this is a reference to MK's first statement of there being a civil war & should've clarified.  People are tired of Leftist politics, there's a very real possibility that our pastor is about to lead a big chunk of the Black community away from the Dem party (talking regional, not local).  They've been wanting to do it for some time & just don't know how & need the conservative voice to lead the way.

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Omni Consumer … glenlloyd Thu, 06/14/2018 - 00:45 Permalink

I said it before, I'll say it again.

Just peruse some of the standard leftwing sites.  The headlines are all:

* Trump/Russia collusion investigation gaining steam

* Trump is a Russian double agent

* Trump is responsible for everything bad since the Hindenburg

The only way that a leftwing lunatic might finally admit that there was no collusion, is when Mueller finally wraps up his investigation in the year 2045, after Trump serves out his 6th term.

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cankles' server Omni Consumer … Thu, 06/14/2018 - 01:42 Permalink

I'm beginning to think I'm in crazy town.


What does every attorney tell you to do when talking to someone investigating a crime?  Shut the fuck up.  There's nothing the investigators can legally do to get you to talk no matter how many subpoenas they give you. 


Why is the president any different.


Since this is a criminal investigation, can someone please tell me why Trump has to say anything?

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onewayticket2 css1971 Thu, 06/14/2018 - 07:18 Permalink

The president can pardon himself.  


IMPEACHMENT is the remedy....and it's a POLITICAL process.   


Ammo for impeachment:  

- firing "investigators" or "do nothing" AGs....or corrupt DAGs

- non compliance with subpoenas

he may be perfectly justified....but the OPTICS are bad and provide Schumer with the ammo he'd need (with a Press corp itching to air it).


IF trump looks like he'll lose congress in November, he might as well clean house.....but if it looks like he retains congress, do nothing until AFTER the election.


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Singelguy glenlloyd Thu, 06/14/2018 - 05:39 Permalink

Under the Constitution, a president can be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors “. Very vague language, so Congress can dream up anything they want. They have the legal right to impeach if they so choose. However, given the current set of circumstances, if the dems regain the majority in the midterms and attempt impeachment, there will be massive protest and even civil war. 

Mueller is just trying to entrap Trump with some bogus obstruction of justice charge to justify an impeachment proceeding. Trump is smart to be wary. If Trump devides to do the interview, he will have dotted every i and crossed every t. The interview will take place in a round room where Trump can’t be cornered.

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The First Rule D503 Wed, 06/13/2018 - 23:59 Permalink

Mueller is a Crooked Cop.

Rosenstein is an outright Criminal.


Trump should Fire them both.  Get rid of Sessions while he's at it, and install Pruitt on a temp basis.

There are no lasting political consequences.  The Republicans in Congress wouldn't dare move against Trump; it would be political suicide.

And all the Democrats/Press can do is bitch and whine; they are utterly, completely powerless - like a 5 year old with a temper tantrum.


Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER, should Trump agree to sit down with these CRIMINAL DEEP STATE SCUM.

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Singelguy The First Rule Thu, 06/14/2018 - 05:44 Permalink

Easier said than done. If Trump were to fire them all, his replacements would not be approved by the senate. He could make some recess appointments but McConnell has already said there will be no summer recess this year. Therefore DoJ would be run by Obama hold overs in the meantime which would be even worse. Trump’s bes5 approach is to do nothing until the midterms and if the republicans hang on to or increase their majorities, then Trump should take a harder line.

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francis scott … Wed, 06/13/2018 - 23:54 Permalink

Let's see what kind of mileage you get out of this fake news story,



The 'fake' duel between Trump and Mueller still lets the Democrats

think they are NOT about to be rounded up, put on a few aircraft

carriers and sunk into the Mariana Trench.  

jmack Thu, 06/14/2018 - 00:30 Permalink

uhh Trump faces no political risk from telling mueller to suck eggs. zero. that is just fact, it isnt even arguable, his poll numbers would go up if he did it.  geez.

Yen Cross Thu, 06/14/2018 - 00:45 Permalink

 Meuller is so asses and elbows deep in bullshit.

 Okay, If you really want to find out what Mueller is about, just audit his records?

 No brainer--- Just Audit everything Mueller has touched for the last 30-40 years.

  He's a public servant, and open to PUBLIC audits.

 It's called vetting folks.

Yen Cross Thu, 06/14/2018 - 00:59 Permalink

 The latest trick in town, after you've WON judgement, it to juxtapost the judgement.

 The judge passes "Judgement" and there's no appellate process, so the defendant plays games with the Plaintiff, just in front of enforcement.

 I should a been a Land Shark?

MuffDiver69 Thu, 06/14/2018 - 01:02 Permalink

Watched an interview with Rudy tonight. He started going after Weismann and the other corrupt thugs Mueller hired. Always a plan within and it was tailored for IG report today...I expect Trump to crank it up on this obvious Deep State axis of hitmen populating DOJ  and FBI...Rosenstein was getting pummeled today as well....


In politics, as in professional wrestling, it's always important to have a heel. 

Trump understands this. 

Hillary was the perfect heel in 2016. 

>The lack of a single heel in 2018 was always going to be a challenge for him, but media/Mueller etc  are doing an incredible job of filling that role.

VideoEng_NC Thu, 06/14/2018 - 01:14 Permalink

It's really coming down to a "yes or no" question where "no" re-affirms Trump's non-involvement & "yes" confirms Mueller's termination of the investigation as he leaves for possible further questioning (if one could wish).  Since there's no crime & Trump isn't under "official" investigation, figure this meeting takes all of 30 sec to complete, at most.

surf@jm Thu, 06/14/2018 - 01:16 Permalink

Trump is a billionaire and has been involved in countless legal disputes....

Drag Muellars ass through the legal system for years until HE crys uncle.....

hazardfish Thu, 06/14/2018 - 01:33 Permalink

Nah, Trump can say go to hell and he's win another election right now, he's too busy winning to give a rats ass about a witch hunt. Trump has gained so much traction, there is no beating him without at least a 5 or 10 million illegal immigrants.