Turkey: Trustworthy Friend & Ally?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is making friends and influencing people once again as he makes it clear that the US/NATO Allies purchase of Russian-built S-400 air defense systems "was not for storage," warning whoever was listening that "this is a defense system. What are we going to do with it if not use this defense system?"

As Hurriyet reports, Turkey had been locked in talks over purchase of Patriot anti-aircraft systems for quite a long time, and the process was influenced by flip-flops in Turkish-American relations.

 “Are we going to depend on the U.S. again?” the Turkish strongman continued.

 “When we have been demanding from them for years, the answer that has been given to us is: The [U.S.] Congress is not allowing.”

“We are tired of this,” he stated. In the meantime, Russia has responded to Turkish request for the S-400 “with a pretty alluring offer,” Erdogan could be heard.

 “They said they would even get into a joint production. And with respect to loans, they have offered us pretty good loan terms.”

Turkish military is expected to take delivery of S-400s starting from 2019. The S-400 Triumf is now the most advanced Russian anti-aircraft system, designed to engage aerodynamic targets at a range of up to 400km and ballistic missiles up to 60km away. An S-400 squadron can deal with up to 36 aerial targets simultaneously.

All of which raises the awkward question - Is Turkey still a trustworthy friend and ally?

Via Andreas Andrianopoulos via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Not long ago, Turkey and Russia reached the brink of war when a Russian warplane was shot from the skies over Syria by a Turkish missile. A long period of escalating animosity followed culminating in an embarrassing apology that the President of Turkey directed to Vladimir Putin. Russia resumed normal relations with Turkey without forgetting the treachery that led to a situation of near conflict. The assassination of the Russian ambassador to Ankara by an Islamist policeman did not contribute to the process of normalization of relations between the two countries. 

The situation now appears relatively normal with cordiality characterizing the atmosphere among the Kremlin and Ankara. Is however Turkey a trustworthy friend? To what extend can Russia build upon a relationship based solely on the disposition of one man? Is President Erdogan, on the basis of his hitherto political behaviour and diplomatic manoeuvring, to be trusted and relied upon? Presumably, Russia can capitalize on the difficulties that Turkey's erratic behaviour has brought upon NATO. This exact behaviour however substantiates the lack of credibility that Turkey carries to all its foreign relations and endeavours.

For decades, Turkey appeared to be a bastion of stability for the defensive orientations of NATO. But the emergence of Recep Tayip Erdogan and his AKP (Justice and. Development Party) to the forefront of Turkish political life has shaken these firm foundations. Not from the beginning, however. For a long time the mild version of Islam that the AKP purported displayed Erdogan as a social democratic leader eager to bring the overlooked marginal poor and agrarian population of Turkey to society’s forefront. An Islamic free market regime was supposed to be the target of the AKP’s reform agenda.

Up to a point however. Quite abruptly, the Turkish leader decided to opt for a revival of Turkey’s Ottoman past and his choice of a modern day Sultan behaviour, with most of his traditional powers, could not be concealed. This signalled his objectionable choice of new friends and ideological allies. He quite clearly decided to play the card of a pure sharia supporting Islamic leader, by making it clear that there can never be a distinction between moderate and extreme Islam. “There can only be one Islam” he reiterated.

Likewise, his rather friendly disposition towards the Islamic State militants could not initially be concealed. The hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees flooding Turkey were by and large Sunni adherents of ISIS who escaped areas recaptured by Assad’s government forces or driven away by the Shia militias and the Kurdish forces who rooted the jihadi armies. Only then, when the areas controlled by ISIS were diminished, did Turkey decide to join forces with Russia and Iran to deal with the situation. Presumably, because of fear for the destiny of areas now under the control of Kurds.

NATO and the West have already had a taste of Turkey’s unreliability. There are voices already calling for its expulsion from the western alliance (see Daniel Pipes, "NATO's Turkey Challenge" in Frank J. Gaffney. Jr (ed), ALLY NO MORE: Erdogan's New Turkish Caliphate and the Rising Jihadist Threat to the West. Center for Security Policy, 2018, p.92). Nevertheless, there are many pending issues as far as Turkey and its western allies are concerned.

The West no longer looks upon Turkey as a reliable ally. Especially after Erdogan decided to play a heavy Islamic card, to break up with his former moderate Gulen supporters and to open ubiquitous relations with Iran and with radical Muslim Brotherhood organizations in Egypt, Jordan and elsewhere. On the basis of these observations, to what extend can Russia view Mr Erdogan as an honest friend, upholding future obligations and behaving in a trustworthy manner?



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 Have I forgotten to mention what a scumbag Recep Erdogan is?

 I just want to punch his "bald headed" ISIS oil selling Son, in the cranium, with a knife.

Update There's always that one little Soros goat fucker?

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That your neighbor's ex wife divorced and took his Porsche and the kids with her while slapping him with a monster alimony to end up doing online pr0n is something, now you didn't mention that you were the girl next door who's the cause of everything. 

Maybe you should lay low for some time before he calls some hungry greaseball bastard to bury you with Jimmy Hoffa after having ruined your face with acid and cut off your hands to avoid positive ID. 

So long...

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Yeah, well. When Barry said "No." to the Syria op back in 2009?10? he reneged on (the deal). Erdogan was left with all the cards (he knew all the details of who, when, where, why, etc. and was in a position to leverage the knowledge) and the understanding that the alliance wasn't a thing. Complaining about it now is misdirection - incompetent US diplomacy brought you to this place, incompetent US diplomacy isn't going to get you out of it.

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                Why is Turkey .....  still part of NATO?       


Why do you ask?  


Because you think NATO is such an honorable organization and elected

by God to police the world and the Middle East? Because it can enter a 

country uninvited and then not leave when asked to go? 


Because NATO is in lockstep with the Pentagon? And will slaughter as

many Iraqis, Syrians and Libyans and Kosovars as the US neocons tell

them to?


Tell us more about your likes and dislikes.  Do you approve of the Joint

Chiefs of Staff?  Do you think the CIA has a manafest right to conduct

chain-false-flags throughout the world?  Would you testify in NATO's 

behalf in a court of law?


Were you sorry to see Rasmussen replaced by Stoltenberg?  Do you

like Allied Commander Curtis Scaparrotti or did you like Breedlove more?


Actually, moron, Turkey is one of NATO's best members,

which would be a double-ugly evil scumbag organization

without Erdogan to point out every vile, hypocritical thing

the US makes them do.  

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But you did claim to work for them you lying, bullshitting anon coward bulldyke as your completely full of shit ZH profile claims:

31J10 MOS / TS / NATO / ATOMAL / COSMIC; Seek and disrupt.

You wouldn't qualify as a janitor in any NATO facility.

Top Secret Clearance? You have to be shitting me.

ATOMAL? Are you out of your already deranged fucking mind?


Just as you lie through your crack-rotted teeth about being a U.S. military Veteran, you filthy, disgusting, depraved psychopath.


"HRH of Aquitaine."




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 Some people actually take the time to imbibe?

  Likewise, his rather friendly disposition towards the Islamic State militants could not initially be concealed. The hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees flooding Turkey were by and large Sunni adherents of ISIS who escaped areas recaptured by Assad’s government forces or driven away by the Shia militias and the Kurdish forces who rooted the jihadi armies. Only then, when the areas controlled by ISIS were diminished, did Turkey decide to join forces with Russia and Iran to deal with the situation. Presumably, because of fear for the destiny of areas now under the control of Kurds.

 Chew on this!

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Erdogan supplied, weaponized, reinforced ISIS from across the Turkey border for years in exchange for the stolen Syrian oil. He then jihadied Europe with the Syria refugees.

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Erdogan supplied, weaponized, reinforced ISIS from across the Turkey border for years.

Do you mean to tell us that with the weapons ISIS got from Turkey  --  and

then the much-better weapons ISIS got from the US MIC and

the Pentagon from the time the CIA created ISIS to force a regime

change in Syria  --  America's esteemed allies, the moderate

rebels, got their ass handed to them by Assad? 




            "He then jihadied Europe with the Syria refugees."


Foolish, Neocon Verbatim,   America 'jihadied Europe' with Syrian,

Iraqi and Libyan refugees when it rubblized vast tracks of the

cities in those countries and killed tens of thousands of their

citizens. Those they did not kill, lost most of everything and

were set on the Dark Road of Immigration to add to the GDP

of the EU by their very presence in there, and by doing their

consumption in the same countries that tried to destroy them

and their native lands.       

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Erdogan is a good ally of Russia and Putin  --  and a friend of my

friend is a friend of mine  --  who deceived Obama (and apparently

you)  into thinking that he seriously shot down a Russian jet at

his border with Syria.  


It is an old trick that still works and fools out-of-his-depth idiots like

Obama every time. 




Did you expect the Goebbelsian main stream media to report how the

US was hoodwinked yet one more time?



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Washington looks at friendship rather one-sided. What can you do for me, and what can I make you do for me.

Turkey is one of those nations in the world big enough and important enough to flex a bit of sovereignty. They're doing what is best for Turkey, and not really taking the US into consideration because why should they?

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So, Turkey, the close ally of the US who is subjected to destabilization and overthrow by the US security agencies, is supposed to appreciate the "bigger" picture and crawl into line?

The assassination of a Russian ambassador, the downing of a Russian military jet, and attempted coup have US fingerprints. So we ask - what the f.uck is wrong with Erdogan - why cant he play ball??

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Erdogan lead Turkey is a disaster. Erdogan is A THUG, GOON, LITTLE SULTAN trying to recreate the FAILED HATED OTTOMAN EMPIRE, he and his Family and close friends are CORRUPT.

HE is sick and leads a bunch of Goons and crazy followers.

The silent majority of Turks, who hate Erdogan are afraid to speak due to extreme Fear.

The West needs to cut ties with Erdogan.

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1. Turkey was till the failed military coup clearly a vasall state of the US/UK. All the "bad" things Turkey did since WWI (when Turkey lost the war at the side of Germany/Austria) were executed by order of their superior foreign commanders. 

Nasty things such as the forced displacement of millions of Turkeys "Greek" population thus eradicating the Orhodox Christians from its historic homelands. Or app. 50 years ago the occupation of half of Cyprus island notwithstanding the fact that there were till today important US/UK military bases on Cyprus Island. Typical Anglo Saxon "divide and rule policy".

To stirr trouble in Kosovo, in the Caucasus, in China was also an important job the Turks had to fulfill for US/UK (Nato), not to mention to serve for decades as the most important opium/heroin production site to push heroin from there into the black markets all over the world. (not a big change since the opium wars the UK forced on China,  except that nowadays opium/herion is branded as an illegal drug in Europe and US - thus the profits became much higher because there does no competition exist - very clever).  The Turkish involvement in Iraq and Syria was not a choice for Turkey. They had to participate otherwise a military coup would have taken place immediately like it happenend several times in the past, always when the Turks started to ask for more freedom. So they had to participate in Syria whether they liked it or not and Erdogan tried to make the best out of it for Turkey.

2. The failed military coup changed this all (thanks to Russia). Modern Turkey is now for the first time in its history a true independent state and  Mr. Erdogan is only mopping up all the government employees, military leaders, judges, University professors, teachers etc. which were installed by the former regimes  under guidance from US/UK.  Mr. Erdogan is installing loyal patriotic people instead. Nowadays, without the US/UK in its neck, we can hear Mr. Erdogan saying things like:  "Syria has to stay intact as it was before the war; and that there can no peace for Turkey nor the other neighbouring countries is there no peace in Syria; there will never be an independent Kurdish state because it will be controlled and armed by US/UK and Israel."  What the Kurds can achieve from Mr. Erdoganis a kind of "cultural independence" within the Turkish State to keep Kurdish traditions alive. They should take this offer now,  to stop the bloodshed, it is not getting better for them by continuing to fight against Erdogan.

3. Historic Istambul which is also today the economic and cultural heart of Turkey is located in Europe. Moscow is also located in Europe by the way. So Turkey is forming the bridge between the EU plus Russia on one side and Iran, Iraq and Syria on the other side. Turkey will profit in the future a lot from its strategic location. Long Istambul by no doubt ! Not to mention that Russia needs to have good relations with Turkey to have access from the Black Sea to the Mediterrean. Iraq and Syria need good relations because Turkey controls the water needs of these countries to a big extend. There is no reason for Turkey to start wars to expand its territory or its influence. Turkey has it all and wants only peace so that its population can harvest the fruits of its potential very rich country.

4. The US/UK lost Turkey and it is never coming back as it was. Russia is also constructing nuclear power plans in Turkey and Erdogan for sure wants to have the bomb to safeguard Turkeys independence. The bomb is still a few years down the line (maybe 5 years). The loss of Turkey as an tightly controlled Nato ally has the same catastrophic dimension -or oven bigger-as if Germany or Japan would leave the US orbit.   As long Israel does have the bomb and as long as the US/UK do have military bases in the neighborhood of Turkey Erdogan wants to have the bomb and that is fully understandable.     Formally Turkey may stay in Nato still for a while but they will leave whenever they think it is necessary, depending on the behaviour of Nato.  To place sanctions uppon Turkey like on Iran is a fruitless undertaking except one plans to weaken the EU especially Germany. This may come soon and it will weaken the Euro thus strenghtening the tumbling US Dollar (exPetro Dollar).

5. The future for Turkey looks extremely bright if only the US/UK/Nato with Israel would stop disturbing and making trouble where ever and how ever they can within and in the surrounding of Turkey. But this is not to see in the near future because an Istambul as the most shinning crown juwel of an peaceful economic zone stretching from Europe (with Russia and Ukraine) towards Iran/Iraq/Syria covering the whole Mediterrean including Egypt is not the plan of the Banksters, not at all.  So it may still take a while but at the end of the day how can such a development be stopped except by a suicidal nuclear war.