US Navy Preps For War: New "Sea Dragon" Weapon Data Hacked By Chinese

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The new Navy “Sea Dragon” is a secret weapon being developed by the government and an unknown defense contractor.  The weapon is said to be able to give its submarines a new, “disruptive offensive capability” to take on enemy ships.

The previously unknown weapon, dubbed the “Sea Dragon”,  is most likely a new version of a versatile air defense missile capable of pinch-hitting as an anti-ship missile. The Washington Post broke the story over the weekend that Chinese hackers had compromised the computers of a Navy contractor and stolen 614 gigabytes of data. The stolen data pertained to the Navy’s Naval Undersea Warfare Center, which conducts research and development on submarine systems. 

According to the Post, the stolen data includes, “signals and sensor data, submarine radio room information relating to cryptographic systems, and the Navy submarine development unit’s electronic warfare library.”

According to Popular Mechanics, this hack by the Chinese led to the discovery of the US’s new war weapon, the Sea Dragon. At the request of the Navy,  The Washington Post withheld some “sensitive” information on the Sea Dragon. But what the media outlet did divulge, was that the weapon is a supersonic anti-ship missile for use by submarines.

According to a statement by the Navy, the weapon was a “disruptive offensive capability” created by “integrating an existing weapon system with an existing Navy platform.”

The weapon was to start underwater weapons testing later this year and will be ready for service 2020.  All four of the Navy’s offensive missiles: the Harpoon anti-ship missile, Tomahawk land attack missile, the new Naval Strike Missile, and the Long Range Anti-Ship Missile are all subsonic missiles, reported Popular Mechanics. 

Is this new Sea Dragon a part of the new arms race that will lead us toward a second Cold War; or possibly a third World War?  It’s hard to say since the Navy hasn’t released much information about it, and the Chinese hackers seem to be holding back some information as well.


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614 GB of data:

      375 GB of porn

      185 GB of TPS reports (in the new cover page format, of triplicate)

        53.95 GB of Federal grant funding regulations and boilerplate reporting pages w/ paper clip counts, etc

        45 MB of proposals for further funding

          5 MB of design drawings and schematics, mostly cribbed from older projects (MP3 players, hello kitty vibrators, etc)


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Operation Sea Dragon was actually spelled "Sea Draggin." The basic principle behind it was for the nuclear sub to eject a huge pile of old netting, plastic bottles, lots of straws, and other garbage patch garbage to get entangled in the screws of the pursuing enemy vessels. Obviously there was opportunity for plausible deniability "all that crap was floating there already."

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"WAPO" and "Popular Science"...having details about the "hack"...????

Gimme a fuckin' break.

More cabal MSM "disinfo" to cover up the lack of any defense from China's or Russia's new weapons...

All that DOD money (black and white) is spent on DUMBs, millions of tons of daily chemtrails, and the secret space program.

...just like we went to the moon in '69....while they "announce" that Orion (yet to fly) will be "the first to travel through the Van Allen belts".....

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Funny! And even it it were true, what to think about this rubbish?:

"At the request of the Navy, The Washington Post withheld some “sensitive” information on the Sea Dragon."

What possible "sensitive information" could the WaPo possibly add in a few news paper lines to what the Chinese already have?

It's just to cover up the shameful lack of competence, discipline and morale in the US Navy! Remember those stupid naval collisions last year?: same story!

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I doubt it was a "Chinese college graduate." Almost every "spy" so far has been a greedy white guy.

In fact, it could even be Hillary Clinton who exposed thousands of pages of Classified Documents. Given her record of betrayal and corruption, I'd place her higher on the list of traitors then some Chinese college graduate. The Clintons would sell America out in a minute for the right price.

Remember, she's the one who sold our #1 enemy our strategic uranium for 20 pieces of silver.

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I've been seeing planted story after story of enemies sonic missles development, and knew the MIC ego couldn't resist the temptation to show the world how much more advanced they are. 

Clearly their ego's are more important than National Security!  

I have been expecting this story to "come" out for over a month now.  It's sad how predictable they are now!

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Chinese 'nationals' are crawling like ants all over the U.S. - fronts, shell companies - you name it.   They are time-honored experts-extraordinaire at the art of concealment and deception.

But guess what...?   This is all known...  

We think in terms of quarterly profits.   The Chinese - well, do I need repeat the obvious?

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A vast majority of our engineering departments are.  Back in 2010, I remember seeing engineering classes filled with only Chinese students, being taught by a Chinese instructor, in Chinese, at an American university in the Midwest.  I also was informed by an Indian engineering student that Chinese professors are brought in and take on Chinese graudate students, and one American student for appearances.  They also bring in fellow Chinese professors until most of the  engineering department is ran by them.


So then, the real question here is how many of these Chinese professors and students are really working for the CCP?  It's well known Chinese intel uses students to gather key information (not all, of course).  I also know that when Chinese "scholars" came over their wife was almost always pregnant and ready to pop.  They would have their child on US soil then take them back to raise them as Chinese.  When they became of college age they would get benefits when attending US universities. 


I personally have nothing against your average Chinese person, most of them are hard-working, no-nonsense.  I have been to China and most Chinese youth really do like Western culture and are kind; however, from my observation the Chinese government seems to be a ponzi scheme.  I met a lot of Chinese government officials' offspring (mid-level), and they were always wealthy.  People there join "the party" not because they truly believe in Communistic ideals, but because it's the only way to be accepted into the system of benefits and gainful employment. 


Behind the facade of a booming economic China there rests a massive police state with cameras everywhere, heavily armored police at crowded places, and police buses with blacked windows ready to make any potential "dissenters" disappear.  I know because I have seen them with my own eyes.  The US is far from perfect either, but when you hear leftists sing the praises of China's "success" a la authoritarianism, they obviously have never been there.


I am sure China has worked with the globalists, but I'm still figuring out they still do.  I heard rumors that China is trying to play both sides (Eastern block and Western establishment).  I have also heard heresay that sensitive technology was transported to the Chinese behind the scenes by the globalists, adhereing to the "Best adversary money can buy" policy.  We are definitely living in interesting times.

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Excuse me...maybe I missed something in history class. What is the US net gain by having an ally such as Israel? An ally that spies on, that either steals top secret technology or is given who then has uncanny history of selling that technology to our enemies like Russia and China. An ally who bombed our ship the USS Liberty on purpose and killed many Americans military men(hoping to blame it on the Egyptians for false flag) Who we also give much blood and treasure in the form of our young men proxy military and immense amounts of financial aid to the tune of 4 billion a year, not to mention federal military contracts, weapons, control of our Congress thru AIPAC and a default cheerleader at the UN. We get squadouche from Israel nothing but grief, mistrust and constant cries of anti-Semitism for good measure so please don’t tell me what a good friend & ally Israel is.

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The 'god' aka the Lord, that made that covenant with the 12 really shows little to no signs of being an almighty, creator god. He's more of a tribal god that was jealous, indecisive, contradicting, not omnipresent. He couldn't control his own people, he punished them with death for picking up sticks on the sabbath, and he enjoyed threatening them with cannibalizing their own children and ripping babies from their wombs.

Judges 5:23 "Curse ye Meroz, says the angel of the Lord, curse it's people bitterly, because they did not come to help the Lord, to help the Lord against the mighty" - why would an all powerful god need help against the mighty?

Plus, the whole *god will do to you what you do to Israel* tripe is a terrible interpretation of verse that clearly has conditions to it and regards blesses and curses, not criticism.

I wish these Christian zio-shills would read the bible in its entirety, not pick and choose verse to fit their enslaved minds.

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