Yellowstone Supervolcano: The Steamboat Geyser Just Went Off Again!

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As scientists continue to tell the public not to worry, the largest geyser in Yellowstone has just gone off for the ninth time. Normally, this geyser is quiet for years at a time, but scientists are now saying this is the new normal.

Over the past few months, the Steamboat geyser has sprung to life and now seems to be erupting somewhat on a predictable schedule, at least for the moment. According to Forbes, just after 1 a.m. Monday it sent boiling water hundreds of feet into the air for the ninth time this year. Before this recent string of eruptions, Steamboat had been dormant since 2014.

“Major eruptions over the past several weeks have been occurring with surprising regularity (every 6 to 8 days),” wrote Jamie Farrell, Chief Seismologist of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory (YVO).

This news comes as the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii continues to erupt sending lava flows into the ocean and Guatemalan volcano erupted sent pyroclastic flows into a townkilling at least 100 people. 

Are the world’s volcanoes waking up?  Not if you ask scientists.

According to Ed Venzke, who manages the database of Smithsonian Institution’s Global Volcanism Program, the concern is understandable. “If it’s not part of people’s daily lives and suddenly it’s in the news, people sort of freak out a bit,” Venzke told Newsweek. But he indicated that there’s no real need to worry about the volcanoes. At any given time, there are almost always at least 20 eruptions unfolding on earth, and so far this year 49 volcanoes have erupted at some point. Venzke said that puts us on track for a pretty standard annual tally compared to recent years.

Annual totals since 2000 have varied from 63 to 80 eruptions, which means that 49 by mid-June may feel higher than average. But that overlooks a major factor in these statistics, which is the duration of each individual eruption. In this case, an eruption is considered to be ongoing until a volcano has been quiet for three months, this year’s tally was already at 37 on January 1. –Newsweek

“We don’t see any increase in eruptions, we see an increase in reported eruptions,” Venzke said. “It’s not a real increase, it’s just an increase in our knowledge of what’s going on. You have to know the history of a place to plan and take precautions for the future,” he added.


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To make a shape charge, you load a number of charges in a conical pattern.  When the blast goes off, each charge blows out in all directions, but all of them being in a conical configuration, the blast waves converge and concentrate in one direction.  Having blown up lots of very expensive things with this simple gimmick, I've often wondered what would happen if we took several scores of nukes and configured them in a conical shape pointed at the crust of the earth.  That and a case of Natty Lights would be one heck of a do it yourself volcano party

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That's what happens when the sun has to share its current flow (Birkeland)... dark star approaching... burned out brown dwarf.. but it's what follows that marks the real 6th Extinction...

That said, no mention of the East Coast problem.. not in Bloomberg, but in their Indian edition? Hmmm?

Rocks Under I-95 Present Odd, and Scary, Threat to Power Grid

by Brain K. Sullivan

And how about Oklahoma and all those quakes? interesting how it's only in that region and not other 'fracking' states?

Oklahoma Study Reveals Possible, Previously Unknown Sources of Earthquakes

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I believe it's classified as a super volcano.

I'm not sure it would be appeased by throwing Hillary in but I'm all for giving it a try!!!

Further, they can always say there's nothing to worry about and then you find out that they're in the back room in a panic somewhere.

I'm waiting for someone to release the youtube vid of these guys huddled in the back room freaking out cuz there's lava coming from the volcano at Yellowstone.

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The caldera for Yellowstone is about 34 miles wide by 45 miles long. It has a cyclic eruption history. Last eruption was about 650,000 years ago, the one before that about 1.2 million years ago, and before that about 1.8 million years ago. It could go off next week or 10,000 years from now. The awakening of recently dormant geysers does give some reason for concern as the more frequent aqua venting is a sign of disturbances inside the mantle. Just like Hawaii, this volcano sits above a vast magma pool, which does appear to be increasing in both turbulence and temperature. When it finally decides to blow it will be an extinction level event mainly due to it blocking out the sun, destroying the foodchain from the bottom up.

 But like I said, next week or 10,000 years from now.

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Yellowstone might have a partial eruption before the huge eruption. I wonder why the degree of eruption is always an end time event with Yellowstone, can't it be a partial eruption releasing lava like in Hawaii.

Is it scientific doom porn? The Yellowstone story has been used to pay off countries in Africa to Australia to resettle US refugees. It's said billions were handed out. If this is the case, then we need public exposure to debate the Obama regime  handing out huge amounts of money to countries because of doom porn meal ticket science.

It's so bad, the wolf is overpopulating, in many states cattle and sheep are being slaughtered and in some, kill the wolf to protect yourself or your property on private land, go to jail. On federal lands, BLM lands, it's even worse, a mounted paid by tax payers range rider holds a receiver to follow a pack of wolves to make sure no one fights back, yeah, you kill a wolf, then federal prison. I've seen video of hikers being stalked, one needs a gun to go in a national park.

I said when Washington state outlawed mountain lion hunting with dogs, the mountain lion would over populate and start killing people. What happened? attack after attack until now a man was killed riding his bike.

Government science is meal ticket science for a political agenda, it supports communist political platforms which are always anti-people and pro-statist.

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The plume is really big and they keep finding it to be larger.  They also recently found this giant tube, for lack of a better term where it traces all the way back to under the Baja peninsula.  What they are saying now is that the plume is:  "The researchers determined that Yellowstone’s underground volcanic plume covers an area about 400 miles from east to west. This is a significant increase over the initial estimate of about 150 miles. Due to limitations in the measuring technology, researchers were not able to get a more accurate measure of the depth of the plume. The depth estimate remains at about 410 miles beneath Earth’s surface."

Apparently this plume does not have to come up through the prior 34 mile by 45 mile caldera if it doesn't want to.  It can puncture through anywhere between soda springs and towards Lincoln Montana if it found means to.  It is now believed by many that the Yellowstone hotspot was responsible for washington state fissure eruptions that covered the state wayyyy back.  It may be that the crust took a hard turn over the hotspot at some point.

It will most likely come through the prior area though.  I thought that was interesting because it had never occurred to me.  Soda Springs has been quaking off the hook and also Lincoln Montana.  They are all over the plume.  Also notice how even recent information keeps changing.  The plume doesn't look anything like what they were most recently showing us. Is it 400 miles wide or 215 miles wide?  It sounds like they are saying there is a 215 mile wide plume coming off of the 400 mile wide plume and it goes 1,800 miles and originates under Baja.

"JACKSON — Scientists have mapped the precise route of the magma plume feeding the famed and sometimes-feared Yellowstone hotspot from the surface of the Earth all the way to its outer core.

The source of heat slowly swelling the Yellowstone Plateau is a 215-mile-wide cylindrical plume that originates 1,800 miles beneath the northern reaches of Baja California, according to new University of Texas at Austin research. The decades-in-the-making finding confirms geophysicists’ longtime suspicions and explains why a dormant supervolcano and geysers, hot springs, mud pots and fumaroles are located in northwest Wyoming."


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??? you present wrong facts and wrong conclusion.

The historical record is an eruption about every 600,000 years.

650,000 years ago

1.2 million years before today


If consistent, we are about due for another Yellowstone eruption now.


 "Natural disasters" (hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,climate change, resource depletion, pollution, etc.) are typically compounded by human ignorance and lack of foresight and preparation. The latter is typically compounded by a "corrupt satanic ruling elite" who are dismissive and misleading about science for reasons of greed and power.

Try to understand that the immediate and potential problems that science presents can be an implicit indictment of "corrupt rulers". Differentiate the false media-hyped priorities and the false self-serving "solutions" of the "ruling elite" from the actual real on-going and probable disasters and dangers.

 False information, misleading "facts", dismissiveness of science, indifference to the full panoply of dangers both self-made and/or unmet  - all serve as the real "distraction" which empowers the ruling elite.

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That timeline only covers maximum planet killing eruptions.  There are multiple different types of eruptions that go one there and can go on there. Also as we have seen history, including geologic, is a giant lie. 

The reason people are watching this is because all of the signs for them to raise warning levels have occurred (except maybe no new geysers, yet).

This is happening at the drop off into a grand solar minimum (even NASA admitted in 09) and in this drop off is when the biggest (and most easily detected eruptions from antiquity) on earth start popping off and cool the earth more.  

Nobody expected our Supervolcanoes to respond to this process but they are.  There are very interesting things going on.

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if we could predict/model the magma flows/vortices (probably an electromagnetic steering condition; pole shift? anyone?), we could work toward where the future penetrations of the crust may be

in any case, local elevation changes will be a tell

a magma "tube" does not make sense in respect of equillibrated thermal gradients; whereas an elongated magma "dome" seems to indicate a flow characteristic

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If Yellowstone Lake is drained, then Yellowstone Caldera will be at worst like a sluice volcano such as those found in Hawaii.

If Yellowstone Lake is NOT drained, then can expect an explosion that will bring total destruction to the US and famine to the Northern Hemisphere.

The fracking operations already underway will only excerbate the destruction.

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Famine in the northern Hemisphere is famine for most of the Southern, the Northern, the US and Ukraine literally are the bread baskets of the world.  With the South African Farmers rapidly being taken out and off their land I don't expect the mud hut builders to be able to sustain their populations with out help, that help will no longer exist.

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Next week probable; 10000 years from now? no way!!

Within the next 30 years? most likely.

Due to the GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM global temperatures will drop by 2 deg. Celsius over

the next 30 years.

Cooling of the climate will result in a shrinking earths crust and therefore  a relative increase

in the magma chamber pressure of Yellowstone.

The pressure of a shrinking crust will be temporarily stored in the San Andreas subduction fault line.

I predict that a scale 9 earthquake in Cali will be the glorious prelude to a medium ultra eruption

in Yellowstone.

Medium but more then enough to exterminate everybody and everything with a BMI outside

the 20-30 range and a IQ less then 120.



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