Pompeo: North Korea Lied About Trump Making Concessions On Sanctions

After briefing a group of reporters in Seoul, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke in South Korea accompanied by his Japanese and South Korean counterparts, where he insisted that Kim Jong Un was lying about President Trump making concessions on the lifting of economic sanctions. Pompeo insisted that the North wouldn't benefit from complete sanctions relief until after the country had completely given up its nuclear arsenal.

During the meeting, Pompeo was pressed about President Trump's purported commitment to a "step-by-step" process, as well as whether the president "expressed his intention" to lift sanctions - assertions that contradicted Trump's pledge to keep sanctions in place until Kim's weapons had been destroyed.

"Chairman Kim Jong Un understands the urgency of the timing of completing this denuclearization, and understands we must do this quickly," Pompeo told reporters. "And the sanctions relief cannot take place until such time as we have demonstrated that North Korea has been completely denuclearized."

Pompeo is briefing North Asian leaders on Trump's historic summit with Kim, traveling to Seoul to brief Moon Jae-in, the South Korean leader, before he visits Beijing next to brief Chinese leaders. Both China and South Korea support "a phased approach to negotiations" with North Korea while Japan wants the US to lead a "maximum pressure" campaign against Kim. The Secretary of State's main job appeared to be pushing back against criticisms of the one-and-a-half-page paper signed by Trump and Kim that set out some broad principals for North Korea's "complete denuclearization." President Trump famously declared after returning home that there was "no longer a nuclear threat" from North Korea, according to Bloomberg.


Pompeo said that even if "complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization" wasn't explicitly laid out in the document, both sides understand that it's a prerequisite to the US lifting sanctions against the North. Pompeo, who was speaking at a press conference with foreign ministers Taro Kono of Japan and Kang Kyung-wha of South Korea, defended the statement, which he declared was more than sufficient, even if every single one of the US's demands wasn't explicitly laid out.

"The summit created this enormous historic opportunity for us to move forward and will fundamentally really shape the relationship between the United States and North Korea," Pompeo said. "Verification is essential to that. 'Complete denuclearization' certainly encompasses that idea very clearly."

Pompeo said yesterday that he expects North Korea to take "major steps" toward nuclear disarmament by the end of Trump's first term. US defense analysts have estimated that Kim could have as many as 60 nuclear bombs and a range of missiles.

"We’re hopeful that we can achieve that in, what was it, the next two and half years," Pompeo said. "We’re hopeful we can get it done. There’s a lot of work left to do."

However, even some members of Trump's party appeared worried about the future of North Korea-US relations - particularly since President Trump said he would end the joint "war games" with South Korea, referring to the annual military exercises undertaken by the US and the South around the Korean Peninsula. Moon didn't address the question of the drills, while some US military officials have said they handn't been informed of the drills' cancellation before Trump announced it.

"It’s important that we don’t lose sight of the fact that Kim Jong Un is a butcher and he is a butcher of his own people," Senator John Kennedy, a Louisiana Republican, said Tuesday. "Trying to reason with someone like that is like trying to hand feed a shark. Doesn’t mean you can’t do it, but you’ve got to do it very, very carefully.'

Of course, the threat of a nuclear armed North Korea still exists - but it's not nearly as acute as it was before the summit, Pompeo argued. According to the Daily Caller, he later bristled at a reporter who pressed him about the verification process - several reporters took issue with the fact that the word "verifiable" was left out of the statement: "I find that question insulting and ridiculous and frankly ludicrous. I just have to be honest with you, it's a game, it's a game, and one ought not to play games with serious matters like this."

Trump made it clear that negotiations with the North must move forward if the US is to stop its military "war games." Pompeo said Wednesday that Trump "made it very clear that the condition precedent for the exercises not to proceed was productive, good-faith negotiations being ongoing."

"The summit created this enormous historic opportunity for us to move forward and will fundamentally really shape the relationship between the United States and North Korea," Pompeo said. "Verification is essential to that. 'Complete denuclearization' certainly encompasses that idea very clearly."

Meanwhile, Abe, the Japanese president, is considering holding his own summit with Kim Jong Un in August or September - but first Japan would like to discuss the return of Japanese nationals who were abducted by North Korea.


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"It’s important that we don’t lose sight of the fact that Kim Jong Un is a butcher and he is a butcher of his own people," Senator John Kennedy, a Louisiana Republican, said Tuesday.

We can now expect to see a cavalcade of such tired old clichés from bloodthirsty war profiteers, their bought-and-paid-for politicians, and their CIA-managed Human Rights® franchises.

The mass-murder-for-profit cash pipeline must be preserved at any cost! Americans must be willing to sacrifice, because... ummm... democracy and phreeeeeeedom, uhhh..... oh, yes, and for the cheeeeeeeldren.

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This is high quality show. Reality TV. The Donald is specialized in this.

Anybody believing that US  will make any concession and stop the war games or lift sanctions is delusional and does not know US history.

I personally believe that the Donald wants that Nobel . After he gets it, NK gets it good. But no Libyan scenario: China and Russia will not let this happen .

But there are the economic pressure, sanctions and all the other means of suffocating a country, then you can blame it on " the socialist model" ( see Venezuela).

PS: for those interested, I have new posts and portraits at my sites:
a post about Putin, the NK summit and G7 and the portraits of Russian MOD Shoygu , the double amputee killed in Gaza, Fadi Abu Saleh, Syrian gen. Zahreddine. In the next 1-2 days I will publish Zaref's portrait, Iranian FM. I think I'll make a portrait of the Houthi leader too.


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There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that The Donald's

greatest talent is the ability to find the dumbest assholes in

America to take positions in his administration.  Pompeo, Haley,

Bolton, Kudlow, the German Ambassador come immediately to 



Pompeo, one of the newest of Trump's morons, says Kim lied

about Trump making concessions to Kim on sanctions.  Not only 

is that a stupid remark to make, but like everything else Trump

dithers about: seeing is believing.


Trump, who originally said he expected denuclearization in

a matter of days after the summit, has already conceded

that it probably won't take place until the end of his first

term, 2 1/2 years from now.. 

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I had to click 4 times and still couldn't find the quote from the NK media.  This is the best I could find from Bloomberg:

The report from the Korean Central News Agency, which was published after Kim returned home from his meeting, noted Trump’s vow to suspend U.S. military drills in South Korea. It also said Trump committed to unspecified “security guarantees” for Pyongyang, and to “lift sanctions against it.”

Everything in NK's supposed report was true.  Trump did agree to lift sanctions and provide security when NK was denuclearized.


Maybe it's because the phraseology of NK media had to make it appear like it wasn't an unconditional surrender by Kim.

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ah, but Pompeo says something different.  he said it was "understood" (but NOT EXPLICITLY WRITTEN).  This leaves the door open to WHAT is the trigger for sanctions to be lifted.  


is it the PROMISE of denuking?  (lift sanctions now)


is it the COMPLETION of denuking? (years down the road)


Leaving this to be "understood" and not stated clearly in writing is an unthinkable failure of our negotiators.  this is 101 kind of stuff....

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I'd be surprised if Trump could cure cancer.  Unless medicine

has discovered that some cancers can be grossed out by 

clownish behavior and go into remission.


On the other hand, I know a few East and West coast Liberals

who claim that Trump's election 20 months ago has started

the splitting and uncontrolled growth of diseased and fatal cells.


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Again with the old "MSM is Leftist" nonsense.  "Left" isn't just a label for things you don't like.  There's a political and social philosophy that goes with it.  And the MSM is anything but "Left."

If you want the "Left" perspective, you have to go digging.  Counterpunch.org and WSWS.org are actually left-wing websites.  They both support President Trump's talks with North Korea, very strenuously.  They both attack the corporate MSM for their constant promotion of war, the MIC, and Empire.

They also constantly mock Mueller's "Russia Hacked Our Election" charade as a narrowly-disguised Democratic Party partisan move.  And they despise the way the corporate MSM works hand in glove with the Democratic Party on a platform that is basically Reaganism with a thin veneer of hipster equal rights added on by the Clintons to pander to young Americans, who would vigorously oppose everything else the Democrats stand for.

Since they are actually leftists, they don't support much else about President Trump, but would you expect them to?  They're Leftists, not corporatists.   They despise Trump's refusal to do anything sensible about our collapsed healthcare finance system.  They're disgusted by Sessions' (and Trump's) brutal treatment of immigrants who are actually following US asylum procedures.  They're appalled by Trump's ruinous fiscal policy, designed by Mnuchin and Ross, which is setting the US up to be looted by the Oligarchs in the biggest bankruptcy and liquidation takedown in human history.

Leftists support anything that leads away from war and toward peace, whether it's mostly bullshit or not.

It's the corporate Neo-Cons and Neo-Libs who are always in favor of War and Empire, not Leftists.  That's one of the easiest ways to tell the difference, in fact.  There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, "Left" about the US corporate-owned MSM. 

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Where did you come up with this?

"Leftists support anything that leads away from war and toward peace, whether it's mostly bullshit or not."

Isn't it obvious the Democrats are now the NWO, Liberal, War Party? 

Are the Democrats today a political party with two wings?  One, the billionaire neocon warmongers that they morphed into when Clinton took office in 1992.  Or Two, the Billionaire Rainbow Party for free everything for Us-God-Blessed-Americans, the untold number of immigrants who want to move here, LGBT politics, Politics of the Environment, and the politics of make-believe concern for the human rights of every individual on Earth.  

The Democratic warmongers also embrace the NRA, More Equal Rights for the Police, the right to earn as much money a year that you can safely remove from the office where you work and put it where you can control it from any location on the planet, the right to decide how much tax you should be compelled to pay the treasury on the obscene amount of money you earn, the right to lobby Congress to pass laws harmful to the American masses, only benefiting the already rich.


If the room-temperature hucksters that rule the Democrats today, can invent a party with two wings that mostly are in conflict with each other and shouldn't  be on the same side; if the Democratic Party can have a revolution in front of everybody, then so can the Deep State. 


But as much as they hate each other, they are bound together by the power grab that each one wants and needs to partner with the other side to get. As the power of the nation diminishes, each of the party's 2 wings gains and loses power until one side assumes total control of the party, but leaves some of the other sides' people in office for window dressing.  Just like the Deep State's Paradise Lost I recreated


The difference between the Democrats and the Deep State, is that while we know quite a bit about the Democrats, we know absolutely NOTHING about the Deep State.  Before you listen to a word from an expert about the Deep State, make sure he says at the get-go, "I don't know any more or less than everybody else about the so-called Deep State.  The odds are better than two-to-one it exists, but there is no evidence to prove it, except for all the talk about it".

Now the Deep State has taken on a mythological or legendary aspect and is exactly like a person's faith or belief in God, but without the rules and regulations of a religion, organized or disorganized.  :-/    


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Each side already calling the other a liar

...at least according to the misleading headlines.

If anyone thinks that 75+ years of war, hostilities and mistrust was worked out in a 4 hour photo bizarre. I have some ocean front property to sell ya in Oklahoma

That also strikes me as very odd. The hysteria of the critics is otherworldly. It's as if they fully expect wedding invitations to be in the mail by the conclusion of a blind date.

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Shemp I agree with you if it’s the media.  Does peace really make sense to the MIC, deep state and bankers though?

asians are big on saving face and so are every politicians.  I believe Koreans want and will reunite as they are family.  Many great points about total denuclearization of the peninsula would mean to get rid of THAAD and will the USA be willing to do that.  


This new formed friendship is fragile either way and should be interesting moving forward but if I had to place money on success or failure.  My money is on failure.  Hatred and mistrust won’t disappear with a signing of anything.  

The NK should ask the American Indians how signings went for them

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All these anti-Trumppers are proving they don’t back a single one of their beliefs. Their hatred of Trump is MUCH more important to them than they’re OWN stated expectations. All you have to do is go to their past comments and they ALL cried for this exact thing to happen, from stopping the war games to diplomacy with Kim. ALL of them know this wasn’t going to be over in a day. ALL of them SHOULD be intelligent enough to know this is a PROCESS. But listen to them squeal like the stuck pigs they are . . . they reveal themselves to be irrelavant, even to their own beliefs. 

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All I see is the typical hatred for Trump that causes a person to remove their brain before they make realistic assessments. Are you stating this is the final treaty? Are you really that ignorant? Yes, actually it seems you are that ignorant. You going to come back here and comment how wrong you were when they come up with a final agreement that Congress ratifies? 


I have to say I’m surprised how many of you are pretending to be so stupid, all because you hate Trump. It’s fascinating to see, but so much for the belief that everyone is sheeple except for you. You guys are looking like fine bred sheep to me.

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There are always and will always be opportunities/reasons for war. Communism shouldn't be one of them. Its a idiotic oppressive system of government. There should be ONLY one Korea. They are a common demographic of people with a common language. Only separated by a backwards ideology. China helped create that. And supported it for decades, time for it to end.

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Secretary Pompeo, now is not the time to succumb to hassling or pressure. You negotiated a very good deal, the world knows it, North Korea knows it, South Korea appreciates it, Americans are happy with it, please don't get flustered, it's the oldest trick in the book of sabotage, semantics don't matter here, what matters, is progress towards the final goal, denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, Rome wasn't built at a go.

And sir, remember it's called "negotiations", not "ultimatums", you negotiate with partners, you ultimatum the vanquished, which in this case, there are no victors, nor vanquished, there are just peace lovers.

If you let this deal fall apart due to political pressure, despite the expressed will of the American people that they desire peace, you'll have truncated your opportunity for greatness. You're on the right track, the world is with you, you've explained enough, please ignore the never-do-well naysayers, and continue the hard and fruitful work you've begun.

We thank you, we hope just like the race horse JUSTIFY, you'll win the trophy of greatness!...

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