Giuliani: "Comey Should Go To Jail" , Biased FBI Agents "Fired And Imprisoned This Week"

Donald Trump should not sit for an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, because the entire foundation of the Trump-Russia investigation is a "corrupt" scheme, according to Rudy Giuliani in a Friday interview on Fox and Friends.

We've wasted $20 million on a corrupt investigation, engineered by Comey and his goons -Rudy Giuliani

Pointing to Department of Justice watchdog (OIG) report, Giuliani also says that the Hillary Clinton email investigation was a "total fix," and that both former FBI Director James Comey and FBI investigator Peter Strzok should face justice.

"The investigation that we've been reading about for a year and a half was given birth to by all of these corrupt acts by Peter Strzok, Comey," said Giuliani. "How about Comey’s leak? Why does he have a department leaking? Cause HE leaks! Admittedly! He leaked a memo to the professor. And that is the basis of this entire investigation."

Let's look at it this way ... Peter Strzok was running the Hillary investigation. That's a total fix. That's a closed-book now, total fix. Comey should go to jail for that. And Strzok. But then what does Comey do? He takes Strzok - who wanted to get Trump in any way possible - he puts him in charge of the Russia investigation.

How come they're not finding any evidence of collusion? Because the President didn't do anything wrong and he's being investigated corruptly.

Giuliani then lashed out at Mueller's team of "13 angry Democrats" - at least one of whom donated to Hillary Clinton, and another who - according to text messages in the OIG report, was "numb" and couldn't stop crying on election night

Mueller's got a guy who's donated $35,000 to Hillary. He's got one who cried at Hillary's losing party. They’re just as bad as Strzok. We need to take a look at them. 

The reality is that that kind of disdain shows their incredible liberal elite bias. Their Democratic elite bias. Now, that spills over to Mueller's people. 13 angry Democrats working for Mueller. People who donated over $35,000 to Hillary Clinton. People who were there at her party that were crying like the FBI agent was crying - I mean, CRYING! Come on.

(Giuliani was incorrect that a Special Counsel attorney, James Quarles, donated $35,000 to Clinton. Quarles contributed $2,700 to Hillary Clinton and over $29,000 to other Democrats over two decades- with $2,700 going to Republicans Jason Chaffetz (ret.) and former VA Gov. George Allen).

Viva La Resistance!

Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade asked Giuliani about the biased FBI agents under scrutiny vs. the "rank and file" agents throughout the rest of the agency. 

Kilmeade: [There are] 5 employees under scrutiny for anti-trump bias. One is a lawyer who worked on the Mueller probe. He's the one who was tweeting out or sending messages saying "viva la resistance." --  "I am so numb," he said after the election. "I am so stressed about what I could have done differently."

Giuliani: The reality is that someone like that obviously shouldn't work at the FBI, he's got emotional problems and probably needs valium or something like that.

Now please - I want to emphasize one more time on behalf of the President and myself: I've worked with the FBI for 40- years. This would not have been uncovered but for the FBI. I'm talking about the honest decent ones, and Wray owes it to them to now uncover these people.


About those gifts the MSM showered the FBI with...

The Inspector General said they found dozens of FBI employees who spoke to reporters, and some agents had accepted gifts and favors

FBI employees “received tickets to sporting events from journalists, went on golfing outings with media representatives, were treated to drinks and meals after work by reporters, and were the guests of journalists at nonpublic social events.”

Giuliani: The guys who got gifts - they are immediately prosecutable.

Brian Kilmeade: What do they get in return?

Giuliani: Maybe some leaks?

Giuliani lashed out at "liberal elite" FBI agents who trash-talked Trump supporters - with one calling them "uneducated" and "lazy POS," according to the IG report. That, Giuliani argues, reveals "Democratic elite bias." 

The reality is that that kind of disdain shows their incredible liberal elite bias. Their Democratic elite bias. Now, that spills over to Mueller's people. 13 angry Democrats are working for Mueller