Second FBI Informant Tried To Entrap Trump Campaign With $2 Million Offer For Hillary Dirt: Roger Stone

Trump campaign aides Roger Stone and Michael Caputo say that a meeting Stone took in late May, 2016 with a Russian appears to have been an "FBI sting operation" in hindsight, following bombshell reports in May that the DOJ/FBI used a longtime FBI/CIA asset, Cambridge professor Stefan Halper, to perform espionage on the Trump campaign. 

When Stone arrived at the restaurant in Sunny Isles, he said, Greenberg was wearing a Make America Great Again T-shirt and hat. On his phone, Greenberg pulled up a photo of himself with Trump at a rally, Stone said. -WaPo

When Stone arrived at the restaurant in Sunny Isles, he said, Greenberg was wearing a Make America Great Again T-shirt and hat. On his phone, Greenberg pulled up a photo of himself with Trump at a rally, Stone said.

The meeting went nowhere - ending after Stone told Greenberg "You don't understand Donald Trump... He doesn't pay for anything." The Post independently confirmed this account with Greenberg.

Aftter the meeting, Stone received a text message from Caputo - a Trump campaign communications official who arranged the meeting after Greenberg approached Caputo's Russian-immigrant business partner. 

How crazy is the Russian?” Caputo wrote according to a text message reviewed by The Post. Noting that Greenberg wanted “big” money, Stone replied: “waste of time.” -WaPo

Stone and Caputo now think the meeting was an FBI attempt to entrap the Trump administration - showing the Post evidence that Greenberg, who sometimes used the name Henry Oknyansky, "had provided information to the FBI for 17 years," based on a 2015 court filing related to his immigration status.

He attached records showing that the government had granted him special permission to enter the United States because his presence represented a “significant public benefit.”

Between 2008 and 2012, the records show, he repeatedly was extended permission to enter the United States under a so-called “significant public benefit parole.” The documents list an FBI agent as a contact person. The agent declined to comment.

Greenberg did not respond to questions about his use of multiple names but said in a text that he had worked for the “federal government” for 17 years.

“I risked my life and put myself in danger to do so, as you can imagine,” he said. -WaPo

“Wherever I was, from Iran to North Korea, I always send information to” the FBI, Greenberg told The Post. “I cooperated with the FBI for 17 years, often put my life in danger. Based on my information, there is so many arrests criminal from drugs and human trafficking, money laundering and insurance frauds.”

Stone and Caputo say it was a "sting operation" by the FBI: 

I didn’t realize it was an FBI sting operation at the time, but it sure looks like one now,” said Stone. 

“If you believe that [Greenberg] took time off from his long career as an FBI informant to reach out to us in his spare time, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I want to sell you,” Caputo said in an interview.

Greenberg told WaPo he stopped working with the FBI "sometime after 2013." 

In terms of the timeline, here's where the Greenberg meeting fits in: 

April 26, 2016 - Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud allegedly tells Trump campaign aide George Paoadopoulos that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton

Papadopoulos’ statement of offense also detailed his April 26, 2016, meeting with Mifsud at a London hotel. Over breakfast Mifsud told Papadopoulos “he had just returned from a trip to Moscow where he had met with high-level Russian governmental officials.” Mifsud explained “that on that trip he (the Professor) learned that the Russians had obtained ‘dirt’ on then-candidate Clinton.” Mifsud told Papadopoulos “the Russians had emails of Clinton.” -The Federalist

May 10, 2016 -  Papadopoulos tells former Australian Diplomat Alexander Downer during an alleged "drunken barroom admission" that the Russians had information which "could be damaging" to Hillary Clinton. 

Late May, 2016 - Stone is approached by Greenberg with the $2 million offer for dirt on Clinton

July 2016 - FBI informant (spy) Stefan Halper meets with Trump campaign aide Carter Page for the first time, which would be one of many encounters. 

July 31, 2016  - the FBI officially launches operation Crossfire Hurricane, the code name given to the counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign. 

September, 2016 - Halper invites Papadopoulos to London, paying him $3,000 to work on an energy policy paper while wining and dining him at a 200-year-old private London club on September 15. 

Foggy memory

Stone and Caputo say they didn't mention the meeting during Congressional testimony because they forgot, chalking it up to unimportant "due diligence." Apparently random offers for political dirt in exchange for millions are so common in D.C. that one tends to forget.

Stone and Caputo said in separate interviews that they also did not disclose the Greenberg meeting during testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence because they had forgotten about an incident that Stone calls unimportant “due diligence” that would have been “political malpractice” not to explore. -WaPo

While Greenberg and Stone's account of the meeting mostly checked out (after Greenberg initially denied Stone's account), Greenberg said that a Ukrainian friend named "Alexi" who was fired by the Clinton Foundation attended as well, and was the one asking for the money - while Stone said Greenberg came alone to the meeting.

“We really want to help Trump,” Stone recalled Greenberg saying during the brief encounter.

Greenberg says he sat at a nearby table while Alexei conducted the meeting. “Alexei talk to Mr. Stone, not me,” he wrote. 

The Clinton Founation has denied ever employing anyone with the first name of Alexi. 

Caputo’s attorney on Friday sent a letter amending his House testimony, and he plans to present Caputo’s account of the Greenberg incident to the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Justice, which has announced it is examining the FBI’s use of informants during the Russia probe. Stone said his attorney has done the same. -WaPo

Second FBI informant

Caputo hinted at the interaction in late May when he said that there were multiple government informants who approached the Trump campaign:

“Let me tell you something that I know for a fact,” Caputo said during a May 21 interview on Fox News. “This informant, this person [who] they tried to plant into the campaign … he’s not the only person who came into the campaign. And the FBI is not the only Obama agency who came into the campaign.”

I know because they came at me,” Caputo added. “And I’m looking for clearance from my attorney to reveal this to the public. This is just the beginning.

Stone told the Post that he may be indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and charged "with a crime unrelated to the election in order to silence him," and that he anticipates the meeting with Greenberg may be used to try and pressure him to testify against President Trump (leaving no Stone unturned), which he told the Post he would never do. 


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There were several times during the Roman Empire when the Praetorian Guard murdered the Emperor and then auctioned off the Emperor's position to the highest bidder. We're probably close to that point ourselves where the FBI and CIA just dispense with the pretense and murder the President and auction it off themselves to the highest bidder. 

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If this is accurate, there needs to be an immediate investigation and a complete halt to this Mueller FAKE investigation having him hunt for a crime under every rock and in every year dating back to the beginning of time......

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“Henry Greenberg” is a white male born June 1, 1959 in Samara, Russia who lives in America illegally and has, for the most part, for three decades. He has also admitted under oath to being a longtime FBI informant, and claims to have worked with the FBI in Iran and North Korea.

#Breaking Here is the full dossier on the FBI informant Henry Greenberg who reached out to Roger Stone and Michael Caputo True name: Gennady Vasilievich Vostretsov …

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This guy is a poster child of the deep State!

This year, he allegedly posted from Cayo Costa, an island off Florida’s West Coast, New Orleans on March 8, Birmingham, Ala., on March 3, Asheville, N.C. in February and the Virgin Islands for New Year 2018 and Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. in September 2017.

For someone who appears to have no assets or income in the US – no property, no car – Vostretsov has been traveling quite a bit.

Since his arrival to the US until today, Vostretsov also has been receiving mail at 8818 Thrasher Avenue in Los Angeles, a $6.5 million-house owned by movie producer William Hunt Block, 64, a.k.a. Bill Block, who counts movies like W, Vanilla Sky and Elysium among his productions.

Block may be the Hollywood movie producer befriended by Vostretsov upon his arrival.

Block happens to be married to Russian actress and model Eugenia Kuzmina, who usually stars in his movies. She may be associated with Elena Arzhanik, Henry’s former actress wife who moved with him to Hollywood.

Block, however, wasn’t the only movie industry figure in Vostretsov’s sights. Platoon, Terminator and Hoosiers producer John Daly, who died in 2008, was another high-profile Hollywood leader who hung out with Vostretsov.

According to our Moscow investigation, Daly may have sought Vostretsov’s help for a $40 million movie because a part of the filming was to take place on the Russian space station Mir, and Vostretsov was to facilitate the project. It doesn’t seem the movie was ever made.

When he was arrested in Moscow in 2002 on a tip from the FBI, Vostretsov was living in a Moscow apartment with Daly. He falsely claimed to be an American citizen and flashed photos of himself with Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg, Sylvester Stallone and others. In the apartment Vostretsov shared with Daly, police found three passports with false names and dozens of high limit credit cards made out to different companies.

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My guess is that someone told Trump decades ago that anyone who has or aspires to wealth or power automatically becomes a target--a person the government will tirelessly seek to bring under government control, usually by getting dirt on them or entrapping them in sexual scandals or other types of dealings that can be used to blackmail them.

Trump has probably been very consciously deflecting such efforts for forty years. It may also be that corporate/business interests use these same methods against competitors, compiling large dossiers on them and seeking to entrap them in scandals, strictly for business purposes.

I'd be curious to know how Trump became aware that there were many, many people out there who would be setting traps for him. It could have been merely from observation, since he probably saw business associates and political figures victimized over the years and figured it out. Or it could be that somebody (maybe Dad) explicitly warned him.



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You didn't manage to entrap your enemy with a sting op? No worries, just hide it and use the alleged crime scene you planted to initiate a fake investigation.

Fuckers paralyzing the country for two years. I'm not even pro-Trump, yet at this point I believe he should get 2 years tacked onto the end of his term just to compensate for this more-than-inane, more-than-insane skullfuckkery.

Fuck ideologies. The more articulate they are, the more toxic.

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I’m curiously interested in how the fucks on tee bee always spend so much time twisting themselves in knots, and making excuses for the deep state. 

This little fucking turd John Oliver...who seemed to be funny at one the leader of the pack. NEVER does one of his hit jobs on Hillary or the deep state. It’s so blatant and obvious, it sickens you. You’d think Hillary was Mother a Teresa, and the deep state fucks were Knights in Shining Armor. There should be a special place in hell, or an appointment at the end of piano wire for these fucking people. 

Why. Why can’t we just shoot it out...and get it it over with?

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The date that has for some years been denominated "the first day of summer" is actually the summer solstice, or Midsummer's Day, or St. John's Day. This date was known as Midsummer's Day for centuries.

Likewise with the "first day of spring," which is actually the vernal equinox, the "first day of winter," which is actually the winter solstice and would be mid-winter's day, and "the first day of fall," which is actually the autumn equinox.

My recollection is that this re-naming the summer solstice as "the first day of summer" occurred some time in the 1980s, when you started to hear it referenced by television weather channels. It is completely untraditional--besides not making any sense.

The "first day of summer" would properly fall midway between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice.


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